Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Tundra and her "kittens"

So a bit over a month ago I got the call to foster Tundra. She had a very round belly, which is often indicative of being pregnant, so I was totally on board.  I went to the shelter to pick her up, and yes, she was quite round of belly even though I couldn't feel kittens.  I figured it was early enough along that I couldn't feel anything.  I brought her home and settled her in and realized very quickly she was a very high energy kitty who didn't really want to sit still to have her belly examined.

I figured she would start to enjoy it as they got bigger, but she never did. I kept trying to pin her down and I would get a moment or two of feeling what was going on but then she would be out of there!
After three weeks I was starting to wonder. I wasn't really keeping track of the time she was with me so I thought I had another few days before I should have to feel something (as cats are only pregnant 63 or so days).  Even if she only had one, which didn't make sense because her belly was so round to start with, at that point I should be feeling something.  Well I ended up looking at the calendar and realized I was almost on week four.  I called over my friend and she was perplexed too. She thought she felt mammary development (as did I) but no babies, so I brought her to work for an ultrasound.. 

And what did they find when they put the gel on her belly?? A spay tattoo.. 

She had us all fooled.. So I ended up bringing her right back to the shelter 

I can't imagine she was up for adoption long.. she was incredibly sweet and fun.. although a bit of a trip hazard as she liked to be attached to your ankles as you walked across the room.

I did end up bringing home fosters with actual babies.. There was some health issues so I was a bit afraid to introduce them initially. Hopefully, I will have some time to introduce them to the blog later this week.

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