Monday, November 24, 2008


I must not fall in love with Fluerp.. I must not fall in love with dwarf twins.. (repeat)

very few of my photos came out not blurry.. the videos were awesome though. They are uploading to photobucket, I'll post them later. These show how well Fleurp's eye is doing..
I guess I never did update on the nasal congestion. Vet believes it is a polyp, and she's on antibiotics for two weeks then another recheck - and I'm assuming it will be removed. She is of size at this point to be spayed, so that will probably happen for her and the twins at that point as well. :( no kittens for Christmas.. *sigh*

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Well Goo gave me a good scare this morning. There was vomit around the kitten room - but I thought it was just Fleurp and her nasal congestion - because she started to vomit last night. but it turned out that Goo didn't want to eat, and only wanted to cuddle. When I picked her up she acted as if she was in pain, so I felt her tummy - which caused her to act painful. she didn't want to eat, and she only wanted to be on my lap.


I went to work anyway. I decided to go home for lunch and check on her. She still wasn't 100% but she had a little to eat, and didn't react as much when I felt her tummy.

no idea what happened, but as long as she's better, I suppose it doesn't matter

Tweedle and Muffin

this is getting worse and worse, and I'm not sure what to do about it.

Poor Tweedle has been lost since Emerald died. Twee used to hang out and gain a lot of comfort from Em. I was scared when Em died, that Twee would go into mourning, but she never really did. She seemed to accept that Em just wasn't around.

Then she started to bond to Ollie. It was a weird pairing, but it seemed to work out.

But apparently it didn't, and Twee has turned to Muffin.

Now Muffin is very fickle. Sometimes it is great that she is being worshiped by Twee, other times Twee is in her air space and that is cause for extreme reaction. Fortunately Muffin runs away - unfortunatly Tweedle doesn't understand and thinks it is a game of chase and goes after Muff.

This ticks Muffin off even more, and she starts to hiss and swat at Twee - who still doesn't understand and still goes after her.

Muffin will not allow this, and Twee will not stop it. Usually I have to yell at them and intervein. I try not to do it often because I know this will happen when I am not around and need them to find a work around that works.

But this morning it got VIOLENT. I was scared. I can't much fault Muffin for wanting her space, and defending it, and I can't much fault Twee for wanting attention.. I'm usually yelling at Muffin for hissing, but I know I shouldn't. So this morning I told them to stop it, and I threw Tweedle in the spare room we were near and locked her in there for about an hour.

She was scared of me for the rest of the morning, and in the afternoon when I stopped home for lunch. I know she doesn't understand.. but I don't know what to do to make her understand... she is challenged


I'm actually considering adopting - or at least fostering an older cat from the shelter to see if Twee will bond with that. She and Kit don't play together, which is one reason I got Kit..


Well now this is interesting. over the weekend Fleurp came down with a little congestion. It was all internal - her eyes were bright, her nose clear, etc - but it was getting louder, so I brought her into the shelter for a once over.

The shelter manager thought that it might be nasal - and might be a polup. But on the off chance she broke with something she gave me some antibiotics.

Well she never did.

and last night when I went to clean out Fleurp's ear, there was puss like material and she was very sensitive about the whole thing.

So, she's schedualed for a re-check with her eye tomorrow and we are going to have them look at that.

except for the fact she's weezing you wouldn't know that she's sick. She's so spunky and such trouble. and when she's done being trouble she's qutie loving.

no no no I can't have another cat!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

mixed emotions

Well I got an email that Pad and Cord went home together. yea for them. boo for me.

it isn't like I couldn't have adopted them anyway - but now that option is forever gone.

I know nothing about the home they went to - I can only pray it is a happy one with lots of love and interactions..

God Speed Pad-Thai and Cordy boy.. thank you for brightening my world for that short time you were with me.

is there anything better?

Is there anything better than waking up slowly in a big soft cushy bed with warm fluffy blankets and finding a kitty curled up in the crook of your arm? Muff was there this morning. She was purring softly, and when I went to pet her, she reached a paw up to my face..

how can I deny that cat anything..

(and yet some how I do)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

There are kittens in the house.

I decided to let the kittens out of the kitten room last night. I sat in the basement right in front of the kitten room (it is our media area, with big comfy chairs and big screen tv) and I watched a little TV while they explored.

Noddy was having fun, and Fleurp was having fun, but Goo was all puff. She bottlebrushed her tail and most of her back. Mostly it was at my cats who just looked at her like she was baked.

Kit so very much wanted to play, but knew they were freaked, so she just tried to be as close as possible with out freaking them out.

Muffin didn't care if she freaked them out at all. She was spending time with Mommy and these stupid kittens could go jump off a cliff (hiss hiss)

the kittens stayed very close to me. First it was to inspect my dinner - Fleurp was totally into finding out what I was eating (and no, she's not graceful about it) but later as the empty plate sat unattended, the other two got into it. got so bad I had to cover up the plate with a magazine (I had garlic cauliflower and didn't want them in it) which of course was great fun, because it was unstable when they stood on it.. silly kittens.

Goo is VERY human dependant. I think she is even more so than Blueberry was. Most of the time she was either on my lap, on my chest, in my face or on my shoulder. purring, rubbing, and being a general love bug. Noddy is to a much lesser degree. Fleur really wanted to run around, but she occasionally stopped by for a patting.

