Thursday, December 29, 2005

A Good Day

I have been a little tired lately, so today - my day off - I decided to take it easy, do a facial, take care of my nails, and take a nice nap. Well, I cozied into bed and caught up on some Tivo, and very shortly I had all six cats in the bed. this rarely happens. there is always someone on the floor or in the other room, but I had Tweedle on my shoulder, Eli on the pillow, Em by my side, Muffin between my legs, and Ollie and Jack on either side of my feet.

It made me smile.

Some people have a good day when they accomplish something major, me - I have a good day when I get to snuggle with my kitties. Different priorities I guess, and I don't care one little bit.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Ain't she sweet

Em's morning sugars on no insulin last night was over 300. She did have a third meal yesterday, so I'm not going to worry too much at this point. If she didn't have the meal I would have put her back on two units of insulin, but I'm going to wait and see what it is tonight right before her meal. If it is still over 300 then yes, insulin. If not we'll do a full curve tomorrow. Merry Christmas Em. (oh how she hates to bleed)

Meowy Christmas to all, and to all a good tuna breath!

Friday, December 23, 2005

Testing Emmy

So I had done previous testing on Em's blood sugars, and it seemed we stopped at 4 units of insulin because her starting sugars in the AM was 148. I also had to stop because I ran out of test strips. Well, the test strips showed up the other day, so I tested her this AM and her starting sugar was 44!!! argh. So much for doing a full curve. She was sooo grumpy when trying to get her to bleed, that I'm kinda glad it was so low, so I could give her a treat.

This is soooo bizarre! awesome but bizarre. She has been a diabetic for probably six years. I think we are just going to stop the insulin altogether and see what happens.

I just wish I could get blood from her a little easier. The way you do it if you can't use a vein (and I can't cause I have no help) is you find the small little vein that runs at the end of the ear. Sadly one of her ears is ripped due to a fight when she used to go outside. I have tried to get blood from that ear, cause I know blood still goes in it since it is still alive, but I can't get it. So we only have one option, and when stressed, the blood leaves the extremities. I've threatened to cut a nail too short before, and I never rule that option out, but I need the smallest amount now (I LOVE the free style flash glucometer) so I'm still poking her ear..

I'm just so perplexed. What caused the change? (update 2016 - cancer)

Thursday, December 22, 2005

cleaning smeanig

I have organized about half of the house, and sadly not even the important half (where the party is going to be tonight) and I had to take a small break, cause frankly, I hate to clean.

So I sit down at the computer and who should appear but Tweedle who wants to take a nap on my chest. She pushes me back and gets all comfy, and now she's sound a sleep and I still have a boat load of cleaning to do.

But how do you wake a sleeping kitten? She's just so cute when she wants to be with me.

Monday, December 19, 2005

bah humbug!

Tweedle made me take pictures of her to give to her daddy so he would have them at work, and while I was trying to take picture of her I got this. I also tried to take some of Sam and Char, and as usual, black kitties do not photograph well. Thank goodness for digital cameras.

Speaking of digital photos. I just found out that I can upload my photos to and have them printed at my local walmart. Okay, honestly, I knew about this for a while, but this is the first time I did it, and I must say I love it!! I sat in my comfy chair, picked the photos I wanted to print, uploaded them, cropped them, submitted my order - they even gave me 10 free prints!! I walked in, they gave me my prints, while all the other people were standing in line at the photo kiosks.. Yup.. I'll be doing this a lot more often now.. I hated trying to find media to load my pictures on to bring.. and I don't even feel guilty sending just one picture in. :)

Apparently, I didn't blog that Sam and Char were having major bouts of URI at the shelter.. so much so they retested them for FELV. They are negative but unadoptable looking as they did. So I brought them home for an extended period of time. (yea) I just now have to find someone in New England who wants to adopt a nice little black kitty or two. Sam and Char are now starting to play with one another which is nice... but it does mean that the room isn't as neat as it once was. Oh well. It took them a while to adjust to being back here, but last night the hubby got both of them on his lap and they both gave him their bellies to rub :) (yes, I am jealous!) Char seems to be totally secure now, with Sam figuring it out after a few minutes, but if you leave and come back it starts all over. *shrug*

I did go on Sunday to adopt Tucker the bunny. He was finally adopted out on Saturday. Yea for him, boo hoo for me. There was another bunny there who was cute (almost a torti or brindle coloring) and sorta friendly, but when I put him down in the cage he bit at the bars and dug at the floor. Not quite the bunny I want. *sigh* well one of these days I'll find the right bunny.

Friday, December 16, 2005

keyboard hairballs

I got some canned air to clean out the DVD player that can't seem to recognize when there is a DVD in it.. and I thought I'd blow my keyboard as well.. WOH.. you should have SEEN the fur that came out of it. There is still a bunch more in there that I can't get out.. I'm thinking of taking the keyboard apart to clean it right.

Sam and Char are back.. Over in the craft room again. They were really sick when I went and saw them yesterday, today they look pretty darn good. They were all scared of me again.. *sigh* Poor things. The woman at the shelter told me there was a woman who was looking to adopt them, and was going to let them outside. Can you say IDIOT! I'm sorry, but two little scared kittens would NOT do well outside at all.. or maybe they would, but they wouldn't ever come home, that is for sure. I mean they barely come to the food when I put it down now.

On a personal note.. I'm FINALLY getting to some of the boxes down stairs. I have determined I need to purchase yet another piece of furniture. A nice big hutch and buffet to store the kitchen stuff that I don't want to get rid of but that I don't use all the time. I also need a place to store some craft stuff, but that I have still in a box. There is actually a nice buffet at work that someone sold the hutch to, so I might be able to get that for a song.. Hopefully.

 I broke a nail while cleaning *boo* but I did find some interesting things. *yea* Sadly a lot of it is going to the trash or good will *boo* but I'm going to see if my girlfriend needs any of it before it goes *yea*

I am pretty sure I'm going to get a rabbit this Sunday. Going to take the hubby down and cuddle some. Not sure why I'm taking him since he really couldn't care less.. Not a big bunny fan.. I hope that getting him right before the holiday and our big Christmas open house (on Thursday Taz, in case you haven't gotten your invite yet) isn't a bad idea..

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Okay then

My co-worker decided she really wasn't ready for a kitten (did I blog that I was pushing Sam on her pretty bad?) so now I REALLY want her. I'm pushing it off as much as I can, but I've pretty much determined that if she is still there I'm taking her. Then I saw an image that looked like her at site

it seems to be saying, yes, go get her.

Then there is Jack. Since Sam went back, he's been a total PITA. I don't think he misses her.. I think though he's annoyed that I'm going to bring home "another one" and is grumpy. I made an announcement last night, that if anyone wanted me to adopt her, to come lay on my chest. Em did, but she would no matter what. Muffin did too. NO ONE else came near me all night. I think their vote is no.. but I miss her terribly.

I think if she's been adopted I'm going to ask to call them to check up on her. The shelter does that in general.. I don't think they'll mind if I do it (as long as it is done right obviously)

I'm also pretty sure I'm going to adopt Tucker the bunny too. Going to talk to them about him as well.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Jack's trip to "Nana's"

My mother and father invited us over for dinner on Sunday.. We went but I wasn't trusting Jack home alone, since he now thinks if he knocks things off counters he'll get treats, so he came with us. I put the jingle bells back on him, and off we went. He was a little freaked out on the car ride over, but not bad. He was a good boy while visiting, although he spent most of the day behind her couches. The ride home was much more fun though. For some reason it seemed like he liked looking at all the brightly lit houses. It was like riding around with a little kid. Of course the gas station held just as much fascination for him as the holiday lights, but it was still fun to pretend he was enjoying the holiday... specially with his bells on.

I was thinking that maybe he had learned his lesson. I gave him the "cold shoulder" treatment for 24 hours, then the trip to Nana's, but I just found him up on the counter again. I'd scream at him more to stay off, but he doesn't care, and it just freaks Em right out.

Sam is currently up for adoption. No, I have run right out and adopted her. One of the women at work was thinking slightly toward a cat (she has a dog and a bird) I'm going to go talk to her about Sam, and hopefully I can get her to do it.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Sam and Santa

I went to the shelter open house today... it was interesting. I had told myself all week if Sam was still available for adoption she was coming home with me. I went and looked at the kittens and she wasn't there.. which was a good thing. But then I went into the back treatment room.. and low and behold, there she was. She and Char had apparently gotten very sick again. So much so that they scared the staff enough to get a second FELV/FIV test. (which was negative)

Sam looked perfect, but Char still looked like his eyes hurt.

But since she wasn't "available" I felt I couldn't adopt her.

But I so wanted to. Was going to bring her home and name her Veronica.. (maybe)


Tucker the bunny is still at the shelter too. No idea why. He's an amazing rabbit. He's a lop though.. I've never been a fan of lops. I can't have a bunny.. (I so miss mine though) there is no place for him here, and I am allergic to rabbits.. (I so want him though)

So anyway.. back to the subject line.. When it died down a little, I brought Sam out from the back and had her picture taken with Santa. Sadly it's one of those instant pictures and not digital, so I can't share with you.. but she did so well. She's so good with crowds and dogs.. But the camera (and kids) freak her right out.


Jack for sale

Oh my goodness.. Jack is spoiled beyond repair I fear.

He woke me up this morning traipsing all over my body. I was laying on my side, so I rolled a bit toward my back to give him a place to lay. He snuggled up on my chest and began to nuzzle my neck. As a kitten, he used to nurse on my ear, so I redirected him, thinking he wanted a little security. Nope.. He wanted my neck.. Just call him Dracujack. He nuzzled his very cold little nose into my neck, then BIT IT! arrrgh

Oh wait. it gets better.

