Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wordless Wednesday - Skippy is destined to lose the staring contest

a gray cat and a stuffed gray cat have a staring contest

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Eli says:

Eli says he likes not having foster kittens.. more Momma time.. More belly rubs (but she better not pick at my eye goobers, I hate that)
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Monday, July 28, 2014

Vacancy at Casa de Gato, or the sad sad tale of Happy Bear

And once again the kitten room is empty. This batch was only here while they needed medical treatment and when they stopped blowing snot bubbles almost immediately and healed up quickly, they started becoming overly rambunctious and started trying to sneak past me when ever I walked in the kitten room. I tried to return them last week but there was 'no room at the inn' as it were, and when I got an email on Friday saying they could come back, Cattius Finch had a bit of goop in his eye.

I held on to them to see what would happen, but it cleared up so yesterday afternoon I brought them to the shelter. Someone contacted me about potentially adopting one or two of the kittens, but no further contact was made on that front, so they have gone back to the shelter to wait for their people to show up. They are lovely kittens and while they aren't the most open to new situations, they are far and above others that I have had, so I am sure they will do fine.

I was a little concerned that they weren't going to be able to take them back, since they just imported 70ish animals from Georgia, but they had reserved me a cage. They will go up for adoption before they are neutered, and neutered before they go home. I wish them well.

So there is a vacancy at Casa de Gato, I do not know how long it is going to last. There is a potential cat sitting request from a friend, but we still need to wait to see if that is going to pan out. If it does, it will happen August 11th, and that doesn't seem like enough time to take on more kittens. If it doesn't then I'll throw my name back in the hat and hope something comes up. I might even offer my room up to one or two different rescues in the area if they have need. This week is probably going to be a bit slow.  I have a few housekeeping posts to put up, I also have some general housecleaning to do thanks to kittens, as well as Jack and his inappropriate elimination and Muffin dealing with a hairball as well as an ant invasion I can't seem to eliminate..
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