Friday, March 21, 2014

MobiPet - Amber Alert for your pet - Sponsored #mobiPETPreOrder

So the other day I ran across MobiPet and their offer to let some bloggers try out their product for a review on their website. I'm all for trying out a new product so I signed up.

A few days later I got a package in the mail and this is what was inside.

Yup, I got multiples :)
I also got an email with their press release and some images to use if I want.. Here is their official press release:

mobiPET™ is the world’s first photo amber alert for pets
mobiPET launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise $15,000 to launch its lost pet photo alert program.

mobiPET is the first ever security/recovery system for Pets utilizing patented mobile image recognition technology.

mobiPET is the first product that lets pet owners activate an immediate search for their lost pet from their cell phone.” It’s kinda like a virtual Lost Pet Poster service” offered by mobiPET’s co founder and chief pet finder, Dave Ropes

According to statistics, 1 in 3 pets will get lost during their lifetime, 10,000 pets are reported missing every week and without ID, 90% of lost pets never return home.

mobiPET puts the pet owner in control of alerting others that their pet has gone missing and increases the chances that their pet will be found. With microchips, the pet must be found first. According to a leading microchip manufacturer, over 50% of all pets carrying microchips are never registered by their owners.

mobiPET works across all mobile phone service carriers, all camera-enabled cell phones with text messaging capability and requires no apps and no software downloads.

Pet owners can preorder their mobiPET kit, for a onetime, lifetime cost of $24.95, which contains an engraved metal tag with a unique pet ID code along with three key tags with the text instructions on what to do if the pet goes missing.

The pet owner is then prompted by the sales material to register through their cell phone or from their computer. Once registered, the pet owner can go to the web site and click in as a member and check and/or edit their information at any time.

Doesn't this sound awesome! It has the added benefit of working two ways. The first way is you report a lost pet to mobiPET. They in turn send out cell phone notifications to everyone in the area who is registered with them letting them know there is a lost pet in the area. They also send out notifications to shelters and vets in your area. It also works if your pet is wearing the tag and gets out and is found by someone with a cell phone. The tag has a unique id number on it and on the reverse side instructions to whomever finds the pet to take a photo of the number and text it to This will provide the finder with the information they need to get the pet back to the owner. Now if the tag is lost or the pet refused to wear it, chances are the person who found your pet will take it to a vet or a shelter, and they will already have a lost pet report on file (assuming you report your pet lost before someone finds it.. sometimes they are found before you even notice they are missing) and can give you a call to come get your pet.

OK, the details. To purchase the product is $24.95 a very reasonable fee if you ask me. If you preorder it will be a one time fee. Digging around the information they have provided, they are looking at charging a $9.95 annual fee for anyone who does not preorder. An annual fee seems reasonable, but to me $10 seems a little steep. They have also provided a way that if you choose not to register your pet and your pet gets lost that you can still take advantage of their service. Submitting a report of an unregistered pet is $79.95. I love that they have provided this ability. I can imagine myself in the future seeing someone on social media lamenting that their pet got lost and referring them to mobiPet to help get the word out, but as with the annual fee, that price seems steep. Since they haven't officially launched yet, hopefully they will evaluate their pricing strategy.

The benefit you get from mobiPET also depends quite a bit on how many registered users are in your area. In my little corner of the world, well I imagine there won't be a high concentration of users for a while, so at this point knowing my neighbors were alerted to a missing pet isn't really part of the package, but I won't have to take the time to call all the vets and rescues, and relay all the information over and over again while I'm frantic about my missing pet.

I think one thing that will aid in getting saturation in the market is the referral program they have listed on their website. It looks like they have plans to set up programs with shelters and vets to sell their products in exchange for a referral bonus. Talk about a win win. They are also really trying to push pre-orders, and in doing so they are offering several different buy x get y free offers: buy three get one, buy seven get three, or buy thirteen and get seven. Talk about great gifts for your pet loving friends!

And the down side. You absolutely positively MUST have a cell phone with texting capabilities. I personally do not have a cell phone and the texting app I have for my iTouch will not text I wrote to the company and asked about this. Their answer was if you do not have a cell phone then this service is not for you. I found that response a little odd and reminded them that there are times that even cell phone owning people do not have access to a cell phone. Batteries die, phones break, get stolen, etc. What if you are in a car accident with your pet and the pet lives but escapes.. What if someone with out a cell phone finds the pet.. etc. After some back and forth with Dave, the co-founder of mobiPET, I think he came to understand why one might want to be able to use this service with out a cell phone, and he thanked me for my suggestions.

Now for the fun part.. I was given two additional mobiPET tags to give away!! Because this service is US based, this is a US only giveaway. If you would like a chance, just comment away below. One entry for a comment, and then you can earn additional entries for each share on social media, simply create additional comments for each share. I will pick a winner either Wednesday or Thursday depending on how my week goes. I will edit this post to say the contest is closed when I do. Good luck!

If you don't want to wait, you can pre-order yours now here

"I received free product in exchange for my unbiased opinion. mobiPET is not responsible for the content of this post."

Winners have been picked and notified..


  1. Sounds very interesting... wonder if Pip would wear one? Jubal would so perhaps I will win one (or buy one if not!)

  2. Oh, and I shared on Facebook :-)

  3. huh....may have to look into that.... I like that they are considering non-cellphone options. our grandma has a cell phone but no text and not a smart phone....

  4. Wow, that is really cool. We have indoor only kitties, but we have them wear id collars, just in case!

  5. Very cool!! Do you know if there is a way to look up how many registered users are in your area? That would be a good feature for them to add if not. That would have bearing on whether or not I purchased a product like this - like you said, if not very many people in the area are registered, then I don't know if it would be worth it. Though the alert going to local vets and rescues is nice.

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  9. This really does sound like a great way to help find a lost pet. Much faster than taking the pet to a vet with a microchip scanner. Most vets aren't open on the weekends to get a scan.


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