Friday, July 13, 2018

The kittens try #CatAmazing

I won this product from a review done over at It's all about the cats! I was not compensated in any way for this post, but I did receive it for free - because I won it.

It was sent to me via Amazon, so you can buy it there if you would like your own. I decided to let the CatMan put it together and the kittens "helped"

CatMan and Brutus contemplate the product
Zena thinks they are going to need a lot of help
I am here to save the day!
Dude, what are you doing?
I think you are supposed to do something with this.. 
CatMan reads the instructions while Zoey nibbles on them
oooh, something new to stand on!
Wait, we liked it the other way
well this is kinda interesting
How are we supposed to stand in this box if there is this insert?
The lady threw a ball in here.. 
What better toy than a friend to play with?
oooh, this is amazing!

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Photographing kittens takes a lot of patience

Photographing kittens takes a lot of patience and a bit of arm strength. I have a tripod, but I am not sure where it is at this point. I need to go looking for it because holding my camera and attracting the kitten's attention is not easy. I'm also thinking I want to invest in a remote for my camera too, so I don't necessarily need to be standing right next to the camera and press on it which can shift the view a little bit..

Monday, July 9, 2018

MommaMichaela to the rescue

Michaela and her kittens are under the care of NHKittens. They recently took in another pregnant cat who gave birth to a number of kittens the other day. Unfortunately, the mother cat passed away shortly thereafter. The kittens are doing well but they would do better with a mother cat. Michaela will be going over to meet them tomorrow to give them a helping paw.

I have been talking about separating Michaela from her own kittens for a variety of reasons. The biggest reason is that she is still happily nursing them and I have no idea if they are even close to being weaned at this stage. They are now willingly eating food and happy for it when I enter the room, but they walk away shortly after starting. Another more personal reason is that she seems to be trying to get out of the foster room whenever I walk in. It is interesting because she doesn't try to escape when I leave, just when I enter. The other day, when my husband came into the room, she bolted for the door so quickly she actually became a blur - it was dizzying

She is a beautiful girl, and whoever ends up adopting her is going to be very lucky. She tends to be a little nervous in new situations but she wants to hide and get away rather than stay and fight so giving her a little space will give her time to warm up. Imposing - not forcing - will help her get used to you. She didn't like it at all when I picked her up when I first met her, but picking her up for short periods of time and putting her down as soon as she asked got her to the point where I can now hold her easily.

She is a playful girl who likes feathers and fishing pole toys. She loves attention but isn't really a lap cat. If I put her on my lap she will hang out for a while but then will move to sit near me, often draping a paw over my ankle. She really likes my hair, often rubbing her face on it or batting at it with her paws. She also has this really cool habit of standing behind me and putting her front two paws on my back. She doesn't knead, but it still feels really nice. She is a little particular about her food and has a bit of a sensitive stomach when it comes to dry food but once we got that under control she has been an amazing house guest. I am sorry to see her go.

I am sure she will take to the new kittens easily. She really has enjoyed the feeding and cleaning of kittens quite a bit. There were parts of being a mom she totally didn't understand at all, but those are all things that were manageable. The feeding and cleaning are the worst part of fostering kittens without a mom, so I was happy she was doing those. She is so young.. that except for her size (all seven pounds of her) you would think she was a kitten herself.

Friday, July 6, 2018

Okay, I'll admit it, kittens are cute

It is easy to forget how cute they are when you are cleaning up the messes they make, but they are very quick to remind you..

The kittens are eating six regular sized cans of cat food a day and it is only going to increase from this point on now that most of them are looking for food. It is actually a little hard keeping up with them.

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