Sunday, December 30, 2007

Merry Christmas Spud

I wish I had brought the camera, but last friday I bought Spud into work. We were having a little party (we all brought food and sat around drinking champagne) so I figured I'd bring the entertainment.. and boy did he provide.

Gus - a boston - was there. He comes in on a regular basis. He has grown up with cats, and has a cat visiting his house now, but for some reason he's not too thrilled with kittens. The last time I brought a young kitten in while he was there he lunged at it too. Poor Spud. He was in his cage, and Gus became a pointer. Shoved his nose in the carrier air hole and didn't move for 10 minutes, and when he did it was to shove his nose in another air hole. Fortunately his mother came and got him after a few hours, and spud had free roam of the office. He was sooo good. Hung out with us, didn't have a single accident. Played fiercely. there were lots of laughs.

My boss asked that he come back soon, so I brought him last friday too. Once again he didn't disappoint. It is so funny to watch him run around. His back legs are not coordinated with his front legs, so he often out runs his front legs and ends up turning and not meaning to, so he runs into things. I think the outings are doing him good. He doesn't seem as intent on biting any more. Not that he doesn't.. but it isn't ALL that he does now.

He's 2lbs 3oz, so probably another week with me. my Boss invited him back, so probably next friday (I have short days, so I don't feel the need to bring a litterbox) and then he'll go for adoption.

This past week he seems to have grown quite a bit. I'll have to go get some photos to share..

The bunnies went back the weekend before Christmas. Foster coordinator wanted me to take the back after the weekend, but they were putting quite a strain on the household now that they were getting so big. One even escaped, so I said I really couldn't. there were eight, there only seems to be six up on the website, so I guess two went home.. yea! :)

Monday, December 10, 2007

Patience is at the Vet

Not sure if I mentioned she was getting weird scabs showing up and disappearing, but leaving behind a patch of missing fur. very bizarre, that it all happens with in a day or two. Brought to shelter last night to show them, and they kept her and brought her to the vet today.. probably won't know what it is, but they'll probably want to do a culture for ringworm - which I won't get back for a couple of days.

bunnies are growing like weeds.. they need to get back to the shelter soon too..

Made cat food over the weekend.. 40lbs of it again. Just posting to keep track of how long it is lasting :)

~*warning - rant*~
I visit a couple of different message boards on line. One having nothing to do with animal rescue had a post about rescuing feral cats.. The woman was so very proud she helped to rescue a cat with FIV and mange, and how they had it spayed and are trying to find it a home.

Now this is noble and all, and if there weren't THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of healthy friendly cats who don't have homes in this country - many of which are being put down simply because there aren't enough funds (it cost money to spay this cat and treat it for mange) or space for them to wait out new homes - not to mention not enough new homes for them all. (I have six, I've done my part thank you)

I just wanted to shout "WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!!!" but I know it wouldn't be well received - and I'm pretty sure it isn't going to be well received on this board either, but it's mine and I can say what I want :)

I want to rescue them all, but I know it isn't fesable, nor wise to even try. Already neutered, or in a home that loves the cat, that's one thing, but to try to save this stray just hurts... because I know all the wonderful healthy cats out there... (ok not personally, but I know some of them personally)


Wednesday, December 5, 2007

a few photos

Mom, Stop bothering me! (Eli)

Kit chewing on the tree

My trying to explain to Kit not to chew on the tree

Kit sitting under the tree nicely - pretending she understood about chewing on the tree


my foster kitten "Spud"

Some videos
Bunnies eating

Spud playing

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Well I made a big fat mistake last night. My poor rabbit Bri has been stuck in her cage and I wanted to let her out and get her some exercise. Well I put her in with the babies.. Mom was fine with her till one of the babies started harrassing Bri, and she ran away.. Well mom didn't like all the running and went and attacked Bri. Have you ever tried to separate two warring bunnies? Kinda scary! I finally got Bri cornered under a box, and got her out of there. There was Bri fur in the pen, so I tried to examine her, but she was not having any of that. So I put her back in her cage with some treats and let her rest. I'll keep an eye on her.

The babies are doing very well. Eating me out of house and home if I'd let them. Mom has crusty ears.. Don't know if the shelter is going to want to do anything about it or not. She also feels quite hot to me, but I've never had a lactating rabbit before.

Teddy my previous foster who came for a visit is having some issues. He had a urinary issue before he came, and was on antibiotics. I gave him the remainder of his doses, but then he was in and out of the litterbox a couple of times this morning. I told his mom who is coming for him tonight. I'll miss them!

My little Spud is a laugh riot. He's running but it is like he doesn't have a rudder.. just running and running, but no idea where. I put mom's food on the floor to see if he'd be interested in food. It is a little early, but some of them eat sooner than others.. and he saw mom eating, and went for a nibble or two.. so it won't be long now. I'm going to try to get a video of him running, it is just too cute.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

warning - gross content included

Last night I went down to clean up the foster room. I'm having company for Thanksgiving, and they need a room to stay in. Previous foster Teddy and his new sister Gypsy - who you have met before - are coming for the holiday.

Well when I was cleaning, I realized I was going to have a serious problem putting the fosters in my office. The little boy no longer wants to sit in the box. He's out 'splorin! and there is no stopping him. and because he's small enough he could get in crevices and get stuck and cause major problems. So we are going to keep them where they are, and put the house guests either in the office or in the rabbit room.

Well while cleaning, Patience decided she needed to use the litter box. Because she has had such soft stool recently, I was curious about the consistancy of what was to come. Seemed nice and firm, with a little mucus on it.. so I wasn't worried. Went to cover it up and scoop it out when I realized the mucus moved. it was COVERED in Tapeworm segments.. ewww!! Usually when there are tapes, you get segments in where they sleep, but I hadn't seen any evidence prior to the live segments..

So off I went to the shelter..

And while I was there I was almost given a dozen bunnies.. they had babies that need fostering. Talk about CUTE!! I so love baby bunnies.. They need a lot of socalization, so they are probably better off where they are, and I'm about to be overwhelmed with house guests and family for the holiday.. but I so want them!! :)

back to the gross factor.

I cleaned up the rabbit room. I knew I had a problem with the hay that I had stored in there. The rabbit had taken to sitting on it when she was out of her cage, and I had seen pellets in it. Saw the kitten squatting on it too. But stupidly I just ignored it all for so long. Well no longer. Started picking up the hay, and I was almost overcome with fumes of stale urine.. the floor was a mess! Fortunately it hadn't penetrated, and after some liberal dousing with white vinegar (miracle cleaner of urine) and harty elbow greese, the floor looks mostly normal. Not perfect, but way way better than I could hope to expect. Unfortunately I can't say the same for the baseboards.. those she has chewed all up. but that is a much more minor repair..

Fortunately Bri has calmed down a little. She jumps up to me and lets me pat her now.. Unfortunately Kit likes her too, and when ever Bri isn't in her cage, either Kit or Twee or Jack is in her cage :) its just too cute.

Monday, November 19, 2007

the cuteness of kittens..

Ok, I'll admit it. I've been doing this for more years than I care to count, and I'm still bowled over by how cute kittens can be.

This morning I went down to feed Patience, and her kitten wasn't in the box. So I called out to him, and heard a tiny squeek. I looked around, no kitten. Called again, got another squeek.. Kept looking.. no kitten. another call, another squeek, and a nose.. He had wedged himself behind the electic register heater that I had on very low. The room they are in is heated with one register, but the other side of the room is underground, and in the winter it gets cold.. so I turn it on from time to time. Guess he liked the heat.

It was just so cute.. grabbed him up, gave him tons of kisses, and left him in the box.

I'm sure he was out of it before I was even out of the room :)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

A general apology to my cats

Yesterday was a tough day for my crew.. Vet time. Rounding them all up was no fun. Fitting six carriers in a truck was no fun, hauling them down to the vet which is about 45 mintues away was no fun, listening to them whine all the way down was no fun, carrying them into the vet was no fun, putting up with their anti-social behaviour and their foul language was no fun. Dealing with Kit vomit was very much no fun.

Getting clean bills of health for everyone was nice. Eli needs a dental. Ollie got blood work. His colestrol is a little high but nothing worrysome. Everyone else is good. So that was good..

Then packing them all back up was no fun. Paying the almost $400 bill was no fun. packing them all back into the truck was no fun, at least the whining wasn't as obnoxious.. but yet there was still whining.. no fun.. then getting them all back in the house.. no fun. Listening to them all swear afterwards.. no fun..

But they made it through.. Got treats.. and then slept the rest of the day.. and we don't have to do that again for another year.

But then.. then what do I do? I go and clean everyone's ears today! We've had a run of really cruddy ears lately, so I got some ivermecton and everyone got an ear cleaning and a treatment.. Not sure that mites are really our problem, but I wanted to rule that out first. Now everyone is mad at me. of course as I type that Kit crawls into my lap.. and of course as I type that I realize she has poop stuck to her fur.. nice..

I'm sorry kitties.. but sometimes mommy has to do what mommy has to do..

I shall always be the alpha kitty.

Growing like a weed

Well my little foster kitten is getting so big! He now jumps right out of the box all by himself, and often. I saw him do it for the first time last night, and he seemed surprised by it. I left him out of the box to see what would happen.. well this morning he was in it. Jumped right out when he saw me. I put him back, and i had barely stood upright when he jumped out again :D Just too cute!

