Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Muffin's nose

Last week I told you that Muffin had a developed a growth on her nose.

I have found that I am very overreactive when it comes to the cats and decided to wait a few days to see what happened. Obviously, if it got any bigger I would go, or if she developed any other issues, I would go, but I wanted to see what would happen. I knew that the vet would most likely want to take a biopsy of it or at the very least a needle biopsy and I feared that would only make things worse for her. By the time I was ready to take her in regardless, I realized that it was no longer quite so dark in color. I applied a little coconut oil (which I find is very soothing for irritated skin) and gave it another day or so.

By the weekend it looked like this:

There is still something there but it has improved dramatically. I can't begin to guess what happened and why it would be so dark but her fur still white over it.

Skippy appears to have stopped overgrooming. His feet still look horrid but they aren't getting worse. His weight is almost back to normal and I am hopeful. I'm still attempting to find a dose for Jack that allows him to not gain weight and keeps him from peeing outside of the box.. I thought I had it, but a cleanup in aisle 3 last night shows me that I was wrong. *headdesk* Maybe it is just a stress reaction from everything going on, so I'll probably be a bit more aggressive once we have moved and everyone is settled. I just don't think it is good for him to be 14+ pounds (which he is)

Monday, October 16, 2017

A final kittenpillar update

I went out and checked on the chrysalis in my peonies on Wednesday night and it looked like this.

It was going to be very cold Wednesday night so I feared that Toby wouldn't make it, so I didn't report on the fact that you could see the wings.Thursday night Toby looked like this

More cold nights were forecast, so I still worried but come Saturday..

I went and checked on Toby several times and I missed his/her departure (apparently you can tell the gender from the wings so if anyone knows monarchs you'll know if Toby is male or female) I've never looked closely at the chrysalis once it has hatched and it was so interesting to look at.

Unfortunately, Pickle did not make it. Pickle emerged with wings that would not straighten out. I feel more than a little guilty that I took him in and he never knew life outside but I'm trying to not let that get to me. I was trying to help and there was a very good chance that he wouldn't have even been able to form a chrysalis (aka he would have been eaten) if I had left him outside.

I enjoyed this quite a bit and will see what I can do about planting milkweed at my new house next spring.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

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