Friday, January 20, 2017

A day for kitties

Rupert is doing okay, he eats, he poops, he sleeps.. he is still avoiding the 'putting on weight' of his todo list.. maybe I should write the list out for him so he sees it whenever he is awake so maybe he'll remember.

This boy is pretty clever. He seems to have a pretty good grasp of the English language because when I tell him to eat a little more he will quite often walk back to the food bowl even if he just walked away. Last night I brought down a can of the Tiki collection I got from Chewy. I really wasn't paying attention to which one I grabbed and when I opened it up I saw that it was mostly large chunks of fish. The chunks were bigger than Rupert's mouth so I put the plate down outside of the kitten room for my cats to eat. I hung around Rupert for a while and opened up another can but he didn't want that one, he apparently wanted the first can. When I opened the door up a few minutes later to go up and get something I forgot to bring down, Rupert ran right out of the door and straight to the food... he did not care one bit that Jack was investigating it. I'm sure Jack was quite surprised to find fish in the middle of the basement and was trying to figure out why it was there when this little whipper snapper showed up and started eating his prize. He hissed at Rupert and Rupert didn't care. He hissed again and when Rupert didn't respond he snapped at Rupert's ear - Jack's favorite trick when Skippy is in his space. Rupert still didn't care. Jack hissed again, a longer more menacing hiss and he was none too happy when I told him to stop and I took Rupert and the food back into the kitten room. Rupert went back to the food more than a dozen times - far more than any other food I've offered him. He only ate about a third of it, but it was something.

Because I think today needs more kitties, I think I'll share some random cat photos for you to enjoy.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

A Cat Who Wants to Eat - brought to you by #chewyinfluencer

This post seems relevant to my interests - Jack 

This month's offerings from for their Chewy Influencer program included Tiki Cat King Kamehameha Luau Variety Canned Cat Food which I thought would be a nice thing to have on hand to give to my cats when I want to slip them a little extra food or if they happen to go off their food for whatever reason. The pack contains 12 cans with nine different flavors. The fact that they are 2.8 oz means they are a little small for a full meal for my cats but I'm not keen on giving full meals of fish anyway and this variety pack is all fish.

Someone gray and fluffy disagrees with me, though, and went out of his way to make that point to me. See I had placed the variety pack on the counter and went about my day. (a dramatic recreation)

Later that evening I heard a loud bang and found this (still a total recreation)

and when it fell to the ground this happened. I swear Jack has some serious skills...

So, of course, I did the most logical thing.. I took a photo of it and then dished it up

I would totally bring one or all of these down to Rupert but he does not like fish foods... He seems to have a preference for beef, so that's what I'm giving him. He's currently holding his weight.

Thank you again Chewy for the opportunity

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Rupert vs the syringe

Because I'm nervous about Rupert's weight I brought down some more baby food to syringe feed him. First thing I did was weigh him. In the morning he was 1lb 4oz last night he was 1lb 5oz! Since I was having a hard time telling exactly how much he was weighing (the scale would vacillate between half ounces) I've decided to start weighing him in Kilograms (my scale does either lbs/oz or KG) and he weighed .60 KG.

*knock wood*

He had eaten some dry food and some of the can of mixed grill pate food I had put down for him but I still wanted to make sure that he got more calories in him since I was there to assist it. He is so not a fan of it. The food coma he goes into after being fed bothers me. Fortunately he was once again interested in playing with my necklace - but still not with any of the toys.

So, not a whole heck of a lot 'new' to report.. just a holding pattern... but he is still awfully cute.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Rupert vs the scale

When last I spoke about the scale Rupert was weighing 1 lb 6.5 oz. He had just had a lot to eat (with a little help) and I was encouraged.

We had spent a fair amount of time cuddling and I spent some time rubbing his belly. It made a lot of not quite normal belly sounds, sounds I'm used to in kittens with diarrhea. I know rubbing his belly helps blood flow to the area and stimulates digestion, so I was happy to do it.

He's also a pretty regular pooper, about once every 36 hours.. they are normally very well formed but a little dry and segmented (like a bunch of little balls stuck together to form a log). The first two were proportional to his body, but the last one from Sunday night was huge. Almost two to three times the size he has been producing.

Which accounted for his weight drop. He was 1lb 4 oz this morning. I had a moment of panic, but I saw he was bright eyed and he had eaten over night (not enough obviously, but he is still taking in calories). I left him with the admonition that if he did not eat during the day I was going to force feed him when I got home.

He had a little, but not much. So I mixed some digestive enzymes/probiotics into a jar of baby food and set out to see how much I could get in him over the next couple of hours. At first he was all "this is great!" but after five or six cc's of food he was like "this is more than enough, thank you" and then it was "Lady, you are crazy!!" and finally "if you don't stop this I'm going to vomit it all back up on you!" which is when I reluctantly stopped. I got maybe a half a jar in him. But at least he was back up to 1lb 6.

He became so tired afterwards that all he wanted to do was sleep... think post turkey dinner. I left him to rest and hopefully consume a little more food over night and we'll reassess in the morning. If he isn't bright eyed and attention seeking or if he has vomited up the food or has a dramatic drop in weight I'll contact the shelter and see what they want to do next.

Despite all of this, I am encouraged as he does weigh more now than he did when he got here.. I just hope it is enough. (I just wish he'd hang out on Happy Bear)

Monday, January 16, 2017

Rupert and his toes

Rupert is still with us, being as cute as ever. He is still not eating nearly enough to make me happy, but he is eating on a pretty consistent basis, so there is that. I am still concerned that his whiskers were inhibiting his ability to eat. When I feed him, he would often look like he was covering his food, but when you really watch him he seems to be 'digging' at the side of the bowl. Food bowls that had higher sides usually meant more food left behind, so I attempted to feed him on a paper plate.

The first meal went okay, but he still dug at the edges of the plate and moved it around quite a bit. I thought I'd try an upside-down plate. He 'dug' quite a bit less when eating this so I am considering taking down a ceramic plate and using that upside down to see if the pattern holds.

I've also noticed something very odd with Rupert's front feet. I mentioned before that they felt like they were missing a lot of muscle, but I was finally able to capture a photo of what is going on in addition to that..

Rupert was not a fan of my attempting to get photos of his feet.

This is generally how his feet look. It almost looks like a 'hang ten' hand gesture with the three middle fingers curled in and the pinky and thumb extended. If I massage his toes, which fortunately he does not mind at all, they relax and look more 'normal' but the next time he walks they curl up or contract again. It is really quite fascinating. I am assuming once he starts rebuilding muscle it will correct itself. At this point it does not seem to bother him, nor does it hinder him in any way. (a few extra toe photos because who doesn't love kitten feet)

My husband thinks he is looking better and he is slowly gaining weight. Every time he poops he loses a little ground, but that is to be expected. He could use another bath but I'm going to hold off another day or two for that. He doesn't realize yet that he needs to sit with his legs apart when he pees. I hope he figures that one out soon.

We did have a moment last night that made me very happy. I hope it makes you smile as well

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