Wednesday, August 24, 2016

My new foster kitten, Emma, needs some good thoughts.

Emma hasn't started eating on her own, so she is going to spend today at the shelter and get some fluids and see the shelter vet. Hopefully, it is just a case of worms, or something else really easy - or maybe she'll just go there and eat because she likes their food better than mine.  Either way, I don't care... just so long as she eats and comes back quickly.

As you can see, she is painfully thin, so the fact that she lost an ounce that first day was a little frightening. I went and got some goat milk and hoped that she would like that enough to take it, but she wasn't interested. I started force feeding her, and she was not a fan. It looks like she even vomited up a little.

She is active but she isn't playing. Her activity is getting you to pay attention to her. She will climb right up on you and purr, and rub all over your face. She likes to lick my nose. A lot.

I am very hopeful that this is just a blip. I should know more at the end of the day.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

So, I received this email...

and then this happened..

Well, that isn't exactly how it went, and this isn't exactly what happened (I couldn't find my photo of the toy in front of the kitten room door this afternoon when I was putting together this post) but basically that's what happened..

and you know where I'm going, don't you?

Elsie and Emma are transfers up from down south, and are just over a pound and a half, so they only need a few weeks here to bulk up and make weight.  They actually have a scheduled day to be neutered, so as long as they stay healthy, we know exactly when they are going to leave.

They are flipping adorable.  Elsie, the kitten that is white with black, had so much energy she could barely contain it all. She wanted to be everywhere at once. I'm sure she has spent so much time in cages and carriers lately that to have an entire room must have blown her little mind. Emma, the black kitten with white, is very needy of attention. She spent some time buffing my face and licking my face.  Having two cat people to spend time with, who wanted to cuddle and love her, must have blown her little mind.

Emma is very, nearly painfully, thin.  I had not seen her eat anything, and she spent some time rooting on me, so I am going to get her some milk to see if that won't help bulk her up a little. I've seen Elsie eat so I am not worried about her.  Unfortunately, someone went pee on the couch, despite being told where the litter box was... but I am hoping this is a one-time 'I'm new to living in a house' type of thing.

Monday, August 22, 2016


Skippy is the baby of the family. The fact that he is with us at all is pretty amazing because when he was a foster kitten he was fairly healthy and went back to the shelter and was adopted. I even spoke to the people who adopted him because he had a bit of history and I wanted them to know about it.

See, Skippy was an abandonment case. If I remember correctly they were even considering going after animal neglect with him because he was found starving and with a pretty bad urinary infection. Any kitty who has urinary issues can be prone to them in their life, so I let them know that. They didn't care, they wanted him, they adopted him and took him home.  A few days later they returned him because he came down with a cold and needed some medication.  I was furious but I was happy to bring him back here and treat him. It took him a little while to get over it and I kept him a little longer to make sure and sent him back to the shelter to be adopted, where he promptly came down with another cold. Another round of treatment and more love and back to the shelter he went. etc.

By the time I adopted him, he was a long lanky teenage kitty that everyone was overlooking.  He was high energy and people were either adopting little kittens or adult cats. I was going to the shelter every single day to spend time with him (hoping to prevent him from getting another cold by sheer force of will) and finally I had enough and adopted him. It was totally the wrong thing to do because it put me at eight cats and my husband and I were both thinking we'd be overwhelmed since the first seven of our cats were needy enough, but he has fit in seamlessly.

He is very much an omega kitty.  He sits and waits and bides his time, and then slowly creeps in for love and attention when we are both occupied.  We call it "Skippy Time" because there really is no denying him when he sets his mind to it. You can push him aside and he just comes back - a bit like a guided missile. He is also a drooler. The other day it was Skippy Time and instead of letting him find a place I invited him in, and he was SOOOO happy that drool immediately started falling out of his mouth.

I really don't remember why I put a bow tie on Skippy the first time, but it was so darn cute and he didn't seem to care so I left it on  him, and now he wears one full time.  He actually has quite a collection of ties and I change them out from time to time.

He and Fleurp have a routine where they spar right before a meal. It is a bit more than whappy paw, but not by much.  Occasionally, they'll get into full body wrestling, but it seems to all be in good spirits.

Speaking of Skippy, here he is, and apparently it is Skippy Time.

Friday, August 19, 2016



Fleurp, oh what to say about my sweet, demanding, expecting, hopeful, joyful kitty. Fleurp is the embodiment of hope... every time I get even remotely close to anything she wants, she chirps like a little bird, asking, almost begging, for it. She opens her eyes in that round hopeful "Puss in Boots" look that I have the worst time ignoring.

Fleurp becomes anemic every spring. We have yet to figure out the reason, but I have my suspicions. This past year she started becoming anemic in February/March which was very early but it was a very warm year and she had already started shedding. So I "furminated" her almost weekly until mid-summer, and she didn't have another issue. Was it because of the fur? I have no idea. I don't know why if that is the case why her anemia responds to prednisolone so quickly. I will try grooming her again next year and if it happens again I'll say we have our reason. There were years in the past when her anemia wasn't as bad as other years, so I'm not discounting that this was just an easy year.

Fleurp with the big round eyes
Muffin and Fleurp

Fleurp and Muffin have similar interests in life, and they have seemed to have formed a friendship. They often gang up on me to beg for food.  Fleurp has the most endearing way of asking when her chirps don't seem to be working, she reaches out with her paw and with her claws sheathed she attempts to pull my hand to her.. I have such a hard time resisting that - which I'm sure she has figured it out.

Fleurp with her tongue out

Thursday, August 18, 2016

There will eventually be kittens on this kitten blog, right?

It just felt so wrong to have a kitten room without kittens in it.. so.. I did something about that. Granted, they don't take a whole heck of a lot of work, and are already well socialized, but it is something.

Okay, fine, this is just about the silliest thing I've ever done.. but the kitten fever, it burns.
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