Saturday, January 31, 2004

Back to normal

I brought Alex back to the shelter a week ago. I should probably check on her and see how she is doing, but so much was going on in my life last week, I didn't have a chance. I'll probably go Monday, or if we go into NH today to go shopping, We might stop by today.

I noticed Eli was sneezing more than he had been, and I had some left over meds from Alex, so I put him on Zithromax for a few days now and things seem to have cleared up for him. His eyes are back to being mostly cleared up, and he's not sneezing as much. However, its a riot to give him the meds, cause its liquid form, and it tastes like cherry. He makes the most disgusting looking face when I give it to him.

Emerald is just about finished her medication, so I should probably bring her back in for her shots and another UA. make sure the infection is gone. Need to do another BG on her as well.. check her insulin levels. She looks a lot better, is acting a bit better, so I think things are on the right track with her.

Jack however has a very small bump/lump on his side over his left shoulder blade. I found it Tuesday morning at 4am when he decided that I needed to pat him, after he saw me get up to go to the bathroom. I figured it was just a scratch or something from fighting, but it isn't going away. Will probably bring him in on Friday to be looked at if its still there, or sooner if it gets bigger.

Muffin has lost her collar. She usually takes it off every couple of months, but it's usually right in the middle of the floor.. but this time I can't find it. I so need to find her something pretty, and girly, but cool and awesome. It's going to be hard. Any recommendations?

Ollie is so funny. He's so standoffish until HE is ready for attention, then gosh darn it you better drop everything you're doing and pay attention to him.. NOW.

Well.. It looks like it's that slow kitten time.. not much more to report but my own kitties till about April or May. Fortunately, the shelter is going to be well stocked for the first couple of rounds of kittens. I raised a good deal of money through Ebay recently, and really haven't had to use it yet. Someone donated a bunch of kitten food - its Iams and kittens don't like Iams from my experience.

Friday, January 23, 2004

This is not good.

I went in to feed Alex last night and spent a bit of time with her. On my way out, I shut out the light and started to step over the gate to leave, well Alex got a good look at Ollie and tried to go after him. I tried to shoo her away from the door with my foot figuring it wasn't as bad as it was, and she attacked my foot. I kicked her off my foot and into the room, she lunged back towards the gate, so I tried again to push her back with my foot, again resulting in my being attacked. I tried to use my other foot, and she went after that, which is when I realized that she wasn't going to stop.. so I reached down and scruffed her, which resulted in her being quite pissed... although through it all she seemed very confused as to what was going on.. it was really strange. I locked her in the cage, and she very much wanted to get out and get to Ollie and she was distressed that I locked her up. I don't think it was to hurt him, though, which is the strange part. Although I'm not sure what her motives were.

I survived the ordeal.. only wearing socks, I had a few scrapes and one small bleeding wound on my little toe. it looks better this morning.

Unfortunately, this means she's going to have to remain locked in the cage for the duration of her medication, then go back to the shelter. Normal dosing is 10 days, which would put her going back on Monday. She seems better now, but there is an occasional sneeze.

The resident cats were quite confused by the whole display and were noticeably shaken up by the whole thing.. kinda as if to say what the heck was that, and please tell me that isn't going to happen again.

and so now I have to go in there and feed her this morning. Let's just hope she's all calmed down

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

They are lucky I love them

I came home today, and went to get on the computer, and I almost stepped on my track ball (mouse). I noticed it on the floor and that it was missing the ball. We've looked everywhere for it. It's nowhere to be found

bad.. bad kitties..

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Alex update

wow.. can't believe I haven't posted since Friday. Let's see. Alex came home on Saturday.. still quite miserable. I was force feeding her and was able to do it with my finger. It was much faster that way then the syringe. She just slept a good portion of the time and had very little spunk. Sunday morning she licked the food, but didn't eat it. it was like she was hungry, but didn't remember what to do with food. By Sunday night, she had figured it out and was chomping at the special food I had bought her. She ate all but the last bite, which I tried to hand feed her, but she didn't want that. I put some dry kitten food down, and she ate half a bowl of that as well. She's doing well. eating well, still sneezing and still on meds for a while longer.

Saturday night DH and I went out shopping for fabric for some curtains, and I came across a major sale of fleece. The shelter uses fleece to make cat beds out of, so I decided to go back on Sunday and get some. I got around 40$ worth of fabric and got about 15-20 yards. As I was checking out, the manager found out I was getting fabric for the shelter and offered some fabric they were looking to donate - aka get rid of. So I took it. It filled up the back of the pickup truck. A lot of it was very good fabric, some of it was ugly but usable.. some of it is beautiful and unusable in a shelter environment, so I'm going to try to sell it on ebay.. and some of it is ugly and unusable.. not quite sure what I'll do with that.. probably list it on ebay.. ya never know who might have use for some brown and tan and turquoise argyle snakeskin print knit fabric.

