Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Six Weeks

Myla The Mom

Short Toe - Still need to name him.. How about Betrokken

Little Miss Myla - she's so like her mom

Big Boy (has been from day one)

Monkey Boy.. those are not double paws, just double jointed :)

Update on the residents: Bri went through surgery just fine. Left her in her cage for a day, which she did NOT like. Didn't eat well, thus didn't poop well.. but as soon as I let her play with Tweedle again, she was back to her ol self. However, she is no longer on the "good bunny" list. I found a stack of photographs she had been chewing through. I was going to scrapbook them, hubby joked she was making decorative edges for me.

Em - now this is a good one. I have isolated her for 24 hours now with a litter box and dry and wet food. No vomit. BGs were good this morning. Not great, but pretty good for having access to dry. She went IN the litter box (she'll only do this if it is a private box) Weighed her again and she has gained 4 oz. So.. she needs all day access to food. We are going to have to rig up some sort of special door for her so that the others don't clean out the bowl. Will have to look into this ASAP as she hates being isolated.. even if it is the bedroom.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

lost in confusion

Another Em post.. can you handle it?

Okay.. so again with another brief back story. Diabetic for 9 years. Eat dry food for most of that, with high readings and high insulin doses. Recently switched over to wet food, dramatic reduction in insulin need. Major weight loss during this time. Tried to get over on raw food. Ate for a while, then decided we were evil for offering it to her, and wouldn't eat it. More weight loss. Switched over to low carb high protein, (aka best food I could find that wasn't raw) canned Evo. She likes it. She takes WAY too long to eat though. Take a few bites, takes a break, takes a few more bites, takes a nap, takes a few more bites etc. We keep reminding her to eat until she stops all together.

I weighed her a few days ago, and she was 12 lbs 8 oz. I made a concerned effort to make sure she was eating as much as she possibly wanted. Tested her BG level constantly - adjusting insulin as needed... trying to keep her upper range in the 200s

Tested her this morning, we got 192. Not a bad reading.. Weighed her, got 12 lbs 7 oz. She is taking her sweet time eating this morning too.. although she is VERY VERY interested in my turkey bacon.. I keep breaking small bits off and putting it in her food.. bacon bits for kitties :D

Spoiled little tart..

So why is she still losing weight? Why are her sugars all over the freakin place? And what on earth do I do about it??

Friday, April 21, 2006

Hi, My name is Connie, and I have a compulsion

Ok, I admit it. I'm obsessed. Over what you ask? Cleaning the goop out of kitties eyes and noses.

Yeah, so what, you say? You don't understand. I do it to my own kitties, I do it to my families kitties, I do it to my friend's kitties, I do it to my foster kitties, and today I even wanted to reach through the screen of the TV and do it to the kitty advertising the ASPCA. I was appalled that they put the kitty on tv with an eye booger.

*hangs head* I need help.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Bri is being spayed today. She had to spend the night too. :( I'm sure she's fine and will be home tomorrow.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Unique kitty quirks

Well, Em has decided that she will not eat ANYTHING tainted with raw food. She likes raw hamburger, so I bought some and mixed it in with her canned, figuring it would reduce the overall carb content and help her insulin need. Nope. I had tainted her food and come death and starvation she wasn't going to eat it!! This morning I offered her a little bit of yogurt, which she ate willingly. I put that on the side of the plate with her wet food, and she refuses to eat anything touching the yogurt. ugh!

She did like the package of salmon I bought for the kitties. Ate just about all of that last night. Her sugars were back up in the 400s that night.. Not really sure why.

She's lost some more weight. In the 12lb range now. I'm torn between trying to get her to eat less of the good food so she needs less insulin, or giving in to what she really wants, hoping that will put weight on her, and totally increasing her insulin need.

She also vomited again this morning. Don't know why. She did the other night too, but she vomited the pills I gave her (cosequin and herbs) so I could rationalize that. This morning's vomit seemed to contain raw, but I know she won't touch that. Maybe she snarfed a few pieces of the raw hamburger I put down as well. *shrug* who knows.

I have to say I wish there was a way to test her sugars without sticking her. She hates it. They say there is something on the horizon for human diabetics, but I bet by the time it comes out it will be too late for Em. Considering all she is currently going through, I don't think I'm realistic to think she'll make it to 20.. But man I'm still hoping. Although I have to admit I hate putting her through what she is currently going through. I know I'm just projecting.. She doesn't mind so much refusing the raw, or canned that is tainted raw.. She also doesn't seem to mind when her sugars are high. It's all me. Probably my fear of the end.

The curse of having kitties. That dreaded end.

So now I have to grab my rabbit ears and go take easter pictures for you all :)

Saturday, April 8, 2006

five weeks

Where does the time go? I went down to feed the kittens this morning and realized I was out of water. I left to get some and the little girl followed me out of the room. So I brought her upstairs with me. Jack is still no longer a fan of kittens, but everyone else was nice enough to her. I want to call her princess, but that is so cliche.. so I'm thinking of finding that word in different languages and see if any of them fit. (okay, so that didn't work, it was basically princess in each language)

Thursday, April 6, 2006

mmmm litter, yummy!!

I moved the cage down from the top of the TV the other day, knowing the kittens were getting big enough to get out on their own, well I resisted giving them a litter box cause I knew the minute I did it was going to be a mess!! Well, this afternoon I went down to feed them and found pee on their bedding. Taking it out of the cage, I found some poop as well, so it is time.

I put the litter box down on the first level (I had made a second level in the cage for the box, and so mom could escape the kittens) and put in new blankets. The kittens were enjoying the litter. The little black boy (short toes) immediately went pee. Everyone else had to taste it. The little girl had a mouth full and was still chewing when I put a stop to it. Annoying part is she isn't eating FOOD yet, but was very interested in chewing litter!!

They are starting to venture further and further from the cage each time I open the door. Most times they stay right by the door and the side of the cage or near mom, well today several of them made it to the other side of me. :) They grow up so fast. they are at that cute stage where they have just figured out how to walk, and they want to run and pounce, but barely have walking under their belts so it never works out the way they want it to.

So far only Monkey boy is eating. I don't think it is too far along for the rest of them, though.

Tuesday, April 4, 2006

four weeks..

Hi, can we come out?

Um.. there is something on my foot!!

mm.. yummy.. kitten pee. I love it!

Em is feeling so well she actually decided to go out into our catio.
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