Saturday, May 31, 2003

Eli and the ant

I've started giving Jack vitamin C again. It was quite hard figuring out how to make sure he got what I gave him, with Muffin and Eli and Em and Olie ... so what I started doing was putting the little dish of food in the box on the cat tower. No one can sneak up on him and push him out of the way, and he licks the dish so clean I can reuse it over and over.

I was cuddling with Em, and I noticed the fatty deposits had returned on her back. So I tried to feed her a full lecithin gel cap. She wasn't having any of that, so I squeezed it ou on some food. She apparently doesn't like the taste or smell of the lecithin, so she used her paw to get the food under the liquid, and used her paw to eat it, so I mixed it in. She ate most of it. While we were fending everyone else off, I saw an ant in the house. The hubby wounded it but we were still concerned with Em, so he left it there. I told Eli to get it, and with a little help to get him to spot it, he went after it. He attacked it with his paw. The ant attached itself to his paw, to which Eli shook his paw with disgust. Then he went after it again, pawed at it again, and again it attached itself... again he shook it off. He did that four times, then got it in his mouth.. to which he immediately spat it out... but he continued to go after it.. it was quite amusing.

the kittens are out in their room causing havoc. I'm frightened to go down there.

Friday, May 30, 2003

Vet visit

got the pictures figured out :) I was playing with the elders tonight, and I so wish I could have gotten a few shots in particular but you know kittens.. by the time you can even pick up the camera they have moved on.

Charlie and the kits went to the clinic today.. Charlie checked out ok. the dr thinks she just threw up.. and it looked like blood cause it was tuna. I know tuna throw up, and that wasn't it.. but whatever. her stomach wasn't tender and she didn't have a fever so as long as she doesn't do it again, and she continues to act fine, then that will be that. Had him look at peanut too. he said he was deformed, but he was strong, and his lungs were clear, so there is hope that he'll be able to live with it. He is still too young to x-ray so there is no saying for certain, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Life with kittens.

I woke up this morning and realized I hadn't fed Charlie. I checked on her.. but failed to refill the water or food bowls.. so I got up and stumbled in there. she was happy to see me. While she was up eating I weighed peanut.. 6.7, and MP, 13.7 and then sat there patting charlie while she ate. I watched the kittens who seemed to be a bit frisky. It started with MP biting gonzo's ear. I wasn't sure it was deliberate. but soon it was out and out kitten play time. toddling around on legs that haven't quite gotten the hang of walking around yet, they would toddle up to a sibling, and try to bite an ear or a tail. I was overwhelmed with cuteness.

but now.. I am going to go back to bed. I'll figure out why those pictures aren't showing up in the morning. I uploaded them to two different places, and neither one works. These are the first pictures since they moved servers on me. which doesn't make much sense cause the blog entries are showing up.. but those are being FTP'd through blogger, and I uploaded the pictures via cuteFTP. No clue.

Thursday, May 29, 2003

Peanut is holding weight and Jack has worms

peanut was still 6.4 yesterday. I haven't weighed him today. We have an issue with Charlie and the kittens. I went into their room yesterday and there were two stains on the piece of fabric I keep in the cage. One was beige, and looked a bit like throw up remnants, but the food I served was darker. the other was water and blood. Not a lot, but enough to be concerned. They are going into the clinic tomorrow. I'm sure it came from Charlie. She is acting totally fine. but the shelter wants me to bring her in, so in she goes.

The elder ones are a handful and a half. the litter box was a total waste land today. and absolute mess. But I will admit, having five kittens climbing up on you wanting attention and purring and being cute and having one climb up your back, and a few attacking your toes is an experience. One I can't recommend highly enough. I'd invite you all over, but ... well you know

Em is currently sitting on the arm of the chair wanting my attention, she's being adorably cute!! Now Ollie is sniffing my fingers. Gee.. I wonder if they are hungry..

