Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sponsored Post - Treats from Chewy

This month it is going to be a two-fer.  Last month I requested the Dr. Tim's treats from the different treats offered for August Blogger Outreach from Chewy.com. After a few weeks of the treats not showing up I wrote and asked about it and they apologized and sent them right out. It was pretty impressive how quickly they showed up after they said they would get it to me, but this is the second time since June that I have had to ask twice for something. I have been hearing more and more complaints about Chewy's shipping problems. They are very apologetic when it happens and they do what they can to make it right which is nice, but hopefully they are also working on keeping these issues to a minimum.

So last month I asked for Dr. Tim's Treats. They have a few different flavors, but I felt safest with the Beef Chips, which are made out of beef heart.

This month I was offered Primal treats. I chose the chicken nibs since they were made of organic chicken, organic honey and sea salt. Since honey is hydroscopic I assumed these treats would be softer than the jerky treats or the freeze dried treats that are available to the single ingredient treats - and technically these aren't single ingredient treats, but I figure a little honey wouldn't be that harmful especially being organic, and Muffin really misses the soft treats I used to serve.

quarter for size reference

Fleurp sniffing both to decide which one she wants
I'll take the beef chip
Jack trying to decide which one he wants
Too slow Jack, Fleurp stole your beef chip
Okay, pick out the one you want.. 
The nibs remind me a lot of slim jims. They are softer than jerky, but very chewy. Most of my cats had a very hard time eating them as they were too big to be swallowed whole and too small to be efficiently chewed. The beef chips are also big, but they are freeze dried and it is a lot easier to break them up and easier for the cats to chew them. Unfortunately half of my cats are not into heart. No one really went after the Primal treats which really disappoints me. I like the ideas behind Primal, much like I like the ideas behind Honest Kitchen, but they don't always work. I bought some Primal raw foods because we are having issues currently with our food, and while it is low in plant matter according to their website, the visible bits of carrot turn me right off.

So the Dr. Tim's got a three paw up (out of seven) Primal got none. Your milage may vary.

Thank you again Chewy for the opportunity to review products.. The Crew really appreciates it (and the boxes)


  1. That's disappointing that the Primal treats got such a paws-down.

  2. What's the best part, you guys? The treats or the boxes? Inquiring minds want to know. - Crepes.

  3. I'm amazed at the size of those beef ones, I wouldn't be comfortable giving my cats something that large for fear they would choke. Thanks for the honest review, greatly appreciate it.

  4. Kinda having the same problem with Chewy. Com, they never sent out my product to review that they promisssed me months ago, I have asked if they sent and I never got a reply. Thankfully, there is this new lady that sends out products/emails instead of the guy, and she is much nicer than he was. Glad you like the treats!

  5. We just tried our Primal from Chewy and are surprised at how differently you describe the chicken nibs from the turkey livers we tried. And we agree about the Chewy shipping. But you know, shipping from everyone is getting sketchy, including Amazon.

  6. It looks like the beef chips were tasty, at least to some of the kitties. Jewel would have liked those, I bet. She loved beef.

  7. I need to look into these Chewy treats. I wonder if my crew would like them. Probably - I live with a bunch of beasts who will eat anything I put in front of them.


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