Monday, September 29, 2003

Jack is now famous!

the woman I bought his collar from put him on her website..

So I ran into work today - forgetting all about the poop from Saturday night... So I talked to the doctor about it and he's not worried.. said it was normal from time to time.. yea! so Eli was probably just depressed.

Sunday, September 28, 2003

can we say.. obnoxious.. I knew we could.. :)

These kittens.. I swear.. are the worst set of kittens I've had to date. They are cute.. don't get me wrong.. but O.. M.. C.. what a pain. I had to lock the boys up in the crate to get any cleaning done.. and even then the girls were in my way. One of them had thrown their little pink mouse in the water bowl, so the water was all pink.. not a good sign for a toy if you ask me.. so out it all went.. Mom's stool is once again the consistency of warm peanut butter, but she's looking and acting much better, so I'm not going to worry about it so much. I'm sure once the kittens are gone and she's on a regular scheduled she'll be regular again. If she makes a turn for the worse I'll bring her in to the vets.

So anyway.. Took forever to clean up the room tonight.. when I was done I spent some time cuddling. They are all VERY mouthy, but with a little bit of the me-OW! treatment they stop... except Kodi.. MAN that kitten is obnoxious.. he bit every bit of me he could. my arm. my leg, my fingers, my toes.. and he cares very little about the fact that he's hurting me. I tried to get him to cuddle.. it was quite hard. Finally calmed him down a smidge, and the second I stopped patting him he was right back to biting me. I finally gave up and attempted to leave.. but I was covered in kittens. I tempted them off with toys, got up, shook Kodi off my foot cause he was biting my toe again.. walked toward the door, shook Kodi off my food again, and again.. (yes.. obnoxious) and finally made it out... thankgoodness for that baby gate. If they EVER figure out they can get over it, I'm in big trouble. So I'm sitting out here checking my mail (now obviously blogging) and listening to them kill each other.. I'm thinking one more week and they'll be big enough. Maybe not Ennui.. but hopefully she isn't far behind them.

Ok.. now what?

Last night I was scooping the kitten litter and took it outside.. to do so I have to walk right past my own kitties litter boxes. I smelled a fresh poop, so I went to scoop it, and noticed it had several drops of blood on it.. fresh ones.. the poop its self didn't look too bloody.. (aka nice and brown) Did some investigating, and didn't find any signs that anyone had just gone, but Eli did seem a little less rambunctious than he had before. He also felt a little warm. I took his temp, which was normal, but he didn't put up a fight at all over having it taken - which he normally does. But he's eating.. If it wasn't him I could see him being depressed cause he can't go out into his cat house because its raining.. Guess I'll just have to take the poop in to work and see what the doc has to say about it.

(don't you just love some of the topics of my posts?)

Saturday, September 27, 2003

New foster kitty picts

ennui is right on the top.. then there is a series of picts where anika got a hold of a mouse and would NOT let it go.. she kept growling and running away from her siblings..

That's Tobin hanging off the cage door..
Kodi is standing on the mop.
Tobin looking all innocent on the cage door again with kodi attacking it.

rain 1.. eli.. 0

Eli must have been out in the catio when the rain started this morning, cause he came in complaining and soaking wet. :) poor kitty.

also took a nice picture of Jack with his new collar..

The kittens are getting quite big. They are so cute now.. probably a week or two left. The metro didn't go over very well, but we forced it in mom.. her stools are still kinda soft, but she seems a lot better.. she doesn't seem so skinny, and her belly doesn't feel so lumpy. it's so hard to not give in and give her wet food when I give it to the kittens.. I try to keep it small. it's even harder not to give wet food to the kittens.. Kittens can be SO demanding..

(update 2016 - I would never not give a cat wet food knowing what I know now about nutrition. Giving a cat who has diarrhea only dry food is a sure fire way to dehydrate them. That is not how you cure diarrhea)

Saturday, September 20, 2003

and she smells like flea shampoo

Went to the shelter after work to help out with the adoptions. 11 kittens up for adoption today. There wasn't a whole heck of a lot to do, no one really had any questions about kittens - usually not a good sign that they are going to a good home.. unless of course they are like me and there isn't much to ask.. save for what kind of food they have been on. So I helped out back a bit and gave a bath to four very cute kittens.

Last night I separated Butterscotch from the kittens, by leaving them in the cage and letting her have run of the room. She's looking quite haggard, and I figured she could use a breather. I think she was glad. She showed a bit of concern that the kittens were distressed over not being able to get out, but on the whole looked relaxed. I cleaned the room up (a daily chore with them) and left for the night. This morning she left three HUGE piles of poo in the litter box, and they were the consistency and color of warm peanut butter. I brought in a stool sample, and the vet said there was a lot of fat in it, but no worms.. so she gave me a dewormer - which is pretty standard in any cat with stool issues, and some metro. She recommended that I not feed her wet food, and only give dry cat food. Not the best for the kittens, but I can work something out to get them what they need, and keep her from getting to it.