Jack has tape worms. Would explain a lot. he's got some horrid smelling poops. Last night he had a cling-on, and when I was cleaning him off, I found one. So I got some pills from the clinic. He took them like an absolute trooper! He's amazing when it comes to being pilled... almost like me. I amaze my hubby cause I can take a handful of large pills at one time and often in one gulp. :)

Monday, May 26, 2003

Peanut is gaining.

SIX POINT FOUR!! yea!! KMR is a wonderful thing.
His breathing doesn't seem to be as bad as it has been. its still obvious, but slightly better, unless I'm imagining things.. which is fully possible.. its been a long day.

We are in the process of moving the kitten rooms around now. The elder ones are going to have the bigger room, so they have more room to run around. Only problem is that they were using the bottom of the ferret cage as a litter box.. they absolutely destroyed the last one with use. I covered the bottom with a trash bag then put the litter in, and they tore up the bag digging around, so that wont work again. question is do I want to just put the litter on the badly worn out and rusted tin, or do I want to cover that up with soft cushy towels and a quilt so they could sleep down there and put a litter box on the top level... decisions decisions.. I'm afraid if I put the litter on top they'll start sleeping in it... and getting covered in poop. I just took some pictures.. will have to process them and see what we've got.. Hopefully there is a good one of peanut's chest.. if not I'll have to wait till there is some daylight out. You would think since I knew that the flash distorts things a bit, I would have gotten around to taking some pictures when the sun was up.. oh well. I'll post any good ones in a bit.

Sunday, May 25, 2003

Trying to put weight on Peanut.

5.7 for peanut tonight. I decided to give him kmr with a syringe instead of the bottle - which never worked except the first day, and it went well, except the fact that I didn't warm it up enough. well actually I did, but the glass it was in didn't warm up, so it cooled down the formula by the time I got downstairs, so I had to warm it up by sticking the syringe in the back of my knee. Got him to eat a couple of cc's. He didn't seem to happy about it. I hope I'm doing the right thing... there is always the risk of him getting the kmr into his lungs when you force feed... that is the last thing he needs. he's got such a large breastbone.. he looks so strange from underneath. I really need to work on getting a decent picture of it so you can all see what I mean.

a number of the elder kittens have "retractable brains". one in particular. I picked him up and he seemed to just totally lose interest in anything outside of his body. I put him on his back, and put both his arms up in the air.. then I played peek a boo with him. I love that kind of kitty. :) The torties are all girls. the orange and the black are all boys. so I have five and five. Nice mix.

I've got a new referrer This blog is getting more and more popular. How cool is that? - although I'm going to feel the need to spell check more often.. *sheepish grin*
(update 2016 - I'm spell checking now, and sadly that referrer is defunct)

Saturday, May 24, 2003

another set of weights

today was weighing time for the kits..
MP 10.3
Kermit 10.5
Gonzo 9.0
fozzie 10.3
Peanut 5.4

I decided to give kmr another chance. He wasn't all that into it, and I ended up with more on me than in peanut, but this evening he weighed 5.65 so I think I'm going to give it to him daily if he likes it or not.

the poor kittens are all stuck in that ferret cage. There is enough room for them, but not any running room. I let them out for a while this morning while I gave them all their meds. they are terrors. Going to have to switch rooms, cause there is NO way on earth I can let them run free in that room and be able to get in and out without escaping kittens. A number of them reacted violently to the worming med I had to give them.. I have scrapes on my leg (yes.. I wore shorts.. My bad) and my hand. Will have to remember to take more precautions tomorrow. Fortunately, they don't all need to be done. The four bigger ones only needed one dose, but sadly one of them slipped the collar I put on it, and I can't for the life of me pick out which one it was. The two orange tigers are easy, cause they have longer hair.. when I saw the collar, I hoped it had been one of them, but alas, it wasn't. It was the tortie. There were two bigger torties.. so she'll end up with an extra dose.. but that's ok. No biggie. It's so much fun to go in there.. they all run up to the front of the cage and start purring.. 10 kittens just looking up at you purring.. Made me smile all day!

