Saturday, October 22, 2016

Guppy has a big imagination

Giddy up Raffe! Stop looking at the ground and mush! Don't make me take down another raffe.. cause I'll do it.. I so will..

Friday, October 21, 2016

Trout does not like driving in the car

When we met the current foster, the fish kittens, I told you that Trout and Guppy were significantly smaller than Flounder and Puffer. Flounder and Puffer are doing very well and give me absolutely no cause for concern - except the fact that they have no use for me (yet). Guppy loves me and thinks being patted is super fabulous and she is putting on weight. Trout also thinks I'm pretty cool and likes attention but he was not putting on weight.  He arrived at 15 ounces he continued to be 15 oz.

He also refused to eat wet food, instead preferring to eat dry, which is very odd. In the 14 years I've been doing this I've only had one other kitten who shunned wet for dry.  He was also making a grinding noise when he ate it, which I have been told is a sign that a kitty isn't feeling well.

I popped open a jar of baby food and offered it to him and he had no idea what to do with it. I found a syringe and forced some in his mouth. He seemed to like that quite a bit so I ended up giving him a bit more than an ounce of it before he seemed to be getting tired.  I weighed him again and he was just over one pound, so I felt satisfied and let him clean up and hunker down for a nap.

He slept while his sisters played. He continued to sleep, and sleep some more.  His sisters went down for a quick kitten nap and got up and started playing again... he slept.

I got up to tidy up the room and noticed there was a deposit in the litter box that had several drops of red blood on it. I looked at Trout sleeping away and immediately became extremely concerned.  I attempted to rouse him from his sleep and he looked at me like I was insane and immediately cozied back up to Happy Bear and went back to sleep.

He felt warm. So, I did what any logical sane person would do, I panicked... and then I got out the thermometer and took his temperature.  104.2!  He had quite a bit to say about having his temperature taken, so I worried a bit less.  I put a call into the foster coordinator and she advised me to give him some fluids and wipe down his paw pads with cool water to help bring his temp down, so I did along with his ears.  He didn't want the fluids either, which I also took as a good sign. Still worried, I went to bed knowing that he would be going to the shelter in the morning for the vet to give him a once over.

In the morning he went to the shelter and I was told the exam went fairly well. They didn't see anything of concern, he looked good, his temp was normal, so they prescribed antibiotics assuming he was coming down with a URI and I asked for more fluids to have on hand if need be.  My husband went and picked him up to bring him back here and he reported that Trout gave him what for and demanded to be let out of the box and when he made it home he bellied right up to the dry food and started eating.

When I got home last night I weighed him and he is now one pound one ounce. He is eating on his own, but wet food almost seems to scare him. I try to offer it to him and he backs away from it. If I put it in his mouth he spits it out. I'm getting to the point where I'm considering offering him raw to see what he'd do with it.

He still wasn't as active as I would like, preferring to snuggle up to Happy Bear and the Snuggle Safe disc the shelter sent home with him, but he did attempt to play with his sisters. I am encouraged that things will get better, but I'm not about to let my guard down.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Kit and Jack and the bunk beds

The Crew were timesharing the bunk beds before and I would not see more than one cat on them at a one time. Recently, Kit and Jack seem to have laid claim to it and have begun sharing it.

Although I'm not sure Jack appreciates how Kit keeps her half of the bed.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

And now for something completely different

We have taken a bit of a turn here over at Casa de Gato.  I was waiting for Benji to come back, but the foster coordinator asked that we take four little gray kittens that needed help.  Benji is eating well but his stool is still soft so they wanted him to see the vet who unfortunately ended up taking today off. Taking care of one kitten in a cage is far easier for staff than four.. so I can understand the swap, but I do feel bad that he isn't coming back here.  I have no doubt he will be well taken care of and will find a wonderful home when the time comes.

So for now, we have the fish kittens.

We have three girls and a boy. Despite being all from the same litter we have two different distinct weights.  Two, the boy and one girl who has extra claws on her back feet, are just at a pound and the other two girls are just under two pounds.

Apparently, the little boy fell in a toilet so they were given fish names.  The boy is Trout. One of the larger girls has a white locket and she was named Flounder. There is also Puffer and Guppy.  I'm guessing by the names the larger girl is Puffer and the little one is Guppy.  I am not in love with these names, but these kittens are so adorable.



I'm pretty sure this is Puffer and Flounder

Trout has a pretty strong personality
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