Then.. he started POUNCING!! lol. Can barely walk, and he's trying to pounce.. oh this one is going to be trouble! I guess I need to pick out a name for him hun?

Mom is eating up a storm now that she's been dewormed.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

103.5 then 102.5

Well last night Kit's temp was 103.5. Which was up from the morning temp. I gave her fluids, which she hated, and let her go. She came back about an hour later and jumped up on DH and sat there for the rest of the night (save me daddy!!)

Took her temp this AM, she fought it hard.. which is good. She was running and playing and acting adorable. 102.5 still seems on the high side to me, but it could be her normal. I'll take it again tonight to see where we stand, but it seems we are out of the woods.

Last night she walked by me, and I mentioned out loud that she has a very long tail (it seems to be longer than her body). Just then Eli was walking by, so he stopped and sniffed at her tail. It was just a cute moment I thought I'd share.

Patience has loose stool. Gave her meds this morning, she was completely unimpressed. she's also been sneezing. The baby now sounds a little congested. He's been holding steady at 13.5 oz for a couple of days now.. so I'm starting to get concerned. I'll watch them and see what happens, and if need be I'll go to the shelter and get some antibiotics for them both.

Monday, November 12, 2007


Fever was 103 this morning. So more clavamox, more fluids, more dirty looks from her. I hate doing it, but she looks at me like I am the meanest thing on the face of the plannet.

I did however wake up to Muffin wanting my attention, then Jack laying on me for about an hour, then Twee.

Ollie spent the entire night with us. I'm starting to worry about that boy's dramatic personality change.. from grumpy loner gus to must be with family dude.. Guess when you are the oldest cat in the house you feel the need to take care of the people?? hopefully it is just that and not a medical issue.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Kit has a fever of 104.3

Not too happy about that one Jim.. *sigh*

I knew something was wrong. I try to not worry so much, cause I'm often worrying for nothing.. but she has been sleeping so much.

Last night she played fetch with us, and was her spunky ol self, so I figured I was just being paranoid and forgot that she slept for three days.

Today we were laying around watching TV, and realized she had been sleeping all morning and most of the afternoon... so I thought I'd take her temp just to assure me that things were fine.

Well she let me take her temp, which is the first sign that I'm sure kitties have a temp. Called the shelter for some suggestions. they confirmed my first instinct of giving clavamox, so I did. They also suggested fluids, which I went out and got for her and I'll give her right after dinner.

Came home to this.. how freakingly cute hun?

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Yea Kit!

Came through her sugery like a trooper. Slept all night. Was a little leary of me last night, but I'm sure she's already forgiven me.

Just a little video from the night before.. it is a little dark, but you get the point :D

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

the more people I meet...

I swear.. I hate "people". I was just browsing, and someone wants to rehome their beautiful flame point cat because their three year old wont stop chasing it.

Um.. HELLO! teach your child MANNERS!! put up gates so the cat has a room or two to escape to.. maybe like the master bedroom - oh wait.. you apparently spoil this child so much that you let it have the master bedroom..

Things like this just make me want to vomit.. preferably all over the people.

I can only hope there truely is more to this story and there is a valid reason why they don't control the child, and/or provide escape routes for the cats on the off chance the child gets out of hand..

Kit is being snipped

Well Kit is at the vets being spayed.

Yes, I'm very nervous..

yes, I know she'll be fine, but that isn't stopping me..

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

well then

My website hosting company is being wonky.. Half the time I can't publish.. so I guess I'm going to have to find a new one.

So when you find this site with out updates.. chances are it is because I simply can't get through.

Monday, November 5, 2007

New fosters

I went to adopt Kit yesterday, and was given new fosters. Mom and one baby. Both are black and white. Mom is really sweet and has lots of patience with me, so I named her Patience. The baby.. its a boy. We'll see what comes of him.

well it is official

The kitten is now a member of the family. I adopted her on Sunday. Her official name is going to be "Kit N. Kaboodle" we'll call her kit or kitten..

she was rather sleepy yesterday. I was getting very concerned - yes I'm paranoid. later on in the evening we had some play time, so I felt better, but then she curled right back up and went to sleep. We are still dealing with fleas, so I sprayed her with some frontline (which she hated and thought I was evil for applying to her) so hopefully that will be the end of that. I have dewormer and her last distemper to give her, but I'm going to wait a day or so. Also have to get her neutered but I think that can wait a bit.

We have a bit of discord in the house, and I can't seem to figure it out. I know Tweedle is looking for someone to cuddle up to since Em's death and no one really wants to. Its so sad. She keeps trying with Muffin, and Muff only wants to cuddle with me (weither I like it or not) She tries with Ollie too. Sometimes Ollie is ok with it, sometimes not. *sigh* I was hoping Kit and she would get along, but they seem to be avoiding each other.

Gave Jack a bath yesterday. His fur is so fine he can't clean the flea dirt off himself very well. The water that ran off him was black. I feel horrid. I really need to do something about these fleas. I kept putting it off thinking that once it got cold they would just go away - which is what usually happens if I have fleas this late in the year, but they are still hanging on. I'm not really seeing fleas, just the dirt. and just on Jack and Kit. Muff is clean, so is Eli. Ollie had a speck or two on him from time to time, but he is always getting into things, so I am never sure if it is flea dirt or just dirt. Twee sometimes does, most time doesn't.. but I really need to get off my duff and just treat everyone and be done with this. Problem is my vet doesn't sell the larger sizes of advantage, and I hate the idea of spending $10 a cat to treat, when if i could find the larger size it would be about $10 to treat everyone.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

making cat food

Oh how I hate making cat food.. let me count the ways.. *ugh*

but it is cheap and the best diet I can come up with for my cats.. so I do it.. but man I wish it would just make itself.

We decided to do eight packages of meat this time. each package is two batches, and we have been doing four packages which used to last us a month with Em eating canned (and the rest of them helping her) but now that we have six on only raw, six packages seemed to only last us a few weeks.

We made it on Sunday.. we'll have to wait and see how long this will last.

We ran out of food, and had to feed them some of Em's left overs on Sat night and Sun morning. Muffin decided she needed cuddle time after she ate dinner, and OMG cat food breath is gross!!!

I also got some chicken breast to add in. They don't seem to like the chucks of chicken thigh meat, so I thought I'd try the breast. They need to chew the meat to help clean off their teeth, and Eli's teeth are horrid! I'm afraid he's going to need a dental right quick. He's my skittish boy, so getting him to brush his teeth would not be kind - not that a dental would be kind to him either but it is a one day thing as opposed to every other day - and I'm sure in his mind way less tramatic. *crosses fingers that this works well and the next time I'm able to look at his teeth they are much better*

I still need to get the kitten in to be neutered and adopted. I don't know why I'm avoiding it..

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Final Foster Update

Well the last of the fosters (sorta) went back on the 11th. Right after I came home, packed, and headed off on vacation. We had someone who I know via the shelter come and house sit for the cats. Fred and George and Ginny were neutered on Friday, and went up for adoption that weekend. I haven't checked in on them, because I know they were probably gone the day they went up, and if perchance they weren't, they went in the week that followed.

I hope they are well.

Tilly is still at the house. She has wormed her way in, and as soon as we get her neutered she'll be a resident at casa de gato.

I haven't had the heart to get new fosters at this point. I'm kinda blue about Em right now (see previous post) and I'm still settling back into my life from said trip. I know all too soon I'll be missing the pitter patter of little kitten feet, but right now I think I was overloaded with the last set. I took them too soon, and dealing with Obbie (I can't believe the new owner is calling him fluffy.. *rolls eyes*) I'm drained..

Soon. WAY too soon if I know me :D

October is almost over

Isn't it? This is usually my favorite time of year.. I love all the colorful leaves (Yes I'm in New England) and the sweater weather that comes with it.

But this year has been all screwed up. See we went on a trip. DH was sent to AZ for work, and I went along. Funny thing is we went to San Diego first to go to the zoo.. got out of there just in time apparently. So I had the stress of dealing with going, then the stress of going, then the stress of getting back and adjusting back into the time zone..

and now all I can do is miss Em.

The new kitten which I guess we are going to call Tilly, is a comfort.. she's really sweet and freakin adorable, but there are times I just need to have almost 20lbs of cat climb up on me and do the head flippy thing and purr.. and I always knew there would be a time when I would miss having my skin licked off.. and it is now.

There are times I am almost useless for missing her. Which is so odd since it feels like a life time ago that she was put down.. I easily slipped out of the day to day routine of Em.. the testing, the feeding, the injecting.. but the ache is still there. Guess it has been ever since I knew with out a doubt the end was near..

I know Christmas will be hard..


Saturday, October 6, 2007

Second Session with Animal Communicator

I said I'd post this, and I haven't really wanted to face it again. This second reading was much more vague than the first. Because I got some distinct readings the first time, I still do believe in Animal Communication, I just have to accept that English is no the first language of cats and that they don't think like I do. According to this second reading, they just don't care as much as I think they should - well except Muffin.

I wanted to know how the cats were dealing with Em's passing, how they thought about adding an additional kitten into the mix, and if they had anything else to say.

