Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Fancy Feast Advent Calendar


I saw that Fancy Feast was doing an advent calendar and I sent my husband to the store to snag one of the few remaining ones (according to the website) on his way home that day.  He actually snuck it into the house so it wouldn't ruin Fleurp's surprise 

Since today is the first.. we broke into it and there was much rejoicing 

24 whole days of canned food.. Fleurp is going to be spoiled that is for certain 

Sunday, November 29, 2020

2020 Christmas Card

 With Thanksgiving behind us, I can officially start mentioning my Annual Christmas Card. 

This is the card I sent out in 2016. I like the current year to be a bit of a surprise, so I won't share it until after Christmas. Yes, once again I created a "Christmas" card, sorry.  One of these years I will do another nondenominational end of year card - as I did in 2017 - especially if someone mentions that they would prefer that.. 

To get the 2020 collectable, highly sought after, limited edition Christmas card you can enter your address at my Postable account (they ask for all kinds of info, all I need is your address).  I don't keep these, so please don't assume you'll get one because you are my bestest friend ever and I should so totally know your address (yes I am looking at you), mostly because I am horrible at writing out addresses and if you put it in Postable I can import it into a spreadsheet and then do a mail merge so that the address is actually legible and it will actually get to you! 😻 

If you prefer not to give your address to them (they don't keep it, I promise, I delete it out after I send you my card) you can email me or reach me through your favorite social media.

If you would like to send me a card (and I would LOVE it if you did, but no obligation) you can send me one: Tails from the Foster Kittens PO Box 554 Grantham, NH 03753

Sunday, November 1, 2020

Meet the #Fluffernuggets


I know I have said this before, but I am not kidding this time.. If you have a weak constitution, you might want to sit down and prepare yourself for these two.. 

You were warned, right? Proceed at your own risk.. 

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Meet Tux


Meet Tux, aka Tuxedo.  He is an eight-year-old owner surrender because he wasn't fitting in at his home anymore.  I have said it before and I will say it every single time, kudos to the owner for realizing that the situation was not working well for the kitty and finding a rescue to take the kitty and find him a home that suits him better.  I know, I KNOW we all want homes to be furrever homes, but just like we all want all relationships to work, sometimes they just don't, and that is okay.  It is what you do once you realize that is what is important. Tux is safe and happy and we will find him a home that is a good match for him.

He is a bit of a stress boy right now.  I have had him for a couple of days at this point and I was waiting for him to be a bit more comfortable before introducing him. He is an absolute love, and kinda needy. He really wants to follow me right out of the foster room, I mean like REALLY wants to. He enjoys polishing my ankles with his body and this headbutts might actually leave a bruise one of these days.  He is almost 16lbs of kitty and his head is HUGE - like barely fits in my hand huge.. 

He is not yet comfortable jumping up on the couch with me or climbing in my lap. He REALLY doesn't want his nails trimmed and I decided not to push it. He REALLY REALLY does not want pills (remember when I said his head was huge?? yeah, well that is a problem with how I pill a cat).  I believe his stress (or maybe food allergies??) is causing him to lick his belly so when he arrived he had a weeping hot spot on his belly and a bit of irritation between two of his toes on one of his back feet (oddly, it is something that happened to my cat Eli a couple of times) 

I am working on gaining his full trust. He really wishes that I would do that without touching his feet or picking him up, but even after a short time both of those things are getting a little easier. His belly looks a bit better too.  I am starting to see that he might have a bit of a goofy side.. 

I would say he is ready to be adopted by an experienced kitty owner who isn't afraid of a little irritated skin, or it might be best to keep him for a little longer if there isn't a cat-savvy person ready to take him home.

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