So I'm up now, and figure I'll get online for a bit. Twee comes to visit, as does Muffin, so I know where there are when all of a sudden I hear a CRASH! Oh great. Last time I heard something like this one of my darling fur children (looks at Muffin) was trying to wash our dishes for us (with her tongue). I hear another smash, so I get up, survey the kittens in the room and make note it wasn't them in case accusations have to occur, but what do my wondering eyes doth appear, one gray little kitty with a broken treat jar! I have had this jar for almost 15 years. It was nothing special, to begin with.. just some boxed gift from an inexpensive gift I got once. It was a milk glass mason jar... with very low-quality glass. I decorated it by glueing on a cat I had cut out from a piece of cloth and had been using that as my treat jar, figuring they were safe. (NEVER underestimate the desire of Jack to get treats)

Yesterday while baking, I ran across several packages of moist treats. Now in this house, one must be very careful when doling out moist treats as they tend to excite my cats like nothing else. I don't even think a fresh-killed mouse would be better. Well I took four or five packages and filled up the jar yesterday.

Jack apparently was scoping out the joint (looking for his Christmas presents?) and I'm guessing he could smell them, so he did the only thing his little paw without an opposable thumb would allow him to do. He pushed it off the counter and smashed it into a million bits.

This, of course, delights the other furkids, who so want the treats, but there is smashed glass everywhere.. Most of them get the idea I don't want them around, but I had to lock Em up (speaking of which, I should probably let her out)

I thought about saving the treats, cause frankly the cats really don't have a clue that they will not get them now that Jack was bad, but I couldn't be certain that there wasn't glass bits in it, so out it all went.

That's it.. No more moist treats in my house.

Friday, December 9, 2005

Hi, My name is "No, No, Bad Kitty" What's yours?

Or another title for this post would be a kitty stocking full of coal!

Tuesday we went out Christmas shopping, and I found a cute mug that has kitty treats in it. I was going to use the mug and share the treats on Christmas day.. We got home late Tuesday, so we just unloaded the car and left all the gifts in the bags in the living room floor.

This morning we find the mug out of the bag, and one lone treat left.

Ya know its adorable, but its frustrating.

Also found a lone whisker on a plate on the counter too.

Tuesday, December 6, 2005


Em has now gone through her 10 test strips that came with her glucometer.. so it is time to buy some more.. I priced them online, 26$ for 50 of them. Not bad.. I just stopped into walmart to see how much they were there.. they were 48$ .. can we say GACK! (my new exclamation word for the week) Man supplies are expensive..

yes.. she's worth it.

And yes, she just told me she was worth it too. Came 'running' up to me whimpering for attention.

We are stopping at 4 units of insulin for now.. her sugars were 148 this morning. (that and I'm out of strips) I need to do a full curve to see how low she gets during the day. *checks schedule and has NO idea when I am going to be able to do that*

It's kinda amusing to be me this holiday season.. I keep getting asked questions like what do you want for Christmas. The only things I really want are the basement to be remodeled, and stuff for the cats. I found a really cool cat condo thingie at Petco today. Usually I don't look at cat furniture there as it is way too expensive (like the cute kitty jail, which was two small stories, with bars in the windows of the top story for 80$) But they had a four or five foot round condo thingie (like the cheap sauna tube ones they have at walmart, only much bigger) for only 170$. yes yes... 170 is a bit of money, but I would have expected them to charge 270$ for it.

I have bought all of my cat trees on ebay. You can find some great deals on there. *which is where I am headed to get test strips and to see if they have the cardboard cat scratcher refills that I saw at Petco but they wanted way too much for them*

Monday, December 5, 2005

read first post first..

BG for tonight was 118!! yea Em!

Jack celebrates the season

As of Saturday

Sam and Char were still both at the shelter. Char's eyes were totally disgusting. That boy needs to learn to deal with stress.

I've made a decree that if Sam is still there on Saturday the 10th, I'm adopting her. No one knows this but you and me, shhhhh don't tell the hubby.

We put up the Christmas tree on Saturday night. Last year we found a prelit fake tree on sale for so cheap we couldn't pass it up. We have had 15 real trees now, and the needles and the trees that die before Christmas are getting a little old. The tree is amazing.. looks really good, and it very well lit. So much so we put on half the ornaments we usually do because we decorated with the lights on and it looked fuller faster. Ollie, who has seen 7 trees, and who absolutely LOVES them seemed confused by the fact that it didn't smell right, and there was no water to sneak out of the base. Emmy who has seen 15 of them didn't care at all.

Speaking of Emmy. She seemed more hungry than usual lately (which is saying something) so I weighed her. She's down to 15 lbs. I started worrying about thyroid, and got scared that I would have to do even MORE pills (she is on herbs for her diabetes and cosequin for her joints) Well for the fun of it I took a BG reading, and it was 58!! I gave her another snack (cause it should be around 100 and has typically been around 300) and took a reading at 8 when we gave her dinner. The reading then was 294. (okay, so I over snacked her) I took another reading this morning before breakfast and it was 158!!!!! can you say WOW!! We've cut back on her insulin, and I'm going to take another reading tonight. Yes yes yes, just one reading isn't the best idea, but when you know it is typically double what it is, you know you are on the right track. She HATES bleeding for me, thank goodness for the freestyle flash!! oh I highly recommend that glucometer for cat testing.. it requires so little blood, that I can get readings with out really having to traumatized my kitty who hates to bleed. If these amazing readings keep up, I can probably take her off insulin, which would be great because they stopped making the stuff she is on, and I don't want to go through the agony of getting her regulated on something else..

On the home front, I had a bad thing happen to me over the weekend. We went to see Harry Potter on friday at a theatre that also serves food. I had a turkey burger, which I get all the time (in fact I had one the night before when I went to see "Walk the Line") and the first bite into it I bit down on a piece of bone and cracked my tooth. can we say OUCH!! (Id bold and increase the font on that, but I think you get the picture) Anyway, I had to suffer all weekend eating on only one side of my mouth. Saturday morning I was grumpy and in a bit of pain, when Jack walked up me, and put his nose to the side of my face right where my tooth was broken, then he laid his head right there. I don't care why he did it. I LOVED it (again with the bold and the font) I was able to get to the dentist today and he fixed me right up.. but boy do I hate novocane.

Saturday, December 3, 2005

the 12 days of a cat's christmas

On the twelfth day of Christmas
my human gave to me:
Twelve bags of catnip,
Eleven tartar Pounce treats,
Ten ornaments hanging,
Nine wads of Kleenex,
Eight peacock feathers,
Seven stolen Q-tips,
Six feathered balls,
Four munchy house plants,
Three running faucets,
Two fuzzy mousies,
And a hamster in a plastic ball!!

Friday, December 2, 2005

I actually cried

I brought Sam and Char back to the shelter today. It was soooo hard to do. When I left the shelter I actually cried.

This fostering is getting harder and harder. Too bad it's even harder to stop. When I was in there they had a small little kitten that I almost took. Somehow I stood by my stance of not taking any for a few more weeks.(don't ask me how on earth I did that)

I hope they find wonderfully perfect for them homes.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Matching colds

Well, Sam broke with an all out cold. Snot from nose, mouth breathing, coughing. Poor thing. She didn't want to eat Thursday, so I gave her a smidge of decongestant, and forced some KMR in her. Thursday PM she ate. She ate yesterday AM, but looked miserable, and yesterday PM she was all congested again. Coughing up phlegm. She looked like I felt. I have had congestion in my chest for about a week and can't seem to get rid of it - no matter how much Mucinex I take. I gave her a smidge more decongestant, which is incredibly hard to get out of those tiny tiny red pills.

Emmy is currently begging for my attention. She's so silly. almost 15 yrs old and she still has kitten eyes.

I had a dream about Leo and Marie last night. I dreamed that the couple that adopted them actually adopted them for my sister and her family. I miss them terribly. The people that adopted them named them Hunter and Lilly (in case I didn't tell you that already) and told me they would send me pictures, but they haven't. Didn't even respond to the email I sent them.

Although - I did just find out that my host company was sold and didn't tell me. I'm all of a sudden getting spam I shouldn't be, and getting a ton of returned emails that I didn't send. It's very bizarre. I wrote to the company and haven't heard back from them but I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt since it is thanksgiving. Come Monday I'm going to give it another shot - but not before taking a copy of my site.

and speaking of odd spam... I have a universal mailbox.. this means I can use any address I want. Well, I created a few that I was sure was going to get spammed, and they did.. so I put filters on for those particular email address. Now all of a sudden I,m getting emails to four of those filtered addresses, and I can't figure out for the life of me why I,m getting them.

Oh no.. I waited too long. Em found a way on to the keyboard and is licking my hand.. HELP! :) and now Ollie is in front of the screen. I guess they want breakfast.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Diane Sawyer get real!!

I first heard about this on Good Morning America. I was thrilled to see this offense get some air time. However, Diane Sawyer asked something to the effect 'does this punishment fit the crime, since cats often spend all night out in the wild anyway' Um.. Diane.. Nine of these cats DIED! Do ya think they were meant to live outside?? Yes, cats live outside, but their survival rate is atrocious. You know, thinking about it, there are humans who live outside all the time too.. They are called the homeless. Diane Sawyer needs a good education on the plight of homeless pets.


