Saturday, February 1, 2003

New cat toys

Went to walmart this morning. wandered through the pet section cause we needed some litter. Found a couple of new kitty toys. One is fleece on a stick with some feathers on the end. That was a bit of a hit, but only if your playing with them. Got a small blue fur toy on an elastic that is attacked to a rod, that has a suction cup on the end. I hung that on the door, jack LOVES it. He's currently out there growling at it, and has been for about half an hour now. He keeps trying to walk away with it, but of course it doesn't play along, which just drives him insane. I also got a mouse that chirps when you move it. It says it squeaks, but its a computerized chirp type sound. That really gets to ollie. He's currently watching it to make sure that it doesn't get away. I wish there was a way to make it make a nose when it was just sitting around. that would drive his instincts wild!! Em was even interested in it a little. I also took a really cute picture of muffin too. I so need to get her a pink collar with a bow or some rhinestones or something :)

Emmy and Kodi


Jack being a big ol meanie and growling at the new toy

wow.. we found a toy Ollie is interested in!!

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