Ollie - is a sweetie, loves me a lot, not happy that Emmy passed, but feels closer to me and is taking Em's attention now that she's gone. Um.. ok. I guess. Said he didn't want a new kitten in the house, and didn't like the fostering, thought it was disruptive but I've had fosters continually now for years.. ???

Jack - Food not as good I added hearts and gizzards to that batch, and I've gotten the impression before that they don't like it Thought things are better since Em passed since she was acting strangely before she died. and that was uncomfortable. The A/C said he was sweet. has hairballs/was sick to his stomach.

Muffin - anti-kitten! well duh! but I didn't say this to the AC Everything else is ok.

Eli - wants to play more with toys. Might be ok to have a kitten. Wants to play, and just makes muffin MAD! when he tries. doesn't like Tweedle, but no particular reason why. Healthy but bored wants more adventure in his life is this why he's sleeping in the toy basket lately?

Tweedle - would like litterboxes cleaned more often I constantly mention that to DH - his job since I'm allergic to the dust would like more attention, would like to cuddle more, misses Em and thinks things just aren't the same.

She talked to the kitten, who was a typical kitten, no specific answers about us or staying. said she liked things the way they were with her siblings..

I had her talk to Em at that point. She said Em was very relieved and very happy in spirit. So happy that if she had known earlier that she would have been so happy she would have wanted to go earlier. I asked if I waited too long - and the answer was it doesn't matter any more. I asked if she watches us. The answer was vague.. doesn't know specifics, like if we are doing the laundry, but does know about our emotions. but there was no other comments. Not sure how I feel about this... as they are answers that anyone would want to hear, and nothing specific to either Em or myself or anyone else.. which kinda hurt more than anything else.

again, I'm still for A/C.. just don't think I'll be doing it again any time soon

Thursday, October 4, 2007

The kids

Well this has been an interesting few weeks. Did I mention that Tilly is still at the house? Well Dh has decided she's going to stay... and I totally do not object. She is the freakingly cutest thing on four paws. She looks up at you with those "puss in boots" eyes from Shrek. She carries things around in her mouth and brings them to you to play with her with.. Coming up with an appropriate name hasn't been easy. She never did seem to like Tilly.. so we'll see.

However this has spured problems with the resident cats. Muffin is very edgy.. hisses all the time at everyone. Her acne is acting up too. She had a few bumps on her chin, that seemed to swell up, so I put her on some clavamox. Tweedle has taken to annoying her for the sport of it too - so now Muff has to put up with Eli and Twee.. and she doesn't much like the kitten either, so she's just not all that happy. I'm trying some of Ollie's happy pills on her hopefully that will mellow her out.

Tweedle got into a scuffle lately too - had a scratch on her chin. Ollie has been looking a little ragged too... Nothing specific yet.. just a feeling. Jack has been sending me stronger feelings though. again, nothing specific outside of his bad ears, just the feeling that he's not doing well. I think when I get back from our trip I'll take them in for a once over and blood work for Jack and Ollie.

We've also got massive fleas.. ok that isn't true.. we have about 10 fleas, but I can't seem to get rid of them. it is annoying.

well then

I posted a few days ago about Obbie and Nox, but the post disappeared.

I took them in on Friday the 28th, and they were deamed well enough to be adopted, so I left them there.

Saturday I showed up for their adoption, and they had put them in the room with the cats. Cute and all, but I wasn't thrilled with it. *shrug*

there wasn't much activity around that day. however there was a mom with two daughters looking at Obbie and Nox around noon time. The daughers were thrilled with them.. mostly cause they were the only socialized kittens up for adoption. What was funny was in talking to the mom I found out that the two sister's personalities mirrored Obbie and Nox's and the right sister found the right kitten.. meaning the more outgoing girl loved the more outgoing cat..

She mentioned her husband hated the idea of "buying" a cat. I explained the adoption fees were dramatically less than the outlay of cash for a "free" kitten. That they were tested ($40) vaccinated (~$60) vet checked ($30) and altered ($60-90) and all that for $85.. or two for $150 She called her husband, and that was that. So they were adopted together and right quick.

I wonder if she is starting to regret it now.. :)

what was amusing is that the girls actually wore Obbie out. Toward the end he was just hanging out in her arms exhausted.

(personally annoying - they are going to name them whiskers and - get this - fluffy. Um.. they have the shortest sparsest hair I've ever seen!! lol oh well. As long as they are loved, that is all that I can ask for!)

Fred/George/Ginny are still at the house - absolutely refusing to put on weight. in fact Ginny lost a couple of ounces the other day. I'm sure it is just cause I weighed her before feeding her this time. Come on kids.. EAT!! Fred's eye is much better.. so once they are ready, they'll be ready. I have to wonder if they will be.


well, I haven't used this blog as a platform before (feel free to correct me if I am wrong)

On another board I frequent, I ran across a post about a woman seeing an injured cat in a busy area (aka not outside someone's home) and how she had seen it several days in a row and felt compelled to help it, and was asking for advice about catching it.

Well OMG.. I just wanted to slap people.. some said that the cat was fine, that she should not capture it but leave it where it is because it would be PTS if she brought it anywhere, some said that the cat was probably owned, and she should check around to make sure it wasn't a beloved pet before trying to do anything to it (Um, it has been injured for days - even if it is owned, it is NOT a beloved pet by any stretch of the imagination) Some tried to convince her the cat was fine, despite the OP saying the cat was obviously injured.

Look, I love cats. Now I'm sure there are people out there more cat crazy than I am, but I'm sure there aren't that many.

however, having had my hand in rescue, I know you can't save them all, and a lot of the time the most humane thing to do is to capture and PTS. If you can capture, rescue, fix, and find a great home for it - all the better, but there are thousands of wonderfully friendly cats in shelters that don't need to be fixed, and they need homes too.

I hate it when people who have no idea of the severity of the problem making comments about how wrong people are to try to help.


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The spawn

I have nicknamed the new fosters "the spawn" mostly because of Obbie's screaming. they are just so needy.

One of the the orange boys - I've decided to call him Fred - still has bad eyes. there are no other symptoms, so I've just been treating his eye. Last week Obby and Nox were large enough to be neutered and went back, but the stress caused them to have eye goobers too, so they are back at the house for the week on eye meds. Obbie is fine. Nox still waters. Fred's eyes are still horrid too. I am fearful I'll need to do meds - not looking forward to that.

Ginny however has turned into a very sweet little kitten. I call her love in a fur coat. She just sits next to me and purs!

I'm going on vacation in a few weeks, so we do need to get them straightened out and fattened up right quick.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Well that Saturday I went in for adoptions. Tommy was the first to go. Went to a woman who just lost a cat who looked like him. Buddy went to a family who has a rottie, and who is planning on letting him outside. I felt bad - but if anyone is going to be ok outside, it would probably be buddy.. besides, he'll have the rottie to protect him.

A woman came in and spent several hours trying to decide.. she eventually settled on a kitten that wasn't from my bunch.

a family came in after returning a cat.. they were going to take Nina (or was it Cin?) but the shelter had a policy not to adopt immediately after a return.

And that was Sat. Sunday I went in with the new fosters, and had them tested (they were negative) and saw Cin and Gin go home together :) That left Oscar and Nina. Tilly was at the house because she wasn't big enough.

Friday I went in and noticed that Nina was still there.. so Oscar had gone home. Miss Molly and Miss Martha were still there. :( I hope they get a special home. I am thinking of writing up a little bio for them..

I emailed the family about Nina, and they said they were going to go in and get her Sat AM.

Tilly is still at the house, cause frankly she's still underweight.. barely. However I think we've decided we are going to keep her. I mean I already ordered her a collar.. She loves DH most of all.. but she's up for any attention she can get :) I so want a different name for her though.. I was never a fan of Tilly..

Now I named the 8/07 fosters. The gray one is Obby and the buff one is Nox. Shortened versions of obnoxious.. which they are. I named the orange twins Fred and George.. which left the tortie girl so I named her Ginny. I kept them caged up when we weren't in the room, and they were so obnoxious and so full of energy, that I started letting them out twice a day. They are starting to turn into good kittens, so I let them have run of the room all day today.

Obby and Nox are growing VERY fast, and will be going back next week.. They are very well spoken, and will yell at you if they aren't preoccupied doing something else..

I'm worried about one of the orange twins. I can't tell them apart except that one has an excessive amount of eye goop - which is the one I'm concerned about. he's a little more laid back, and a little more conservitive.. he might even been a smidge dehydrated *shrug* I'm not sure. I am going to wait a few more days and see what happens.. hopefully nothing and he'll be fine.

Monday, August 27, 2007

coming to an end

Well I have set up an appointment for the May fosters.. they will be going up for adoption this weekend..

which stinks on a couple of different levels since there is a cat show that I would like to go to, and a gathering of people I know on the internet which I think would be good for me to go to..

the woman that emailed me about Miss Molly and Miss Martha emailed me and apologied for not showing up that weekend, and asked if she could come this weekend.. well she never emailed or called me with more info, and it never happened. I feel bad that they will be sent into the system, but I know the shelter will respect the fact that they should be together..

