Thursday, April 27, 2017

Fleurp is not a fan of the Pawpurazzi


Momma, when are you going to get more kittens so you stop taking pictures of me every day?

I seriously hope it is soon..

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

60480 days since I last had kittens

Okay, okay, that is minutes, not days, but it FEELS like days..

Truth be told it has only been 42 days since I last had kittens, and for the beginning of spring in Maine, that is not bad. Only problem is I've made friends with all kinds of people via social media who foster and they all have kittens.. and I don't.

Kitten fever.. it burns..

So let's see.. Robyn has kittens..

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Random Felines has kittens

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Orlando Kittens has kittens

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Stacey Hurt even has kittens

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and I have


Monday, April 24, 2017

April showers bring Orijen Cat Treats #ChewyInfluncer

A rainy day sounds like a good day to show you another product sent to us by through their influencer program. They send us items that sells for free, and we get to review them and share them with you. This time it is Orijen Cat Treats, I prefer the dog treats because they come in bigger bags, and with six cats, more is better, but I was running low on treats and this was offered and Fleurp was kinda insistent that we have treats in the house.

One thing I noticed right away was they redid the bag so it is now short and wide. They changed the way it opened as well, and it was super easy to pull the tab and open it up and it is resealable.

One good thing about this bag vs the size of the dog bag is that it is too small for Jack to get his face in it, I kinda prefer it when my cats aren't able to help themselves to treats - not that a bag he can't put his face in has ever stopped Jack in the past.

Fleurp wanted some too

The cat treats are smaller than the same treats for dogs. They are made out of the exact same thing, but they just make them smaller. I like that they have very limited ingredients for kitties that have food sensitivities, that they are only animal-based ingredients and biologically appropriate, that they source their ingredients local to them and they do everything in house in their own kitchens. They claim about 100 treats per bag, so these should last one kitty for quite some time..

I know my kitties were hoping that the windows might be open again as they were the other day when it was practically 80 degrees up here, but you know what they say.. April showers bring Fleurpy Flowers!

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