Tuesday, September 19, 2017

This caterpillar is a little lost

I went out after work to check on my kitten-pillars and I could only find four of them until this fifth one caught my eye. It was a little frustrating because the mosquitos were out in full force buzzing in my ears and trying to make a meal out of me so I might have overlooked someone.

They have eaten all of the leaves at the top of the milkweed and left all of the bottom two-thirds of the plant. Looking at the photos I wonder if it is because they are all full of poop, and I am wondering if I clear them off if they will be more appetizing. *shrug* I do not know as this is my first real time watching caterpillars.

I feel bad about the other four. Part of me wants to find out what happened to them, mostly to know if I can save the others (yes, I looked to see if they started to form their chrysalis). I should look to see if I can find another patch of milkweed just in case.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Chewy to the rescue to save Jack from the empty treat cupboard. #chewyinfluencer

Jack does not approve of my letting my cupboards become bare. With the upcoming move, I am loathed to buy lots of things that we will have to end up moving, but he promises me that he will eat any treats we have so that we don't have to move them.

When this month's influencer program from Chewy offered me Carnivore Crunch treats for dogs from Stella & Chewy's, I looked at the ingredient list and realized these would be great for Jack. And Fleurp and Skippy and Eli. Muffin won't eat treats that aren't either highly processed with lots of artificial flavors on it or freeze dried chicken. Twee doesn't eat treats.

I also like that this package comes with an easy-open pull tab. Jack likes that feature too because it means I get into them faster so he can get to them faster.

Jack inhaled the first three treats I gave him so I had to give him two in order to catch a photo of the treat. I was a little surprised he ate treats at all since he had just come back from the vet where he was diagnosed with an actual urinary infection. They had to do a cystocentesis to get his urine and he usually feels pretty bad afterward. These had to be some mighty tasty treats

Jack says thank you to Chewy for sending him yummy things.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

What's up caterpillar butt?

It is hard to watch caterpillars and not touch them. I want to participate in 'raising the young" if you will, but my interference would be just that, interfering. they know what they are doing, for the most part, I can only watch.

Each day I check on them seems to bring out new hatchlings. I was up to nine the other day but only had seven yesterday and that was with the inclusion of yet another new caterpillar, so I'm fairly certain we lost three of them to something. Maybe they were on lower leaves and I just didn't see them, but I looked for quite some time.

I'm hoping we get chrysalis soon. I talked to a co-worker who has collected them for years for the classrooms and she says they aren't that late but I still worry. I suppose I don't really want them heading south during hurricane season, but I'd like them out of here fairly quickly as I need to dig up my peony plants to take them with me.

One thing I wasn't expecting was the amount of pillar poop these guys put out. It is kind of impressive.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Tails from the Monarch Catepillars

Well, my "kittenpillars" are still outside munching away, getting bigger and bigger. At last count, we had six, but I found one new baby one. Nothing really new to report, but here are a few more photos.

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