I'm still horribly torn about adopting Tilly. I talked with the animal communicator yesterday - which was very funny and very painful - and while muffin is very "anti-kitten" (which just knowing her for 10 minutes you'd know) and Ollie is against it too, the others were sorta ok with it. Although I know they'd like Buddy - who is quite handsome - but a total handful and looks too much like Emerald - who escapes every time I open the door, and my cats like to chase him around the basement.

The new fosters still don't have names. I'm waiting till they are tested I guess.. make sure they aren't going to be taken away from me.. They are totally the "spawn of evil" as my DH likes to call them. They look up at you with their pathetic eyes, and purr and want to be patted, but then they jump on you and try to take you down. Already they want OUT of the bathroom. This morning four of the five were curled up on my previously used hair towel (one of those specifically designed for you to turban around your wet hair) The cuteness is overwhelming.. and their bellies are still way bigger than their head. I wish they would grab on to the fact that dry food is food, so they would know there is always food available so they wouldn't feel the need to eat EVERYTHING I put down.

anyway.. I am happy only having five cats - sorta - but I do know I have this opening that could be filled.. and I have this adorable kitten that is so cute.. we've nicknamed her the hypno-toad kitten (from the tv show futurama who had a hypno-toad in it that made anyone near it do what ever it wanted)

there will be other adorable kittens.. obviously they are upstairs in my bathroom... there will be other kittens that will need me.. I dont need to rush into this..

I guess like the bane of my existance "emotional eating" I want to do "emotional adopting" it feels so right to do it, but some part of me somewhere is saying no.. (actually I think it is Muffin projecting her "NOOOOOO" onto me.. but that's a different post)

I'll post more about my A/C session once I can do it with out crying..

Monday, August 20, 2007

Even MORE kittens

Yes, I am insane. my poor resident cats are worried about me. I brought home another group of five. Two older ones about four weeks old, three younger ones about three weeks old.

I set them up in a cage in my office, and set up a web cam to watch them while I'm at work :)

they are constantly hungry, and fight each other for food. the younger ones are very much into getting attention, but the older ones not so much. Only one girl in the bunch..

they do keep me distracted from wanting to adopt from the May fosters, but not by much. Went down last night to cuddle with them, and Tilly let me cuddle her for what felt like hours.. Cinnamon wanted in on the action too, and we cuddled with her. *sigh* I do want to keep them all..

I had someone email me intersted in adopting the mothers. We set up a time for her to come down and meet with them, but then she never showed... well at least my house got cleaned. I'm thinking next week they will be ready to go back. I pray that just the right family comes along and takes them. Not that I don't wish that for the kittens too - especially Tilly.. but those moms have been through so much, they deserve a little pampering..

Thursday, August 9, 2007


I have never wanted to have this type of anniversery. I purposfully didn't take note of the time or the date when Kodi was put down.. although the song on the radio at the time made me cry for years afterwards..

but this time I know. I can't seem to forget.

it was 1 week ago right now..

I hope in time the pain of this anniversery fads and thus will no longer hold power over me.. I know she's gone, I do NOT need additional reminders..

Together again

Em and Kodi..

Missing you both!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I can NOT adopt a new kitten

Oh my goodness I want to though. Buddy (the tiger) really LOVES playing with my cats. Every time we open the door he bolts out to attack someone. Eli loves him, Tweedle LOVES him, even Jack doesn't hiss at him. He's quite beautiful, almost looks like a bengal at this stage..
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I however love both Cinnamon and Tilly. Both of who do not love my cats.. so do I adopt a cat for my cats?? or do I adopt to fill a hole in my heart, or do i remember that losing a cat is so incredibly painful and wait to put a little more time between my 3 yr old baby and a new addition. Jack, Muffin and Eli are all about the same age, with Twee only being a year and a half behind them.

sigh. Twee really LOVES Buddy though. DH and I joked that she wants to adopt him, and she'll have to go down and "sign" the adoption papers with a paw print :)

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Em's first visit

When Tigger disappeared, I had three or four visits from him afterwards.. crawling into bed, comming home - and showing me that after such a long abscence his coming home wouldn't be a good idea, etc.

I've been waiting for Em. I miss her so terribly. I would have done anything, given anything to keep her around longer, but life is too frail. I have been calling to her, but had the feeling she was enjoying her rest. She didn't sleep well at all these last few months with the not being able to breathe well.

Since Thursday, Tweedle has been oddly silent. Even her purring has been off. we thought (and still do to some extent) that something is wrong.

well at 10AM, Twee started meowing quite happily. I was in bed half a sleep, and woke up enough to realize she was doing it, but kept my eyes shut. I called out to her, just to let her know where I was, and as I turned my head, I clearly saw Em on the cedar chest at the foot of the bed, her two front paws on the foot board looking at me. She looked wonderful. healthy and plump and happy.

I so love that cat.

Half an hour later I got a call that her ashes were ready.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Em, her final day

This is going to be a pure facts post. I am not ready to do more than that. I'm still deep in the big fat ugly cry that hurts too much.

It happened on Thursday. Monday was a good morning, but by that afternoon she had taken that last turn. I upped her pred to 12.5 mg on Tuesday which took its toll on the rest of her body. At least she could breathe.

I never got the "its ok mom, I'm ready" signal. Just the "I am so freakin tired, doing EVERYTHING but sitting here takes so much effort" feeling. she was peeing a lot, and starting to use the pee pads again. Wednesday night she peed on the bathroom floor.

Thursday I slept in. I had gotten some chemical help from my Dr. and I took some Wednesday night so as to try to keep myself from breaking down. One of the side effects of too much of this particular brand of help is coma.. (nice hun) It knocked me out. Which actually was nice. I got dressed, went to the store and bought a bag full of goodies for my friends at the shelter. I dropped it off, and when I was asked what the occasion was for (why did I not think that would be asked??) I started bawling. I arranged to get Em's ashes back. I didn't think I would want them - I still don't think I do. But I couldn't face the ultimate good bye. Earlier on Wednesday when it was feeding time I had to have my DH TAKE Em from me as I didn't want to let her go.

so I then left the shelter and went and had my nails done. It had been weeks, and I knew if I went home I'd hover and annoy her, and I'd then be left afterwards looking at my nails and wanting them to get done and doubting I could do it with out crying. I had two polishes put on. OPI's black tie and another one called Tahiti which is a opalescent white. They look pretty nice.

I came home, and brought Em down stairs and I held her and watched a little TV. Again, she was so very tired of everything. I tried to clear the gunk from her eye, and she put up a weak protest. around 4:30 I brought her up stairs, and I took her outside. She just laid where I put her. DH came home and we sat on the ground for a bit and patted her.

The vet showed up with his assistant. it is a two part step.. first he injects a sedative into her thigh muscle, then when she's out injects the final...


We decided to do the first injection outside, then bring her inside for the final. I ran inside for something, for the life of me I don't remember what. While I was gone, Em had gotten up, wandered off a little, tried to go pee, but fell over and was just laying there urinating when I got back. When she was done, she stood up again and again tried to walk off. I hated this - to me it said her spirit wasn't ready, but her flesh had turned against her and despite what we both wanted, it was time.

I laid her on the blanket, and she got the first injection. the first one was a little uncomfortable for her, but appeared no more unpleasant that a vaccine injection. I picked her up and held her while it took effect. Fortunately it took a few minutes, and I could hear her purr, and felt her grab for me, as if wanting to hold on as long as possible.

I looked down at her and told her I loved her.

Soon she was sedated. I took a quick peek in her mouth thinking I would see the reason why pilling her hurt so much, I didn't. Just mounds and mounds of tarter. I took her inside and laid her out in the sun room. I was given a few more minutes, and he injected the last...

she was gone before he was done. Painlessly, quietly, on soft kitty paws her soul escaped. He checked, I turned her over and kissed her belly - something I used to do a lot before she got ill. Dr then said he wanted to go so just like that. I joked and asked if he wanted someone to kiss his belly when he was gone, and he laughed and asked me if I would do it..

I got a little more time with her. I thought the cats might come and check her out, but they didn't. I don't know if it was because the dr was around, or if they just didn't feel the need to be that close to death. regardless of seeing her, they knew. They have been quite sedated over the past few days.

The house has been reclaimed as well. We did a lot of it before she passed. The bathroom that was given over to her for her food and litter is now mine again, the pills, and bottles, and accoutrements of caring for a sick pet are all put away. I am so fortunate that my DH is able to, because I'm crying just writing this down. Putting away her food bowls would have killed me. Just seeing her food bowls would have killed me.

Eli just stopped by and meowed at me. He thinks I should be taking better care of myself. cute boy.

anyway.. after they had left, I broke down and sobbed the ugly cry sob. The one where you HURT everywhere doing it. you can't breath, your eyes hurt, etc. I hate this cry. (now Muffin is here) After another few minutes, or hours I don't remember) We left the house and took a small road trip to the natural food store. I love this store. I couldn't face eating anything in particular, so I figured I'd go to their different food bars and eat a little of everything - but even that didn't appeal to me. In the end we found broccoli chicken poppers and jalapeno poppers, and that was dinner. (and sad to say breakfast too)

today we went down to the quick-e-mart and got a slushie, and the electrical supply store to get a junction box, and that was all I was up for.DH has family visiting near by, so I sent him out to visit them. I read the final harry potter book. Now I think I'll take one or two of my coma pills and start again tomorrow.. I want to cry and grieve my girl - actually no, that is not true. I want her back! but since that isn't going to happen... anyway. I do want to cry, just not the so ugly it hurts cry.

btw.. not having anything to do with her collar, I put it around my ankle. Gives me some odd sense of comfort.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

its official

she has declined greatly since Monday morning. Almost as if she has given up. I almost wish I could have moved the appointment to today, but there wasn't room. Thursday at 5 it is..

