Friday, January 31, 2003


Ollie has been doing some major kissing up lately. its kinda cute. But he's big, and heavy, and sheds all over me. I so wish he'd get used to being combed. I realized Jack has a few mats between his back legs. He was not too amused about getting them taken care of. He keeps biting the brush.. I'm about to go to amazon and buy a book I saw it there the other day when surfing around, its called psycho kitty? Hopefully it might be able to explain some of the weirder aspects of the kitties behavior. Like why ollie really hates moe and muffin. and why muffin can't stop licking me.

I left a note at the shelter yesterday... letting them know I'm ready and able for more kittens. it being the middle of winter, I don't think its going to happen for a long long while.. *sigh* You know. If I could, I'd wish the pet overpopulation problem away.. but I'd be so sad never having another kitten in my house. And where would people get their kitties?

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

The time Ollie attacked me and my other cats said he didn't mean it.

Man jack is being adorable right now.. but he's way on the other side of the room. meanie.

I had an interesting cat day today. I got home, and found out that Ollie had hurled yet again. Yesterday he did it twice, one was a major hairball, so I decided to risk combing him. I usually check out his fur with my fingers so he doesn't get mats, but he HATES being combed so I don't do it often. I started out with a hair pick, and he actually was purring for that.. so I moved down to a smaller comb to pull out some loose fur. He started getting pissy, so I wrapped it up, and was holding him and cooing at him telling him he did a great job, and that I was sorry, blah blah blah, I went to kiss him, and he went postal. He got me on both sides of my face, to the point of drawing some blood on my chin. I went a little postal myself... and instead of giving up on combing him, I went full out and made sure I did a very good job. Also got him quite wet. I left him in the bathroom and then realized how shaken up I was. I had three claw welts down each cheek. two were enough to break the skin (I keep his claws well trimmed). I don't know what to do with this cat. He's always got a bad mr nasty pants attitude, and acts like he owns the house. Well for the moment he's in the kitten cage in the middle of the kitchen. He has got to learn he is not the master of his kingdom. *sigh*

quite strange, is after that, I went to go make kissy noises at Jack. He was at the top of the cat tree, sleeping in the box. He reached out, and ran his paw across my cheek. I could feel his claws. He did NOT do it in malice.. but it was quite weird considering what had happened. I sat down in my chair, and Emerald came up and sat on my lap. I realized her claws need a trimming, but the clippers are in the bedroom, so I just put it off and we had cuddle time. I noticed the bumps along her spine are back. She is really going to have to get into the vets sometime soon. Anyway.. a few moments after that I had to go to the bathroom. I never shut the door, cause the kitties always like to join me (TMI?) and Em walked right in and sat down and looked up at me I called her a good kitty, and she stood up on her back legs. I leaned down to give her a kiss, and she reached up with her paw, and touched my cheek. again I could feel claws. again, totally not done in malice, but again, quite freaky.

LOL.. Muffin is sleeping in the box at the top of the cat tree. I have been looking at it for a few minutes, then she just lifted up her head.. :) She really likes that box. She got in it this morning when Jack was sleeping in it. They shuffled around for a few minutes, then I got the distinct impression that Jack didn't want to give up as much room as Muffin wanted, so I took Muffin out. This evening she was up there, and Moe decided he wanted to be in there, so he jumped up, rather impressively from the house in the middle, and then started walking around the edge of the upper box, and muffin was biting his ankles. It was adorable.

oops.. here she comes.. better get off before she starts typing.. :)

Sunday, January 26, 2003

MJ's Haiku tribute to Jack

Jack is so handsome
gorgeous smokey grey kitty
I love his colour


going to rename Moe to Booger.

*sigh* got to love that he loves me enough to seek me out when he's not feeling well.. but does he HAVE to sneeze all over me? *cleans snot off shirt, off neck, off keyboard, off chair, off him*

Friday, January 24, 2003

A new cat tree

Well the kitty tower finally arrived.. it looks kinda cheesy, but it's decent enough considering what I paid for it. It was a big hit right away.

Muff's teeth are coming in.. :)
Jack just fell in the toilet.. don't ask me why.. silly kitty

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

website problems

Not sure how many of you have found my new home here... my domain was down for a while.. I got it back up, but I needed to move it, so I decided not to move this back till after the move. I just changed my dns and set up new hosting.. $15 for the year, and WAY more room.. so.. soon I shall be back over at and the images will all be back

I went out and bought some new toys for the boys.. (and girl) and in less than 2 minutes they had destroyed one... *rolls eyes*. Moe lost yet another tooth.. down to five *crosses fingers the other falls out soon* Once I'm back up and running at my real host, I'll post a pic of the eight of them.

