Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A little something to be thankful for

They have become huffable.. who is brave enough to try to bury their nose in all that floof?

edited to throw on that this is apparently my 3000th post. I thought for sure I had about 10 more to go before I got there, but low and behold when I hit publish I was given the stat.  I think I shall have a little mini giveaway.. I have a $5.00 amazon gift certificate I will give away to one person who comments on this post..

Monday, November 24, 2014

Another Monday, another update

ugh, Girls, that carpet is disgusting, stop hanging out on it
I STILL do not have a name for these two. I am still teetering between Blossom and Buttercup (or maybe Bubbles and Buttercup) and Myst and Riven. I don't think it really matters what I call them because I'm fairly certain whomever adopts them is simply going to call them Fluffy.

Girl #1 is very outgoing and now comes up to me and cuddles with me and purrs easily. Girl #2 is a few days behind #1 and is currently where Girl #1 was a few days ago in terms of willingness to play and cuddle. I find this fascinating because #2 is actually bigger and healthier than #1.  #2 also strongly prefers to be on carpet much like Charlotte did. I can entice her off to chase a toy, but she'll quickly get back on it.

#1 plays with abandon which is a laugh riot. She is totally lacking in coordination and quite often rolls around on her back trying to get the toy which reminds me a bit of a cartoon character continuing to run after they have run off a cliff.

They have put on a fair amount of weight since being here. The little one (1) is 1lb 14 oz and the bigger one is 2bls 4 oz. I was told they both weighed a pound when I took them.

I even got to measure their fur, it is a hefty two inches long.. some of the under coat caps off at 1.5 so getting a photo of the two inch mark was not easy and they all were too out of focus either because the kitten was moving or the iphone was having problems focusing on it.

Kitten is looking to the right and down a bit, so you are looking at the scruff fur.. 

I have been introducing the kittens to a wider variety of canned food. One of them has nice stools, the other has softer near pudding stools. I have started slipping in some probiotics in hopes of getting those firmed up. I still haven't introduced dry yet.  I feel bad either way. I prefer not to do it but I do know there is benefit of a kitten that will eat dry food. I also know the shelter generally relies on dry food for calories, so they really need to recognize it as food before they go back, but with the poor quality of the output at the moment, I would like to keep that out of the diet until we have some improvement - a sign that the digestive tract is doing a better job.

I really wish I could get these two to work for a field trip, but the boss man is in town. I'm tempted to do it during off hours over the holiday - but we'll see how it goes. If nothing else I can always just take them into the shelter for a round of hugs and cuddles. They are due to go in soon anyway for their felv/fiv test...

test? what test? we didn't know we needed to study..