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

gumble gumble grumble

Something I have always feared happening with fosters finally happened last night.

Kittens LOVE to play in litter boxes. the only thing they love to do more than play in litter boxes is to watch what others are doing in litter boxes, including their mothers. well the mom's tushie is very high up in the air when going #2, and since my current moms have diarrhea, they are very uncomfortable going, and are perched on the side of the litter box.

Went down this morning, and found Tommy had apparently gotten a little too close to the action, because his right front side is dabbled with grossness. that boy needs a bath. I didn't have time this morning, so I'll be doing that this evening... along with a million other things on my to-do list.

You know, any other time, this would actually be funny.

The end is near...

I made an appointment for Thursday at 5pm. I don't know if I can do it. she gets so bright eyed, and so interested. So what if she is wobbly and has times when she is so tired she is in that 'whatever' stage..

there is some construction going on at work, so I have wednesday thru friday off... which is probably a very good thing on several levels. I doubt I'll be at home with her the whole time.. cause she gets annoyed when I hover.

I can't talk much more about it. I refuse to greive until she is gone, and I get so close to tears even thinking about it.

I'm hoping against hope..

Thursday, July 26, 2007

ok, well maybe SOMETHING is wrong..

Geeze.. *shakes head*

I spoke to the manager at the shelter who I seem to work best with. The cat (or cats I'm not sure exactly who went and who was left behind) went to crazy psycho's (to be known as CPV) practice. as previously stated I was told (now granted this was third hand) that they were in good health, nothing wrong, try the low ash food. When manager called this morning I said they were given a clean bill of health, and they were still having major issues, and I didn't hide my frustration. so she suggested I call the vet I like, and see what he suggests. He suggested doing a stool and go from there.

Got a call back from manager. She said crazy psycho vet called to check up on said cats, and that maybe they should be on medication for three weeks.. arrgh. Ok fine. but I'm still gonna bring said stool to said vet and talk to him. cause CPV suggests that they only eat dry and no wet.. hun? what?? hasn't he ever read that the optimal diet for cats is protein, NOT carbs??? apparently not.. but there is no telling CPV anything that might even remotely be different from his opinion - even if you have clinical evidence. (cause JAVMA has published many an article on it) I'm a little surprised he didn't tell me to find a semi moist diet for them - like tender vittles - which has been his recent "cure" for loose stools.. yea.. cause all the chemicals and the carbs in that are a PERFECT diet for cats.. arrrrgh.

and honestly, keeping these kittens for another 3 weeks is freakingly dangerous. Both Cinnamon and Tilly are campagining hard for "cutest kitten" award. Cinnamon on her adorable actions, Tilly on pure looks. That kitten POSES!! Honestly.I need to get my camera back down there.. hopefully I can capture all that cuteness with out breaking my camera.

grumble grumble grumble.

Since CPV is the main vet for the shelter (provides services and medications, etc, at cost or at a very good cost) and they don't want to risk that by upsetting him (he doesn't have the title CPV from me for no reason) I have to follow the proticol and hope it works. I actually hope it doesn't work, but then I have to deal with three weeks of loose stool, cats and kittens not gaining - if not losing weight, etc.

from my limited experience from fostering for several years (not to be discounted - those who have their hands on things learn a lot) I have a feeling the medication will EVENTUALLY fix the problem - since I have a feeling they have an intestinal parasite that is fixed by this particular medication.

it will have nothing to do with the low quality food..

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

they say that nothing is wrong (fosters)

so I have been dealing with diarrhea with some of my fosters for a while now. We got a diganosis of coccidia, so we gave them all marquis paste which kills it in one dose. I also gave them nemex which kills round worms. Things weren't getting better, so I gave them a second dose of marquis paste. did another fecal - it was negative. was given metro (and I gave albon to the few kittens) and still no major improvements. - well five of the kittens are fine.. fat, happy, firm stool. two of the girls are still very small. and the mom's are still very VERY thin.

so I got them to go to a vet. Fecals were negative, physical exam unremarkable, everything seems fine, and in good condition - except the fact that the mom's are remarkably skinny, and have very loose stool. Not to mention the vomiting going on..


I hate not getting support for fosters.. I wonder if I can get my vet (who does work for the shelter) to look at them.


My darling Em hasn't been up on the bed on her own for a while. The past couple of days my DH hasn't been putting her timed feeder down, so by the time I get home she's quite hungry. There has been twice she's gotten up on the bed on her own looking for treats.

This morning I put her on the bed to test her blood sugars, and she decided that it was a nice comfy place to lay, so she went to sleep.

I ran to get the camera and took pictures - yes I am silly! I love her so much..

Jack is in the preverbial dog house. I have been putting Em's pills in pill pockets to help her out. Well I put her 'treats' in a small bowl with the testing supplies and I had turned my back for half a moment, and Jack LUNGED forward, and stole a 'treat'. he was just barely tasting it when I grabbed his mouth and tried to get it out. Unfortunately I ended up pushing it further in, and he got to 'keep' his plundered treasure.. (it was 2.5 mg of prednisolone - not a good idea, but not a big deal) but he was on my bad side all day. He kept trying to suck up to me to get me to forgive him.

I must remember if he gets treats all the time he starts thinking that he can't live with out them, that he MUST HAVE THEM NOW! that is not a very enticing attitude in a cat - especially one that has no problem SCREAMING at you to hand them over.. So treats are out for a few weeks for the rest of the crew. Not that they need them by any stretch of the imagination.. they are all quite cubby lately.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

how does she do it??

I sweat this cat has more determination than I do - and that is saying a lot! Last night I was certain the end was here. she was having a very hard time walking, her coordination was off, and she was quite lethargic. I talked to her quitely, told her that it seemed the time was here, and that was ok, that it is ok to not want to fight any more, and we would do what we had to.

this morning she's up, she's interested in things, she gave my DH hell for not feeding her (I wanted to do it a little later in the AM)and when I went to put food down she walked as fast as her frail little body would let her.

When I found out what was going on, the vet said we had probably until June. At the time I asked Em if she could make it till Christmas - I think she's doing her best to do it.

Her eye has stopped producing goop.. which is one good thing. Both her nasal passages are blocking up and she is breathing through her mouth a great deal of the time causing her to drool. Her BGs have been pretty consistant lately which is good..

I have to listen to her. I can't imagine the guilt if I forced her before she was ready.. so one day at a time.. Today was not her day.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


the kittens have entered the *we will NEVER sit still again* phaze. They are like kitties on speed. the only time they aren't moving is when they are eating (or using the litter box) but even that isn't assured, as they jockey for position.

I'm slightly concerned about Cinnamon (the orange girl) she has been sitting still. Her weight has been consistant around 56 grams. I told her if she didn't put on weight she was going to see the dr, so it was 57 last night and she ate for me. we'll see where she is when we get home.

dehydrated and constipated

her issue the other day was that she was consptiated. Forced some A/D with some pumpkin in her, and once things started moving along she was right as rain again - well as right for her anyway.

she is becoming more and more dehydrated too. I try to give her fluids to stay on top of it, but I always seem to be behind the 8ball on that one. I don't want to do too much, because when I do it throws off her balance and makes it hard to walk. so the last time I put half on one side, the other on the other..

When I locked her in the bathroom, she figured she'd never get out ever again, because she now locks herself in the bathroom, not leaving through the door but waiting to be let out by one of us. I don't mind her being in the bathroom all day, she's got everything she needs in there, and no one is going to bother her., but I feel bad thinking she wants to explore the house.. *shrug* I don't want to leave her outside the bathroom - because if she thinks she can't get out, she might not want to go in where all her food is.

She was getting ratty again. With the forcing of the pumpkin and her general over all condition, it was time for a bath. I wanted to make it as easy on her as possible. She didn't mind being held and put under the water last time, but it was very hard to get all the soap out.. So this time I filled up a large bucket and dunked her in it (water up to her neck) picked her out, soaped her down, then put her back in for a quick rinse.

she was mad. Growling, and fighting me.. it was kinda cute. I tried to towel dry her, but she was so mad she wasn't having any of it. She wandered off and tried to lick herself dry. which she could only slightly do. I ended up taking a hair dryer to her, and helping her out a bit.

I do love this cat..

Monday, July 16, 2007

The roller coster of Em

Now let me start off by saying she is still very stubborn, still very interested in life, and absolutely not ready to go..

but I fear I am not going to be able to let her make that decision.

As she stopped letting me pill her, I've been more and more concerned about her mouth. Her canines are looking almost translucent, which is very odd to me. I've been trying to get a better look in her mouth, and she does not want me to. well I forced her over the weekend, and the tip of her tongue has issues. I'm not sure what they are, but I saw blood. and recently she's been less likely to eat. She still loves the pill pockets I bought to try to help sneak her pills into her, and the temptations, but a plate of food is just not her thing.