Muffin and Moe are currently wrestling in my computer box that I set up for them to play in.. Kodi is sleeping on the back of my chair.. he sleeps a lot. and he's still wheezing.. *sigh* Looks like chicken soup is in order.. lol.

Saturday, January 18, 2003

What is yours is Muffins

Muffin is an obsessive kitty.. must have anything that you have. Eating is no fun, cause she's constantly up in your food.. no matter how many times you throw her on the floor, she just turns around and is back in your face. I just got some ice cream. I covered the bowl with my hand, and she was licking my hand trying to get to the ice cream. She then walked over my bowl, over to the desk, then stole the cap to my ice tea bottle. She grabbed it in her mouth, jumped down, and ran into the kitchen and is now making a major racket in there.

Bugs - now called kodiac.. or kodi, is looking a lot better, but this morning he had some bloody mucus on his nose. I'm glad they are going to the vet on Monday..
Melvin is now the kitty with out a name. and he is really quite annoyed with me that I'm still medicating him. He is also now the kitty with seven teeth. his adult canines are coming in, and only one of this baby teeth has fallen out so far. He looks quite freaky. I have a picture, I'll have to upload it.

Saturday, January 11, 2003

They're back!

the kitties are back, the kitties are back!

Went to the vet to get them this morning. Since the shelter told me that muffin has acne, we went out last night to get them some non plastic bowls. Went to the Christmas tree shops, and got some. They had the cutest kitty bowls and plates sitting out front. They were near some other bowls that were appropriate for cat food bowls, which we picked out, and then the shop announced they were closing. I sent the hubby to the register to check out, and I ran out back to see if they had more of the plates and bowls, which they so did, so we are going to go back this afternoon and get some!!

anyway. we were going to go this morning, but we couldn't get out of the house on time, so we just went straight to the vets to get the kitties. we pulled out our carrier which is WAY too small for the three of them, but I figured the shelter would have left one with them. Jack however decided he wanted to come with us, so we brought him along in the carrier. We got there, and Bugs is still sick, so he needs more meds, but everyone else is apparently doing fine. They didn't have a large enough carrier there for the three of them, so we put Muffin (the kitten formerly known as Scooter) and melvin in one, and I carried bugs out to the car, and ended up shoving him in the carrier with jack. no one was very impressed with the car ride home. But once we got here, I opened the door, and bugs RAN out into the house. Jack sauntered out, then went back in. The hubby brought the other carrier in the house, and when that one was opened, they both ran into the house as well. They have been exploring for a while now.

Muffin just came up and jumped on my lap purring. It looked like she had something stuck on her claws, so I looked, and she had torn up her claws, and had some blue fluff embedded in them. I gently pulled the fluff off, then tried to peel back the layers of the claw that had flaked off. Most went ok, but one was so bad that when I went to peal it off she winced, and a small drop of blood came out. She does NOT like to be contained!! *not to keen on having her claws picked at either* She's now in the window watching 'daddy' snow blow. Have I mentioned to you that she's a sheep in wolves clothing? She really looks like that with the white under belly and paws, and the mask and cape of gray on her head and back. She also really acts the part.. being all cute and sweet, but she is an unstopable force when she gets her mind on something

*smile* Its nice having them back.

however, I am desperate for names for bugs and melvin. I haven't hit upon anything that we both like.
yet one more reason I'll never have children.

Friday, January 10, 2003

"The Book"

"The Book"

As chaplain in a university residence hall, I am supposed to uphold all of the school rules, which include a ban on pets. That changed when a kitten adopted me. The freshmen in my dorm kept my secret. They covered for me by calling my kitten "the Book," since I had so many in my room.
One morning I was leaving the dorm with the kitten in a carrier.

A student stopped me and asked, "Where are you taking the Book?"

I explained that I was taking the kitten to the vet. "She's getting neutered today," I told him.

"Hmmm," the student responded, "no sequels."

Thursday, January 9, 2003

The kittens aren't here.

well.. they are gone :(( I miss them so much.. its so quiet around here. Jack was all over me for a while, but has since gone off to explore the depths of some dusty hole I'm sure. I'll be able to pick them up sometime tomorrow I believe. will have to call and check.

Found out what it is on Scoots chin. Apparently its feline acne. Been recommended that we not use plastic bowls. *sigh* will have to go out and get something else. Will have to scour some off price stores to see if they have anything. Maybe I'll check ebay. will have to get like eight bowls.. six for food two for water.