Photos of the new kittens

Friday, May 23, 2003

Eli lost his collar

I just was cuddling Eli and went to clean his eyes.. I usually hold him by his collar to do that, and I realized he lost his collar. Wonder where it is.. *hmm* bet he hid it

Ten more

yes.. 10 more kittens.. that makes ... ready for this.. 21 cats in my house.. :)
yes.. I'm tickled..
Yes.. I've gone beyond "crazy cat lady" to freaky insane cat lady.. LOL. But the shelter loves me.. called me a life saver.. and they won't be here that long, as you can see they are quite big already. four of them are a bit older than the other six..

It's going to be one heck of a weekend!!

peanut is still 5.4 MP is now 10.0... so maybe the scale is off a bit? Hopefully. I'll go down and weigh them tomorrow on a stable surface. I don't like to go down too often and let mom out of the cage, cause that's time she's not nursing. She does a great job of cleaning up after the little ones.. the covering never has anything on it but fur. It's awesome.

Thursday, May 22, 2003

Happy Dance

5.4.. *does a little happy dance* He still looks like skin and bones, and that breathing thing is still there.. I'll get some decent pictures over the weekend.. see if we can't capture his beauty. :)

MP is now.. ready for this? 10.2 yes.. 10.2 and only two weeks old. - yup two weeks today

Fozzie and I have some news to report.. bows should be sent instead of balls.. yes.. he is a she. She has two very dark spots between her anus and her vulva. they looked very much like testicles. and her vulva seemed round instead of slit like.. but tonight it was a definite slit.. and all the boys' testes have dropped so they are quite visible, but Fozzie didn't.. again leading me to believe she is a girl. Could be wrong, but I doubt it. You know those kittens.. they are sneaky when it comes to gender.. :)

I also did an ear check of my own kitties today. Eli had some debris in his ears.. *sigh* will we ever get rid of that?? I put him back on the meds I took him off of when he got URI.. Jack and Ollie have very "slimy" ears. Doc said that was natural for them when I asked about Ollie a few years ago. I cleaned them out just to check if they might not have gotten something from Eli, but it was all just 'slime'. I know that's not the correct term for it.. but its such a good descriptive word for what it is, and I don't recall the actual term. It's not wax.. way too watery.

well anyway. Off to spend some quality time with my Emmykins

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Kittens are gaining weight

that peanut is trucking right along.. he's now 5.0. Miss Piggy is almost nine now.. but she is so a little porker.. was very much the right name for her. Gonzo is 7.8 and his face is starting to look like his mothers, long and narrow. Everyone else has a round face. Peanut also now has both eyes open. will definitely have to get some more pics soon!

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Way to go Peanut!!


all the others are toddling around.. looking like round fluff balls with tails and feet.. poor peanut still looks all skin and bones, well except for the nice full tummy. I finally opened up another can of kmr and he totally rejected that as well, so its currently in an ice cube tray freezing for my next set of fosters.

I know it's WAY too early, but I gave them a jingly ball. it was very cute watching Fozzie walk around it making it jingle and he turned his head. Gonzo is very laid back.. he does the head flippy thing when you pat him.. its unbelievably adorable.. someone is going to be very lucky..

Monday, May 19, 2003

Another weigh in

Miss Piggy - born at 3.4 is now 8.3
Kermit - born at 3.3 is now 7.9
Fozzie - born at 3.0 is now 8.0
Gonzo - born at 2.7 is now 7.3
Peanut - born at 1.9 is now 4.4

Gonzo is trying to walk around instead of swimming around the floor. Everyone has their eyes open except Peanut who still only has one open. Gonzo's aren't 100% open, but they are mostly there. Slow and steady progress.. that's all I can ask for.

Sunday, May 18, 2003

Peanut isn't gaining.

ugh.. he's still 4.2.. this is getting frustrating.. he's totally refusing the supplement I have, but totally wanting to nurse.. Maybe I should open a new can.. maybe the old stuff smells funny or something.. *shrug*

Miss Piggy is totally living up to her name.. she's 7.7 oz now.. most everyone else is just over seven. I didn't weigh everyone.. I will tomorrow..

