Wednesday, October 29, 2008

OMG Ollie is MAD at me!!

out and out mad at ME! giving me the evil eye, blaming it all on me.. *hangs head* I'm sorry buddy.. Just wanted to make sure you were well..

He got one tooth removed. Last night he was beyond drunk with seditives. Almost seemed like the leg they operated on was asleep too, as he had a very hard time controlling it.

He went down stairs and hid under the pool table. We got him back upstairs, and I offered him some treats, but I think he couldn't see very well because he had the worst time trying to get his mouth around them.

we went downstairs to watch some tv, and I brought out one of the kittens to play with tweedle, but while we weren't looking Ollie made it back down stairs and was under the pool table again and he did not like the kitten being around. He made a strange soft little noise, so off that I didn't recognize it for what it was at first. Took a second one for me to come to the 'rescue' and yes, he was mad at me for that too "stoopid mom for letting stoopid kitten out.. grump grump grump"

I tried to pick him up at one point, and he really swore at me then.

So I went to bed..

Turns out he didn't hate me so much that he was willing to forgo the heat of the bed.. unfortunately I moved, and once again he got ticked off.

I just couldn't win.

couldn't this morning either. He allowed me to grovel at him and beg his forgiveness, but he didn't bestow it upon me. His leg still seemed to be asleep - or at least all pin and needly.. If it is off tonight, I'll call the vet in the morning..

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ollie update

surgery went well. got clean margins, everything looks good. I forgot to ask about the dental..


I've been watching Fleurp on the web cam, and she's been sleeping all morning. We had a storm go through here, so at one point I couldn't see anything. The clouds cleared up, and it got nice and bright, and Fleurp woke up. I had put a felt mouse in the tub with her, and she started playing with it..

She eventually flipped it into the litter box (see last photo) and she couldn't find it any more, and looked up at the cam. Sometimes it really seems like the kittens on cam understand what that little black box is for..

and now she's climbing the walls.. lol
more playing
Where's the mouse? (check the litter box)
Climbing the walls


I'm thinking of renaming her Phoenix.. cause of the flame on her head..

but I really like Fleurp..

Anyway.. I have her on my web cam.. I checked on her when I first got to work about four hours ago. Just checked on her now. She is in the exact same position (sleeping) but the food is all missing from her plate :)

Oh how I wish I could spend oodles of time with her.. she's just so darn appreciative of the company!

Ollie's surgery day

I dropped him off this morning. After I medicated him this morning (I can no longer walk toward him with a syringe, he runs away, but if I put it down I can nab him) catching him to put him in the carrier wasn't going to happen, so I enlisted my husband to do the dead. He was quite for most of the trip, just a few pitiful "HEY! this stinks you know!" cries. I get the feeling he knows what is going on, and while he doesn't like it, he knows it is for the best.

so a snip out of a growth, and a grooming of the teeth..

updates when I get them.

Monday, October 27, 2008

foster updates

Benny: I found a sample bag of "low carb dry food" I tested her before I gave it to her. 95. tested after a day of letting her nibble at it, 110. another test a day later was 106.. so not great.. but not excessive either. I'm letting it go another day and will test her tonight to see if I feel comfortable saying she can eat this and be diet controlled. Since she isn't really eating it, but just having a few nibbles, it could be used as treats.

Fleurp: oh how this kitten makes me laugh. She's not very good at jumping out of the smaller tub, but when I left the shower door cracked a bit, she found a way out. She has D*E*T*E*R*M*I*N*A*T*I*O*N!!! I gave her a bath the other day. She took it just fine, but acted quite ticked at me afterwards, but her need of love quickly over came her "OMGoodness I'm TICKED and WET!!" attitude. She is eating very well on her own now. She has a pot belly and you can feel her bones through her fluff, so I dewormed her. Hopefully that will get things working in the right direction. She's now on atropine as well. I think I might see some improvement. I also saw a cloud on the other eye this morning. Might have just been a piece of normal mucus, but to be safe I threw some antibacterial ointment in there. She's also quite lonely. I hope she becomes non contagious soon, she needs a companion!