Wednesday, January 8, 2003

Black chin debris

Scooter has some thing weird going on. Under her chin there has been some black debris for a while. I finally decided to bite the bullet and wash it off. She doesn't take to water well at all... last time I washed her she bit me. so anyway.. the black stuff turned her white fur pinkish, which lead me to believe that it was flea dander. I searched her, and didn't find a speck of it anywhere else. I searched the other kitties and didn't see a speck on any of them either. I cleaned her up and figured that was the end of it. But it wasn't.. cause its all back... just as bad as it was before. I have NEVER heard of a flea that hangs out under a cat's mouth..

I'm thinking they are mental fleas cause they are hanging out on the mental kitty..

I am NOT looking forward to bath day.. I'm hoping that I wont need to once they get back from the vet..

tomorrow night is going to be tough, as I'm bringing them in to the shelter for their fasting, then will have to back to adopt.. although I'll probably get a lot of work done.. lol

(update 2015 - I now know this is feline acne. going through these old posts is so interesting for me, reminding me where I started from, how clueless I really was)

Tuesday, January 7, 2003

Kittens are at the shelter

I brought everyone into the shelter today cause mom HAD to go back, and I wanted them to take a look at bugsy and melvin's eye. They really didn't do anything for them, but scheduled them to be neutered on Friday. I am going to bring them back on Thursday so they can fast there, and we'll pick them up on Saturday.. *thinks* yup.. probably Saturday.

Was sad leaving izzy at the shelter. She got so cuddly yesterday.. the woman at the shelter said she was nursing.. sigh.. she's probably so scared.. *wants to run to shelter to get her*
*cuddles Emerald instead*

Monday, January 6, 2003

The mom is in heat

Mom is in heat. At least she's not all that obnoxious about it, but just obnoxious enough. She keeps looking at Ollie and Jack and meowing and acting all slutty. They just look at her as if to say "what's all the commotion about". great thing about getting your kitties neutered early.. they have absolutely no idea what that is all about. She woke me up this morning meowing.. so I've thrown her downstairs. I'm am definitely bringing her back to the shelter tomorrow.

Scooter was sleeping on the couch this morning. I went to pet her, and she had a little bit of blood on her paw. Didn't come from her.. so I'm quite perplexed about it, but no one seems to be hurt, and no one else has blood on them, so I'm going to just let this one go. She probably nicked someone in a fight, and they are all better now.

I was thinking that the full dose of antibiotics was doing the trick with the kittens. The vet said 1.5 once a day.. the shelter says 2 twice a day.. so I decided everyone was going to get it twice a day. Bugsy's nose finally cleared up.. his eyes were too for a while. Yesterday he had a speck of dust on his eyeball, I don't see it now, but his eyes are still watering big time. Melvin's are too. I just don't understand why they aren't getting better. *throws up hands in frustration*

Saturday, January 4, 2003

There was an incident..

we had an incident here the other day.. with seven cats running around its kinda hard not to...
The hubby went to sit in his recliner with out knocking it a few times to see if anyone was in there... and there was.. He reclined and all of a sudden we hear the worst screaming. He's not sure if he should close his chair all the way or what, so he closes it half way, and after a few agonizing moments scooter comes flying out and runs under the coffee table. We are still both quite shaken, but I eventually get up and check her out.. only thing was, I couldn't find her. I looked back under the chair (which was now in the reclined position even though the hubby wasn't in it any more) and I see something that resembles a cat that isn't moving and is half laying over the bar.. I panic beyond words. I make the hubby take a closer look.. turns out Melvin wanted to find out what all the commotion was about and was fine, just exploring.. but didn't I almost pass out.

Still couldn't find Scoot, she had found her way downstairs. I went down and got her, cause the hubby couldn't get close, and I cuddled her and checked her out, she was fine.. but she was scared to death to come back upstairs. I got her upstairs.. and then she did NOT want to go into the living room, so I sat as far away from the recliner as possible in that room.. and after a few moments she was comfortable enough to jump down and just walk around...

Everyone is now on antibiotics twice a day.. and still melvin looks like he's just seen a really sad movie. Bugsy seemed to have some dust on his eye this morning... sigh. They better get well soon!

Scooter has had a black spot under her chin for a while. today I decided to do something about it. I thought it was just food, but after it got wet, her fur turned reddish... so now I'm thinking it was flea dander.. which makes no sense what so ever as we don't appear to have flea issues. Maybe she did a while ago but they are gone now. But still.. under her chin/mouth is still a very very strange place for flea dander.. but regardless.. its gone now. she did NOT like the water on her at all.. sigh. I wonder if I can get the shelter to give them all baths before I adopt them :)

Btw.. we are going for different names for melvin (we are thinking filmore) and bugsy (we are thinking fluffy lumpkins) Any name suggestions?