Fozzie's eyes are fully open. Kermit's eyes are no longer totally inflamed.. just slightly pink.. you'd be hard pressed to tell. gonzo's eyes are halfway.. peanut's still only got one eye open. and miss piggie's eyes are just slightly more than half way..

Peanut lost weight

Peanut is down to 4.1 the room was a little chilly so I turned the heat up.. hopefully, that's all it was.

Saturday, May 17, 2003

peanut is now 4.2

A trip to the shelter

Just got back from the shelter.. Kermit's eyes had crusted over again, and the girl at the shelter "yelled" at me.. thinking I let it get that bad.. well, I only noticed it last night.. and I already cleaned them pretty well that morning. His eyes were just that bad. sometimes it happens. I now have ointment for it. the shelter wasn't completely thrilled with the way peanut was breathing, but where he's so small there isn't anything they can do for him. Hopefully, it's nothing.

The kits were starving when I got home, so I heated up some KMR to feed Peanut with.. he ate heartily for a moment then decided he didn't want any more. I took them downstairs, and mom climbed in the little carrier I brought them to the shelter in. I have a pic of her in it, I'll have to post it later. She laid down and started nursing. I am quite sleepy, so I laid down next to her, and closed my eyes... she shimmied up so she could rub her head on my hands.. it was really cute.

peanut is now 4.0 oz


Everyone has finally lost their cords.. they were all off last night. I noticed that the boy tiger (Kermit) had eye crusties. I touched them, and it seemed to be sensitive. I asked a friend who just went through newborns if eye crusties were normal. She said she didn't have them, so this morning I washed his face. a major amount of puss came out of those tiny little eyes. Both of them. No one else seems to be having this problem... well except peanut who had a tiny bit in the back corner of his right eye. I washed that off, and the eye actually opened. He's got one eye open now :D. Kermit's eyes are slightly open, but are quite inflamed (can you blame them with all that puss inside) so I'm going to head down to the shelter with him to get some Terramycin. I'm going to bring peanut too to see if they think he's got some problems.. I weighed him this morning and he weighed 4.0 oz.. so that's good.. I've never wanted to be called paranoid so much in all my life.

the girl tiger (now Miss Piggy) was nursing last night.. after I gave her her name, and she started grunting while nursing.. it was so adorable. The second black kitten I'm going to call Gonzo. I'm going to wait on my little nutshell to see if he's ok before I even consider renaming him.

Friday, May 16, 2003

Peanut isn't doing as well.

Sadly, Peanut isn't doing as well as he had been. Hadn't gained anything all day, in fact, he hasn't gained now in two days. I think there might be something seriously wrong with him as he almost gasps when he breaths, and his rib cage seems very very short by his tummy. I'm not sure if I'm over reacting and it was that way on the others when they were that small or if he's deformed. I'm starting to think he is deformed, maybe the same sort of thing Mew had

Girl was 3.4 is now 3.3 /4.2 / 4.7 /5.8 / 6.9
boy tiger 3.3 is now 3.6 /4.5 / 5.2 / 5.9 /6.8
black 1 (fozzie) was 3 is now 3.3 /4.3 /4.7 /5.9 6.9
black 2 was 2.7 is now 3 /4.0 / 4.6 /5.6 /6.5
peanut 1.9 is now 1.85 /2.25 /2.7 /3.8 /3.8

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

weighing them again

Girl was 3.4 is now 3.3 /4.2 / 4.7 /5.8
boy tiger 3.3 is now 3.6 /4.5 / 5.2 / 5.9
black 1 (fozzie) was 3 is now 3.3 /4.3 /4.7 /5.9
black 2 was 2.7 is now 3 /4.0 / 4.6 /5.6
peanut 1.9 is now 1.85 /2.25 /2.7 /3.8

I remember when 3.8 was HUGE.. now its still so small..
Looks like everybody (including peanut) gained just about an ounce in two days.. which is good to hear. Still no other cords have fallen off, but it looks like the boy tiger's eyes are starting to open. Seems awful early for that.. but hey.. not every kit follows the rules, do they?