Buttercup and Weslee: goodness these two are neurotic! Mom LOVES attention but absolutely positively do not hold her. She'll crawl up into your lap, but only one hand at a time for your own safty and her comfort. Wes is pure fluff, but you try to enjoy that fluff, and you find her sharp and pointy bits immediatly. She's also huge. 3lbs 3 oz. her feet are massive.. she's going to be a big one! She still very much looks like a kitten, so I think I'm going to keep her another week and send her back with half of the orphans.

Orphans: Cordory is 2lbs 11 oz so he's ready to go. Paddington is very close, and is probably there now. Tessie is also flirting with the weight requirement to go back. Now I LOVE these kittens.. they are gentle, kind, sweet, and love human attention. If I'm in there alone, I usually end up with all five of them on me. But once again, Muffin's threat to kill me weighs on my mind. Goo and Noddy are 2lbs and 1lb 11oz, so they will be with me for a while longer. They are a beautiful matched pair too. He's redder than she is, but that's about the only difference. Goo's white lining around her eyes which was so prominate when she was younger is there, but not quite so prominate.

I'm thinking next week we'll send back Buttercup, Weslee, Cord, Pad-Thai, and Tessie. I'll keep Goo and Noddy, and maybe *crosses fingers* mix them with Fleurp.

I'm also flirting with the idea of changing's Goo's name to Tessie (since she is the friend of Noddy in the story book) and finding a new name for Tess.

Ollie's last day of "freedom"

Well Ollie is going in for surgery tomorrow.. *small wimper* He'll be fine. He's going to have his teeth cleaned, and a lump removed from his flank. Going to cost me a friggen arm and a leg too.

I don't know if he knows what is going on. Almost seems as if he does. He's been showing up each morning and evening to get his antibiotic. You'd think after the first day he'd be leary to show up, but he does.

so no food after midnight tonight.. then an early morning trip almost an hour away.. fun fun.


Monday, October 20, 2008

Kittunz r ebil

Yes, yes, I know. You'd think by now I'd be immune to their powers, heck even partially immune would be good.. but noooo.. I go to the shelter yesterday to get food, and I see this little fluff ball who needs me. She is mostly a DLH regular ol tiger kitten, but with a splash of orange on her forehead, face, nose.

Her eyes are almost invisible with all the swelling of her her conjunctiva, there is puss oozing out of them. She's congested, and miserable, but she craves attention to the non-existence of every other need. I finally got her to sleep, but she wanted me just to pat and snuggle her.

I'm thinking of calling her Flurp (Fleurp?)

Her ears are packed with junk too. I'm amazed she can see and hear anything.

so this makes four sets of fosters at the house, and 15 cats..

but they sucker you in with their cuteness...

pictures to come when I get her home.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Well I finally got my web cam working at work again, so I peeked in on my kits..
Kittens on OttomanProbably not a good idea.. as there is work to be done at work at some point.. can't spend all day watching kittens sleep.. But they are soo cute!

Aww.. look Pad-Thai came to see me.. Pad.. look into the camera honey..

Ollie ollie oxen free

Ollie and Kit last Christmas
Well Ollie has an appointment with the vet tomorrow. A while back I felt a lump on his leg. I was hoping it would go away, but it hasn't, and I think it's gotten bigger. It doesn't seem to bother him unless I really try to examine it, and then he doesn't act as if he is in pain, just his normal self of not wanting to be examined and he tries to leave.

The lump is on his left rear flank. If he's standing up it is on his body, but if he's laying down it is on the outside of his leg. I am hopeful it is nothing serious, but it doesn't feel like the smooth cyst that Jack has. It feels ropey.

*crosses fingers*

Kitten Therapy.

OMG I am so head over heals for these orphan kittens. I should have known better than to take them when they sat at the edge of their cage calling to me all those weeks ago.

Thankfully I still have Muffin threat to kill me in my sleep if I take in any more cats.

My little Pad-Thai
This morning I was quite out of it from a bad night's sleep (see previous post) and I stumbled down stairs to feed them. I decided just to sit on the couch and tickle Paddington (aka Pad-Thai) for a few moments. Pad is a love. you put him on his back and he almost immediately starts to fall asleep. Pad has a small hernia, so I'm a little concerned about him, but he's fine. I just worry. But he is an absolute love, and friggen adorable. So this morning I was snuggling him, and Cordoroy decided that he needed to be in my face, and since he had to stand on top of Pad to be there, that is what he did. It was so funny, but as I'm a little cautious of Pad, a little concerning too. So I took him and put him down on the other side of me, and he immediately climbed back up. I think he thought my nose had to die or something, cause he was a little obsessed. I then took him and put him on the floor, and he popped right back up.