*I can not have nine cats!!!*

When I decided to put them away, I gathered them up one at a time and put them in the cage (so they couldn't escape - which they would have). I had to chase Kit out of the room too. I finally got them all in the room and opened the cage for them so they could have dinner, and I turned around and saw Ollie sitting very quietly and very still on the ottoman - I'm assuming he was hoping not to be noticed. He was cheezed when I removed him from the room. Of course he would have been more cheezed if I had left him in there too.. so I could not have won :)

Kit is a little distressed. her daddy has been out of the house since Monday morning. She and Jack were squabbling this morning.. She will be very glad when he comes home tonight.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I need to be flogged

*hangs head in shame*Goo (r) and Noddy (l)

I know this thought is wrong, so very very wrong on so many different levels, but I can't keep myself from thinking it.

What if Noddy and Goo mated? would I start a race of super small kittens? I mean goodness sakes, they are four months old and two pounds!!

Now, besides the fact that super small kitties would probably have a very hard time coming to term with a litter.. and besides the fact that they are brother and sister... I am anti-breeding!!!

but OMG they would make really cute kittens..

*hangs head again*

let the flogging begin

Monday, November 10, 2008

Goodbye my sweet kittens

Buttercup, Wes, Pad, Cord, and Tess went to the shelter on Sunday for adoption. Tess was the only one who got a home. A very nice home too.

Then the shelter realized that when I told them that Wes was infested with fleas I wasn't kidding. So they quarantined all of them for 36 hours after applying frontline (FL doesn't work on Wes, so they were going to get Advantage for her today - hence the 36 hours)

So they are at the shelter.. and I am sad.

but, I can't keep them all. I can only pray they get good stable homes. I can't imagine that people who aren't stable financially at this point would be going to a shelter to adopt anyway, they'd be looking for "free" kittens.. That is the one upside of not having to find homes for them myself. if people are willing to pay the fee, then that says something.

Tess went home with another female kitten from another foster home. Adoption fees are $99 for one, or $160 for two. She came with two of her children. She liked Tess, her daughter liked the other, and she just said "oh what the heck" and took both. This after adopting one a few months ago and not thinking they had room for more than that one. So this will be a house with four cats and a dog and three kids :) Tess should have fun.

Noddy and Goo are so cute all alone in that room. Two halves of the same coin those two are. I introduced Fleurp to them on Thursday, and it went well with these two, but not the rest of the crew, so when they were alone, I brought her back down.

Kit isn't impressed that Fleurp isn't in the bathroom. She wants her upstairs where she can play with the kitten.

I bought Fleurp a new toy - a stuffed fish at the end of a elastic string on a pole. Well Noddy decided it was HIS, and he was going to kill anyone who tried to take it away from him. I hate that kind of possessiveness (even if it is funny) so I took it away from him.

I think I told you before how Fleurp would escape from her room (which is why Kit waits for her) well I took a video of it. It isn't that great a quality, but you'll get the idea.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Fleurp scared me

Last night I went into the bathroom to feed her, and she seemed to have sliced a chunk of fur off her nose. I grabbed her up and ran into the kitchen for better light..

Turned out it was just a scab that had healed and fallen off - thank goodness it wasn't a fresh wound.

Further inspection showed a small scab on the under side of her chin.

so now I'm left to wonder if her eye isn't an issue due to some sort of attack instead of some sort of virus..

and since she's been so good in the main room (as opposed to stuck in the bath tub) I decided to let her out full time. Kinda had to, since she doesn't want to jump back in the tub to use the litter box, so she went pee on my smock.. *rolls eyes*

So I set her up in the main part of the bathroom, and cleaned out the tub. I went to take a shower this morning.. word of advice, if you are going to plan on taking a shower in your previously set up web cam'ed tub, make sure you unplug the camera before you get in. Fortunately I did.. but it wasn't for lack of trying. I turned the shower on, and thought about putting my towel on the bar, but thought the wire (to the cam mind you) might push it off.. it wasn't until the actual cam itself fell and hit the inside of the shower that you saw me move faster than all get out and get that thing unplugged.

Not that anyone watches it.. and not if that anyone had been (cause they were watching an empty tub up to that point why would they?) they would have seen anything other than maybe a pasty white chick shaped object cause I need to clean the soap scum off the walls :)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

My kids

I also took some new photos of my furkids. You can see Ollie's horrid scar. He's been picking at the bottom of it.. and he isn't as capable of jumping as he was pre surgery. I need to call my vet about it.

we are also a little concerned about Twee. She is meowing more, and it sounds off.. today she was purring, and it reminded me of a squeekey toy who's squeeker was slightly broken. Her throat doesn't seem any different. no swelling, no hot spots, and her mouth looks pretty normal from what I can see. *shrug* last thing I need right now is another trip to the vet.. Ollie's bill was just shy of $600

Click on photos to see larger images:

interesting development with Fleurp

Now this was interesting. I left Fleurp to run around the bathroom today. she's so full of energy and life and vim and vigor, so I thought she could use the room. When I went in to see her this afternoon she attacked my ankles and just wanted to play. Tonight though, she had something weird going on on her nose. It looked like she sliced the fur right off it. I freaked, and took her into the kitchen to get a better look (which I felt bad about because with that bad eye she doesn't much like strong light)

it was barely hanging on, so I gave a soft tug, and it came right off. The top side is all fur, the bottom side was all scab. the small patch of bare skin on her nose had a very small scab / wound in the middle of the patch. Even more examination revealed a small scab/wound under her chin.

So now I'm left to wonder if her eye isn't a result of an attack, and not the herpies virus.. I'm going to mention it to the shelter (and take in the scab) and see what they have to say about this.

These photos were pre scab.. but I thought I'd share them.
Fleurp in the tub

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