Friday, January 31, 2003


Ollie has been doing some major kissing up lately. its kinda cute. But he's big, and heavy, and sheds all over me. I so wish he'd get used to being combed. I realized Jack has a few mats between his back legs. He was not too amused about getting them taken care of. He keeps biting the brush.. I'm about to go to amazon and buy a book I saw it there the other day when surfing around, its called psycho kitty? Hopefully it might be able to explain some of the weirder aspects of the kitties behavior. Like why ollie really hates moe and muffin. and why muffin can't stop licking me.

I left a note at the shelter yesterday... letting them know I'm ready and able for more kittens. it being the middle of winter, I don't think its going to happen for a long long while.. *sigh* You know. If I could, I'd wish the pet overpopulation problem away.. but I'd be so sad never having another kitten in my house. And where would people get their kitties?

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

The time Ollie attacked me and my other cats said he didn't mean it.

Man jack is being adorable right now.. but he's way on the other side of the room. meanie.

I had an interesting cat day today. I got home, and found out that Ollie had hurled yet again. Yesterday he did it twice, one was a major hairball, so I decided to risk combing him. I usually check out his fur with my fingers so he doesn't get mats, but he HATES being combed so I don't do it often. I started out with a hair pick, and he actually was purring for that.. so I moved down to a smaller comb to pull out some loose fur. He started getting pissy, so I wrapped it up, and was holding him and cooing at him telling him he did a great job, and that I was sorry, blah blah blah, I went to kiss him, and he went postal. He got me on both sides of my face, to the point of drawing some blood on my chin. I went a little postal myself... and instead of giving up on combing him, I went full out and made sure I did a very good job. Also got him quite wet. I left him in the bathroom and then realized how shaken up I was. I had three claw welts down each cheek. two were enough to break the skin (I keep his claws well trimmed). I don't know what to do with this cat. He's always got a bad mr nasty pants attitude, and acts like he owns the house. Well for the moment he's in the kitten cage in the middle of the kitchen. He has got to learn he is not the master of his kingdom. *sigh*

quite strange, is after that, I went to go make kissy noises at Jack. He was at the top of the cat tree, sleeping in the box. He reached out, and ran his paw across my cheek. I could feel his claws. He did NOT do it in malice.. but it was quite weird considering what had happened. I sat down in my chair, and Emerald came up and sat on my lap. I realized her claws need a trimming, but the clippers are in the bedroom, so I just put it off and we had cuddle time. I noticed the bumps along her spine are back. She is really going to have to get into the vets sometime soon. Anyway.. a few moments after that I had to go to the bathroom. I never shut the door, cause the kitties always like to join me (TMI?) and Em walked right in and sat down and looked up at me I called her a good kitty, and she stood up on her back legs. I leaned down to give her a kiss, and she reached up with her paw, and touched my cheek. again I could feel claws. again, totally not done in malice, but again, quite freaky.

LOL.. Muffin is sleeping in the box at the top of the cat tree. I have been looking at it for a few minutes, then she just lifted up her head.. :) She really likes that box. She got in it this morning when Jack was sleeping in it. They shuffled around for a few minutes, then I got the distinct impression that Jack didn't want to give up as much room as Muffin wanted, so I took Muffin out. This evening she was up there, and Moe decided he wanted to be in there, so he jumped up, rather impressively from the house in the middle, and then started walking around the edge of the upper box, and muffin was biting his ankles. It was adorable.

oops.. here she comes.. better get off before she starts typing.. :)

Sunday, January 26, 2003

MJ's Haiku tribute to Jack

Jack is so handsome
gorgeous smokey grey kitty
I love his colour


going to rename Moe to Booger.

*sigh* got to love that he loves me enough to seek me out when he's not feeling well.. but does he HAVE to sneeze all over me? *cleans snot off shirt, off neck, off keyboard, off chair, off him*

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