Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Would you like a cup of kitten?

The kittens are doing okay.  I wonder if Art3mis is making enough milk because more and more of the kittens are eating canned food.  Up until recently they felt heavy for their size, but not so much anymore. It could very well be because they had a growth spurt.  I'll be keeping an eye on them and if need be I'll break out my scale.  I might try to stop at the shelter and get some KMR to supplement them and Art3mis just to hedge my bets.

If you have been checking on the webcams regularly you might have noticed I changed out the bedding. No one was pleased, but as you can see the line of dirt above it was well beyond time.  That towel was at the very bottom of the pile of towels that were down, so they only had access to that small bit of it.

Looks like I have to get serious about picking names.. I can't keep calling them the fuzzy one and the stripey one..

In other news, Kit is doing well. So much so that she had her crazy pants on yesterday morning and woke me up by trying to play with the dust in the bathtub. I threw her a few cat toys and she was in absolute heaven. Things in general, are going smoothly.  So far Fleurp has been holding her weight *knock wood* and hasn't become anemic again since stopping the pred.

Monday, May 2, 2016

The kittens consider the great big world beyond the couch.

The kittens have started coming out from behind the couch when I am in the kitten room, but only when Art3mis is eating.  I have started putting her food behind the couch and have slowly started putting it closer and closer to the edge of the couch.  Finally, I put it beyond the edge of the couch.

I was able to pat her, and she didn't seem to mind. She is missing a lot of muscle tone in her back end. If you look closely at the above photo, you can see her hips over her back legs. I think it is sad. I wish she would eat better foods, but she is currently only eating junk.. but at least she is now eating better.

When I was patting her, I realized I wasn't stressing her out, so I patted the far side of her body, so she was between me and my hand. That was okay with her too, so I patted a little more and then I patted her on both sides of her rib cage, and that was a little only a little stressful as she stopped eating and looked at me, but didn't react any further than that, so I risked it and picked her up and very gently placed her on my lap. She looked at me like I had just lost my rocker, but she didn't immediately try to leave.  I patted her some more, and that was okay, but then she remembered she was hungry and started to climb down off my lap.  She stood on my foot and started to eat some more, and then moved again and was completely off me.  She didn't seem stressed about any of it, so I dropped my guard a little and looked around the room.  When I turned back she had moved back behind the couch.  I leaned over to look at her and she gave me the most vicious hiss yet. Not sure if it was because I failed to appreciate what had just occurred on a high enough level (I was very appreciative but I didn't want to overdo it and overwhelm her) or if she just figured out what happened and didn't like it.

So I have been going slow, but working on getting her and the kittens out from behind the couch..

and then this happened.

Not sure what to do now, because kittens who eat solid food need a litter box because mothers generally stop taking care of waste disposal issues once they start eating. Since I get hissed at when I go behind the couch, I know she isn't going to want me to put one back there for her.  I guess I'll just wait and see what happens. Hopefully. she continues to take care of things for a few more days until the kittens are comfortable coming out from behind the couch and work their way over to the current litter box.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

National Pet Week

The first week of May has been designated to be National Pet Week. It seems like as good a time as any to adopt a pet, or if you are already full, so spent a little time learning something new about your pet

Or you could spend a few more minutes playing with your pet, you know they'll love that.

And if you haven't taken your pet to the vet in a while, you might want to consider taking some time and scheduling an appointment for them just to make sure nothing is brewing.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day #AdoptAShelterPetDay

Today is Adopt a Shelter Pet Day, an attempt to bring awareness that there are a lot of pets in shelters that are waiting for homes.

Here are some of the pets that were in the shelter when I stopped by recently.

Friday, April 29, 2016

"See you later alligator" Alligator?? #catfood #chewyinfluencer

When Chewy's Blogger Outreach offerings email came to my email inbox this month I kept my foster cats in mind. Having a foster mother with six hungry babies I wanted to opt for canned food to help keep mom fed and the babies nourished. You saw my post about the Wellness food I received but I also asked for and was given a case of Wild Callings canned food.

Fleurp LOVES boxes from Chewy.com

The email offer was for the dog food of this brand, and I almost asked for the dog version of the food because they are generally very similar when you are talking limited ingredient canned diets. There are specifications for a few nutrients, that need to be in cat food, that are not regulated in dog food, taurine being one of them, but as something that I intended to be a once in a while treat I figured it wouldn't be an issue. Then the thought occurred to me that Chewy is very easy to work with and maybe if I asked I would be given the cat version of the food, and I was.

Alligator? really?Why would anyone want to feed their cat alligator? It isn't like you would ever see a cat hunting a wild alligator - well maybe wee baby just hatched alligators since they look a bit like lizards. But then again, you would rarely see a cat taking down a cow or fishing in the ocean either. Since we humans rely heavily on the hope that commercial pet food makers to understand feline nutrition and the cat's needs, it is not a bad idea to 'hedge your bets' and offer your cats a variety of different types of foods and protein sources to try to cover any nutritional deficiencies that might be in one brand. This is what is generally called a 'rotation diet'.

There are several nice things that I like about this line of foods. They are mostly animal products. In the case of the alligator, it is 96% alligator. It has no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives which is something I like because cats do not care about colors and artificial flavors bother me. It is grain free and gluten free and starch free (no potato or peas here) and only has guar gum as a binder. I can not say there is anything about this type of food I don't like - and that is saying something.

So why not alligator? Besides, isn't it fun to say your cat is eating alligator?

The first thing I noticed about this food was the texture. It is a fairly soft consistency, almost like a pudding. It also has a distinct aroma which wasn't unpleasant but was different from the other canned foods I feed my cats when I'm not feeding them raw. My first thought was Muffin would not eat this. I was quite curious who would.

Muffin took one sniff and walked away, which is pretty much what I expected her to do as she is very particular about the cat foods she eats - I say cat foods because this cat loves pop tarts, she is really odd. The rest of The Crew checked out the food and had a few bites with Fleurp eating the most, but no one really ate a lot of it. We ended up throwing about half of what we put down away.

But the reason I asked for the food was for the foster kittens. What would my foster mother think?

I love that she was willing to give the food a try, but unfortunately, she wouldn't eat it either. Don't make a single judgment from that because she will only eat the junkiest of junk foods right now and most of the time will shun healthy foods for kibble. The fact that she was willing to get up and go over and check it out was huge.

While I would have loved it if this food was adored by all and eaten with gusto by everyone, I am still not disappointed. I have another food in the house that is novel and being able to introduce kittens to a wide variety of foods is very important to me. I have found over the years that the more foods I can get them eating now the less likely they are to be picky eaters as adults. Cats are often called "picky" and "finicky" because they refuse new foods when they are adults, but that is because they are hard-wired to do so. Nature has taught them that if mom didn't bring the food home for them to eat, then the item being offered as food must not be actual food. In the wild it could save their lives. Their bodies haven't learned that their humans wouldn't feed them nonfood items to eat. You can overcome their biology if you are patient, but it is just easier for them if they experience different foods as kittens and now I get to offer this year's kittens alligator!!

Thank you, Chewy! I really appreciate the opportunity to help broaden the lives of the kittens in my care.  And Muffin thanks you for the packing paper. It is her favorite part of the whole program!

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