Thursday, March 23, 2017

Halo Mix 'n Mores #chewyinfluencer

This month's offerings from included Halo's Mix 'N Mores a freeze dried topper for cat food. It comes in "Salmon & Turkey" and "Chicken" varieties.

This is relevant to my interests - Jack

It was one of the few food offerings and it has little plant material in it so we thought we would give it a try.

Mom, are you sure I can eat this?

They are made with chicken, chicken liver, whole flaxseed, salt, salmon oil, mixed tocopherols (a preservative). I is made with real chicken that is pasteurized, cumbed, flash frozen and free dried which Halo claims preserves the nutrients along with the aroma and taste. It is does not contain artificial ingredients preservatives or colors. I wish it didn't contain the flaxseed, but generally whole flaxseed isn't that digestible so I decided to overlook this.

But, will The Crew eat this?

Both Jack and Fleurp like them as is out of the bag and eat them like treats. Halo suggests to "moisten for an added flavor burst", so I gave that a try.

They also suggest that you reduce your cat's regular meal in direct proportion to the amount of this product you add to it, which is smart. It is not a 'cat food' as it is not complete and balanced for full nutrition and is only intended as supplemental feeding. These were liked by most of my cats, but not all. Muffin was not amused and wanted her beloved freeze dried chicken instead.

Thank you again Chewy for the chance to try new to me and interesting products in exchange for an honest review.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Does Arm & Hammer "Slide" Cat Litter Live up to its Promise?

I was driving to Target the other day when I heard a radio commercial for a new cat litter "Slide". I was lamenting the fact that the Garfield cat litter that I loved so much because it came so cleanly off the side of the litter box had deteriorated to the point that it it barely clumps at all and very quickly the litter box started to smell like a urinal. I was wondering why they weren't making a clay litter that did that... Then the commercial happened.

Okay, it wasn't like I had that thought in my head as the commercial came on, but I had been thinking it that day, so when I heard the commercial as I was headed to the store where they sell litter, I thought I should probably look into that... and if they have a coupon I'll totally buy it.

Well.. it had a coupon! $3 off the box you were currently buying and an additional $3 for the next box. So I bought it.

I bought the Multi-cat version first. It had a faint floral scent. I have a very sensitive nose, so I can smell it. I am sure my husband couldn't. I then bought the Odor Control variety, and that has almost a citrus/lemon scent to it. Again it is pretty faint, but I notice it when I'm scooping and on my cats if they have just visited the box.

Now, for the big test, did it work as advertised? Did I give it away by saying I bought a second box?
The first photo was after I started scooping. It is interesting that the product lightens when exposed to air. If you look at the first photo you can see near the clumps a faint line, that is because I started scooping before I thought take photos.

So the first go around they didn't quite "slide" off the box. They did come off easily when I knocked them with the scoop, and they came off the side fairly cleanly - not perfectly clean but not bad. I wondered if they were fresh and would come off easier if they were a little older and drier.

The next time I went to scoop, I just tipped the box up, and everything slid right off. Pretty impressive.

But how would it hold up to 'extreme use'? I held off scooping the box for a day and a half (I only intended a day, but I became distracted) I will say, I was once again impressed. The clumps didn't break, there wasn't a lot of left over bits or fragments after scooping. (ignore the sides of the box, Jack likes to stand to pee)

What is also pretty impressive about this litter is that it has no dust. I noticed it when I poured the first box out, and here is a video of my pouring the second box.

Carma Poodale recently did a review, and she found out that they add plant based materials to the clay litter to get it to clump like that. She also links to a couple of coupons that are out there.

When I bought my second box, I found a rebate code to get a box free. Go to submit the rebate. Once there select CDCATLT13 and you'll see the different products you can get free. I like that you can submit it right on line if you want, or if you want to print off the paperwork and mail it in you can do that too.

One other down side (aside from the very light scent which is far lighter that a lot of 'unscented' litters) is that it is difficult to open. I could punch the tab in easy enough, but pulling it up to keep the box open was quite difficult, far more so than it had to be. I wish they would find a better way to do that. This is something you have to deal with in most boxed litters, so this isn't anything unique.

