Monday, June 30, 2014

Rose and Whitley are up for adoption

I brought the two of them back on Sunday. I originally had an adopter for Whitley but something came up at the last minute and they backed out. So off they went.

Whitley keeping an eye on the dog in the lobby
They were ready for their next adventure. I however was totally unprepared as I didn't have adoption cards made up for them so I hand wrote them out. I quickly came to the conclusion that I have not done a great deal of hand writing in a very long time. I used to fill up notebooks with stories and poetry and journalling, now I could barely fill one page of information with out getting a hand cramp!  technology.. *eyeroll*

I got a good photo of the heart Whitley wears on her sleeve..

and then they went into the room where they will hang out till their people come to get them. (yeah yeah yeah, I know, I should have turned the camera on its side before starting the video..)

another kitten up for adoption
Sadly, Chandler is still looking for a home. I spent a little time with him which was nice. He's rather a funny little cat in that when he wants attention he will get up and ask for it and rub his head into you like it is the best thing in the world, and then two minutes later he is completely and utterly done with you..  I do not know why, but this boy has called to me from the moment I laid eyes on him. Oh if only I could take him home and make him happy - well technically I could do one of those things.. but then really no one would be happy.  I sure do hope his people show up soon!

Chandler says "I'm done now, move along"

Friday, June 27, 2014

Former Foster Friday - Odilia

I so love when I get to do these.. This time I kinda stole the images off Facebook to share them with you - but I'm pretty sure Odilia doesn't mind :)

Odi is doing very well.  Her momma got married and moved into a home with additional pets but she seems to have taken it all in stride.  She is still a petite little thing and still so very full of it, but oh so cute.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

It is so time for them to go

Well the kittens are now being a total pain in the patootie.. I often tell people that when it is time for foster kittens to go up for adoption, you become very ready for them to go.  I don't think people believe me, but trust me, multiple kittens in one room - no matter how kitten proofed it is - is chaos.

Whitley proved that once again. She has decided that being on top of the cat cage is THEBESTTHINGEVER! and could not be deterred.  She found her way up there when she and Rose were running around the room and jumping up on the litter box box as a way to make their running around more interesting. Well that got boring quickly and she looked for new places to jump on to, and *insert dramatic light bulb moment music here* there was the cage..

That was SUPERFUN!! because she could run around the room, jump up on the box, jump up on the cage and then jump down on to the couch and then down to the floor and around and back up on to the box.. *rolls eyes* She totally didn't care I was using that for storage, nor that the web cams were up there.  So I tried to block her using a sheet of plastic and propping it up between the box and the cage.  This worked. She couldn't figure out how to jump through it, so she plotted and plotted.  She remembered she would jump down on to the couch, so logic would figure she could jump from the couch to the cage, so she came over to the couch, and each time she looked like she was going to jump up, I casually pushed her toward the floor.  By the third time we did this dance, she figured she would bypass the couch and simply climb up the outside of the cage..


So I then took the plastic and put it on top of the cage to try to protect her from the wires and the wires from her.  As you can see, that didn't work..

So I removed everything from the top of the cage and covered the plastic with the sheet and left the web cams to see if they would stay there..

About three seconds after this photo one of the web cams ended up being knocked off.  Whitley will tell you that it jumped..

How can you not believe that face?

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A post about Duos, sponsored by

This month's blogger outreach offer by offered us products that I can't feed The Crew because of Jack's food limitations. One of the products offered was Wellness Duos and I thought that would be good for the foster kittens, so after a bit of thought I wrote back and asked for that.

Well my email went astray, and when I hadn't heard back from them after nearly two weeks, I wrote back and lamented that I was so sad that I hadn't gotten product - and on my birthday month too..

Several days later a nice big box showed up at my door and was promptly claimed by The Crew

I decided to open up on my birthday to see what goodies were in there. Before the box showed up I was just expecting a couple of cans, but I'm sure you agree that box is designed to hold a lot more than that.  Wasn't I surprised when I saw what was inside..

Whitley and Rose were all too happy to participate in our little taste test..

They were not even distracted by the great ghost escape during Ghostbusters.. These kitties like their food.  They also like their boxes..

