Thursday, September 20, 2018

Monday Morning update on Thursday

Sorry for the lack of posts here. The kittens were neutered on Sunday and they came back quite drunk. I took these photos prior to being neutered

They came back Sunday evening quite drunk.  I've dealt with drunk kitties quite a few times, but all of them seemed to be favoring their hind leg as well. I wrote into the rescue and was told that they also received their vaccine in that leg.. well that explained that.

Unfortunately, they also reacted quite badly to the whole vet experience and have been setting off hiss storms for three days now. This is why it is such a good idea for kittens to recover at home with people who know what is going on and can try to keep things as calm as possible. They have been quite resistant to all of my "but you love each other!!" "suggestions" and while things are currently much improved, with a tortie among the bunch it doesn't take much to set them off. Torties.. you have got to love them!!

Actually, S'more has recently turned into a super lovey kitten who jumps right up on my lap and asks for belly rubs. Graham is awesome because he runs right up to me and attaches himself to my ankle, but S'more is the first one in my lap and I am a sucker for that.

I think they need a couple more days to fully get over everything. Then there will be the process of getting them through the system, getting their health checks and going up for adoption.. Won't be long now.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

More Deer at Casa de Gato

We actually have two deer family that make the rounds around my house now.  This beautiful family showed up recently.

It thrills me every time I see them.  On Thursday, two of the babies from the first family showed up in front of my house. I saw one walk by and I was so excited that I jumped up and immediately started a Facebook live to share. The deer walked out of the view so I stopped and I moved to a different window.  The deer moved right in front of my driveway.. it was so cool.

I ran back to my office to get my DSLR and take close up photos. I took some stunning photos. The deer moved off to the side of my garage and I ran to the side window to wait for it and this deer looked different. The sibling was also there. I got some poor shots of them from the angles they were at. The smaller one moved to the back of the garage and I could see it out the back window and I took some great photos.. then I realized I could see the other one in the reflection of the window and I took a few photos trying to get a good one and I grabbed a pretty good one when the deer were spooked and ran off.  As they were running I wanted to try to get one of it bounding, and I saw the No SD Card warning on the display.  I nearly banged my head on the wall.. They were really great photos. I mean I was less than 10 feet away from them and I had my zoom lens..

I am guessing I am going to have more chances.. I am just going to have to be very careful to keep an SD card in my camera..
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