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Jack is highly food motivated...

jack is currently on my lap waiting for me to drop any piece of my dinner so he can nab it. He's already had a nip of asparagus.. now he wants a potato. Muffin is on my shoulder.. I feel like I'm fighting a loosing battle to keep my dinner to myself..

peanut, who gained .2 oz last night, also lost his umbilical cord. So did Fozzie.

Monday, May 12, 2003

Weighing in.

Girl was 3.4 is now 3.3 /4.2 / 4.7
boy tiger 3.3 is now 3.6 /4.5 / 5.2
black 1 was 3 is now 3.3 /4.3 /4.7
black 2 was 2.7 is now 3 /4.0 / 4.6
peanut 1.9 is now 1.85 /2.25 /2.7

yes... that's right.. peanut is now 2.7!! way to go my little nut shell!!
not much to report on the development front. eyes and ears are still closed, cords are still attached.. just getting bigger at this point.

Eli's eyes are both still watering. Im starting to fear his second duct is blocked now.

Sunday, May 11, 2003


Girl was 3.4 is now 3.3 /4.2
boy tiger 3.3 is now 3.6 /4.5
black 1 was 3 is now 3.3 /4.3
black 2 was 2.7 is now 3 /4.0
peanut 1.9 is now 1.85 /2.25

peanut moves around more than anyone one else.. always fighting for the best position in the kitten pile.. and he can hold on to my finger completely. Is the last one to let go of mom when she gets up to leave the cage.. Starting to think he's using his energy instead of letting it help him grow. Oh well. He's darn cute doin it.

another gain!

peanut was 2.01 oz this morning!!
not much else to report.. they are healthy, and growing.. the others are up to 4+ oz..

Eli's eyes are looking better.
Muffin is still a total PITA, but in an amazingly adorable way

Saturday, May 10, 2003

Peanut reached two ounces (and my favorite photo ever)

2.0 oz peanut

Of course then, when cleaning him up, he went pee, and ended up weighing only 1.9 oz. but still.. I'm feeling better about this.. slowly but surely..


well peanut didn't lose any weight last night. The boy tiger is now up to 4oz. I was weighing him, and charlie was getting some attention from my hubby, but the boy didn't like being pulled away from the other kittens. So he started crying.. so mom got up, and went over to him. she tried to pick him up but couldn't seem to get a good angle.. since he was in a shallow tray. She eventually got him by the foot, then carried him, by the foot, back into the cage, where she curled up with him and looked at me as if to say.. what were you doing to him!!. She didn't seem to mind I had the rest of them still. So I gave them back to her after a quick weight check. I didn't write it down, but they all seemed to have gained weight except peanut. *sigh* I hope there is nothing wrong with him, and that the others are just knocking him off his nipple

Friday, May 9, 2003


Girl was 3.4 is now 3.3
boy tiger 3.3 is now 3.6
black 1 was 3 is now 3.3
black 2 was 2.7 is now 3
peanut 1.9 is now 1.85

This morning peanut was 1.7.. I supplemented him with some KMR.. he immediately went to sleep. Tonight he still seemed a little small so I gave him some more kmr. His tushie was a little dirty... so I cleaned him off. he went pee. but not all that much. neither did anyone else, so mom must be taking care of that, which is good.

I just sent my husband down into the kitten room cause I forgot the bottle in the room. Charlie actually left the cage to see him. She's hasn't done that for me since she gave birth. and now we have kittens wandering around the cage all lost.. there is one that always seems to go off in the wrong direction.. I'm thinking of calling that one Magellan.


Charlie has learned to be a mom.

Charlie is a way better mom than I thought possible. I went in just now and opened up the cage, and she came out for some attention, but on the way she disturbed one of the kittens and it started crying, so she went back in and sat down. Of course, she sat on Peanut, but I give her credit for not leaving screaming kits.