The good.  It is made by Wellness. They have a very good reputation and are known for some pretty good foods. It doesn't contain corn, wheat, soy, artificial colors or flavors. The kittens ate it. They have turned their noses up at some other foods, so they have met foods they didn't like.

this is what the food looked like halfway through
they ran off to play with the boxes for a while
The not so good.. well the obvious carrots didn't amuse me. The fact that it is made in Thailand was also another thing that gave me pause*, and the fact that there is no recycling information on the plastic cups the food is in so I have no idea if they are recyclable.

So I won't be buying this for my cats, but it will be nice to be able to offer this to the foster kittens who rely on donated foods for all of their nutrition.

Thank you for sending this to us, and we look forward to next month!

*edited to add a comment by a reader: "HollyAnne wrote: "I have heard that food safety requirements in Thailand are way higher than that in the US and the FDA will basically just rubber stamp you if you pass Thai standards because they are some of the highest in the world. My source is a rep for a company (not Wellness) that manufactures there"  

As I said, Wellness has a good reputation, and that takes them a little further in my book in giving them the benefit of the doubt. I wish it was made in the US for several reasons, but the fact that they don't doesn't necessarily get them written off as bad in my book.. but it still gives me pause. (paws?) :D

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Two for Tuesday

The meds have been given, and it looks like they have healed up nicely from their URI, so they'll be going back to the shelter soon.  I'm contemplating holding them for ransom.. I'll only turn in these kittens when there are new ones for me to take :D

Monday, June 23, 2014

Curly Whiskers

Rose has naturally curly whiskers.. I tried very hard to get a good photo of it..

And then Whitley decided we needed to celebrate National Pink Day by sharing her tongue and her toesies..

Sunday, June 22, 2014

My birthday present

I FINALLY have a camera that will broadcast to the world with out my giving my IP address out to the world.. I've been trying to set up a ustream account, but I couldn't seem to do it with my IP webcam, and we have tried several different cameras with no success.

So when DropCam decided to have a sale for Father's Day, I decided that would be the present for this birthday.  My husband agreed with me.

So.. you can watch it at DropCam if you want at

or you can watch it on the page I created here on my blog (see the link above on the orange bar)

Now, I just need to figure out how to shut it off before I go in and take care of the cats each morning and night.  As I'm sure you've figured out, I'm not a fan of broadcasting myself all over the internet.. I can schedule it to turn on and off at certain times, but I'm not sure I'm ready to go that route yet.. we'll see.

One great thing about this is the wifi signal in the kitten room was miserable so we had to move the cable box, and now we have wifi signal in the kitten room.. I'm a little too excited by that..

Friday, June 20, 2014

settling in

Rose and Whitley are becoming more comfortable in the kitten room which is nice..

finally sleeping out in full view
Here are three videos of them playing, shared in order of my taking them.  Whitley was ALWAYS a jump first think later kitten, but Rose is now starting to enjoy that type of play as well..


Thursday, June 19, 2014

International Box Day

I often miss Box Day. I don't know why, my cats LOVE box, and often will jump on it or in it with in seconds of it being unattended. This year we I lucked out.

I recently purchased a new Sleep Number bed. We bought one 10 or so years ago and there was really nothing wrong with our old bed, but I kept seeing the commercials for the bed where you can raise one side and stop your mate from snoring - yes my husband snores. We looked at the bed, and realized it wasn't going to work for us and the cats. However they were clearancing out their floor models so we got a newish (they replaced the cover everyone laid on) king size bed for about $1000 less than a new queen. That deal was hard to pass up, even if we did have to buy a new headboard (eventually, right now we don't have one). Fortunately we didn't need to buy new sheets, as I have been buying king sheets for quite some time now so we would have overhang on the sheet and since our previous mattress was so think, it just made it easier.

So in order to get this monstrosity in our house, the current bed went into my husband's office to make a guest room.  My husband's office went into the solarium - since he was using that for an office too and frankly it is his favorite room in the house - and the furniture in there has been displaced until we find a home for it - be it in our home or someone else's.

talk about your upheaval!  to make matters worse we also decided to swap the couches in the media room and the living room - but that will happen once we clean up the ditritus from the chaos we have been living in lately.

but you didn't come here to see me loose my mind.. I know you, you want to see the cats and (one of) the box..

It was enjoyed, but isn't nearly as fun as smaller boxes, because it was hard to claim as one's own, and a shared box is not as much fun.. king of the mountain just doesn't work when there are three of you at the top of the mountain.
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