Sunday, July 31, 2005

wet is me

I went down this morning and the kittens are being pretty good. They tossed some of their litter - to be expected, and tossed a toy into their water, again, nothing out of the ordinary. I open up the cage and sit in front of it to do good cleanings on their ears and what not. Well, the kittens had some pent-up energy and started tearing around the room. Uber cute, until one of them chases another into the old water bowl that is behind me, splashing it all down my lower back and my behind. I didn't feel quite so guilty doing ear cleanings after that.

The little grey one with the pussy ear looked better. I can only imagine that it previously had not been cleaned for a day or more. I pulled some more puss out, and cleaned her nose. She seemed more outgoing than she had previously. I fear she's going to need a few road trips.

The dark DLH tiger IS a boy. I'm SO very much in trouble. He's a snuggle bug.

Wait.. someone tell me why I can't have seven cats?

Saturday, July 30, 2005

big adoption day - sorta

The kittens went in today to be adopted. It was way harder on me than it was on them. I don't know why it was so hard for me to give them up this time. Eliza took the move very badly, growling and hissing a good deal of the morning. I did what I could to keep her calm, but it didn't take much to set her off.

Gizzy got adopted first. I'm glad I didn't have to leave her there tonight or she probably would have come home with me. Adopted by a nice husband and wife who live out of town - but yet near where I work. They were actually in last year around this time adopting before. I thought I remembered them. They took a kitten named spike - which was a girl - and named her Nala. I'm pleased with this adoption. They plan on keeping her in.

There was another woman with a daughter who was looking at kittens other than mine. I was glad, cause when they settled on one, she stated to the staff that she was morally opposed to keeping cats inside, despite almost loosing one to a fisher cat. The circle of life she stated.. yea well lady, circle this *rolls eyes*

Then a woman who recognized me from a job I had over 10 years ago came in with her husband. I didn't much recognize her, but she came in very well prepared. They came in with the application from the website, a signed note from their landlord, and they knew they wanted a pair. They were looking at Kau. They looked at a gray one from another litter, and that was that. One of the fastest adoptions I've seen in a long time. I think they will give him a really good home.

Two different families looked at Cloud and Scarlet. I decided they needed to go together since Scarlet was so reserved and had bonded so deeply with her brother. One woman came with her two daughters, and the daughters did everything they could to convince her... didn't work. An older gentleman talked to me twice about them, but nothing materialized.. so they are still there.

Eliza didn't show well at all. Probably won't for a week or two till she calms down. I hope someone gives her a chance before then.

I ended up with four very adorable kittens. I'd show you pictures but I'm not allowed to per Taz :) One has a ruptured ear drum and is in major need of some help. She's on Baytril, but there is a ton of puss coming out of it. Other than that she is doing well, eating and acting fine, so I'm hoping to avoid a weekend jaunt to the vet... although when I might have time to get her to one is a good question.. curse having a RL job. Hopefully, I can't just consult with one and don't need to actually bring her in, but I doubt it. But you know me.. run to the vet at the drop of the hat.. why do you think I want to work in the field again..

Monday, July 25, 2005

big day

Well the kids are off to be neutered today. what a big day for them... and I am stuck half an hour away at work. I sure do miss being able to be there for that. Oh well. I brought Scarlet to work yesterday to give her a little more socialization, and I must say it did her a world of good. She was shaking the entire time she was there, but when I got home that night, she was right up front to see me, unlike her reserved self of normal.

They are going in today, and I'll pick them up tomorrow. I think I'll bring them in Friday for their FVRCP vaccine, then Saturday for adoption. Here's hoping mom gets adopted too!

Tuesday, July 5, 2005


Well, apparently the source of the problems was/is hairballs. After the catlax, she vomited up a large one. Then she vomited up one yesterday, and a smaller one this morning. It's nice to know WHAT caused the problem, but the major question I have now is WHY?? I have no idea where all that fur came from. Yes, mom is shedding, but still.. that is pretty excessive. I've been feeding her catlax on a regular basis and putting it in the food for the others as well. She has been very sedate since this whole thing started.. not lethargic, just quiet. She will play when provoked, or looked at funny by a sibling. She is also still eating, but she is also not gaining weight. Yes yes.. its only been a few days.. but still. I worry.. and there is nothing you can do to stop me


Monday, July 4, 2005

crash bang boom

I'm just sitting here checking my email and what nots, and Eliza is in the other room crying for me to come feed them. It was next on my todo list, but I wasn't going to rush in there.. well I guess that wasn't good enough for her because she jumped up on some plastic drawer / bins I have in there and was crying through the wall.. She then did something which caused the whole thing to fall over. *rolls eyes* Fortunately, no one was in the way, but now I have a big ol mess to clean up, on top of the mess Scarlet has been making for me, on top of the general kitten mess that is standard operating procedure.

no seriously.. I do this for fun?

Sunday, July 3, 2005

round two?

I went into the kitten room last night, and apparently, Scarlet is blocked, again. I won't go into the gross details, let's just say that room needs to be stripped down to the walls and bleached.

I isolated her last night to see if she really is blocked, and nothing showed up in the litter box. There were a few drippings on the floor. I don't really want to give her another enema, as I'm afraid what that might do to her colon. I gave her some cat lax and isolated her again for a bit. *crosses fingers that works* Although honestly, I don't think it will. There is no reason for her to be constipated - that I can tell anyway. She's been on the same food for weeks. The only new difference in the room was the dry food that no one eats anyway.

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