Cordory is another one who kills me. Yesterdy he was goosing me, reaching in my jeans to play with the tag or my undies, I have no idea what.. he makes me laugh so hard. He likes to pat my face, and put his paw on my lips and nose. This morning he was a little rough, and after Pad left to go nurse, he was attacking me, and I finally said "NO" then "OW" and he stopped, and looked so concerned. if I had been a cartoon, that would have been the point when I would have been slain by the cuteness.

Tessie is a doll. She's also obsessed with straws. I brought a drink down, and put it off to the side while I trimmed nails. While I wasn't looking, she jumped up and grabbed the straw out of my drink.. Now of course this caused my drink to fall and get everywhere, but she was so proud of herself for getting the straw, I couldn't be mad at her. She ran around trying to keep her prize from her siblings. Growling, hoarding, it was just too funny.

Noddy is a little momma's boy. He likes to sit near me. He also likes to look at me. I think he finds comfort in just being near me. He does play and rough house, but he usually spend a good chunk of the time I'm in the room just being near me. This morning it was on my shoulder.

Googly Bear is a cutie pie too. Loves to be in the frey of wrestling. She was in the kitten pile I had on my lap this morning and every morning. Her markings are still quite distinctive, the white rimming around her eyes like excessive white eyeliner..

Weslee is quite the terror. I have yet to figure out if she knows she is bigger than her older room mates or not. but she does love to wrestle now. I can't seem to figure out if it would be best to adopt her out with someone or by herself. I guess it really depends on how much attention she is going to get. Because new things freak her out, I think that unless her new owners are going to dote on her 24/7 it might not be a bad idea to have another kitty with her to keep her settled. She is really starting to love to chew on toes. She is almost of size to go back to be altered and go up for adoption. I'm thinking of holding her back though because a) her mom is nursing the orphans and b) she's so beautiful she'll be adopted right quick no matter how large she is. I took her to the shelter last week when I brought the kittens for an update of their frontline. Showed her rabbits, and guinea pigs, and even showed her dogs - although from far away. Rabbits were ok, but everything else got hissed at.

Buttercup - she is still such a kitten herself. she LOVES to play with the kittens, but you can tell she is restraining herself to keep from hurting them. I so want her to go with someone who will tap into that kittenness in her and get her playing hard. She loves attention, but still can't handle being held in any way shape or form. She still has problems with two hands being on her. I can't help but wonder what happened to her.

So that was my morning. Covered in kittens, being bitten, and wrestled on, laughing and watching the mayhem. sometimes I wonder why I still foster, because it is so hard sometimes, and I get burnt so easily lately.. then mornings like this happen, and I remember why.


Benny is so very amusing. And this one she didn't even have any control over.

It is a full moon, and I often have problems sleeping on a full moon. Last night was no exception.

This morning I was walking through a fog. Benny couldn't have cared, she wanted breakfast and she wanted it NOW thank you very much you lowly human slave.. :)

For the past week she's been giving me non diabetic BG readings, in the 50s and 60s. I decided not to test her yesterday morning and just fed her. I tested her last night and got a 99. I decided to hold off on insulin and see what she read in the morning.

So that is where I was when I was in this fog. But, the testing went well, and she threw me a 91. Lower than the 99. Then I remembered the full moon and how a lot of diabetic kitties often throw weird numbers around a full moon, so I looked at her chart and counted back 28 days, and found her numbers were the highest they ever were then. So I decided to hold off on the insulin.

I went to feed her, and in the process of opening the can I sliced open my finger. I didn't even realize I was bleeding till I felt it start to drip. I thought what the heck, and I tested my own BGs. and I too got a 91! :) just too funny.

someone get me some caffiene!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

do your kittens free roam? are they neutered?

if yes to the first or no to the second then bitch slap yourself for me.

This morning I was driving into work and saw a dead kitten in the middle of the other lane. I know that there are people who enjoy running over dead animals, and this kitten looked recently hit, so I did a u-turn and pulled over to get the kitten out of the side of the road.

I had nothing in my car to help me *makes mental note to put something in the car* so I had to scruff the kitten and grab some fur near it's tail to get it off the road. I laid it gently in the fallen leaves on the side of the road. It was near a house. I thought of knocking on the door, but it was early, and if it was their cat, they would find it soon enough.