Friday, January 16, 2004

Poor Alex

Well, she's still at the clinic and still on fluids, and still not eating. But with the addition of her own litter box, she's now using that.. which is a good thing. I didn't get to see her today as I called out sick, but yesterday her nose was completely stuffed up. When I went to pat her and she started purring, she got so worked up she almost vomited. Thankfully she didn't.. it is such hard work to get the food in her.

I, however, have been feeling miserable all week. Started with a raging headache and some nausea, and it just got worse from there. My headache improved, but my stomach did not. It has been such a struggle to get through this week. I haven't been able to work out at all as I've been so tired. So I called in this morning, and called the doctor.. the receptionist recommended coming in - which of course I knew she would, and the doctor thinks it might be viral and to just rest, which I knew she would, and she gave me some meds to try to help.. so I came home and went to bed (now for the reason for this little story) and when I woke up, I had Jack on my chest, Muffin between my legs, Eli beside my legs, Emmy next to my hip, and Ollie near the pillow next to me. I so love my kitties..

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Warning - this post will get graphic

Oh what a long long day. When I got home Jack was waiting by the door, then Muffin was on the tree so I hugged her, then I medicated Emerald, and went to sit down, when I did, Jack and Ollie jumped up on my lap. it was nice.

As expected, all five of the kittens she gave birth to last night were dead this morning. Alex looked absolutely horrible, but she didn't want to come out of the cage at all. When I finally pulled her out, her back end was quite a mess and she smelled. I didn't have time to clean her up, but as I was pushing her into the carrier I felt what I assumed was another kitten inside her. I wrapped up the towel she gave birth on and brought the kittens in with her in my kitten carrier. They were very undeveloped. I think the worst part about all this was that they were very much alive when I was in there with her last night, wiggling around and crying out, looking very much fully developed, but I knew they weren't. They were so small and hairless. *sigh* anyway.. the doctor who examined Alex on Saturday was there, and he said he was quite surprised she gave birth as she wasn't that sick, but Alex is fairly young, and she wasn't ready to be a mother yet.

Anyway.. They took an x-ray of Alex, and sure enough, there was a kitten still in her. She was still quite dehydrated, so they left her on fluids this morning and did surgery on her this afternoon. They spayed her as well as taking the other kitten out which had also passed.

So she is, at the very least, spending the night at the clinic.

Monday, January 12, 2004

Giving birth

well she's in labor.. has delivered two and a half live kittens (three live kittens, two placentas) I have no idea how they are alive, they aren't much bigger than a man's thumb, but they seem to have a will to live but I doubt they'll be alive in the morning. They are so cold.. I had to walk away, there is nothing I can do to help

*sends up a silent prayer*

I Just finished feeding half a can of food to the mom cat, a bit more than I had been feeding her. I had noticed she was dehydrated, so I made it a point to get as much in her as I could. I then started patting her belly, and felt contractions.. I was hoping I was wrong, but it looked like her water just broke. The vet was thinking it was going to be two weeks.. man I hope he's wrong.. cause if he wasn't, they died and she's expelling them.

Sunday, January 11, 2004

the medication is never ending

Emmy is currently still on Baytril for her bladder infection, and now my new mom kitty is also on meds.. she has a URI, and is on Clavamox for that. She's also drooling quite a bit, and so I took her into work on Saturday to figure out why, and the docs think it's because she's nauseous. We also took an x-ray of her to see if labor was soon, it's not. she's got FIVE kittens.. arrgh. She is not eating well at all since Friday.. although I finally got her to take a few licks of food on her own today, which was a big accomplishment. She's got to eat or she'll die, cats can't go without food for more than three days without major problems to their internal organs, so I force fed her yesterday and today. I wish I could share with you the x-ray, it's so cool to see the little bitty skulls

Friday, January 9, 2004

Peanut and Gonzo

They are now called Treads and Miles.. but they are doing very well and are quite adorable hun?

I have a new foster cat.. she's pregnant. Im hoping she's quite pregnant, but its not looking that way.. If she's close to her due date, then there are fewer kittens, if she has a way to go, she has more.. Im hoping for fewer.. as taking care of more kittens is so much more work. Something I love doing if Im not working, but with work, its so much harder. Oh well.. at least they will have a mom who will do most of the work regardless. at least I hope she will, as she looks VERY young. She is very thin, and her teeth are still quite shiny and new looking. She looks a lot like Charlie, Peanut and Gonzo's mom, she talks a lot like she did too, but this one has one white foot. Its really cute. I still have to come up with a name for her too.

Emmy is doing better. She was vomiting on the clavamox, so the doctor recommended putting her on baytril twice a day for a month.. which is not my idea of a fun time, but as long as the pill hits just right in her throat is isn't much of a problem. She's been feeling a bit better. I had the morning off today.. and I slept in a bit, and the kitties loved it.. I so wish I didn't have to go to work every freakin day.. :)
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