The News-Herald, Nov. 18, 2005 -- Michelle Murray will now have
the opportunity to experience what the dozens of kittens felt the
night she abandoned them at two Lake Metroparks in September.
Painesville, Ohio, Municipal Court Judge Michael A. Cicconetti
on Thursday sentenced Murray, 25, of Painesville Township, to jail
But he added a stipulation to ensure that Murray "suffer the
same consequences as those kittens."
"You can listen to the coyotes, hear the raccoons in the dark of
night," said Cicconetti, who grew increasingly annoyed at Murray's
apology attempts in court.
On the night before Thanksgiving, when Murray reports to the
Lake County Jail in Painesville, she will be forced to spend a night
alone in a remote area of a Lake County Metropark, according to
Cicconetti sentence. Being allowed only water, she will not be
provided with food, beverage or shelter.
Murray must remain in that location until "the light of dawn on
Nov. 24," according to the sentence.
Ranger Chief Mike Burko said he has not yet chosen the
Metropark, but will provide her with a walkie-talkie in case of
Cicconetti, known for his unusual sentences, gave Murray the
maximum sentence of 90 days in jail. But the judge suspended 60 days
and allowed 15 days to be served under house arrest. After returning
from the wild on Thanksgiving, she will serve 14 days in the Lake
County Jail.
The suspended jail time hinges on two conditions:
1) Murray may not own or care for any animals in the next three years.
2) She must pay $3,200 to the Lake County Humane Society and
$500 to the Metropark rangers for costs they incurred due to her
"I'm sorry. I truly am sorry. I never meant for any of this to
happen," Murray told the judge before the sentence. She said she
tried to contact the Lake County Humane Society, but eventually
panicked after three cages of cats were dropped off at her home.
"It doesn't make any difference," the judge said. "People panic
and commit crimes, they use drugs, they commit domestic violence.
But this wasn't one incident. You did it again the next day."
Murray admitted to using another alias on a Web site to try to
adopt out another stray cat since she pleaded guilty to abandoning
domestic animals on Oct. 13. She said she used the fake name because
nobody would take a cat from her if she used her own name. That cat
was eventually adopted by the Humane Society, but was so ill, it was
euthanized the day it came in.
Candace Hertzel, executive director of the Lake County Humane
Society, said 15 of the kittens that were rescued had been adopted.
Twelve still remain without homes.
"We're very pleasantly surprised by the sentence. It's a small
piece of justice suffered for some of these already deceased
kittens," Hertzel said outside the courtroom following the sentence.
Prosecutor Russ Meraglio said he was pleased as well. He had
recommended jail time for the second-degree misdemeanor.
Sharon Moten, who gave a mother cat and four kittens to Murray
10 days prior to her abandoning the animals, still felt the guilt of
not knowing the fate of all of her cats.
"I told her to call me if she couldn't handle them," Moten said.
She hoped the sentence would prompt donations to the Humane Society.
"It's one of the only ways I can feel better about what
happened," she said.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Guess who is back

Thursday I went to the shelter to visit sam and char, and their eyes were just horrid, so I was asked to take them back.. okay, who am I kidding, I almost kidnapped them to come back :)

They are in my upstairs craft room which used to be the kitten room before we had the kitten room. They are very skittish still. doing okay if you are able to get your hands on them, but that isn't always easy. I brought them in here for a while and thought we were making progress until one of them tried to climb up on the desk and missed. Haven't seen them since. :( I wish I could convince them that the world isn't out to get them. Kinda hard though when it really seems like it is.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

adoption day

Well, I took everyone down to the shelter today for adoption. They weren't ready for me, but I was not going to take them back, cause if they didn't go today, they wouldn't go until December, and that wasn't fair to them.

Leo and Marie went first. Originally there was a couple who wanted to adopt Marie only, but I had decided they needed to go together, and fortunately the shelter stands behind that. The woman didn't want to hear that they would be happier together, only that she (the woman) would be happiest with Marie. She left in a huff. A little while later a very nice couple came in with their two boys. After Leo's reaction to my nephew, I knew he'd love having a couple of boys to play with. I couldn't be happier with them. They were very considerate to the boys feelings, to my feelings and to what was best for the kittens. I'm thrilled.

A woman and her daughters came and looked at the black ones. It looks like they are going to end up with Yoda. She has to run it by her husband. I'm not 100% thrilled with this one, since the woman asked for a discount after I already explained to her what a deal adopting was. But I had joked if she took all three there was probably a deal to be made since there are so many cats at the shelter.

I feel bad leaving Char and Sam there, but what can I do? As I said, I can't keep them all.

Friday, November 11, 2005

and the kids invade

My sister has two boys, age 7 and 2. Ben (the elder) wanted to come over and see the kittens, so I had them over today. The kittens had NO idea what to make of the kids.. they were loud, and unpredictable, and weird.. (lol) the boy wanted to play with the toys more than the kittens. Ben wanted to play with the kittens, but he was unsure. It was so sweet. the boy gave all the toys to the mom cat, who sat on the ottoman completely unfazed by the boy's screaming and throwing of things. Leo loved it.. he went right up to the boy and tried to play with him, it was SO cute.

I'm trying to get them up for adoption tomorrow. the shelter is resisting as they have too many kittens still, and the woman who normally works with me on this is on vacation. I don't know what to do.

Saturday, November 5, 2005

oh darn..

Well the black kitties were supposed to go up for adoption today, but I forgot to call the shelter to remind them, and thus they weren't ready for us, so they are back home.. and very glad to be so too - although that might have something to do with the fact that I hadn't fed them breakfast.. (silly me, but I like them to be hungry so the new owners can feed them and start them off with a good thing at the new home)

I'm not sure how I feel about this. I was so sad bringing them in, and I am happy to have them back. I have no idea when they are going to get back for adoption now. I was hoping to do it while they were small. there are so many cats at the shelter right now it's sad. I couldn't help but think it might have been best if they had euthanized the black kittens along with the mom. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad they didn't. Yoda has turned into an amazingly loving kitten, and Char is pretty awesome too, and if we find the right home for Sam, she'll make someone very happy.. but then so would any of the other two hundred cats they have there now..

I can't keep them all, I can't keep them all, I can't keep them all..

Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Friday, October 28, 2005

Tweedle on my lap

So I'm here in the computer room cleaning and straightening.. and Twee came in and pushed me back on my chair and climbed up on my lap and is trying to take a nap.. (but I won't let her cause I keep typing)

One new thing about the kittens. While showing off Yoda's amazingly beautiful scar, I noticed she has a duplicate nipple. Two where only one should be. I am so going to have to try to get a picture of that.

I also need to post pictures in general..

Homeless cats

I just read a story about a homeless cat and tears came to my eyes. I know stories like this are written to generate sympathy, but I know all too well that this is a tame story.

I also recently read Fur Person by May Sarton. She actually lives near me... go figure.. but again, the story made me cry. It wasn't supposed to. It was supposed to be a happy story about a stray that finds a home, but he starts out as a stray..

I'm way too sappy sometimes..

I just wish I could do more..

Sadly, all I can do is implore you to get on the spay/neuter bandwagon. Get your pets altered. If you can't afford it, ask for help. There a large number of programs out there to help you. If your pets are, make sure the pets in your area are. If they are, donate money to the programs out there to help people who feel they can't afford it. (but then again, I am of the annoyingly close-minded view if you can't afford to have your pet altered, you can't afford to take care of it, and you certainly can't afford to take care of the offspring)

I was once so poor we ended up living with the inlaws.. but the cats were always taken care of. and if I couldn't have, it would have broken my heart, but I would have found them a home where they could have been.

There are billions of homeless cats out there. Please don't add to the problem. Don't buy, adopt. Don't litter, Neuter

hum.. should probably get off my soap box now hun? Sorry. But cats are still considered disposable.. and it breaks my heart.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

neutering day

Char, Sam, and Yoda went in yesterday to get neutered. They did really really well. When I brought them in there wasn't a hiss to be had. Talking with the girls, Sam hissed a little bit, but nothing too excessive. I was so sure that it would have thrown them all back into scared little kitties, but it didn't. They are now back home, safe and snug in their little cage.

Dr. B did the surgery. Yoda has the SMALLEST incision I have ever seen. It looks like another one of her nipples. He is amazing. Sam's is nice and small too, but twice the size of Yoda's.

I let them all run around for a bit this morning, and Leo started attacking my ankles.. that boy is fierce (no.. not really. he's freakin adorable Now if he was only a belly slut, there would be no stopping me from keeping him)

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

dare I say it?

Na.. I really don't. but I have been going through quite a bit of food. Mom is now having eye issues... I was hoping she wouldn't come down with anything, but seeing how she is still so thin and not eating, I guess it was inevitable.

I'm going to try to schedual neutering this week for the black set.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Cautious optimism

Well, I wouldn't let myself worry too much, but it seems I can't totally enjoy the positive side of getting better either. Looks like they are both on the road to recovery. Mom, however, is STILL not eating well. I can't for the life of me figure out why. she's getting thinner and thinner.

Marie and I had a nice talk this morning. I gave her her antibiotics, and she totally flipped out on me. all limbs flailing, like I had just put the most disgusting thing in her mouth ever (I tried to come up with an analogy like liver in a child's mouth, but I couldn't think of a thing that would totally disgust a cat to taste - no wait.. medicine. lol) I let her go so she could calm down, then I picked her up again, and looked into her very pathetic eyes (pleading with me not to do that ever again) and explained to her that while she was not eating, I was going to have to put yucky things and food into her. She didn't look happy about it, but when I went down tonight, the food was gone. Now Leo is eating, so I couldn't be sure, but then I put more food down and she started chowing. (*silent YEA!!*) She ate about half a fancy feast can, then she wanted to play. She played for two hours till I packed them back up in their cages, and she went to eat more food (YEA!!!) Both Marie and Leo's nose look horrible, but I have to take my victories where I can get them.

Yoda, Charlemagne, and Sam are doing very well. Sam and Char like to fall asleep on humans. I have yet to see Yoda sleep. I swear she has a motor in her that is loud as a boat, and keeps her going 24/7... man she's cute. I need to call and get them set up with their neutering. This is going to be hard on them.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

one down

Leo's fever seems to be gone, and he's eating. Marie has a fever of 103.4 and still is not eating, but is playing and is fighting me tooth and nail when being fed. Hum.. dare I say this is just about over? na... don't want to tempt the fates.

Monday, October 17, 2005

daily update

Yeah yeah yeah.. Your probably sick and tired of these posts.. but I like to keep track of issues. Char only wanted to cuddle today. He ate, he seems fine, but excessive cuddling always makes me suspicious. However Marie and Leo do not want to cuddle. They are sick and tired of the medication. Marie fought ever morsel of food this morning. Might be because I started out with some vit C, which was very bitter. Hopefully. Leo didn't want to be locked back in the cage, he was having a ton of fun playing. If it weren't for the fever, Id have no idea anything was wrong with him. He has a few bites of food.. not eating very heartily, but he's chubby and looks in good health.

