Thursday, March 12, 2020

Meet Hibiscus and Rooibos

I took on two new kittens recently, another set needing a little time at kitty boot camp for the unsocial..


Both were scared when they first came here, but Hibiscus came out of her shell faster. She still doesn't like it when someone enters the room but she is pretty quick to come out - especially if there is play involved. If you are near her and slowly reach out for attention she'll rub all over you and has climbed into my lap several times.  Don't let this prim exterior fool you, she is anything but proper and loves a good romp after a toy and climbing into your lap to be a lover of pets.


Rooibos has issues. If you look at him the wrong way he wants to hide. He only looks the way he does in the photo because the camera was too weird and he wasn't sure if he should run or not.  He is starting to gain enough confidence to hiss at me if I am trying to touch him, but not so much that I have to worry about him lashing out at all. If I can get him in my lap - and he'll only get there if I put him there - I can get him purring after a few minutes. Hibiscus has climbed up on top of him to say "oh dude, you should just love this"

It has taken way too long for him to let his guard down long enough to play. Today was the first day he really let go and went after the toy, which was so incredibly nice to see. Once he realized what was going on he became more reserved again, but I hope after a few more days he won't need the convincing to play. When he does let himself forget to be fearful, he is actually quite a goofy kitten, it is absolutely adorable.

They are doing very well outside of the fear. Hibiscus had a bit of Calicivirus which caused a few blisters on her tongue but a few days of antibiotics and those cleared right up. Litterbox habits have been great and they are eating very well. I have taken up their dry food so they get really hungry by the time I come down hoping that will spur them to tell me what for and to hurry the food along.. which I am sure will be coming any day now.  I always forget how much dry food contributes to a full litter box because when I took it up after a couple of days the usage dropped dramatically. It is so nice to not have so much waste.

They are both already neutered and ready to go, just need to find them a nice home (or two) from someone willing to travel to the Rutland VT area to adopt them.
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