Thursday, October 8, 2015

The kittens, the hand and the hot dog

So our jackpot food is still working its magic on the kittens. More so on some than others. If Mary doesn't smell hot dog then my coming at her is a bad thing, but if she can smell it she will let me reach out to her and touch her and in most cases I can pat her. Winifred is pretty much completely turned. She will run up to me, meow at me, rub all over my ankles - but she still becomes frightened when I reach out to her if she isn't expecting it... so I would say she is 90%

Sarah however.. *sigh* she doesn't like the hot dogs I have as much as the bacon, and she isn't as willing to come to me and give me the benefit of the doubt. I have a feeling if she is adopted by someone who is willing to work with her she can come around. She may never be an 'up in your face' kitty, but not everyone likes that in a cat..

I know it makes sense, but I do have to say it amuses me to no end how much good will I have after giving them treats.. When I walk in the room it is all 'oh go away!' but get one sniff of hot dog and they are all like 'well you could leave the hot dog' and after they eat half of a hot dog they are all like 'this leg needs attacking' -  well by they I mean Mary.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Don't forget the kitties #breastcancerawareness

When the world first started talking about breast cancer it was a very very good thing. Too many people suffered in silence. Back then one simply did not talk about any part of the body that was even remotely sexual, so if anything went wrong with them you were embarrassed and hid away from the world to deal with it. Today it is such a common topic that it has almost turned into a punch line.

Terms like 'pink-washing' are starting to permeate this 'save the boobies' culture and we are starting to see that a lot of what is going on in support of breast cancer is a sham. This is also a good thing, but I hope that because of all this people don't stop talking and learning and saving people with breast cancer.

But in all of this, and as a cat blogger, I want to say: Do not forget the cats.

Mammary cancer is thought to effect 1 in 4000 cats, roughly half the rate that it does in dogs, but when it happens in a cat it is often malignant. It is the third most common form of cancer among cats and it generally strikes cats between the ages of 10-12 but is not limited to that time frame. Siamese, Oriental and DSH are affected more frequently.

Mammary cancer in cats is hormone driven. Cats who are spayed before their first heat cycle have a 91% reduction in their chances of developing it and cats who are spayed before their first year have an 86% reduction. Be aware that there is still a risk. Also, having a male cat doesn't exempt you from keeping an eye out for this. While it is rare, male cats can and do develop it.

Discovering mammary cancer is as easy as patting your cats belly. Some cats love this and some cats don't, but it is necessary to put your hands on your cat on a regular basis so you can feel the lumps and bumps on your kitty and find any new ones while they are small and hopefully easier to take care of. It is a good idea to do a self kitty exam on a fairly regular basis, not only to discover any possible tumors, but also cysts, matted hair, even arthritis.

I am guessing you are probably thinking that you have no idea what you are feeling, and if so you aren't alone. It isn't important that you know what you are feeling, but that what you are feeling feels the same as it did last week and the week before. Not sure if a lump you are feeling is 'something', make note of it.  Try to make a reference in your head of what size it is; is it the size of a lentil? pea sized? lima bean sized?  You will want to see if it grows over time - but do yourself a favor, don't play with it every day, you'll obsess. If you can't ignore it, then it is time to get your kitty to a vet for a professional assessment if it is an issue or not.

Early detection is key. Knowing your cat is key to being able to detect these things early. So manhandle your kitty and do it in the name of keeping them healthy.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Twofur Tuesday with a bonus nekkid tummy

These two love showing off  just out of reach.. Don't you just want to smooch them and cuddle them?? Yeah, I do too.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Eureka, we have found the 'jackpot' food for these kittens

These kittens have been particularly tough nuts to crack. I have tried hanging out by the food I have just given them but they simply refuse to eat when I am near... well sometimes they would eat, sometimes they wouldn't; they were very quick to run if I was able to touch them while they were eating.

I tried a variety of foods, no go. I tried baby foods, no go. The crust to my quiche was tempting enough to steal, but they ran off with it so that didn't really help.

The other day my husband and I were being lazy in our meal choices and cooked up a box of steak tips wrapped in bacon. Well bingo, bacon was freakin awesome and my fingers were bitten several times as a reward - fyi, I consider any time a kitten is touching me voluntarily and not in fear is a huge win, be it that they are trying to eat me or investigating me with the paw o'doom.

We didn't have any other bacon in the house, so I tried to think of other things they might like. We hit another bonus food while eating hot dogs. I was on the receiving end of both licks and the paw o'doom. I was investigated for more. Mary climbed up on my lap as did Sarah. I vowed to pick up some more hot dogs when we went grocery shopping.

I picked up some cheap hot dogs, because the grass fed organic hot dogs I generally eat are expensive. As soon as I put them in the cart I mentioned to my husband that they probably have grass fed tastes and the cheap ones are going to be a huge fail.

Well I cooked one up and brought it down to the kittens. Apparently they don't like hot hot dogs, because they immediately started hissing at the pieces I offered them. As soon as it started to cool down they started to take the pieces from my hand. I think I've been giving them a bit too much food because there was some breakfast left over, so it didn't go quite as well as I had hoped, but there was some definite improvement in their interest in me, and I was able to take my empty hand and put it near them without them bolting for the other side of the room. I shall bring some more hot dog down with me and continue with this experiment for the next few days and hopefully I will be able to gain a little benefit of the doubt.

I should mention that Winifred has made some incredible strides on her own. She runs right up to me when I walk in the room, she winds around my ankle when I walk across the room to feed them, and as long as she isn't watching my hands I can reach down and pat her and she loves it. However is she sees those hands she is gone.

I so wish I knew what these poor kittens went through. Tomorrow they are going to have a reading with an animal communicator so hopefully that will help as well.

It looks like I will contact the shelter at the end of the week to get them in for adoption next week. I will write up adoption cards explaining ways to win them over (bacon and play) They are going to need very special homes that are willing to work with them, but they are so very much worth it. They have so much character