Sunday, October 16, 2005


Marie has taken a turn for the worse. Doesn't want to eat, doesn't want to play. Mom still isn't a big eater, and she had a VERY stinky poop this morning so I took it in for testing, and they have coccidia. An intestinal parasite that will make them feel kinda lousy, but really isn't anything to do with the fever. They are now starting on Albon.

Leo has been back to his ol self, playing and nibbling a bit. I was so thrilled this morning, I didn't want to interrupt his play to take his temp. I just took it a few minutes ago, and it's 104.5 So its back up. Fever of unknown origin.. Please no. This has to be something else.. it just has to be.

At the shelter I looked for mom's history. They were found abandoned in an apartment. Not a promise they won't have exposure issues, but at least they weren't in a dumpster. *crosses fingers and sends out prayers*

I do have some cute pictures of them to share.. will have to get them off my camera and post them.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Party favors all around!!!

This morning Leo's temp was 103. He nosed the food, but I don't think he ate any. Tonight I went down and he started playing. It's reserved, but he was into it. I fed him about 24cc's of food, and he fell asleep on me it was so cute. Then when I put him away, he started eating. YEA!!!

We had sleepy time as well. I had Leo, Yoda, and Sam on me. The hubster had Char on him. Marie who is still not feeling very well - only got 20 cc's of food in her and when cleaning off her nose I made it bleed and it became uber sensitive - was sleeping in the cat condo. I reached down and patted Sam in her sleep, and she STARTED TO PURR!!! Yes.. that's right.. PURR! I was joking with the hubby earlier that Yoda had both her and Sam's purr, but she found it. It was such a gift.

Im still not 100% convinced that they are going to be fine. When their temp returns to normal (101) for a couple of days and they start eating to sustain themselves, THEN I'll relax.

Friday, October 14, 2005

fever of 104.3

It didn't beep, so it is probably higher than that, but it is still high. I can't get the fever to come down. Dr. B said something yesterday that I did not want him to say "fever of unknown origin". This is almost synonymous with FIP. My heart screamed out that he is suffering from the calcivirus and while he might not be stuffy, that is the problem. His sister has a fever too, and she's blowing snot bubbles out her nose. Well tonight both of them had blood droplets coming out of their nose. Not a big concern for kittens that have suffered from URI for an extended period of time, cause the sneezing and excessive phlegm will cause the irritation and cause a bit of blood. However, I have not heard him sneeze in days.

I am scared to pieces. In Kodi's final days, something caused his eyes to fill with blood and he too had blood droplets coming out of his nose. But then again, Eli also had a high fever, and nose blood, and he came out of it.

I can only take comfort in the fact that he is showing some interest in eating, and playing. Not that Kodi didn't. I have to force myself not to see FIP... (of course if it is there is nothing that will touch it... best I can do for him is to make him comfortable for as long as I can)

I'm going to have the hubby call the shelter and try to get some history on the mom. If she came from a home prior to this, I'll feel a lot better. Ten bucks to two, though... Well, let's just cross those bridges when we get to it.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Leo Update

Ok.. I took his temp again tonight and it was 104. I think it was a smidge higher, but he pulled away. He still doesn't want to put weight on his front paws. I called the shelter yet again, and this time, they told me I could bring him in. And guess what.. Zithro and fluids.. hum.. funny how that works out. The Dr said he could do a bunch of other things, but knowing how the shelter is right now - financially strapped because of the rescue dogs from Katrina - we are going to wait and see what happens with the stronger antibiotic.

He's still not interested in eating, and he is still extremely uncomfortable, but he did show signs of wanting to play. Got to take my good signs where I can.

The black ones need to be weighed again. I swear they gained half a pound overnight!! Will probably go in for neutering next week if the Dr's give them the ok.

newest development

This is really bizarre. He is a bit more alert, just a bit. But his front legs both hurt him. He stood up when I came in the room, then he just stood up on his back legs... refused to put his front legs down. Picking him up the normal way of hand under the front legs caused him to cry out. He took his feeding ok, struggled only a bit at the temp taking 105.4 I don't know what to do! I have to go to work until four pm. The vet doesn't close until 6 tonight, but that isn't a whole heck of a lot of time to get him there.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

ok.. now what??

I took Leo's temp myself a few minutes ago.. and he didn't mind a bit.. which means you KNOW he isn't feeling well. 105.7 by my thermometer. Does that mean it came down? I don't know. For the fun of it I took his sister's temp.. 103.5 I called the shelter back. I asked specifically about zithromax, and was told that it would not bring the temp down. I'm not happy about that. I'll keep him on the clav for another day and see what happens. I tried to feed him, which he fought. Good sign, but annoying. Afterward he started to clean up his bib, another good sign.. I left a little a/d out for them. I know they won't eat it, but ya never know.

very high temp

Last night Leo seemed a bit off. I didn't worry TOO much about it, I thought he might have just been in the middle of a sleep cycle when we woke him up. He was shivering, but that isn't uncommon with kittens you wake up out of a cozy nap. But it was a bit more than that. This morning he still seemed very off, so I held him for a bit, which he let me do - which was off - and then he decided he wanted to get down. He jumped from the sofa to the floor, a matter of a foot and a half - a small matter for him.. well he cried out and held up one foot. I went over to him, and he didn't seem to be injured, just sore. I put him back down and he had a bit of trouble walking, and then laid right down. I picked him up again, put him down again, same results. I called the shelter. They didn't want me to bring him in to the vet, they wanted to see him. They took his temp - which was off the charts, stopped at 106.4 where the thermometer stopped. He has been on clindamyacin for the calcivirus, so now they want him on clavamox, which I have never been a big fan of for kittens unless its an abscess. I brought him home, and called the vets to see what they would recommend. They recommended zithromax and fluids... which the shelter failed to mention (thinking about it, fluids would be a very good idea) Now I'm in a quandary.. I don't want the shelter to think I don't trust them, but I don't trust them!! arrgh. My friend at the vet said to give him a few hours, then call the shelter back and ask about the fluids and what not. I know zithromax is quite expensive, but it works!! why make the poor little guy suffer. He is sooo cute.. I bet I could get some good pictures of him like this :)

I just have to wonder,, what kind of training has the girl at the shelter had..

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

And you thought Ty Pennington was hot

I was with the kittens the other day and we turned on extreme makeover - home edition. Yoda ran up to the screen and pawed at Ty's face. it was SOOOO cute. I wished I had had the camera, but then I remembered that even if I did, she wouldn't have stayed there long enough for me to get a picture. Although I'm not sure what kind of taste she has, cause she did the same thing to wrestling the other day.

I was concerned for Sam's health on Sunday. She climbed up on the loveseat with me and laid down on my foot. This was a big deal for her. I gently picked her up and put her on my chest. She shivered for a bit, then settled down. She was quite warm. Her ears and nose weren't, but her core body temp was. I thought I should bring her to the vet on Monday, but with my work day, it was going to be next to impossible. Monday morning when I went to collect her, she was bright eyed and chipper and ate very well. Did Monday night too. Oh well. Guess I was overreacting, again.

Char likes to climb up to the top of the two story cat condo I have and chase his tail. It's so funny. Occasionally his tail has hung over the side, and he has fallen off trying to get it.

Leo had a small issue last night. I noticed a huge poop ball stuck to his butt. I tried to take it off, but it was soft and mushy and he didn't like it, so up he came to get a bath. He took that like a trooper. He is SOOO cute.. it hurts. I'm just glad he's not an uber lover kitty, cause then I'd want to keep him.

On a slightly off topic subject, I have had some issues at work. An older gentleman (I don't even know if I can use the word gentleman with him) has been a constant pain. I work in the office of a selling environment. The sellers sell, and the office people process the paperwork. He refuses to even pretend he can do anything other than get people to commit to buy. I am sure he could if he took the energy make sure his sales were completed properly - like all the other sales associates, but he plays the "old" card too many times. I'm sorry, but if you are too feeble minded to complete your sales, you are too feeble to work. period. I do my best to work with him and be professional about it, but after the 10th time in a row correcting him for the same issue, it gets to you. Well, this guy was talking about getting the office girls a gift. He mentioned to me a steak dinner. I joked that the only thing I'm interested in is kitty litter. I figured a big heavy present would be something he wouldn't do. He said he would do that, and I told him point blank not to. He again said he would buy me litter, and again I told him not to, and if he really wanted to do something for me to donate to a local shelter. He went on to talk about a kitty he once had, and how he loved it very much, but it had gotten old so he took it out back and shot it. I told him to not talk to me about such things (I mean COME ON!!) and he continued to try to justify the situation and I again told him to stop talking about it, asking him what if he had missed. Well, he didn't stop, and I walked away. Well later he asked me if I was working on Monday so he could bring me litter, and I again told him not to. Yup. He brought me litter. Took it and put it right by my car. I told him I would not take it. He got very flustered. He left the litter by my car. One after another the sales associates came up to me and asked me about the litter, and if I might want help putting it in my car cause it was going to rain. I explained that I was not going to be forced into taking something I asked not to be given. I'm glad the staff seemed to support me on this, and not try to guilt me into taking it. (even though I know they knew I wasn't going to take it when they asked if I needed help putting it in my car) One of them moved it away from my car and put it near the front entrance, where it sat all day - in the rain. I felt guilty for not taking something that could benefit the kittens, but I know that the giver would have been self-satisfied if I had taken it. He left at 5. I left at 6. the litter was still sitting outside the building.

It is still bothering me.

