Thursday, December 18, 2014

So I was at the shelter the other day...

So.. like most of these types of posts, this one also starts with: "So I was at the shelter the other day" (anyone know where this is going?)

Yup, I brought home three more kittens..

as you can probably tell they are accusing me of being the witch in Hansel and Gretel, and think I am going to eat them.

Since I have no idea what their history is, I am trying to keep the two sets of fosters from interacting as much as possible. There was the paw waving at one another in the photos above. The interaction is very positive in that neither group of kittens are hissing at one another and they seem very interested in playing with one another. I wish I could let them, but with the unknown health history I would hate to risk it.

The new three are are all girls and the little black and white one wants me to go away and never ever EVER come back. The little tiger one would prefer I not look at her or touch her, but she is okay with my feeding her. The one with white paws is the most outgoing and while she hasn't quite accepted that I am okay, she will play with me. She REALLY wants out to play with Lena and Lori so I have a feeling that gaining her trust is going to be pretty easy.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Your weekly update on Lena and Lori

Bet you can't tell who is who.. :) I only know because I took the photos and I knew before hand. Lena has white on one foot and Lori is bigger. Lena also has a bit of a rust cast to her fur as well so in person it is a lot easier to tell them apart... well easier being the keyword..

I know you all think it would be nice if they could be adopted together, but man two kittens that look so much a like might be hard for someone. I will admit I am hoping they go together too because I took them to work with me last week and they got separated when my co-workers each held one and then put them down and they each ran off in separate directions. A few minutes later there was a chorus of pathetic mews until they found each other.  They also stuck next to one another for the rest of the morning. I think they would adjust if separated but I've already mentioned to the shelter I think they should try - and hopefully... although watching Lori lay down and watch Lena eat when they are both hungry is enough for me to be okay with them being separated.

I've also told the shelter they are ready to go. I am not ready for them to go, and I wish I could keep them here longer, but they are three+ pounds at this point and I have exposed them to as much as I can. If they are to have any further progress in becoming fully well rounded kittens they are going to need to have new experiences. I am doing what I can, trying to expose them to new things and new cultures..

I just love the wide circular eyes on these two..  Just so you know, they aren't freaked, they really want the toy I was waving around..

Yes Faraday, that is a Hanukkah Harry..

I was curious if they made such a thing after you mentioned it a few times and the only one I could find was on Etsy. I laughed so hard when I saw it that I could not not buy it.. so buddy, this one is for you..

speaking of new experiences.. we are working on something else on them.. but more on that on Thursday.. I'd tell you tomorrow but I've got a good Wordless Wednesday post coming..