I left her locked in the bathroom with four different plates of food.. regular canned, dry, a plate of yogurt, and a bowl of A/D mixed with water. Hopefully SOMETHING will be gone when I get home... if not I will be forced to attempt to force feed her. when giving her clavamox this morning, I grabbed a little of the a/d mixture with it, and squirted that into her mouth, which she took surprisingly well... so maybe forcing won't be a big deal. If it is, and if she won't eat on her own, I can't let her starve, no matter how much she wants to hang around - which I think will shatter my soul way more than her dying. I will be sad but ok if she tells me that it is time, but I don't know if I can make her go before she is ready.

I've also noticed that stability is becoming more and more of an issue as well. this morning while eating the pill pocket, she dropped it out of her mouth, and it rolled under her, she tried to get it, but almost ended up doing a somersault. Fortunately I was there to catch her. It scares me that she's still willing to walk downstairs.. but she does.

and to top it all off, she actually started to play the other day. DH took off his sneakers near her, and she batted after the shoe lace till the other cats joined in..

Friday, July 6, 2007

Jack, Muffin, Eli

Just a couple of photos of some of the kids.



Kitten Picts


Oscar - you can't see it real well in this photo, but he's getting a very light gray smokey under coat.

Nina, Buddy, Cinnamon, Tommy, Ginger, and Tilly in the front. Can you tell that Tommy is Male?

Tilly, Nina, Buddy, Cin, and Tommy

Miss Molly (front) and Miss Martha. I was cleaning the room and the kittens were locked up and they were THRILLED. They begged me for attention, they snuggled with each other. Almost felt bad letting the kittens out of the cage. I so hope they find a great home together!

A couple quick picts of Em

Em had a very bad night last night, and I was certain her time was at hand. I even took the day off today to spend with her. I had planned the call and hoped the dr could get me in on Sat.

That morning she was very exhausted, tired, her eye was quite goopy, she was run down. She totally enjoyed her morning treats.. but because of last night - I found her drooling and she didn't want me any where near her mouth - I made the call. While I was talking, she got up, and came over and sat at my feet and looked up pleading as if to say "please mommy, not yet"

she wouldn't stop. So I called the vet back and canceled it.

Em helping out with the assembly of our new table.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The unbearable cuteness of Tilly

This kitten is dangerous. VERY dangerous. She's almost irresistible. with the big fluffy coat, the huge "submit to my will" eyes, and the daintiest of meows.. that and she's so much smaller than everyone else (still not on solid foods)

I walked into the kitten room the other day and she was sitting in the metal water bowl I put down a few days ago when it was really hot and wanted to make sure they didn't run out of water. Well it had dried out... and she was sitting in it just as happy as could be, giving me the eyes, being obnoxiously cute. She's also quite the lady.. sitting right proper.

I brought her out to meet Tweedle, who is dying to play with the kittens.. Tweedle was all excited, but it just freaked Tilly out. she hissed, she rolled on her back, splayed her ears back.. (which in and of itself was stunningly adorable) I so can't adopt another kitten right now.. and if she doesn't fit in, she doesn't fit in. but I'm mentally trying to fit a square peg into a round hole if you know what I mean :)

Oscar finally figured out the whole eating process. He still wants food from me, but thankfully I don't need to any more. Just Tilly and Cinnamon seem to not have it down. They both are on the small side, but are getting nourishment from Mom (and maybe eating when I'm not around??)

the kittens all love each other too. Quite often find them all piled into a too small basket I have down there. Talk about your kitten piles!

I started Miss Molly on Metro the other day as her stools got soft again. She is obnoxiously skinny, and will nibble on dry food, but doesn't eat much more than that. This morning her tongue looked on the pale side, so I went into the shelter for some A/D and nutrical. Will force her to eat some, maybe give her an appetite stimulant and lock her in the cage with food and see what happens. Obviously if anything else shows up, she'll be making an emergency trip to the vets, and if she doesn't show improvement before Thursday I'll bring her in to see a vet. Miss Martha is starting to fill out nicely.. she needs some more combing as she has a few more mats. I feel bad, because by taking out the mats I'm leaving bald spots. Fortunately they aren't visable to look at her.

I did a post on to try to find them homes before they go back to the shelter. I'm hoping they can go somewhere together. I got an email asking about them, but haven't heard back yet. I so hope this works out..

Em the demanding

Oh she's been spoiled, and she KNOWS it. What have I created?? :)

I can't complain.. she's still here, and that means the world to me. I found some photos of her from years past, and she looks like a totally different cat.. and it made me cry all over again. I was on the floor going through my scrapbook supplies to make a sympathy card for my friend who just lost her cat when I found them. I looked up from the photos to see Em sitting next to me, looking at me as if asking "Whatcha doin?" She's so sweet.

She's demanding treats all the time. She's demanding that I not clean her eye, and NOT pill her (this is new) Fortunately Im fast and good, and we get the pill down her before she has a serious chance to object. I'm sure she's objecting just because she can. She does that to me sometimes with the blood testing too.

the basement is finished, and we got a small pub table and chairs to put down there. DH brought it down Sunday night and Em supervised the construction (I have photos still in the cam at home) and ever since then she's been hanging out around them. I guess she approves :)

I just want to grab her and hug her and cover her with kisses all the time, but I annoy her right quick when I do that. Sometimes she puts up with me for my sake, I can tell. Sometimes she likes it..

She's stopped getting up on the bed. I'm not sure why. I think it is because the bed is so squishy that she has balance issues.. I miss waking up with her hogging my pillows.. but I suppose this is a good transition time for me. its also time for her to train my other kitties to take over some of 'her duties" like hogging my pillows (Jack's new job) or pinning me down while I'm trying to wake up (Muffin's new job)

I still have my moments when I feel selfish for keeping her around, but then she sits there and says "HEY! SERVE ME!" and I know that she's here and so wants to be here..

*must remember to get more treats for her highness ;)*

Friday, June 29, 2007

I love Cheezburger

It makes me giggle.

Em is doing good, and bad at the same time. Its bizzare. The good - she's eating like a horse, interested, bright eyed, and purring when getting love. the bad is that eye is HORRIBLE!! the tears aren't flowing back in, so they spill out all over her face. the goop is covering her eye, and flowing to the outside, making the whole thing look horrid. She is contstantly trying to clean it with her paw, which is also getting covered.

She didn't mind her paw getting cleaned, but she hates it when I wash her face. I think it hurts. Warm water is easiest, but I think that hurts more, as I tried luke warm water and she was easier to handle. I put her eye drops in the fridge, and she didn't hate that.. *shrug* Hopefully the antibiotics will help her.. she got her third dose this morning. Will have to give her some more fluids soon..

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I do have happy kitten news

I promise, but unfortunately this isn't it. I have cute photos at home, and I'll post them soon, I promise.

This post is about Em again. I think this is more for me to have a record of things that are happening with her, that and it helps to write it down so it doesn't fester as much in the back of my mind.

This morning was interesting.. she was up exploring the house. She still insists on going down into the basement on a regular basis. she doesn't stay down there long, so I think she's just using the litter box and coming back up. why?? there is a litter box in her bathroom now.. but what ever. I'm sure the stairs are doing her good.. exercise and all. She was bright and alert, and not at all interested in getting her blood sugars tested. She sat there for me, but I could tell all she wanted was the treats that come afterwards. I also gave her the rest of the bag of fluids we were working on. She sat nicely for me for that.. but we were cuddled up on the bed, so that might have had something to do with it.

The negative... her eye was full of goop. A thick opaque substance. I think her eye lining, the conjunctiva, is a little swollen too. I gave her another drop of the eye drops the vet prescribed, despite having just given them to her yesterday. I fear they cause episodes in her, but I couldn't let her eye look like that. I put a warm compress on it and by the time the fluids were in her, her eye was much better.

I get the distinct feeling from her that the end is weeks away.. she is so not ready to go. I'm tempted to talk to Dawn again (the animal communicator) and see if she gets that same impression. Its just hard when she fights me every time I try to clean up her face or open up her nose from where the drainage blocked it..

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Em is still in the game!

this past weekend wasn't easy on us. She was so tired most of the time, and weezing, that I was sure I'd be making that call. We also ran out of pred, so I was faced with which phone call I would make. I found Em on Sunday laying on her feather bed, her rear legs were covered with urine. her pee pads were empty, and I was so very concerned that she was losing control over things.

I decided that if she was covered again on Monday I would make THE call instead of refilling the meds..

Well it turns out that Em has decided to use the litter box again, and she stands right up on the side of the box, so that it splashes back on her.

but why on earth is Em concerned about using the litter box?? she hasn't used one in years.

so anyway.. I called the vet about refilling her pred. Dh was going to pick it up yesterday, but didn't make it before the offices closed. I had called them right before they closed and didn't get through and left a message asking them to leave it outside, well DH didn't find it.. we later found out it was still there, so we went on a car ride to pick it up.

we had "the conversation" about setting the time to do it. He doesn't feel comfortable schedualing death. I can't blame him, neither do I, but it will need to be done. He's no longer able to dismiss her symptoms. She's got mini tremmors or muscle contractions going on. Its VERY subtle.. she's much more reluctant to walk, sleeps a LOT, eats sporatically although she still eats well but her weight is back down to 9lbs. I concidered calling and trying to set something up for this Wednesday. knowing she isn't going to fight this off, it is such a fine line of when I'm keeping her around because she wants to be here, and when I'm keeping her around for me. I am so very not ready. I sobbed on and off while driving to the vet (to get the meds)

I decided if she was still overly tired tomorrow I'd make the call.

well we got home, and she was bright, and interested, and wanting to lick me. This morning the same thing - although she was covered in urine again. So I brought her into the kitchen and rinsed her off. She just let me, purring. I wrapped her up in a towel and brought her into the bedroom for medicine and BG testing. She was fine for a few minutes enjoying the attention, then she wanted to get out of the blanket, and stubbornly she fought me to get out. She stubbornly fought me Sunday night when I gave her fluids too. She hates getting fluids, but I know she likes having them on board :)

So I can't help but wonder if she's not trying to use the litter box to try to tell me she still wants to be around. I still see that spark, that interest in being around. I can't take that from her.