Saturday, October 8, 2005

Fun Fluff and all that jazz

Everyone is back to normal around here.. well as normal as normal can be for 12 cats in one house. Now don't laugh, as you should know, only six live here full time!! :)

I went in for a check-up with Jack, Twee and Emmy. Em comes with me every time I go in for an exam cause frankly she's old, she' diabetic, and she has a heart condition. It was time for Jack and Twee's vaccines. Jack got a general check up again cause of the blockage. Dr. B said that Jack had a very small penis. I was told Eli did too, and I can't help but wonder if it is because they were neutered so young*. Ollie was neutered at 6 months, So was Emmy (yes, she is a boy, long story) and the rest are girls. Anyway.. not that it matters as long as I keep them on the right food so they don't produce crystals.

Dr. B said that Twee should probably not have all her vaccines at the same time due to her medical issues. So she needs to go back.

The black kittens are doing very well. I sat with them last night, and I hugged Sam to me. She didn't want to be there, so I let her go, talking to her the whole time, promising her that it was okay to like to be patted, and promising her I wouldn't hurt her, and that it was okay. I kissed her several times since she just sat on the edge of the couch. I continued to try to convince her that I was okay, and after a few more minutes of kissing and soft talking, she climbed back on my chest and fell asleep. It was SOOOOO rewarding. The big question is, will she do it again. Probably not, but seeing where she came from, and the major trust issues she has, I was so happy. Char and Yoda have so gotten over the loss of their mom and the beginnings of their lives, but Sam really hasn't. She's still reserved and easily spooked. This does not bode well for what is coming up. I might get them neutered then bring them home for another week, just so they don't go up for adoption right afterwards and totally undo all the work I've done.

Mom and her kits are doing well. She's still VERY skinny, and an exceptionally picky eater, but she is eating... sometimes eating everything to the bowl. Leo is a huge fat puff ball. He is a laugh riot and I love him dearly. Marie is still the prim and proper little lady, until she gets into a wrestling match with someone. They all have stinky and loose stools, so I'm deworming again. The shelter mentioned they had a problem with coccida so I'm afraid I'm going to have to do albon if it doesn't clear up soon. It's not that the kitties mind taking it, it's just that they are already on clindamycin for the calcivirus.

Speaking of which, I'm wondering if I shouldn't take a break for a bit and get that out of the kitten room. I can bleach till the cows come home, I'm still going to miss something, and I think it takes six weeks to dissipate. The season SHOULD be coming to an end soon. Usually, May to December. This year it was late June before the kittens started showing up... however once September hit they were overwhelmed. I think it is because the idiots out there with unneutered cats found homes for their spring babies, and now are sick of dealing with pregnant cats so they are giving them up. Oh, how I hate people!!

Friday, September 30, 2005

the good, the bad (or maybe just not so good) and the miserable

Jack is home. He hates the little "band aid" they put on his foot where his catheter was. *sigh* I was such a bad mom for not paying better attention to him.

The new mom kitty finally started eating. Shredded turkey and cheese did it. It's barely eating, but it's eating. The baby girl is eating too. For the moment her name is Marie.. or Isabel. She needs something cute and sweet. She prances around in the most adorable way. The boy is named Leo. Hubby came up with it. it very much fits. He's a brute. 1lb 8 oz. his sister is 1' 4 oz. The black set is over 2 lbs now.. man that snuck up on me.

I'm still down in the dumps over this whole thing with Jack, and what not. He's fine, but I just want to cry. I want to call out sick from work tomorrow, but someone has to pay for his $300 bill. Caught the dr trying to gouge me again. Boy, that irritates me. Second time he's charged me for a full blood profile and didn't do one. He also charged me for three units of hospitalization. They weren't full days, and he was only there two nights, so that makes absolutely no sense. I just want to throw rotten eggs at his truck.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

my bit of humor for the day - see previous post first

Okay, so I'm sitting here at the computer feeling pretty low, miserable and useless. I hear banging in the kitchen. My house is the cats home, so they are pretty free to do what they want, but the hubby and I prefer that they don't get on the counters for safety and sanitation reasons. I left an empty can of beans on the counter this morning, and while sitting here at the computer I hear banging as if one of the brood has jumped up on the counter and is licking the can. I yell from my chair to get down. This usually is followed by cats jumping down and scurrying away. I only hear more banging. So I get up from my chair and go into the kitchen to catch whoever is doing it.

I should pause here to give you a little background. Muffin is usually the one jumping on the counters. Twee will do it cause she sees Muffin doing it and thinks it must be okay (yes, she's a little slow) Emmy is old and arthritic. She also doesn't like to share litter boxes, so we are attempting to give her her own litter box by putting it in a box with a magnetic cat door. She thus has a magnetic "key" on her collar.

Well, I walk into the kitchen to find poor Emmy up on the counter - and yes she does know better - with a can attached to her collar and she's so confused as to how to get it off that she was afraid to jump down. I just giggled softly, walked up, took the can off her and walked away. She jumped down from counter, to lower counter, to chair, to floor, and I'm assuming hid. She's so amusing since I started her on cosequin and herbs. She's like a new kitty. 15 and getting in trouble. How awesome is that?

PS I recently read Jaz's comment about the $125 adoption fee and wanted to hug her. She can adopt one of my kitties anytime! Unfortunately, most people don't see what a good deal it is. When the adoption fee was right around the same price as spaying, and you get everything else included it was easy. Convincing some people that it is better to get all that stuff done BEFORE you take a kitty home and fall in love with it and have to suffer through any problems, that's hard. It's obnoxious how some people are about "shelter animals". They want them for free. Saying it's better they get 'any home' than be killed. I'm sorry, that attitude just makes me want to smack you. My answer to that.. go.. get a free pet.. and gamble that it is healthy. If you care so little about the animal that you aren't willing to invest money in it, then we don't really want you to have one anyway..
*jumps off soap box and goes and hugs Emmy.

I need to be a stay at home fur mom

When it rains, it pours.. *ponders if I have blogged that before*

The little black kittens are still fighting off the calcivirus. The mom stopped eating after her brief meal on Saturday, and it looks like her milk has dried up. The new boy is doing well. Big, strong, robust, eating on his own. the girl, however, has no clue what food is and is suffering for it. I've been force feeding her, and causing her pale little tongue to turn pink again, but it doesn't last. I can only do it 2 or 3 times a day due to work. *sigh*

And now Jack is back in the hospital. He was doing the pee pee dance and looking uncomfortable. Please do not let him be blocked, please do not let him be blocked, please do not let him be blocked.. please.

That and work is getting nasty again. We finally have someone to enforce the rules, so the sales staff who never had to follow any are getting annoyed. The office staff is thrilled cause we have always been following the rules, and have been yelled at thoroughly by customers who dealt with sales staff that didn't. I soooo need a new job. Preferably one with subsidized health care for the fur kids.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

newest addiction

Kitten Wars If you go, don't say I didn't warn you. oh wait.. I haven't warned you yet. Don't go. its addictive. there.. consider yourself warned.

adoption day

Well, I went. Hubby had projects to do around the house, so off I went. It was hard. Ginny wanted me to hold her. Caroline was hanging out in the back of the cage looking a little freaked, and Freya was very nervous. Ginny was the first to go. I wasn't thrilled with the look of the family. I tried to tell them she was a biter, but they didn't care. Went to a house with two boys, I wanted her to go with boys.. I hope she's happy.

Caroline went next to a nice couple who live right behind where I work. They were trying to decide between Freya and her. Freya had a couple who were interested in her but had to run home to get paperwork. I told them Freya possibly had a home, so they took caroline. Honestly, I think it was the right choice for everyone involved anyway. Caroline took to the man. I was happy with that one.

Freya.. poor Freya. The couple who went home decided not to come back. She almost went home with me at that point, but with the adoption fee up to $125 (for kittens under 6 months of age, $85 for older) But I kept my eye out. There was a young couple who seemed to have the right attitude - researched cats online, was happy when ones they came to look at were adopted - but she didn't seem to want to make a connection with her. So I hugged her some more and convinced myself NOT to run out the door with her. Finally, an older couple came in. They looked around the cat rooms trying to make a connection. Then they came out to the lobby where the kittens were and were looking. I brought Freya over and gave her to the lady. Freya is a shoulder sitter - which is fun, but she can't work her charm if the couple couldn't see her. But somehow the magic happened. The couple had just lost an older cat, and weren't sure they were ready for a new one, but came to look anyway. They have a dog at home - a papillon. They go to a vet I would much prefer they didn't, but I can't tell them why. - well okay, I can tell you.. cause he is too quick to jump to an FIP diagnosis when there is no proof of it. You can't diagnose FIP. You can only assume it is when everything else is ruled out. He gives up way WAY too easily. I don't like him. He runs an emergency clinic in the area, and from the stories I have heard, and my experiences with it, I wouldn't touch it with a ten-foot pole.

Anyway.. back to the nice lady. She made the decision that Freya had taken to her, and we went to the counter to do the paperwork. She snuggled with me as they filled out the paperwork, then after she wrote out the check, Freya got up from me, walked across the counter, and snuggled in with her new mom. It was PERFECT. Still made me want to cry cause I wanted her, but I don't think I could have made a better adoption... well ok, maybe with a different vet, and my own feelings on dogs color that situation, but I was happy with it.

And yes, I do miss her.

But I got to take home MORE kittens. I have a mom - who sadly to say is pretty unremarkable. Tan tiger. short haired, sweet but pretty homely. but her kittens.. woh. I could be in some trouble.

Friday, September 23, 2005

the girls are gone

I brought them back to the shelter today. They go up for adoption tomorrow. I am a little choked up about it. Caroline was ready for the new adventure, Freya even was to an extent, but Ginny didn't want me to go.

I'm trying to decide if I have the backbone to go tomorrow to be there for it.

I changed the set up in the cage for the black kittens, now they have two levels. Not sure they know how to get up to where the food and bedding is, but I know they know how to climb the bars, so I'm not too worried.

The shelter is still packed with cats. It's so disheartening. That and the fact that they just raised their adoption fee to $125! It is still a deal, but it was so much easier to convince people when it was only $75. Seriously, though, when you add up all that they do, adopting a pet from a shelter is still a very good deal, and you are supporting a worthwhile cause. Without them, these poor kittens would be out on the streets living in dumpsters getting into goodness knows what, and coming down with all kinds of health issues.