I weighed them last night. The girl is 3.4 oz, the boy tiger is 3.3. The two black ones are 3 and 2.7 oz, and peanut is 1.9 but he's doing well, has a full tummy. It looks like they are going pop. Will have to check on that today sometime and make sure that mom is stimulating them to go pee. Wouldn't want their bladders to burst.

seems like I can breathe now..

Thursday, May 8, 2003


oh great.. muffin just threw up. poor thing. we have had a run of very loose stools around here lately as well. Don't know what is going on, we haven't changed their diet recently. I did start adding vitamin c, but I stopped that the minute it started, which was a while ago.

Hubby just checked in on the kits, they seem to be nursing well, and mom seems content.. that's good. I think I'll go check on him, and then take a shower.

Peanut has a will to live

Soon after that last post, I decided I needed to go to sleep. I put Peanut down with his brothers and slept till just past two. Just went down and checked on him. he was sleeping off to the side. I let mom out of the cage and attached Peanut to her. Man, that kit can hold on. She got up a few times and rolled around (with some help from me so she didn't crush him) and he didn't let go once. Not till she went back into the cage to lay on the other kits.. prompted I think by one of them crying cause he was out looking for her and was going the totally wrong way and was lost. So Peanut has eaten... and is currently routing around for a teet. So he'll live for at least another two hours.

Keeping up with the kittens

There are going to be a lot of posts today.. kitten lives are very minute to minute.

I left them in the carrier with mom for a couple of hours. The others seem to be doing ok, but Peanut was just sleeping and unresponsive, and cold. So I brought him upstairs, and tried to get him to nurse on one of those pathetic kitten bottles they sell.. and he ate!! He's currently sleeping in my sports bra. It's cute. I'd take a picture of it for you, but I'm sure that would be WAY TMI. *looks down at him* well not really, but kinda, so I won't.

man I want to go to sleep.. its just not going to happen for a while..

I don't like being told there is nothing they can do.

They called the vets and they said there was nothing they could do. They offered me KMR and nipples. I asked if they could shave Charlie's belly cause everyone was having a hard time finding nipples this morning. A staff member said that it was too early to interfere, that they had reserves and that if I just left them alone in a small dark place they would probably nurse. I asked about her crushing them, she said that it wasn't a concern. I mentioned the issues with Peanut and she suggested that I should let nature take its course in that matter. I took the kmr and the nipples, and put the kittens in the carrier with Charlie and brought them home.. and wouldn't you know it.. they are all nursing. but I'm not sure what to do for the rest of the day. Mom only takes care of the girl kitty.. takes her and puts her under the desk, and leaves everyone else to fend for themselves. I suppose I could lock her back up in the cage.. oh won't that be fun.


one of the kitties is extra small (1.7 oz), I've nicknamed him Peanut. He has an amazing will to live.. can hold on to mom's teet like there is no tomorrow. I sat up and watched them for two hours last night, charlie hadn't nursed, So I mixed up some supplement and attempted to give it to them. Very hard since their noses and mouths are in a spot the size of your pinky fingernail. I eventually worked up a method where I dropped the supplement right above where they were latched on. Seemed to work. I got Peanut to eat something, and everyone else nursed for a while, so I went to bed.

This morning peanut was unresponsive, and I thought I had lost him. But he moved ever so slightly. He was quite pink, and I'm assuming he was overheating. I wiped him down with a damp cool cloth, and he started responding better. I got him to eat a bit more.. (man that kit knows how to latch on!!) and now I'm going to run them down to the vets.

wish Peanut luck!

We have kittens

Both Muffin and Eli are responding nicely to medication. Not that they like getting it at all, but at least the sneezing has been reduced considerably. Eli's weight was the same.

