Friday, June 23, 2017

Thank goodness it's Friday

For some reason, this has felt like a very long week. We are very glad that is Friday because I should get to spend some time with the kittens.  They are still not eating nearly as much as I would like. Spiderman (down there sniffing the CatMan's shoe) has been eating the least. He is fine.. just doesn't like the food I have been offering. I found something last night he liked, thankfully, and hopefully, he continues to like it.

I hope you have a wonderful first weekend of summer!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Aloe and Aaron's Adoption Account

Before we get to the adoption account, I wanted to share with you a few photos before they left. I was watching them run around before they went to be neutered and realized that they were reminding me of ring-tailed lemurs

Sorry guys, I know you look a little perturbed that I posted your rear end on the internet, but you know you think it is your best side.

So I took a couple hours off from work to run the kittens up to the shelter for their adoption. I decided to pack a few of their favorite toys and send them along so their transition would be easier. I met their mom Meghan and let her meet her new kitties and she was smitten. The shelter has paperwork and some counseling to do with each person who adopts so I grabbed my new kittens and headed back home then back to work. By the time I got back to work there were photos.

Meghan told me that she believes Aloe's name was supposed to be Abe. Have to say, that makes a LOT more sense than Aloe, which was such a weird name for a kitten. Shortly after the adoption, Meghan announced their new names.

These are some pretty great kittens, and they're huge fans of the under-bed closet.
In Cambodian, the phrase (and forgive the rough anglification) "bontek bontuik" means "a little bit." May I introduce Bontek (with more white - Aloe) and Bontuik (gray tiger - Aaron). A little bit of kitty and a great big pile of awesome.
I've already spent my first 30 minutes wishing I could get up to rescue dinner from burning but feeling like only a monster would disrupt the purring, nose-licking, belly-showing kitten furnace lying on my chest. It's love, y'all.
Love indeed. I'm so glad it is working out. Although I did recommend she buy a faster camera 😸 because Bontek is only still when he is sleeping (and then sometimes not even then)

Monday, June 19, 2017

Super Kittens!

I have spent part of the weekend getting to know the kittens and it has been interesting, to say the least. They are high energy and have little need for me. They also have very little need of food for some reason; I'm starting to think they are breatharians. I put down a can of food and they have a bite or two, but not much more. I have dry food down as well but they aren't eating much of that either. They are happy and active and are going to the litterbox (how I have no idea) so they are obviously eating enough to sustain themselves. I keep offering new and different foods hoping to find something they will gobble down. I'm running out of options because I only have so many different types of food at the house.

Batman and Spiderman were both very reluctant to be anywhere near me when they arrived. Batman was the first kitten to voluntarily climb up on my lap for attention. He mews when I pat him, it is so flipping cute. Spiderman is also killing me with his adorableness. Both are still reserved when you move a little too quickly and when I first come into the room, but I'm pretty sure that will be over soon too.

Superman and The Hulk are very similar. Originally I was able to tell them apart by the feet since The Hulk has extra toes, but if you look at the two photos above you'll see that Superman has white on his nose and The Hulk doesn't. The Hulk's blaze on his forehead is a bit wider than that on Superman. These kitties are going to make some people very happy.
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