I miss Freya already

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The big snip

Well Freya, Ginny and Caroline went in to be neutered today. They came out of it very well, although are still a little unsteady on their feet. I gave them some food, which they nibbled at. They were wanting to jump up on things, but were having a hard time with that. I should go cuddle them for a while. Not sure if they really want it though.

I am SO going to miss them!! (um.. I'm pretty sure I say that just about every time)

Saturday, September 17, 2005

The amazing Freya

Last night I brought Freya into the house to continue to snuggle with her for a while.. BIG MISTAKE. Now all she wants to do is be in the ho use. She's helping me type this.. so forgive the typos. She sitting on my lap licking my fingers and wondering why on earth I'm making clicky noises. Just purring away.. all happy and content.

I was trying to post a comment on a friend's blog about her ca78t 56
\t=-------------- cat

cat suffering with FELV. I wanted to be positive and supportive, not amusing and typo ridden. it took me 10 minutes. As much as I love this kitten, I can't keep her. I already have 3 overly clingy cats, and there is only so much of me to go around.opl bnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

But I have got to tell you, there is little I find as precious as a kitten (or cat) that wants attention - although it does loose a little of its shine when you are sound asleep and comfy and little paws come and find your bladder, and your liver, and all of your tender bits.

LOL.. she found the delete key. I was saying she was back, and how she needs to find a home that will appreciate her persistence - cause honestly, not everyone will. I should so microchip her with my name and address.. ;)

one thing she loves to do is paw at your face.. almost as if patting.. and occasionally she uses both as if to bring your face closer.

Yes.. I'm in love... and no... seriously.. I can't keep her. Muffin wouldn't let me.

Friday, September 16, 2005

interesting reading

if you can understand it.

I did a google search for minimum requirements for sodium and the first link was minimum requirements for kittens. So I did a relevant search for similar topics and this came up (2016 update -sadly, the link is now invalid)

I so wish I understood what it was they were referring to, but the lack of it turns black kittens reddish.. which is what I have now. My little black ones eat SO much that I think they are older than they look. and the reddish tinge to their black coats is probably what is described in that article.

You should see them. The short haired one, Yoda, is so full of purr she doesn't know what to do with herself.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

If you think a group of three kitties make a mess...

You should see what two groups of three kitties do. I'm trying to keep them separated because of the unknown status of the youngsters.. being so young, they couldn't felv/fiv test them... that and they were so hissy that they scared the staff.. but that is a different story. The youngsters are doing well. They did come down with a bit of a Calicivirus infection. It causes the eyes to inflame and blisters on the tongue. Sam, the long haired girl, got it worse.. I only noticed it cause it was starting to form blisters on her lips. I did notice the eyes, but I had tri-opt ointment for it... although it wasn't helping. I went and got some terramycin and they gave me some oral meds as well. The terramycin is amazing, their eyes are SO much better that you can barely tell by looking at them that they have a problem. Yoda (short haired girl) showed no signs at all. They boy only some eye issues. Problem is, though, Sam HATES the medication. I so wish I could convey the look she gives me every time I give it to her. Somewhere between disgust, horror, and surprise. She also reacts pretty violently... I'm lucky she hasn't actually scratched me yet.. but not for lack of trying. This, of course, sets back the progress I have made with her to not be frightened so much. I'm working with her and them, but I think they are going to have to go for another car ride soon and get some more people to help. *yes.. here I am to thrust kittens upon you.. here.. take this one*

To help her overcome the shyness, I have taken to hand feeding her.. Really the only way to do it is to scoop it out with my fingers and offer it to her. This poses many problems.. first of all being now I'm covered in cat food... and it is all stuck in my nails.. and she's not a delicate eater, so it's all over my pants too (cause I'm sitting cross-legged on the floor with her in my lap) and also because she isn't a delicate eater, more often than not she ends up trying to eat one of my fingers. Not a huge deal, but those little teeth are SHARP! not enough to penetrate the skin, but enough that I so totally know it.

The elders are doing well. Ginny is still sneezing snot (or puss?? I'm still concerned she might have a nasal polyp) Caroline is obsessed .. no.. I mean OBSESSED with covering up everything.. food (while her sisters are eating it) and poop (while her sisters are producing it) mostly. Tonight she tried to use me to cover up her food. Freya is an absolutely WONDERFUL cat (Taz, you sure you don't want five??) she is friendly and outgoing and loves to sit on your lap and purr and be where you are. My hubby hung a clock in the kitten room tonight, and she jumped up on his feet as if to ask if she could help.

Freya, Unknowingly named after the goddess of love and war.. how fitting

Monday, September 5, 2005

the brothers grimm - the movie

I have to write about this movie here. I went to go see it tonight, and while I didn't like it all that much, it had one scene in it that appalled me. To demonstrate the squeamishness of one of the french guards, they had a cute little kitten wandering around the dungeon. The kitten was by his foot and he noticed it. Instead of just screaming like a little girl, they had him scream like a little girl, kick the kitten (hold on - it gets worse) and the kitten flew into a torture device that ground it up, and threw bits of kitten everywhere, including the face of the french dude in charge, who then (yes.. even worse!) took the bit, and ate it.. and enjoyed it. It so colored my view of the rest of the movie I almost got up and walked out. I would have if I thought it would have made an ounce of difference.. but I knew it wouldn't. So all I can do is tell you it's a mediocre movie, with this scene. You make up your own mind.

Friday, September 2, 2005

More kittens for the not crazy person.

I went to the shelter this past weekend to get more food, and "thrust upon me' were more kittens..

They were loaded with fleas and obviously had no human contact in their short four week lives, as they were major hissers and spitters. It was so funny to watch veteran foster parents shy away from such things, as they were too small to even wrap their mouths around your little finger. But we are trained to be wary of hissing and unhappy cats. In just a few days, I have all but one turned completely around and purring and loving attention. I have two girls - one with shorter hair - and one boy. The longer haired girl, the one not purring yet, seems to have something going on with her urinary tract. The other girl had it too, but it is gone.. so I'm thinking of putting her on clavamox.

Caroline Freya and Ginny are doing well. I put them on doxy for the sneezing, and it was causing Freya to vomit. Except for eye issues with Caroline, I think they are ready to go back (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO) I don't have a weekend off in a while, so I won't be able to be there for their adoptions, so I'm going to have to write up little bios on them.. like Ginny is wicked cuddly, as long as she gets to chew on you, and Freya loves to cuddle but easily gets jealous.(you should see her growl at the kittens) and the mess poor caroline has been through and how she still trusts me. I go in their room, and they all jump up on me, get comfy and start purring... How on earth am I supposed to give that up?

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Twee is doing very well on the clavamox. The ping pong to golf ball size swelling is now down to about a grape. She is back to cuddling and what not. I think she is starting to see the benefits of getting pills over liquid, but I have liquid now and no more pills... Hum.. what to do. I suppose I could exchange them... but that would mean she wouldn't get a dose tonight. so I guess liquid it is.

Caroline is doing a lot better ear wise. Her inner eyelid (the horners syndrome thingie) has all but returned to where it should be. However, she has so much phlegm coming out of her nose that she is only eating a few bites. I forced her all day yesterday and this morning to eat.. but I was getting vomit.  She didn't vomit today, though, and she was looking like she was going to eat, but just ate a few bites. I have put her back on antibiotics and did a bunch of net research till I found the information I needed. I know there are antihistamines and decongestants you can use on cats. I knew the histamine one, but that really isn't her problem, it is the congestion.. so I found the dose, and I brought her some down and was with her for 45 minutes.. seems that it is working.... as she was breathing easier... Ok, maybe it was my imagination / wishful thinking.. but she still didn't eat much.

They are all skin and bones for the most part. I'm pretty lost as to what to do. I dewormed them last Thursday, and I'll do it again tomorrow probably.. I should have their stool tested, but it had been so pale that I was afraid they would tell me something major was wrong with them and that they would have to be put down. So I hid it.. but they were eating then. Now, not so much, but the stool is darker and better formed. but then again, they are all wheezing I so hate URI. Just when you think you have it beat, it comes back with a vengeance. However, I have to admit she doesn't smell as foul as she used to. She likes to head but me, and she used to smell of sickness and phlegm.

On a mostly completely unrelated topic - sorta - I so have to get me one of these..

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Twee went to the vet

Twee's lower lip looked swollen, and she was wheezing, so I took her in. The doc looked at it and came up with three things it could be, and the first two were NOT good. but it's just an abscess. Not a good thing, but something that should right itself with antibiotics and time. the doctor first took a look at it and thought it might be a growth. she's a little skittish of me right now... but that is to be expected.

there is still a chance that she'll need to go in to have it taken care of.. which scares me due to her history with anesthetic, but I trust the doc who would do it, and the tech he would work with to take care of her.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Well, twee seems back to her ol self this morning. Guess that dose of clavamox was just what she needed. Going to just keep an eye on her.. if the swelling doesn't go down by Friday we'll get her in to a vet... which is okay cause that is about as much clavamox as I have left :)

Monday, August 15, 2005

and now its Tweedle

I have been having my suspicions that Twee wasn't feeling well for a couple of days. Hubby poo-poohed it, but I was uncomfortable. Today as I was leaving I was very concerned, for no apparent reason... although she hasn't been wanting attention as much lately. Today I gave her a good looking over, seems to have a temp of 105 (she pulled out at 104.7) and has a small abscess or swelling on her chin. I have some clavamox (antibiotic of choice for abscesses) and so I gave her one, and will have to bring her in to the clinic tomorrow.