I recently read a poem that someone wrote regarding the rainbow bridge, and the joy the cats have there, running around, chasing mice or butterflys, and generally being active. I giggled. Em has never been one to run around... ever. She - like her mom - has always been one to choose the bed over being active. I can only picture her finding a nice bush to sit under with some comfy underbrush and taking a nice nap.

Ok, enough dwelling. can't cry yet.. she is very much still in this game.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Em update

well Emerald was doing so well recently that I cut back on her pred. I must not ever do that again.. it knocked her back, and she had a blow out bleed. It was so bizarre though, because it was all over her food bowl, but no where else.

she also is not a fan of getting fluids, but she likes having them on board. They help her out a lot.

She's hanging in there, enjoying treats, and attention. however I fear the end is just around the corner. She's been very slow to stand recently.. she is still jumping straight up on to the bed (which is higher than your average bed). I made stairs for her which she uses a lot, but often she's been jumping straight up which is good..

I am currently at work, and I just want to run home and give her kisses..


I have been putting off journalling about the kittens because things have not been going well. Oscar and Cinnamon are not eating on their own yet. I keep trying - putting food in their mouths, which they like, but they just are unable to make the connection that food in a plate is food. Oscar is certain that food comes from the sky. when ever he is hungry, he points his nose up in the air and screams.

and I am 99% certain I made a mistake.. Cinnamon is not a boy.. but is a girl. Its so hard to be certain. There seems to be fur between the two openings, but s/he won't let me get a good look... and while there is fur, there are no testicles. So either s/he is a crypto (meaning the testies still haven't decended) or s/he is a girl. Good thing it doesn't matter much with the name.

Jupe has told me that he would much prefer to be called Tommy. He is ALL BOY.. it is a riot.

the stools are still quite soft. One of the mothers produced blood with her stool yesterday. this morning we had kitten vomit, and we have mustard yellow and also very pale colored stool and very dirty kitten tushies. this is not good. Dont quite know what to do about it. Do I let it go on and hope it clears up, or do I fight the shelter to get them some help..

They are also all very human dependant. They are starting to learn to play, so when I go in there, they all crawl up on my lap, then start wrestling with one another. its freakingly adorable!! Tilly very much wants to live with me. I think she wants a new name too, but isn't sure she wants to tell me that she doesn't like Tilly.

I put a couple more litter boxes down last night. the curse of having so many fosters is so much poop.. :)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Kittens first bath

Well then.. lets see. The kittens are doing very well pooping on their own, unfortunately with free run of the entire room, they figure as long as they aren't pooping where they sleep or play, all is good. So I have had to resort to locking them in my cage for the time being. It is a two story cage, with two doors, so I have left the top door open for the moms to jump in and out. The kittens all used the box very well last night, then once they were out started going on the floor!! arrgh.

Noticed their, and the mom's, poop is VERY soft, so we did kitten's first dewormer tonight, and a booster for the moms.

So soft poop, and dewormer, led to very messy kittens, so I packed them all up and brought them upstairs for a quick bath. It was so cute. They stood around my feet the entire time. Buddy crawled up my leg, Tilly crawled up my leg, up my shirt and stood on my back! :)

They all did really well. Nina didn't like it the most.. or should I say liked it the least. Everyone else was like... oh hey.. I'm all wet. Oscar gave me those big puss'n boots eyes from Shrek.. it was very adorable.

Maybe it's mean of me, but I just LOVE giving baths to kittens.. the more I do it, the more the kitties seem to like water in the end. My first set of fosters were very messy and got lots of baths, my sister adopted one and tells me that their kitty is in the shower with them a lot :)

Everyone is doing well. Small little teeth that look like baby vampires :) they are all very human dependant too. When ever I'm in there I'm covered. I love it.

Em had a micro bleed tonight. I was trying to get her back down to 5mg of pred, I guess she really needs the 7.5, She seemed very tired tonight, but very interested in attention, and dinner.. Even went out for a few minutes..

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

As promised... Photos

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Nina, Jupe, Cinnamon, Ginger, Tilly
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Nina, Jupe, Oscar, Tilly
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Jupe Nina Cinnamon
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Miss Martha and Miss Molly
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Monday, June 11, 2007

kitten names

I need new pictures I know.. but I thought I'd share the names I picked out.
the buff colored boys are ginger and cinnamon
the fluffy boy is Jupe (as in jupiter but I am pretty sure I told you that one)
the fluffy girl was Mouse, but she seemed so regal for that, so I googled Mouse Queen and came up with Tilly
Nina for the little spit fire girl
Oscar for the solid black boy
and buddy for the tiger boy - but I always call him buuuuu-dy.. the way i think that it is adam sandler or one of those other comics does it.. he really likes it :D

Yet another Emmy update

Well lets see. Right after I posted in reply to the comment I got, I went and hung out with Em for a while. I was noticing she was still quite tired and morose. Its hard to call her lethargic, since there is such a fine line between who she's always been and lethargic :)

Each time she has a bleed, it takes a lot out of her, but she usually bounces back after 24 hours. Sunday I took her outside for a while. She went and sat in my garden for a little bit.. went to the warm pavement and took a small nap, then we went around to the side of the house and she smelled the lilac bushes (we moved them over there to get more sunlight) Em just sat there, in her "whatever" mode. I was getting eaten by bugs, so I gently picked her up and brought her in. She didn't struggle one bit. I got her in, laid her down on the ottoman where she's been spending a lot of time, and she didn't move.. just closed her eyes and was exhausted.

I was so certain I'd be calling Dr. Brion today.. certain of it. I was snapping at my husband, and doing my best not to break down.. We went to bed, and Em came and joined us in the middle of the bed - which I took as a good sign. We both tried to give her room, so she stretched out so she could touch both of us.

Sometime in the night she moved to the far side of me. When I woke up Em was glad to see me, licking me like she hasn't done in a while, and excited at the idea of breakfast.


so, we are still on the winding road to that day, but hopefully it is nice and far away..
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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Saturday, June 9, 2007

In reply to the comment

I'm sorry I can't address you by name, as I want to thank you for your comment.

As this is text, I want to make sure you know that I honestly appreciate your comment. It helped. Going through Em's illness, I find I am forgetting all the advice I've ever learned about care of ill pets. When Em had her first nose bleed, I wanted to rush her in to the vet - even though he was closed. I called my friend - who owns six cats and who works for my vet - and she calmed me down and reminded me that as long as she has input and output it could probably wait. She's been a sanity saver on several other points as well.

I spent a year and a half working for a vet, and I have seen owners keep their pets around way longer than they should have. I am doing my best to make sure I don't do that. It is so hard on me because I feel bad keeping her around knowing that she's only going to get worse, and going to continue to suffer bad spells. But then I see her joy over going outside, or getting treats, and I see that spark of life and get the feeling she is not ready yet, and I think if I force her to leave too soon, I'd be doing that for me. It is such a fine line - one I agonize over every day. Hearing your story helps me keep things in perspective, and I do appreciate it.

Now that you have mentioned your story, I can see that the "thing" she was probably asking for was help with what she was suffering through. I couldn't do anything at the time but up her prenisolone and hope that helped. Breathing issues are so scary.. Fortunately after 2 doses, she cleared up nicely and is back to where she was. She's back to begging for treats and wanting to go outside. With the vet's very recent exam of her and stating she was doing very well, I think we have some time left, and it was the eye drops that caused this latest episode.

I take each episode very seriously, and I think if they start coming faster or lasting longer than a day, I'll need to schedule with Dr. Brion for her crossing. It is all paid for, and he's agreed to come out to the house..

I hope this doesn't come across as me trying to justify things.. but just a deeper explanation.. and a thank you for your comment.

And finally my deepest condolences for your loss. While you didn't get a proper goodbye, I am sure your kitty knew.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Bad Day for Em

Yesterday/last night/ this morning was NOT a good one for either Em or myself..

The trip to the vet went ok, and that night she was fine. Thursday morning she was a little off.. her nose was a bit bloodier than normal. I had been using the eye drops.. so maybe those, or maybe I forgot a dose of her prenisone, but what ever the reason, by Thursday night Em was having a hard time breathing, had blood coming out of both of her nostrils and was pretty miserable. Didn't want to eat, didn't want to cuddle, just wanted to lay there and wheeze / snore / cough / sneeze. I upped her dose of pred thursday night to 7.5 mg, and gave her an appetite stimulant, and some fluids, and some more antibiotics. All night she lay there with her nose pointed to the ceiling, swallowing hard and wheezing.

