Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Update on Em

She's fine. She stopped bleeding that night, no other occurrences, she still has no idea what the fuss was all about. still begging for food, and licking my arm..

Dr. thinks it was probably just a plain ol bloody nose. It has been cold around here, thus drying out the house, and it just happened.

As more time goes by, I tend to believe him. At first, it was hard, as nothing like that has ever happened to any of my cats..

but if it is something worse, it is hiding itself well.

I need more medication for her. I don't like the idea of buying it online (cause I like my vet and want to give him the business) but I hate the idea of spending twice as much for it and having to go far out of my way to get it.

Monday, January 29, 2007

well then..

No further issues with Em. She still doesn't understand what all the fuss was about.

I called the vet this morning, and he tends to think it was a plain ol bloody nose. Cold out, dry weather, it isn't uncommon. Em has never had them before, but heck you never know. Doesn't mean I won't be watching her like a hawk for further issues, Okay it isn't like I don't watch her like a hawk anyway.. but I freaked out over a nose bleed :)

I'm okay with that.

I'd rather freak out over little things then freak out over nothing and miss something that might be major.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

More Emerald Drama

well, this has been a fun 12 hours.. NOT.

Yesterday morning we fed the kitties and I medicated Em, and we went out for a good portion of the day. Got home around 3 or 4. I went into the office to goof off on the internet, and hubby was in the great room.

A while later (maybe 5 or 6pm) I heard some coughing. Nothing unusual in this household. Hairballs are common, as is Tweedle's constant congestion and Eli's blocked tear ducts that cause some issues for him.

A few moment's later, hubby calls that there is an issue with Em. I immediately get up and go to her. She's right outside the office. I sit near her and look at her. She appears congested and wheezing. I try to look up her nose for mucus. I find drops of blood. What the heck? She was fine this morning. I've seen cats produce blood out of their nose if they have been sneezing for a couple of days, but she was fine this morning. I take her into the bathroom (where she eats) to see if she wants food. She ate most of her food, but there is a little left, and it has a few drops of blood on it.

I come to the conclusion she is bleeding somewhere inside her nose / sinuses / head, and it is dripping down the back of her throat. not gushing, but enough to be annoying

Yup. I panic.

I call a friend who works for my vet, and she reminded me of the general rules of thumb when it comes to cat emergencies. If she's interested in food, and her gums aren't pale, then she can probably hold out. Well to make sure he was interested in eating, I gave her treats. She likes treats. I tried to look in her mouth, but at this point, I'd looked at her too much, and she was getting grumpy.

I left her and went online and posted a couple of BBs I frequent for prayers. Mostly cause I needed to 'do something' and talking about it was the best I could do. One site is on feline diabetes, and there is a vet who frequents it, and she echoed the sentiment that waiting was okay.

I tested Em's BGs, and she was a little on the high side. That will teach me to feed her treats every hour. I gave her regular daily medication and wandered off to bed.

In the middle of the night I heard her coughing again. I was up in a flash. I searched the entire house for her, and she was waiting in her bathroom near her food bowl.. like nothing was wrong.

This morning she jumped up on the bed and was licking my skin off - her favorite activity. no more obvious blood. no more coughing (as of yet - knock wood) and she's looking at me wondering what all the fuss was about.

Now the question becomes.. so I bring her in to see the vet, or wait and see it it happens again?


Thursday, January 18, 2007

Update on Em

Yup.. kitty life is pretty boring. Yes, I still want a seventh, but no I don't think I'm going to do that to myself or to them.

The other night I was using a heated blanket to warm up to go to sleep. I left it on, and ended up with six cats pinning me to the bed. Guess they like the heat too.

Em woke me up coughing the other night. I haven't heard it since. I can only hope that it was because she had a piece of fur stuck in her throat.

She's losing weight again. I missed a dose of her thyroid medication shortly after upping the dose. The new dose seemed to be working, and I had gotten her up to 11lbs 12 oz.. but now she's back at 11 8. sigh. She's starving all the freakin time.. I was going to give it one more week, but I missed last nights dose as well, so I'm going to wait another week and see what happens. Hopefully, she'll get regulated again and we can deal.. if not I don't know what's next. I've also decreased her insulin. we aren't giving her as much dry food, so hopefully a lower dose will help with the always hungries.. *shrug* who knows.

Btw.. my aunt's cat will not be coming to stay with us. She found it a new home. they travel a lot, and she thought it would be best. :( Oh well. Kitten season will be around soon, and if I'm that needy for new kitties, I can always start fostering again. I suppose I really should talk to the shelter manager (one of the co-managers) about my experiences with the other co-manager, and why my heart just can't take being told no - you can't get treatment for kittens..

Monday, January 8, 2007

Missing Kodi

well this one took me by surprise. I have been hanging out at today (as I do most work days - shhhh) and have mentioned Kodi several times. Some days I feel like I lost him very recently, and today is one of those days. He left such a hole in my heart when he died..

Quite often I feel like I'm missing a kitty. I have to actually count them to make sure there are still six.


I was hoping that by admitting it it would lesson the ache.. but it really isn't.

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