Friday, January 3, 2003


Well.. bugsy is going to have his mom's slightly pushed in face..
Scooter is WAY too freakin cute to be such a PITA
and melvin.. well melvin is just a "PAT ME!" kinda cat.
and izzy.. well as long as you sneak up on her loves to be patted.

I've also come to the realization that I'm going to have to start closing the bathroom door when I use the bathroom. I usually don't since its just me and the hubby, and for some reason the cats like to visit me when I'm so occupied... but having five or six cats in my tiny bathroom is not a good idea.. growling always ensues

I am also in desperate need of a very large scratching post. a good piece of cat furniture if you will. If you'd like to contribute to getting one, I accept paypal! :)
Please.. help me save my furniture :)

Wednesday, January 1, 2003

Fun with kittens

This really isn't a foster kitty story, but it is.. but not about fostering.. just fun.. enjoy

I have the weirdest shape bedroom.. almost looks like a skinny Utah. There has only been one way to put the bed in that room, so for five years that's where it has been. The room NEVER worked well, but it functioned so that was that. However I was thinking the other day - a dangerous past time I know.. that if we flipped the bed around and put it basically in the middle of the room it would work.. so that is what we had planned for the day. Take all the furniture out of the room, vacuum, flip the bed around (after dismantling it) the put it back together, then put the furniture back. I tell you this cause as you know the kittens are all now running around the house, and yes.. they have pivotal parts in this story.

The first part was the hubby's department, of picking up all the little stuff, and dusting (I'm allergic to dust in the worst way). When most of it was up and out of the way I went in to help with the heavy lifting. We moved the two dressers out of the room, along with a stand up jewelry box, and an old microwave cart that I use as a night stand. The kittens did NOT make this easy, they kept getting under foot. But we were able to do it with relative ease. We then kicked all the kitties out of the room to vacuum. We shut the closet doors, an vacuumed. When we were mostly done I went into the other room, and izzy, scooter and melvin were on the chair in the living room looking quite confused at the big nasty thing making the big nasty noise. I went back in the room, shut the door, and proceeded to move the mattress. However at that point izzy and jack came out from under the bed. Was quite confusing how she got in there, but not totally. The bedroom door has a kitty door in it cause the bedroom is the only room we air condition in the summer, and we didn't want to suffer through cats crying at the door. So we shove them out the door, and propped the mattress up against it so they couldn't come in. Well jack wasn't going to let that stop him. there was a bit of space, so he climbed in and hung out in there.. half way through reassembling the bed I heard him back there. i knew he was so I mentioned it. when we got the bed frame back together, and put the mattress back on, I found jack.. the spot he was laying in was quite warm. :) So we started putting the room back together, and I heard a meow. I mentioned there was another cat in the room, the hubby didn't believe me, so I tracked down the meow, and found bugsy in the closet. Poor thing must have been terrified in there with the vacuum going. While moving things around, I found a head band that I bought that has a pair of cat ears on it. I put it on. I helped bring in the taller dresser and the tv. I laid down on the bed, and checked the tv placement, which was fine. Got up, brought in the other dresser. Laid back on the bed, and bugsy jumped up and cuddled with me. I eventually got up and moved the second dresser into place, then turned around and patted bugsy who now had his ears plastered to his head and his eyes were wide open. very gizmo from the gremlins. I talked to him and tried to calm him down, but he only started making himself bigger and flattened his ears even more. I figured he was frightened by the movement of the dresser, so I reached out to pat him to calm him.. but it had the opposite affect... his ears practically disappeared into his head, he became this round furry ball with two HUGE eyes, and he actually hissed at me. at which point the hubby reminded me I had my cat ears on, so I took them off, and went to pat him again, and he immediately calmed quite a bit. Jack reacted pretty much the same way to them. VERY funny. at this point the room was mostly put together, and everyone was in there wrestling, and playing with the quilt, and enjoying the entertainment of the ceiling fan. For some reason ceiling fans are VERY entertaining.

Kittens are the best

the kittens didn't stop running around yesterday till after midnight. at which point they all climbed up into the chair I was sitting in and proceeded to go to sleep.. it was SOO sweet, but at that point I was getting tired and wanted to go to bed.. but I didn't want to disturb them.. they were running around this morning, and just settled down again.. it's funny how they all seem to want to take naps at the same time.

it looks like I'm keeping three of them.. *hangs head* *sees kitty sleeping in lap* awwwwww..
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