This morning she didn't seem any different. I gave her another 7.5 mg dose of pred, more appetite stimulant, and more antibiotics. I felt horrible pilling her as she was having a hard time breathing. I gave her the yummiest food I could for breakfast.. but she could barely eat it because she couldn't smell it and every time she leaned down to take a bite everything shifted and she'd end up coughing / sneezing. The coughing got so bad I was sure she was going to vomit..

Somehow I left for work. I left her locked in the bathroom so she would have access to her food and no one else would sneak in with her and eat it all up (Muffin) I hated leaving her locked up, even though she has a nice bed in there, and her pee pads and her food.. but she was fine. Came home and walked in on her using the pee pads.

Her breathing is much better.. but she's a little dazed. She wants something, but she doesn't quite know what it is - or maybe she does, and I just can't figure it out. She is a cat of little brain, and even smaller needs.. food, love, food, and now a walk outside have always made her a happy camper. Nothing worked..

The fluids last night brought her BGs down to 104 this morning. She wouldn't eat breakfast with out a good helping of dry food, so I tested her when I got home, and she was in the mid 300s.. so I gave her some insulin then. I wonder if I shouldn't be giving her fluids twice a day.. 1/2 in the AM and 1/2 in the PM to help flush things out.. *shrug* no idea. Em is being a huge mystery to me right now.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Quick Em update

She's now on 5mg of pred in the AM and 2.5 in the PM.. and I'm thinking I should do 5mg BID.. I don't want to, because it is absolutely admiting that things are getting worse.. But I just need to bite that bullet for her sake.

the puss is mostly gone from her nose, we are back to bloody drainage.. it is also making her eye water at this point.

I'm thinking she needs fluids on a regular basis, so I made an appointment for a recheck with the vet tomorrow morning

She's lost more weight, and is barely 9 pounds now..

I love her so much. It hurts when she doesn't want to lay on me for extended periods. She comes, she sits, she leaves. I don't know if sitting on me hurts, or if getting patted does.. but she leaves.

although this morning I woke up after sleeping on my side, and she was sitting on top of me.. I love that.

I love you Em..

There is trouble in this world, and it is at my house

Well that little girl kitten.. the one poised to take over the world.. has learned to use litter.. She is too freakin smart for her own good!!

last night all but one of them had gotten out of the nesting boxes they had been in. she had been getting out for a few days now, but at this point everyone wants out. They have had a taste of real food. Some are ready to snack on it, most aren't. They still want mom.. which is understandable, as they are still so freakingly young!!

but last night since they were out of their box, there was little kitten droppings around the room. This isn't a habit I want them to start. I found a shallow box, and filled it with a small amount of litter. One by one I put them in it, and she started eating it. She didn't like it and started pawing at her mouth. Why is it kittens want to eat litter long before they want to eat food? Anyway.. I cleared her mouth, but she and every one else was confused by the litter so I gathered up the kitten droppings around the room and put them in the box, figuring that would help them figure this out.

Usually they just get it. They see mom using the box, and they start. But they are too advanced and yet too small to see over the box, so they haven't made the connection. So I then took the little spitfire girl and started to rub her to make her go pee. Once she started, i put her in the box.

She didn't seem to make the connection.

this morning I went down to make sure all was ok. Those kits love to see me.. it is so sweet!! Oscar is in love with me.. is right on top of my foot, and begging for attention (or maybe food) Anyway, I had set the kits up on the floor with a blanket and secured the area so they were limited with in the room. Don't want to have to move couches at this point to find them :D. well they went to the edge of the pen, and were all screaming at me, when the spitfire girl climbed into the litter box and started digging. I thought she was just playing, but then she stopped and stood there, and I heard her peeing!!

You know your pretty sad when you get all excited about kitten pee.. but OMG it is soo freakingly cute to have barely four week old kittens using the litter box..

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

put the ark away for another day

Em is stable at 9.5 pounds.. Miss Molly and Miss Martha are back to feeding their kits very well. I still supplement them once a day, but I think that is more for me, than because they need it. I was concerned about the 'what ever dude' kitten, since he was skin and bones... but I gave him 3ccs one night, he took 6 the next. he feels like he's got more meat on him now.. still incredibly laid back.. but things look good.

The buff boys who were sneezing and having problems keeping their eyes unglued are doing much better. The bigger one is in fact the biggest of all the kittens.. eyes are staying open, active, and can scream with the best of them :)

I still can't seem to get the mothers to eat very much, but I'm sure they'll pull through just fine.

Em spent a lot of the weekend outside with us as we did yard work. I swear she does better when she gets outside. but that could just be me projecting. This morning there was blood in her nasal drainage.. Could just be from the fact that her nasal passage is quite irritated from everything going on. Hopefully it was just that little bit, and I won't get home to blood all over the house.

Friday, May 25, 2007

cute Em story

I took Em out last night when I got home from work. It was such a nice night, that I decided to go into the garage and get my pruning shears, and work in the garden a little. I told Em to stay put that I would be right back. Well she thought I was taking too long and yelled at me. When I got back out we both went into my little garden and started puttering around. Well she wandered a bit, and I lost sight of her. I called out to her, and found her at the very front edge of our yard. It dips down into a culvert, so that is why I lost sight of her. As I started walking towards her, she actually started stalking a bird. She did her little run to try to catch it.. (which isn't quite a run but is a lot quicker than you'd think of the ol girl) it was so cute and heart warming for me.

Ok, Where is the Ark??

When it rains it pours!!

Em is down to 9lbs 8 oz!! WTH?! I thought she felt heavier so I weighed her. I just looked at the ounces and saw 10 ounces and got excited for a minute thinking she was 10lbs 10 oz.. hence gaining weight, but it was 9lbs 10 oz. I weighed her again this morning (after she didn't eat her mid meal snack) and it was 9lbs 8 oz. Makes me want to cry. She has been doing ok for the most part. she has a lot of drainage out of her nose despite the antibiotics.. little annoying to keep picking it off the bed, but as long as she's with me, I can't complain. She did have another episode the other day. Remember when i stepped on her tail and she seemed out of it afterwards.. it was like that. I suppose I should get her back to the vet.. but I don't think they can do anything for her, so what would be the point?

Then the foster kittens are having issues. The moms (I've named them Miss Molly - for the younger one w/ white and Miss Martha for the tortie) are having issues. They aren't eating all that well. Miss Molly is barely eating. Last night her kits were hungry but not STARVING, so I thought we were still on the far side of ok.. Miss Molly was definately dehydrated and skinny, but bright and allert. I gave her some more KMR, and went to bed. This morning she was still on this side of OK but I was concerned. The little boy tiger kitten (winky) was very slow to respond, and also dehydrated. So I took her and the kits in to the shelter for some fluid. It almost ran into mom.. a steady stream. Hopefully this will perk her up enough to eat and start producing milk again. winky seemed to feel better. the solid black one is extremely laid back. He's the "what ever dude" type of kitten. Which scares me, because when they don't care it is usually a sign of health issues. However he's been this way since I got him home... so it might just be his personality. I gave Miss Molly's kits some KMR (Miss Martha's kits seem to be doing fine except for the goopy eyes) and they all had about 6 ounces except the little black one who had about half that despite all of my tricks..

Sad thing is, that there is about a week of difference in their ages, but both groups seem to be about the same size now..

Thursday, May 24, 2007

covered in KMR and snot

What is it about one that gets me covered in both?? :)

Em is still snotty. Lots of white to greenish white drainage. She's back on antibiotics.. don't think it is helping, but then again I have only given it a short time. Other than that she's pretty stable. BGs almost always hit 300 by testing time. still wants to go outside on a regular basis. Still likes to lick me in the middle of the night. Yup.. she's hanging in there.

The fosters are sneezing.. just the mom's younger kittens. Did I mention that I think the two moms are mother and daughter. Mom (tortie medium hair) has much worse teeth and isn't nearly as obsessed with her kittens as the daughter (torbie - tortie w/white - long hair) Mom has the younger kits, daughter had the older. Daughter is in with her kittens 90-95% of the time.

Neither one of them is eating well. Its frustrating. They are both oboxiously thin. The only saving grace is that they are so fluffy that I can barely see it. not that it is much of a saving grace. their input is like half of their output.. I have no idea how they are doing it. I keep offering them different types of food and nothing really tempts them.

one of the buff colored boys (younger set) is sneezing up a storm and is constantly snotty. I thought we were out of the woods the other day as he was much much less snotty, but this morning he was all covered again. its funny cause when he gets covered, he nurses, and grabs some of his mom's fur in the process which is black, so he ends up looking like he put on a fake beard and mustache..

so because I was worried for the moms, I brought some KMR down, and supplemented the kits. almost all of them totally appreciated it. One in each group (snot boy and the girl in the older set) was like "what the heck are you sticking in my mouth!?!?" One of the older boys LOVED it.. sucked it right out of the syringe :D too cute. I gave some of the KMR to the younger mom, she wasn't thrilled that I did that, but she so needed it. she's nothing but skin and bones, and if her kits are attached to her all day and that hungry you know she's not producing much. Hopefully it will be like priming the pump and she'll start eating well on her own.

names.. I so need to get them names..
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