This little gray kitten couldn't have been more than four months old. It was recently hit because it was warm. I believe it was owned, because it was quite heavy for its size. (aka it hasn't missed a meal)

there was a pool of blood in the road, and the poor kitten's eye was knocked out of its head. Fortunately for me it was still attached, cause honestly I think I would have lost it if I had seen it roll away.

I'm sorry for the graphic nature of this post. I assume most people who visit my blog are cat lovers and abhor this kind of imagry. Hell I abhor it and I had to deal with it.

Not that this would have been any easier if it was an adult cat. I know. I moved one of those off the road several years ago. but something about this little bit of a kitten losing it's life just kills me. No kitten that young should be free roaming. I can only hope it's owners didn't know it was out. that somehow it escaped..

But I know there are owners out there who think nothing of letting younglings run free. They think it is their nature - like squirrels or woodchucks - to be able to run around in the wild. heck, I used to be one of those people. Now I know what comes of a lot of cats that free roam. I think the risk is just too high.

The risk is just too high.

Ok, vent over. I am sorry if you have a kitty that is an outdoor kitty that can not be kept inside. I know that pain. the first kitty I adopted once I was on my own was semi feral. He wanted to be outside in the worst way. He was distructive to get outside. silly thing was once he was outside if we shut the door he freaked and wanted back in. We sat with him to let him know that we would always let him back in. and yes, years later we lost him to the great outdoors. the kitty I owned growing up was an indoor-outdoor cat, and he was lucky to live to a ripe ol age... but he too knew the sting of getting hit by car. fortunately he was smarter for the experience, and not killed, because he was VERY leary of the road after that. Those kitties that already go outside, transitioning them to indoor only can be very hard if not impossible. It is the kittens that don't ever need to know about outside. they can live full happy indoor lives. and usually if you get them past that first initial desire to explore the new and interesting world out there, then they almost never want to actually go out there. Look and be amused by the wind and the birds .. aka cat tv.. yes.. but explore the unknown.. *shudder* I tried to leash train my kitties, but I had missed that critical window of opportunity where new was exciting and not scary and overwhelming. they all freaked at being outside.

alright, I'm rambling. I guess I'm trying to justify my outrage and apease those who let their cats outside. *shrug* I'm allowed to be outraged and angry. I have kitten blood on my shoe.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Jack, my love, my PITA

My darling boy Jack - the kitty after my own soul - my boy who even while hes being horribly obnoxious can brighten my day - has learned a new trick.

I don't know how many here remember my posting a video of our newest kitten Kit playing fetch, but she's been doing it over a year now. Well last night when I woke up in the middle of the night, Jack decided to bring a belled ball into the bed. yes, belled. at least Kit plays with fur mice that don't make noise.

Well he dropped it by my hand, and rubbed his chin on my hand, so I patted him and shook the ball then threw it, figuring that would be the last of it and I could go back to sleep.

Well he brought it back. *rolls eyes* So I threw it again. Well I must have thrown it good and hard, because he brought back a completely different ball!! Silly boy. I threw that two more times before he decided it was more fun just to play with it. After a while he gave up and joined me and we went back to sleep.

how DH slept through all of it, I'll never know, but I do envy him that.

but then again, if I had slept through the night I would have missed our time together

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Weslee & Buttercup

is a spoiled brat. and she does not like anything new. I was making goo-goo noises at her the other day and it freaked her right out. She hissed, spit and swat at me. she's just too darn cute to do this! *sigh* I need more time in my life to get this out of her..

Her mom is a laugh riot. Such a kitten. She doesn't realize she's so big either. She knows enough to be gentle when she's rough housing with the kittens, but she runs around the room and wrestles with the kittens. She is also so very much into getting attention. Unfortunately she can not be held. She'll sit in your lap, and rub all over you, and you can pat her till your arms fall off, but the second you try to give her a hug she balks and fights to get out of it.

She also got quite a case of mastitis over the weekend. Fortunately I had a bottle of clavamox. She was so impacted that she was leaking. I'm sure she was so uncomfortable she didn't want the kits to nurse, which was making the situation worse. after a day of ABs she was much better off and kits were nursing. two days and she was pretty much back to normal.
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