Saturday, August 13, 2005

vet results

Ok, so not what I was told (ruptured ear drum), and more what I would have thought had I considered it. Apparently, she had a rather large ear polyp. They removed it. this would explain the blood coming out of her ear. Jack woke me up at midnight in the sweetest way possible. He walked up to me, nosed me on the cheek, then laid down with his head on my arm and purred. Uber sweet despite the hour. so of course, obsessive me has to go check on Caroline. She is much better, but still wobbly and having coordination control. I tried to peek in her ear - which freaked her out. There is still blood in it. I pulled some of the bigger clots off the edge, to see what happens in the AM... what am I talking about, it is the AM. well, you know what I mean. She has no control of her bowels. the spots on the towel that I was afraid was blood was actual stuff from the other end. So I changed towels and left her in there after a hardy meal and a few sips of water. Was very good to see her so interested in food.

But I couldn't help but wonder if my little Ginny has a polyp in her nose.... we'll see.

Friday, August 12, 2005

trip to the vet

um.. yup. I broke down and brought the little gray one to the vet. We called her Caroline (from Sweet Caroline) cause she is SO freaking sweet and loving. It always scares me when a kitten gives me too much affection, it usually means they aren't feeling well at all.

Well last night I went down to clean her ear, and found blood in it. So off she went this morning. I have NO idea what they did to her cause I didn't get to pick her up. I know they sedated her, cause she's coming out of it, and tripping pretty badly. The eye on that side seems angry and the third eyelid is showing. Hubby who picked her up was told that was normal, and would happen for several months. I also have otomax to put in it. No idea how often... I'm assuming BID, cause that is what we did when ever we gave out otomax when I worked there. (bid - twice a day) I have a call in to a friend who works there to find out the skinny - also cause her ear is bleeding still. Hope she doesn't have to go back.

I'm a little grumpy. I think I have a fever.. at least I feel like I do -- all warm and my eyes hurt. Id go cuddle with Caroline, but I think she sees me as a big ogre at the moment, so I think I'll let her come down for a while.

Sunday, August 7, 2005

Just the girls now

Well, he is gone. Harry passed away today. I'm not really sure of the time, as I refused to talk to them. While I knew there was little chance of his recovery, I'm pretty darn sure they didn't even really try. I can only hope the girls at the clinic were kind to him or that he was completely unaware of his final hours. He seemed very unaware the last time I saw him.

The worst part of this is I keep calling him Kodi. (after the one I lost for those of you new to this blog) Thinking in my mind of all the things I could have done, or should have done (and surprisingly one was that it was a good thing I didn't go down earlier cause he was probably fine then, and he would have sat there in misery all night) but thinking the things that I think, for a long time it's been ko-harry.. I also realized I haven't lost a kitten since him. Okay yes, there were two litters that were aborted, and one of a set that I took overnight - but those were both expected to die, and I got one through the night.

This one is hard.

Fortunately, the girls have been up to the task. they have been making me laugh left and right. The little black smoke kitten I've named Ginny (for Ginny and harry from Harry Potter) has had very white stools, so I'm quite concerned, but she is a little devil at heart.. sneaking up to me in the cute "I want attention and to cuddle with you" kind of way, and then she licks you all lovingly and then starts to try to consume you. seriously. she thinks noses ears and lips were made for eating.

The gray one is just as awesome as you can hope a cat to be. She hates having her ear cleaned, but the most she'll do is put her paw gently in front of it. I feel bad, but I know she's happier with a clean ear, so I keep doing it. The shelter switched her from baytril to clavamox for the infection, but I think it has gotten worse. She's going to need a trip to the vet. If it is still worse on Wednesday - my day off - I think I'll try to take her.

The gray tiger with the blue eye is the smarmiest kitten ever.. and this is including Muffin. her new thing is to play with a ball that is in one of those round tracks. She is DETERMINED.. although to do what I'm not sure. she jumps and pounces and is having a ball. I want to call her sweet pea, but I'm not sure that is a suitable name for her. She and the gray one were in a boxing match this morning.. standing up on their back legs flailing at one another.. I wish I had a picture.

I just wish I had a better picture of ko-harry.

In Memory

Saturday, August 6, 2005

late night trip to the emergency room

I got home from work rather early, so I attempted to be productive. Afterwards, I wanted to relax, so we watched a movie. By the time I got down to the kittens it was 9:30. Now around 5:30 I thought I should go see the kittens, but because of their illness I wanted to put it off until the end of the day when I could take my clothes off and toss them in the wash. I should have gone at 5:30

at 9:30 I went down, and three of the four greeted me at the door. Harry was nowhere to be seen. I looked around, then looked in his new favorite hiding space behind the TV. There he was with his front arms through the bars of the cage (which is next to the TV) and was unresponsive. I called out for my husband to come help. He moved the TV, and found Harry in a very contorted way. He cried out but was pretty immobile. After a few futile attempts to get permission, I rushed him to the emergency Clinic. While getting him into the car, he seemed to rally, fighting me, but I decided to go anyway. Good thing, cause it was just a rally. The dr said it was neurological, and thinks he fell off the TV. I'm not so sure. But he is there at the EC now, getting steroids to help shrink any swelling that might be going on. I'm scared it might be panleukopenia. although if it is, then there was NOTHING I could have done to prevent it... but I still don't want it to be. Fortunately, my guys are vaccinated against it (kitty parvo) and one of Jack's former foster mates had it and Jack is just fine, so I'm sure his sisters will be fine.. but I want it to be curable, and I want him to come home.

Thursday, August 4, 2005

Ear puss is no fun

Well, the puss seems to wax and wane, sometimes being horrid, others not so bad, but this morning and this evening, it was on the good side, so maybe we are on the mend? We still have a lot of sneezing, and wheezing, but we are eating and being good little kittens. I must say I'm much impressed with their manners they are very good little kittens... except the little silver tabby.. she's a spitfire. Much like my muffin was at that age.. fully of spirit and knows exactly what she does and does NOT want to happen.. food yes.. pills absolutely not. for the most part, I'm keeping them in the cage to try to restrict their activity so they can use their energy to get better... but I'm thinking I'm going to have to let them have free run sooner or later. I'd rather it be later, once they aren't sneezing, cause even with a door AND a baby gate, my cats still play paw tag with them

I still have yet to name them. No worries. Names will come.

Sunday, July 31, 2005

wet is me

I went down this morning and the kittens are being pretty good. They tossed some of their litter - to be expected, and tossed a toy into their water, again, nothing out of the ordinary. I open up the cage and sit in front of it to do good cleanings on their ears and what not. Well, the kittens had some pent-up energy and started tearing around the room. Uber cute, until one of them chases another into the old water bowl that is behind me, splashing it all down my lower back and my behind. I didn't feel quite so guilty doing ear cleanings after that.

The little grey one with the pussy ear looked better. I can only imagine that it previously had not been cleaned for a day or more. I pulled some more puss out, and cleaned her nose. She seemed more outgoing than she had previously. I fear she's going to need a few road trips.

The dark DLH tiger IS a boy. I'm SO very much in trouble. He's a snuggle bug.

Wait.. someone tell me why I can't have seven cats?

Saturday, July 30, 2005

big adoption day - sorta

The kittens went in today to be adopted. It was way harder on me than it was on them. I don't know why it was so hard for me to give them up this time. Eliza took the move very badly, growling and hissing a good deal of the morning. I did what I could to keep her calm, but it didn't take much to set her off.

Gizzy got adopted first. I'm glad I didn't have to leave her there tonight or she probably would have come home with me. Adopted by a nice husband and wife who live out of town - but yet near where I work. They were actually in last year around this time adopting before. I thought I remembered them. They took a kitten named spike - which was a girl - and named her Nala. I'm pleased with this adoption. They plan on keeping her in.

There was another woman with a daughter who was looking at kittens other than mine. I was glad, cause when they settled on one, she stated to the staff that she was morally opposed to keeping cats inside, despite almost loosing one to a fisher cat. The circle of life she stated.. yea well lady, circle this *rolls eyes*

Then a woman who recognized me from a job I had over 10 years ago came in with her husband. I didn't much recognize her, but she came in very well prepared. They came in with the application from the website, a signed note from their landlord, and they knew they wanted a pair. They were looking at Kau. They looked at a gray one from another litter, and that was that. One of the fastest adoptions I've seen in a long time. I think they will give him a really good home.

Two different families looked at Cloud and Scarlet. I decided they needed to go together since Scarlet was so reserved and had bonded so deeply with her brother. One woman came with her two daughters, and the daughters did everything they could to convince her... didn't work. An older gentleman talked to me twice about them, but nothing materialized.. so they are still there.

Eliza didn't show well at all. Probably won't for a week or two till she calms down. I hope someone gives her a chance before then.

I ended up with four very adorable kittens. I'd show you pictures but I'm not allowed to per Taz :) One has a ruptured ear drum and is in major need of some help. She's on Baytril, but there is a ton of puss coming out of it. Other than that she is doing well, eating and acting fine, so I'm hoping to avoid a weekend jaunt to the vet... although when I might have time to get her to one is a good question.. curse having a RL job. Hopefully, I can't just consult with one and don't need to actually bring her in, but I doubt it. But you know me.. run to the vet at the drop of the hat.. why do you think I want to work in the field again..

Monday, July 25, 2005

big day

Well the kids are off to be neutered today. what a big day for them... and I am stuck half an hour away at work. I sure do miss being able to be there for that. Oh well. I brought Scarlet to work yesterday to give her a little more socialization, and I must say it did her a world of good. She was shaking the entire time she was there, but when I got home that night, she was right up front to see me, unlike her reserved self of normal.

They are going in today, and I'll pick them up tomorrow. I think I'll bring them in Friday for their FVRCP vaccine, then Saturday for adoption. Here's hoping mom gets adopted too!

