Monday, July 30, 2012

Look who's honoring me now

Yes, I watch the Colbert Report.. I just love the title of that segment and have always wanted to use it.

So The Cat Guy over at honored me with this cool award.  When I started reading over his winning of the award, I thought: hey, I'm versatile!  Then as I was reading down I saw my blog as one of the recipients!  :)

Like most of these awards going around there are rules..
  • Nominate 5 fellow bloggers who are relatively new to blogging. 
  • Let the nominated bloggers know they have been nominated for the award. 
  • Share 7 random facts about yourself. 
  • Thank the blogger who has nominated you. 
  • Add the Versatile picture to your post.

  • Nominate 5 hun?  did I not just mention at the last award I hate this part.. I am all too often reminded of Gym class.  Please, if I don't nominate you here, it isn't because I like someone else better,

    Oh great, now I need to tell them, HEY GUYS!! YOU GOT AN AWARD!! (does that cover it? *smirk*)

    Seven random facts:
    1. I am spelling impaired.  I can't tell you how incredibly grateful for built in spell check on my browsers and email.  It is inherited.  My father can't spell either
    2. I met my husband two days after my 16th birthday.
    3. On the carousel  (we were both working)
    4. I just saw a chipmunk in the parking lot (talk about your random facts) (and yes, I'm avoiding working while at work)
    5. I once saved a chipmunk from my childhood cat.  Poor thing was so confused he tried to run up my leg to get away from the cat that I was now holding in my arms.
    6. I still have the final episode of Guiding Light on my Tivo.  I'm also very sad the show "In Plain Sight" went off the air.
    7. I drive a convertible.  I currently own a hard top (VW EOS) and my nephews think it is the COOLEST thing eva.. 
    Thank you Cat Guy.  I am honored you would think of me.


    1. Concatulations on your award!

    2. Yes, you are versatile! You earned the award, enjoy!

    3. congrats on your award well earned

    4. I loved your factoids!!! ConCats. Very well deserved xx

    5. Congratulations on your award!
      And thank you for passing it on to us!

    6. Concats and thanks for thinking of us!

      I am a horrible speller too!

    7. Hey! Thanks for nominating us for the award. :)
      Congratulations to you too!

    8. I am sooooooo sad about In Plain Sight! I both hate and appreciate when a series leaves before it gets ruined.


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