I ordered a new collar for Jack. It came in today. It's purple with pumpkins on it. It's a little darker than it is in the picture, but its cute. I'm going to take a picture of him wearing it and send it in so the woman who made it can put on her website.. now if only I can get Jack to take a nice picture.. You know him.. not too into sitting still.

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Gonzo and Peanut are now Miles and Treads

I have been getting email's from Gonzo and Peanut's new owners. Gonzo is now Miles, and Peanut is now Treads - because of his paws. I've received a few pictures from her.. Miles looks SOO much like his mother did.. does.. Treads is still very very adorable.. they seem quite happy and are doing well in their new home.

Sunday, September 14, 2003


Saturday I took the kittens in to work with me so hopefully the shelter was coming to pick up or drop off animals, but sadly they weren't. I called up a friend of mine to come and bring them to the shelter.. they needed their first distemper shot and dose of dewormer. Well they sat in their carrier unattended for the hour and a half they were there till I showed up. I gave mom a bath there.. she REEKED of urine.. I have no idea what is going on with her.. hopefully, whatever it is it will clear its self up when she's no longer nursing. The kittens didn't much care that they were in the carrier all day.. they just slept through most of it... probably nursed through the rest of it.

While I was at the shelter I noticed that someone had donated a number of bags of DM food. It was slightly expired, but food is still good after the expiration date.. probably not as fresh tasting, but it's still good. Emmy is on DM, and even with my working for the vet so I get it at cost +5% it's still obnoxiously expensive.. so I asked if they were going to feed it to anyone.. they weren't, so I asked for it and got it. Em has been doing really well on the food.. in just the past few days the improvements seem to have been in leaps and bounds. She's been on it for probably a month or so after the few weeks of transition. Her fur looks nicer. she doesn't seem to have as much dandruff, and she's been a bit more of a pain in general... she must be feeling great :) I just wish she'd lose a little weight.. great big kitty... teeny tiny little feet.. usually stepping on my nice full bladder when I wake up in the AM.

(update: there are far better options for food for diabetics other than DM.)

Thursday, September 11, 2003

Vomiting kitties..

Im sitting here in my chair, and I hear the tell tail signs that there is about to be a hairball on my carpet. I get up to see who's doing it, and Ollie starts to run, leaving a trail of spittle from where he was into the kitchen. I said to him, that's right.. the kitchen. Don't vomit on my carpet.. so what does he do? walks over to the place where he was originally - on the carpet.. and proceeds to hurl again. I picked him up and put him back on the linoleum in the kitchen, and let him hurl..

Must remember that kitties can't hear the word no. He heard, vomit on carpet... he was just doing what I told him to do..

Saturday, September 6, 2003

and I over react again...

I went in this morning and mom once again had feces stuck to her fur, but this time her "pants" were damp as well. it was strange so I picked her up and felt some very odd bumps in her belly. I tried to get a good feel of them, they seemed kitten sized, and despite her squirming, I could have sworn it moved. she gave birth four weeks ago, so she couldn't possibly be pregnant.. but I couldn't for the life of me figure out what the heck it was, so off we went to the shelter, and Bobbie said it was nothing out of the ordinary. Yup.. I'm just a little oversensitive when it comes to kitten health.

The ride down stressed her out pretty badly.. I was going to give her a bath when I got home, but I thought she should just relax with the kittens... she'll get one tonight.

the boys still don't have names.. arrrgh. No idea. I'll probably end up naming them Tobin Tigger and Kodi.

Monday, September 1, 2003

Aren't they cute?

I have become a glorified jungle gym for the kitties.. :) Ennui likes to sit on my lap and watch the action.. red and Anika like to climb up my back and sit on my shoulders.. and head if they can do it. Red and blue are getting quite mouthy.. they keep biting me. absolutely no means of saying 'no' sinks into them.. the minute I'm done, they are right back to chewing on me.

The scabs on their heads have cleared up nicely.. So it must have just been some rough play instead of ring worm.. thank goodness!!

I brought in a comb cause mom was looking a bit scraggly, and she LOVED being combed. The tail wasn't much fun, but then again it was pretty bad off, so I can understand that.

Mom is still sneezing up a storm.. the kittens are still a little snotty. Will have to give this a couple more days then look into different medications..

I bought a new cat comb at Target. it works really well!! I'm so glad I got it. I was afraid it wouldn't be effective.. its a bit like a flea comb, only the tines are further apart. I was amazed at all the different products they now have for pets.. breath strips.. like the Listerine pocket paks.. but for dogs.. *rolls eyes* a first aid kit for pets, that had nothing unique in it..and a whole line of shampoos and conditioners.. it was worse than going to petco.. at least there you expect a wide variety of totally useless pet products..
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