Yup, this litter has won me over and I am using it in Muffin's box. We still have a boat load of litter left over from the Black Friday Sales in 2014 & 2015 which will most likely last us until BF 2017, but if not I will probably buy more of this for the main litter boxes as it is fairly price competitive with other clay litters.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Hot Paws Personal Glass Art for Paw Prints

At the end of last year, I won a Hot Paws giveaway from  I'm blogging about this simply because it is an interesting product, not because I was asked to.

I was excited to win as the photos they shared were so beautiful and it looks like such a lovely keepsake. Once I got it home and looked at it and read through the directions I had to wonder which of my six cats was I going to memorialize.

This product is marketed towards a larger dog paw, so I realized that there was enough surface area to do more than one paw print. Having just recently lost Kit, who was in the middle of the pack age-wise, I was keenly aware that I couldn't be sure of keeping any of my cats around for long periods of time. I have keepsakes for the older cats, but not so much for the younger ones - which interestingly enough hinges on Twee.. those who were older than her were the elders and Kit and everyone younger... well I almost consider them the little ones.. Well, and Twee will always be the baby..

Attempting to get three paw prints in one soft disc of moldable putty was not easy..

The first attempt was not bad, but they weren't very deep. The second attempt Fleurp was not cooperating, and with the third attempt, it was Twee.  Since it was Twee, it seemed fitting, so I decided that was good. I decided to add my and the CatMan's fingerprint as well and after a 48 hour drying period to set the mold, I sent it off.

It came back rather quickly and I was a little surprised by what arrived. When looking at the photos from MyDogLikes, I thought it would be smooth all over, but the underside was quite rough. There was a bit of sandy grit on the underneath as well. I wrote to the company to see if this was what they intended the product to be. Ali, the general manager at Hot Sand wrote back and said that all of the casting is done in sand molds which is why the back was textured as it was. She said that they like to think of it as creating keepsakes reminiscent of walking on the sand at the beach. The first photo is of the smooth side the second is of the textured side.

I do not dislike the texture at all, in fact, I think it makes it very interesting. It is a little disconcerting when the product you receive doesn't meet up with your preconceived notions of what it should be - mostly because you made lots of assumptions with little facts. Even if Ali had said that it should have been completely smooth and offered to redo it, I do not believe I would have taken her up on the offer... okay, maybe I would have, but only so I could have another one for the other three. 😁

Ali couldn't have been nicer, the process was very smooth, and the product came back very quickly. Seriously, the worst thing I have to say about this is that my expectations were a bit off.. and now that you know what to expect, that won't happen if you decide you want one.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Happy Monday

Not too much to report around here. Fleurp is holding her weight without taking prednisolone so it looks like we have a solution to her issue. I wish we could find an answer as to why this happens every year, but a few weeks of steroids keeps her in check.

Someone has been vomiting and I'm fairly certain it is Jack. I'm fairly certain that it is a side effect of too much thyroid medication. We are doing the dance of trying to find the sweet spot of enough to keep his weight down and his body functioning properly but not so much that he starts vomiting. We are down to half of a 0.01 tab once a day.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy St. Patrick's Day

While none of my cats are Irish, and despite the red hair, neither am I, we still feel the need to have a little fun with St.Patrick's Day.. because who doesn't love a bit of wearing of the green and who doesn't want to avoid being pinched?

Fleurp in St. Patrick bow
Jack in a St. Patrick hat
Jack in a St. Patrick hat
Jack in a St. Patrick hat
Jack in a St. Patrick hat
Jack in a St. Patrick hat
Jack in a St. Patrick hat
Jack in a St. Patrick hat
Jack in a St. Patrick hat
Muffin in a St. Patrick hat
Muffin and Jack in a St. Patrick hats
Muffin and Jack in a St. Patrick hats
Muffin and Jack in a St. Patrick hats
Skippy in a St. Patrick's bow tie
Skippy in a St. Patrick's bow tie

although I'm not sure the cats don't want to pinch me for this..

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Photos of The Crew

I wasn't sure what to post for today, seeing as the kittens are leaving first thing in the morning and I think their glamor shots was the best goodbye I could give.

I took a peek in my 'drafts' folder and found a post with these first three photos. One of them is Kit who we lost last November. I don't want to delete it, but it is bittersweet to share it.


And I thought I'd round that out with the rest of The Crew..


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