I couldn't sleep tonight.. so I got up and exercised, then caught up on my email. I went to check on the webcam to the kitties, and saw it was down. Went downstairs to fix it (cause the laptop is ME and it crashes daily) and saw there were kittens. Six in total, five are alive. Two black, three tiger. I think Charlie crushed the other one. She has not been a good mother at all. One is horribly small, so I kept putting it up to her belly so it could nurse, but she kept rolling away and rolling over on to her kitties. I have left the room to see if she'll pay attention to them when there is no one there to pay attention to her, but that's not looking like it is going to happen. *sigh* They are all double pawed too. So cute to see the paws all deformed like that when they are so small.

Oh great.. the web cam just shut off. guess charlie went exploring on the desk top..

Sunday, May 4, 2003

Eli is not doing well.

Well.. Eli has taken a turn for the worse.. both eyes are watering, and he is sneezing up greenish snot.. so back on antibiotics he goes. Muffin has started sneezing as well, and her eye was quite watery this morning. I thought I saw some green in the corner of her eye, but by the time I got to her it was gone. I tried taking Eli's temp a second time, it went about as easily as the first time.he's still not running a fever which is good. I don't have many antibiotics though.. going to have to get some soon. Might bring Eli in for a weight check as well. Just to be on the safe side.

Muffin has started doing one of my favorite kitty maneuvers.. she uses her paw to help food into her mouth. Man it's adorable, and even more so on her. Emerald does it as well.

Still no kittens. Got home from the movies last night and I could have sworn I heard kitten howls, but alas, no. Just Charlie being uber affectionate.

Thursday, May 1, 2003

the sounds of a sneezing kitty

I woke up this morning to the sound of a kitty sneezing. There has been more and more of that, but I could never pin down exactly who was doing it. By mid-morning I figured out it was Eli. He still looks fine, eyes are fine, nose is good.. but the sneezing has definitely picked up. He's also been lethargic lately.. or should I say every time I see him he's sleeping or just woken up. Which might be just bad timing on my part. But then this evening he seemed a bit on the warm side. Not having a thermometer for myself let alone one for the kitties, I ran out to the store to get one.. got some petroleum jelly too (cause it helps it go in better) and came back and took his temp. My hubby has little to no clue on how to subdue a cat, and he certainly wasn't about to actually take the temp (you mean that goes in THERE!!).. so after two aborted attempts, I finally got the temp, and it was 101.4 (101.5 is normal for cats) So he's not running a fever which is good.

Took Jack on a car ride last night. We went down to MA. to Baskin Robbins to get a free ice cream. Yes.. it cost us more to get there than it would have to go somewhere local and actually pay for an ice cream, but road trips are fun, so off we went. He immediately started sucking up to the hubby. I got a little jealous, but I could deal. he was curled up in the front seat, it was very sweet. We stopped at Subway for dinner, and when he got out to get the sandwiches, the truck dinged quite a bit - cause he left the keys in the ignition. Well, that freaked Jack out, and it took a bit to calm him down. As soon he was calm, and we were on our way. After a few minutes, he went out back and crawled into the carrier we brought. he was quite happy in there. We got down to the shop, got our ice cream and came home. After the ice cream was gone I brought the carrier up to the front seat. he was so cute in it. I bought a basket carrier from it's the cutest thing anyway.. after some patting and some cooing, Jack decided to get out of the carrier and explore the cab. He sat on the back seat for a while, then stood on the back of the front seat and started crying. We thought he might have to go to the bathroom. I had totally forgotten to bring something for that, so I picked him up and put him back in the carrier for a while. He then got back out, did a bit more exploring, then ended up sitting on the hubby's shoulders... and didn't I get horribly jealous then!! I kept telling him he wasn't going to be my favorite kitty anymore, but he didn't buy it. we got home and he was totally fine. went pee after greeting everyone who didn't get to go :)

this morning I was till "mad" at Jack.. I told Muffin she was my new favorite kitty.. she then proceeded to get into as much trouble as she possibly could. Pushed things off the headboard, off the bureau, jumped on Eli, and was just a general PITA. Guess I'm not going to tell her that again.. LOL
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