Friday, July 3, 2015

Frasier on Friday

Here is me putting the bitey on the basket.. It needs more teefmarks
Here is my right side
Here is my other right side
and my other right side
Because when you are this cute, there is no wrong side
ain't my brother punny?? ~Romeow
oh yes, so amusing.. and he takes manspreading to a whole new level.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Crew and the vet

Yesterday Muffin and Kit went into the vet to get dentals. Muffin (13) has had very excellent teeth up until about a year ago when she started developing plaque and it got to the point that I couldn't keep up with it any more and she was drooling when ever she came up to me and purred, which is ALL THE TIME.

Because my vet offers a 10% discount when you combine services for three or more pets I decided it was time to get Kit (8) in there too.  She had some build up and it was time for her first old kitty blood work (I generally don't start them till they are nine, but she is tiny and fluffy and spends NO time with me so I would miss weight loss or other normal signs) and besides, Kit is horrible to take to the vet..

Because I wanted to do a senior panel on her, we decided to let her sit at the vet overnight (I certainly did NOT want to put her through the card ride four times) and so Muffin did too.  It was a little weird Tuesday night since Muffin lays on top of me each night and Kit lays on top of my husband.

Kit only lost one little front tooth, and Muffin lost one of her molars. When they made it home Muffin, my little tank, came out of the carrier and said "Okay, I went to the vet, where is MY CANNED FOOD!!!"  Kit however was quite drunk and stumbling around and it took her a while to get some semblance of herself back. It freaked my husband right out.

Both of them had very good reports blood wise.  Kit had a glucose in the 200s but the vet felt the need to make note that was because it was stress. I know it could be, and it very well should be... but I will be testing her in the next day or so to be sure.

Fleurp's blood work is looking better and better.  Apparently we need to send it out because her blood doesn't like the in house machine and constantly gives false reports.  We will do one more draw when she is off pred and make sure things are okay, and then spot check her a few times. The vet said he found a 'couple' of other cases of cats becoming anemic in the spring on a vet's only website (where they need to subscribe) so she isn't the only one out there.. but darn it.. she is pretty freakin unique.

Anyway, when we were all home I noticed the sun was making a spectacular display and I went to go and take some photos of it..

The whole house turned a beautiful orange color.  I went to the front of the house and our front door doesn't close unless you purposefully close it, and I apparently didn't because a moment later,

Bold as you please, she walked right out like this was yet another room in her house.  Now I have had cats that wanted to come outside with me before, but never Muff. She likes her nice quite safe under the bed when anything odd happens life.  I guess being drunk really does make a difference..

and then I thought sure she would take one look at the rain and turn right back around, my little (okay fine huge) delicate flower of a cat..

I can't believe she got her feet wet!!  She was investigating the garage for a bit and finally I scooped her up and brought her into the house before she could cause more trouble... Miss Sassypants.. :)

Later I noticed something about her leg where it was shaved for the catheter.  The photos aren't the best because was telling me in no uncertain terms that I needed to stop taking photos and start with the lovin because we  had a whole day to catch up on.

The first photo is the front side of her leg to show her normal pink color.. the second is the inside.. it was bright red.. quite bruised.  Sadly this morning she has a bit of a limp too.  I'm not happy about this. I hope she is better by tonight..

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tuesday Two-fur

Holly and  Frasier
Mimi and Frasier
Romeow and Frasier
Frasier and Holly.
He is bigger and fluffier than she is, and has the white stripe down his back.
Okay, so apparently Frasier likes to be in the action..

Monday, June 29, 2015

It is finally Naming Day

This naming day was generously brought to you by four wonderful contributors who helped me raise money for the DCIN. I was blessed to have a few other contributors and it means the world to me. Thank you.

But you didn't come here to hear me wax poetic.. you came to see the kittens and get to know their names.. 

The first kitten to get a name was our little black girl. Tracy made a donation to name a kitten Salome after one of her former kitties. She also suggested the nickname of Mimi which I think is a really good name for her.

Hello Salome, aka Mimi

The next donation came in from Caroline who picked out names for three of the kittens; Winged kitten - Angelo, Girl Cow Kitten - Holly, Boy Cow Kitten - Frasier.

I then received a donation from Roberta. She originally didn't have a name suggestion, but after seeing my handsome little black boy suggested the name Romeow. I mentioned that I seriously had wanted to name him Flower but that seemed inappropriate for a boy, and she mentioned she had wanted to name a cat Flower as well. I have been considering giving him a middle name, because this boy has more personality than any kitten I have had in a long time. He is incredibly attention seeking, not afraid to ask for attention.  Not to mention he is obnoxiously cute and is not afraid to show it off.

Romeow Flower McGillicuddy - or maybe not
No one seemed to want to donate to name the momma cat, so I wondered what to call her. I REALLY wanted to call her Scrappy, but that name simply didn't fit her. I was going to name her Miz Thing, but that also didn't seem quite right.  I was trying to come up with something when a final donation came in from Edith who suggested that I call her Katie, which I like very much.

The kittens are doing okay. They are still having some diarrhea and they still seem paler than I would like, so I took a stool sample into the shelter from one of the kittens who pooped right in front of me and had a lot of liquid and meowed quite uncomfortably; I know because Katie came over and tried to take the kitten out of the box. They didn't find anything so we are going the probiotic route. I gave them some raw goat milk and 12 hours later they already seemed more robust. I've started the probiotics and will give them more goat milk and I'm sure they'll go from okay to great in no time.