Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Michaela's weight

Several readers have asked about Michaela's weight

When she showed up at my house on 22 days ago she weighed 3.22KG which translated to just over 7lbs 1oz. Last night I weighed her and she weighed 4.33 which roughly translated to 8lbs 9oz.

I don't usually weigh in KG, but for some weird reason I think it is a bit more precise (which is silly as it is the same scale just different settings) and I was told she was not eating well when she was dropped off. Originally, her eating wasn't great so I would weigh her each day. Each day the scale went up a little bit so I was feeling more and comfortable so after almost a week of increasing weight, I stopped weighing her.

What was interesting was on day one she had no idea what I was asking of her and when I put her on the scale she wanted off immediately. Each day it was a little easier to get her weight because she would wait a little longer before stepping off. These days when I put her on the scale she just stands there waiting for me to praise her. She is so smart.

She is eating quite a bit these days. It is interesting because some days she eats three cans but then some meals she barely eats half a can. The shelter dropped off some 3 oz cans and I fed her the Weruva Cats fowl ball and she LOVED it. Inhaled it before I finished scooping her box. I threw a case of it on the Amazon wishlist on the off chance anyone wants to feed a poor starving kitty 😻

I'm also working with her to be carried around. Initially, she would hate it when I would pick her up. She would immediately start looking to get down and generally wasn't very nice about letting me know what she wanted. I would put her down the moment she asked and since she was generally calm enough to be placed on all four paws before I let her go, it was a fairly painless process. Now twice a day when I visit her I pick her up for a little snuggle and a kiss and she lets me. Each time I get just a few more seconds. Hopefully, once the babies come and she's a little more comfortable in her own skin she'll be a snuggly girl.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Kitten Pool update

Well, one-third of the people who entered the kitten pool has already been eliminated. I get the distinct feeling she is not going to give birth today either so that eliminates more than half of the guesses.

I did google how long after you felt movement, and they said two weeks, but maybe they didn't mean the subtle movements that feel a bit like a butterfly wing but more the distinct movement of a head *shrug* If so we are looking at another week of kitten watch. *sigh*

An update on her vomiting:  I couldn't get a handle on her vomiting, aka why she was doing it. At first, I thought it was a beef issue, but it happened after I fed beef foods. Turns out that it was the dry food (and the soy in the tuna?) that was causing it because once I eliminated the dry food it stopped. Now that she is on a canned food only diet, we are going through a ton of canned food.. fun fun.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Michaela's in the basket!

I brought the basket out into the room and Michaela immediately checked it out. We talked about birthin babies and she assumed the position and then...

I bet you want to see these babies.. 

yeah, well, so do I.. 

until they come out could you scratch my ears 
(I'm having a hard time with that right now)

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Day elebenty billion without kittens - playing with light

At this rate, I fear I am never going to have kittens ever again, I'm just going to get this kitty who has swallowed a nerf football and who likes to chew on my hair and splay herself all over me.

But like the saying goes, a watched pot never boils, so I decided to see what I could do with different light options available to me when trying to take Michaela's photograph in the late afternoon. There isn't much natural light in that room, to begin with, and even less as the sun sinks below the tree line.

Full flash

no flash

bounced flash

up in the window light bounced flash

up in the window no flash

She was so over my playing pawpurrazzi.. all she wanted was for me to rub her belly and scratch her ears.. so I did. 
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