Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Rupert vs the women who want him

Rupert spent yesterday at the shelter. I didn't get an update until well past their closing so I can only assume they had a busy day. Rupert is on clavamox and he is being a 'rascal'. The foster coordinator was happy to report that he likes to take a few small bites out of multiple bowls.

She wants him to see an additional vet on Thursday so she is going to keep him for now. I will admit to thinking some not so helpful thoughts when I read that text, but it is in his best interest to be closer than the 30 minutes away he would be at my house and since I work out of the house during the week he would be unattended. (but that does not help me in that she has a kitten and I do not)

So I will probably learn more on Thursday unless something very unexpected (either good or bad) happens between now and then. I am sure your good thoughts are helpful and I fully expect to see him again Thursday evening.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Rupert vs the vet - and a big thank you to @chewy

Unfortunately, Rupert is not gaining weight. All of the weight I have been able to get on him he would lose within a short amount of time. Every time I found a food he would like and eat, he would stop eating it after that initial meal. He seemed to have a preference for beef and the mixed grill type of foods and was refusing to eat poultry (including duck which I tried assuming it was novel). As I mentioned on Friday, he really liked the can of Tiki Cat that Chewy had sent me through the Influencer program. Interestingly he also ate the second can. He liked the reddish "consomme" of the product.

I stopped by the shelter and picked up a wide variety of foods made plans to coerce him to eat every couple of hours this weekend hoping that the uptake in calories would make a difference. Sadly, it did not. Each time I was in there I got about an ounce in him and it raised his weight but a few hours later when I would go back in his weight had dropped again.

I was getting concerned so I texted the woman who was going to come down and see him on Sunday that things were not getting better.  She was still interested in meeting him so we confirmed plans and I gave Rupert another bath and cleaned up the room and left him with food and hoped that the last feeding of the day would bring hope.

When I went down for the last feeding on Saturday night I saw that he had peed four times since his late afternoon feeding. That is a lot. I knew he was drinking a lot of water and was peeing frequently but it had never been so blatantly obvious. I texted the shelter coordinator and asked if they wanted me to bring him in and they did, so I texted his wannabe mom to tell her that he was going to the shelter and we will reschedule when he comes back.

I got him into the shelter and they wanted to keep him for the day and have him see the vet on Monday I intended to run out and get him some Tiki Cat food but once I walked out of the shelter I realized I didn't have my wallet with me. I ended up running home to get my wallet and I hit every pet food store between my house and the shelter (30 minutes away) with no luck. (I did get to scritch the neck of a kitty up for adoption at one store. I nearly laughed when they let me know it was up for adoption and tried to 'sell' her to me)

Finally, I went to their website and tried to find a store in the area that carries the food and found two. One down the street by the shelter and the other by my house - the one store I didn't go to - I called the one and they didn't have the flavor he liked and the other was closed. I was glad I had the foresight to take the three cans in the collection that had consomme.  I brought those in for him and learned that while I was out they were able to get a urine sample from him and tested it and found that it was very dilute and had "quite a bit" of blood in it. I was afraid I had missed something until she mentioned that it wasn't visible until they ran the test. So they were starting him on antibiotics. He was slow to take the food but eventually started eating on his own.

It was mentioned that they would really like to do a full blood work up on him, but they need 3cc's of blood to do that and considering doing that would remove over three ounces of his 1 lb 4oz body, no one really thinks that is wise.

So I will be praying that they find something and it is treatable and I get him back quickly. Paws crossed and purrs and prayers are all welcome.

Friday, January 20, 2017

A day for kitties

Rupert is doing okay, he eats, he poops, he sleeps.. he is still avoiding the 'putting on weight' of his todo list.. maybe I should write the list out for him so he sees it whenever he is awake so maybe he'll remember.

This boy is pretty clever. He seems to have a pretty good grasp of the English language because when I tell him to eat a little more he will quite often walk back to the food bowl even if he just walked away. Last night I brought down a can of the Tiki collection I got from Chewy. I really wasn't paying attention to which one I grabbed and when I opened it up I saw that it was mostly large chunks of fish. The chunks were bigger than Rupert's mouth so I put the plate down outside of the kitten room for my cats to eat. I hung around Rupert for a while and opened up another can but he didn't want that one, he apparently wanted the first can. When I opened the door up a few minutes later to go up and get something I forgot to bring down, Rupert ran right out of the door and straight to the food... he did not care one bit that Jack was investigating it. I'm sure Jack was quite surprised to find fish in the middle of the basement and was trying to figure out why it was there when this little whipper snapper showed up and started eating his prize. He hissed at Rupert and Rupert didn't care. He hissed again and when Rupert didn't respond he snapped at Rupert's ear - Jack's favorite trick when Skippy is in his space. Rupert still didn't care. Jack hissed again, a longer more menacing hiss and he was none too happy when I told him to stop and I took Rupert and the food back into the kitten room. Rupert went back to the food more than a dozen times - far more than any other food I've offered him. He only ate about a third of it, but it was something.

Because I think today needs more kitties, I think I'll share some random cat photos for you to enjoy.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

A Cat Who Wants to Eat - brought to you by #chewyinfluencer

This post seems relevant to my interests - Jack 

This month's offerings from Chewy.com for their Chewy Influencer program included Tiki Cat King Kamehameha Luau Variety Canned Cat Food which I thought would be a nice thing to have on hand to give to my cats when I want to slip them a little extra food or if they happen to go off their food for whatever reason. The pack contains 12 cans with nine different flavors. The fact that they are 2.8 oz means they are a little small for a full meal for my cats but I'm not keen on giving full meals of fish anyway and this variety pack is all fish.

Someone gray and fluffy disagrees with me, though, and went out of his way to make that point to me. See I had placed the variety pack on the counter and went about my day. (a dramatic recreation)

Later that evening I heard a loud bang and found this (still a total recreation)

and when it fell to the ground this happened. I swear Jack has some serious skills...

So, of course, I did the most logical thing.. I took a photo of it and then dished it up

I would totally bring one or all of these down to Rupert but he does not like fish foods... He seems to have a preference for beef, so that's what I'm giving him. He's currently holding his weight.

Thank you again Chewy for the opportunity

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Rupert vs the syringe

Because I'm nervous about Rupert's weight I brought down some more baby food to syringe feed him. First thing I did was weigh him. In the morning he was 1lb 4oz last night he was 1lb 5oz! Since I was having a hard time telling exactly how much he was weighing (the scale would vacillate between half ounces) I've decided to start weighing him in Kilograms (my scale does either lbs/oz or KG) and he weighed .60 KG.

*knock wood*

He had eaten some dry food and some of the can of mixed grill pate food I had put down for him but I still wanted to make sure that he got more calories in him since I was there to assist it. He is so not a fan of it. The food coma he goes into after being fed bothers me. Fortunately he was once again interested in playing with my necklace - but still not with any of the toys.

So, not a whole heck of a lot 'new' to report.. just a holding pattern... but he is still awfully cute.
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