Friday, December 19, 2014

When you foster, things like this happen...

I got an email today and I was debating not sharing this with you, but I realized that to be true to myself and this blog I really needed to, plus you are going to find out anyway... but you'll realize that at the end of this post..

Yes, this is bad news.  I'm sorry... Here, let's start with this..

seriously, aren't they freakin adorable?

Okay, so back to the bad news.

Lori died.

I know, quite a shock isn't it?  I don't believe I mentioned to you that I thought Lori was born without a breast bone.  I only realized it about a week or so ago when she started developing little mats in her fur directly under her rib cage and I found she had a little divot there. I have had a couple of kittens over the years that had this same deformity and they all seemed to be just fine.  I did mention it to the staff when I brought them in this morning and they mentioned it to the vet.

(I also want to mention how everyone who saw them remarked at how well they were looked and were doing.. They improved so dramatically it was nice to see that recognized)

I spoke to the vet after I found out what had happened, and he said that sometimes when they have this type of deformity the pericardial sack can be attached to the wall of the chest and cause some serious problems.  He said they usually have very strong heart murmurs when it happens and he did not hear any of that with her, so he felt it was safe to continue. She lived through the surgery and arrested as they were bringing her out of it.  He worked to save her but it wasn't to be.

I asked him if he had been able to save her if she would have had a good quality of life and he said he believed that she wouldn't. He believes that as she continued to grow the attachment would have made it more and more difficult for her heart to work properly and it might even have had an effect on her lungs. The chances that her quality of life would have been impeded until she died was great. I take a small amount of solace in that, that and she died knowing she was loved, that she had regular meals and a lifetime of kisses.

What really hurts is Lena has been left behind without her sister.

Lena and her little shaved belly
I brought her home to recoup from the surgery in familiar surroundings. She was very interested in interacting with the new kittens before this so once she has healed up a bit from the surgery I intend to introduce them and let them distract her from the fact that her sister isn't here any more. When I let her out of the carrier she wandered all around the room; part of me wanted to believe it was just because she was drunk and she just wanted to situate herself, but part of me thought she was searching for her sister.  She is having a hard time coming out of the sedation, her body is jerking a lot, she doesn't seem to want to lay on anything soft. It was breaking my heart, so I left her down there with Happy Bear and I removed the barrier to the new kittens so they can help distract her when she comes out of it a bit more.

I intend to keep her here for a while. I do not know how long.. I am thinking at least through Christmas.  We'll make that decision on a day to day basis..  Maybe she will tell me that she doesn't want to be here any more and is ready to move on, maybe she will fall in love with the babies and want to stay with them. I just do not know. Because she is going to be here, she will be on the webcam and she will be in the photos

I am so going to hiss at you.. but not at Lena.. I like her.. 
So yes, when you foster you have a lot of joy.. but you also choose tears.. it is the gift I have to give to these kittens, and I give it willingly.  Yes, it hurts, but it is a very small price to pay.

Last few photos of The Girls

I am about to get up and take The Girls to the shelter so they can go up for adoption.  I sure will miss them.

Thank you for telling the new kitties that they are going to like it here.. and I and I'm sure the rest of the interwebs wish you well.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

So I was at the shelter the other day...

So.. like most of these types of posts, this one also starts with: "So I was at the shelter the other day" (anyone know where this is going?)

Yup, I brought home three more kittens..

as you can probably tell they are accusing me of being the witch in Hansel and Gretel, and think I am going to eat them.

Since I have no idea what their history is, I am trying to keep the two sets of fosters from interacting as much as possible. There was the paw waving at one another in the photos above. The interaction is very positive in that neither group of kittens are hissing at one another and they seem very interested in playing with one another. I wish I could let them, but with the unknown health history I would hate to risk it.

The new three are are all girls and the little black and white one wants me to go away and never ever EVER come back. The little tiger one would prefer I not look at her or touch her, but she is okay with my feeding her. The one with white paws is the most outgoing and while she hasn't quite accepted that I am okay, she will play with me. She REALLY wants out to play with Lena and Lori so I have a feeling that gaining her trust is going to be pretty easy.