Tuesday, July 5, 2005


Well, apparently the source of the problems was/is hairballs. After the catlax, she vomited up a large one. Then she vomited up one yesterday, and a smaller one this morning. It's nice to know WHAT caused the problem, but the major question I have now is WHY?? I have no idea where all that fur came from. Yes, mom is shedding, but still.. that is pretty excessive. I've been feeding her catlax on a regular basis and putting it in the food for the others as well. She has been very sedate since this whole thing started.. not lethargic, just quiet. She will play when provoked, or looked at funny by a sibling. She is also still eating, but she is also not gaining weight. Yes yes.. its only been a few days.. but still. I worry.. and there is nothing you can do to stop me


Monday, July 4, 2005

crash bang boom

I'm just sitting here checking my email and what nots, and Eliza is in the other room crying for me to come feed them. It was next on my todo list, but I wasn't going to rush in there.. well I guess that wasn't good enough for her because she jumped up on some plastic drawer / bins I have in there and was crying through the wall.. She then did something which caused the whole thing to fall over. *rolls eyes* Fortunately, no one was in the way, but now I have a big ol mess to clean up, on top of the mess Scarlet has been making for me, on top of the general kitten mess that is standard operating procedure.

no seriously.. I do this for fun?

Sunday, July 3, 2005

round two?

I went into the kitten room last night, and apparently, Scarlet is blocked, again. I won't go into the gross details, let's just say that room needs to be stripped down to the walls and bleached.

I isolated her last night to see if she really is blocked, and nothing showed up in the litter box. There were a few drippings on the floor. I don't really want to give her another enema, as I'm afraid what that might do to her colon. I gave her some cat lax and isolated her again for a bit. *crosses fingers that works* Although honestly, I don't think it will. There is no reason for her to be constipated - that I can tell anyway. She's been on the same food for weeks. The only new difference in the room was the dry food that no one eats anyway.


Thursday, June 30, 2005

kitten enema

In case you haven't guessed, this is a poop post, so if you're easily grossed out, you should move on.

Now I told you about the gross squeak toy incident. Well, things weren't seeming to get any better. Scarlet didn't eat the other night, but she did the next morning... however that morning there was watery vomit in the room. I came to the conclusion that she was the one vomiting once a day. Because I have had kittens who were deformed and were vomit-ers, I felt the need to bring her in. The uber nice Dr saw her and took a picture of her (x-ray) and found out that she was constipated. The leaking stuff must have been stuff pushing its way around the blockage. It was very late in their day, so he offered to give me an enema to take home to give her. I had never given one before, so I asked for instructions. He said to lube up the end, stick it in about half way (cause it was made for an adult) and to give her about a 1/3 of it. I asked how long I had to wait for results, and he said it should be immediate. I then asked what happens if nothing came out, and he said he should see her in the morning.

So I took her and a clean litter box into my bathroom and put them in the tub. I did what I was instructed to do, and it went all too well. I put her in the box in the tub, and she immediately jumped out of it and started walking around. I hoped that she wouldn't go on the actual tub, but a few moments later her tummy made a gurgling noise and she went right for the box and out came a nice strand of poop. She covered it up, walked around a tad more, then squirted out some 'debris'. I'm sure it felt very weird, cause then she started cleaning her behind. I'm going to leave her in there a bit longer to make sure she's 'cleaned out' before putting her back in the room with the harder to clean areas.

Monday, June 27, 2005

PSA before photos

The other day I stumbled across a link to an "advertisement" for a Ford product. It was a UK ad. It showed a cat climbing up on top of a car with a sunroof, the cat looking in the sunroof, then the roof closing, the cat going limp and sliding off the car. The ad ended with a little statement calling the car the evil twin.

I was SHOCKED. In this day and age, I can't believe ANYONE would think that pretending to harm an animal is a good way to sell a product. In research for protesting, I found there was a second ad for this vehicle that involved a pigeon, and revenge on it for stuff that pigeons are known to do around cars.

I wrote to PETA about it. As much as I am not in favor of their over the top antics in a lot of instances, I knew they would jump on the is bandwagon. They wrote and told me that they had already dealt with this issue and that the clip was never 'supposed' to 'leak' out and ford was 'very sorry'.

I wrote to Ford. I got this in reply:
    Dear Connie,

    Thank you for contacting the Ford Motor Company Customer Relationship Center regarding advertisement for the Ford Sportka.

    We find this unofficial "advertisement" totally unacceptable and reprehensible. Two video clips featuring the Ford Sportka were proposed by our advertising agency, Ogilvy, as part of an internet campaign. Ford accepted one of the video clips, but this second clip was definitely rejected by Ford. A full investigation has been ordered by Ford and Ogilvy to determine how this unapproved material found its way into the public domain.

    The video clip, which is known in the advertising industry as an example of "viral" marketing, is by its nature difficult to contain once it is published on the internet, officially or unofficially. The clip does not appear on any official Ford website, but it is appearing elsewhere on the internet. The action in the video clip was totally computer generated, and we would like to assure customers that no animal was harmed in its making. Ogilvy has indicated to Ford of Europe its regret that the unofficial video clip has been accidentally released. Ford of Europe apologizes for the offense it may cause.

    We consider the satisfaction of our customers one of our most important objectives. If you have any other inquiries or concerns, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to address them for you.

    Customer Relationship Center
    Ford Motor Company

Yea yea yea.. all well and good, but in my opinion, since this Ogilvy is STILL their advertising agency I refuse to ever even consider buying or owning a Ford product. Computer generated or not, is not the issue. Money was spent to portray harm to animals. And surprisingly enough, it was 'leaked' onto the medium of choice for their target audience. I can only pray that no one who saw that said, oooh.. cool.

Now, as promised.. photos!

That toy scares me, so I'm as far away as I can get!

Um.. hello :)

This is comfy

MOM! I want to nurse!!!

Twee, get out of the baby room!!

No, this is not a trick, her leg really does look like that.

Mom, are you done YET?

Saturday, June 25, 2005

a really gross squeeze toy?

I've been noticing that the kitten's poop has been loose and smelly, and I've done the standard deworming, so I figured they had something else. I took a sample to the shelter to be checked out, and they saw nothing. They offered me some Albon, which is good stuff in my opinion, and off I went.

I got home tonight and someone had vomited in the room. I went about cleaning, then stepped out to get some claw trimmers. When I came back in, I noticed quite a few loose poop droppings around. Scarlet was leaking. I went to pick her up, but she scooted out of my way, so I went about cleaning up before everyone stepped in it all. When I was done I went to pick her up to help her clean off, when she panicked and for a moment there it truly seemed like I had a really gross squeeze toy. Poop came flying out of her and all over the floor. It was so foul smelling too. Again, went to clean that up before everyone figured out they could walk through it and make a bigger mess.

I was a little hesitant to pick her up again, but I found her cowering in the corner. She seemed so confused. I cautiously picked her up, and gave her tummy a little squeeze to make sure it wasn't going to come out anymore, and then carried her into the bathroom where I ran her under some water. She seemed fine with it, probably happy to get the poop off.

She and her siblings all had their first dose of albon before that, so hopefully this will be the last of it. Keep your fingers crossed for me, cause if this happens again I know I'm going to hurl!!

Update on Em. I did one test in the middle of the day. not the most accurate picture of her health, but it gave me a ballpark, and it was 149!! yea!!

Thursday, June 23, 2005


It was way too early in the morning when I went and opened the glucometer. I went to package it all back up to bring back to the store when I realized that the reason it wasn't IN the package, was it was ON the package. That wasn't an image on the front, it was the meter. Yes ,it was sticking out, yes it was obvious after a bit more sleep. Yes, sometimes I feel like a complete idiot.

I just tested em. For once she actually bled for me. Way more than I needed, but hey, more is better in this instance. Her reading is 149!! granted, high, but NOT nearly as high as I thought it was the other day. I had been giving her herbs regularly instead of weekly, so that might have something to do with it. I wonder if I keep it up on a mostly daily basis if I can get her sugars under 100. that would be awesome, and worth pilling her for. Sometimes I can get them down easy, sometimes it's a struggle. I hate ruining her quality of life, as we did in her past with pilling for a heart murmur, but she seems to forgive me almost immediately - mostly cause I give her treats afterwards, and she's just as food motivated as her mom. ;)

Ok really.. I have GOT to clean the house!!

wouldn't you know it

I went out to the kitchen to open up the glucometer, and the stupid glucometer isn't there! everything else is there, but not that. Grrrrr!!!

a round of updates

Jack is doing well. I, however, am a bad mom, and keep forgetting to give him his antibiotics. I think I have a new system down where I pull out the pill the night before and put it on the counter. I'll see it there and know I have to give it to him. I've been trying to monitor his urine output, which is very hard, cause it requires that I separate him out. Not a very nice thing to do in the cat world. He seems to be going very frequently. In an 8 hour period the other night he went three times. Each time wasn't that much, but in all I'm satisfied. Hopefully, the next time I do it, it won't be so frequent and he'll have a big output like the rest of my kitties.

Emmy is also having her issues. I tried to do a bg on her the other day. Her AM sugar was 299, three hours later it was 319. It is supposed to go down not up. But her glucometer was wonky, so that might have been it. I went out for new batteries and test solution, and ended up with a whole new meter, since this one tests with WAY less blood. Em doesn't like to bleed so I think it worked out for the best. oh wait.. I wanted to do a bg on her today with the new meter. Guess I'll have to open up the package right quick. She also started limping Monday. No idea why. None of her joints seemed painful. Nothing was swollen or out of place. I started making sure I did her cosequin more regularly (see Jack's meds) and that seems to have helped. You know, some days (some days? who do I think I'm kidding. read every day) I just want to be a stay at home furkid mom.

The kits are doing well. Kau is a toe biter. I went in with socks.. he chewed. I covered my socked feet with towels, he climbed under them and found my toes. I gave him hubby's toes, he came back to mine. Obsessive little boy. Scarlett seems to have a crooked front leg. Doesn't stop her at all, but it does look a little off. I'll make note of that when they go in for neutering. Kau is two pounds, the rest are about five ounces behind him. Gizmo eats like Tweedle used to. Starting before anyone else can get their nose in, and finishing LONG after everyone else, then wandering off then coming back for more. She ends up with a belly bigger than her head.

well the sun is coming up (yes, at 5 am) and I'm up, so the kids think it's breakfast time. they soo should know better, and they should know I won't give into the guilt! (really.. I won't)
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