Wednesday, April 30, 2003

My cats are so spoiled.

It is such a sad thing that I have raised such shy kitties.. they are sooooo afraid of getting into the bags I bring home to get out what they want..


my kitties have absolutely no problem asking for what they want. I brought home a cat nip toy, and they were all over the bags.. but then again, they are all over any plastic bags I bring home. Muffin LOVES to sit in them.. I hadn't even emptied one and she was trying to get in it last night. I also had a bowl in another one, and she just climbed up in it and sat in the bowl cause it was wrapped in a plastic bag.. it was so cute. Unfortunately though I left the bag on the floor, and bit later on in the evening a couple of kitties - I am assuming it was Muffin and Eli - tore though the house and broke the bowl into a number of pieces. They have no couth.

Today I'm trying something new. I've decided I'm going to give them vitamin supplements in wet food as a treat. The lecithin is doing great things with Emerald's coat (she had major dandruff, it's almost gone now) and I decided that I will be introducing Vitamin C to them as well. I opened up a packet of wet food and put the supplements and the food in five different food bowls for them. Em gets some lecithin and C, and everyone else got a little Vitamin C, except jack who is going to get a bit more. Well, Ollie was totally not fooled. Immediately turned it down. Muffin ate hers, Eli ate his.. well they licked the juice off the sliced food anyway.. Jack had some of his, then went to go see what Em had. Em wanted to know what Ollie passed up.. then Muffin, done with hers, went to eat jacks.. *rolls eyes* I gave up. It wasn't vitally important that they eat their own portions.. just would have been nice... oh well.

Charlie still is with kittens. I haven't felt any more movement. The other day I felt a kitty kick me. But she's not too keen on me just laying my hand on her tummy, it needs to be patting her, or scratching her. She is going to make someone a really great cat..

I checked up on Sally on Tuesday.. she was still there. :( oh well.. She is a great kitty too, I'm sure she'll be picked soon.

Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Walking cats

took Ollie and Jack out for a walk the other day. First, it was Jack. He sat outside and was looking around. I decided to take him to the edge of yard to check the mail. I put him down on the ground, and he just looked up at me and meowed, as if to ask me "now what?" I tried to get him to walk toward the house, but he wouldn't. I walked as close to the house as his leash would allow, but he still wouldn't follow me. I scooched down and patted the ground and he came and rubbed up against my ankles. Had to do that a few times, then he got the hang of it and walked back to the house and up the stairs. Sat on the porch and didn't want to go back inside. I eventually herded him inside. I took ollie out next. He loved it. Only wanted to walk in the shade, but that's understandable.. black cat, lots of warm sun. He had a blast. Will have to take him out more often... maybe when the sun isn't so bright.

still no kittens.

Saturday, April 26, 2003

what people are searching for

every time I go check my stats (for this website) I just want to scream.. For example, there are two in there right now.. one is 'high fever in cats that won't come down' and the other is "swollen glands kitten" Both are highly serious.. and are usually signs of something very bad going on.. I just want to email the people who searched for those things and tell them to rush their kitties to the vet..

Checking on Charlie

went down to check on Charlie.. looked in her ears and saw a few drops of blood in one. She's got mites, so I'm sure she just scratched herself when scratching them. Will have to keep an eye on it. It's kinda difficult to clean her ears when she's pregnant.. that and she's not too into having it done in the first place. She's still quite hungry, so I doubt we'll have kittens any time soon.

Jack is doing really well. He seemed almost tired once I first put him on the antibiotics.. but he's back to his old self. A couple of different references I've read recommend adding vitamin C to an FIV (and an FIP) positive cat. and that there are many cases with fiv positive cats testing negative once the vitamin c levels are brought up. That would be nice.

The clinic that the shelter brings their pets to is hiring. I went and dropped off my resume this morning. I kinda doubt I'll even be called for an interview as I have no tangible experience in that field.. but I do have excellent customer service qualifications, and I'm easily trainable.. so who knows. Guess if they are willing to give it a go, and no overly qualified applies? oh well. I suppose it doesn't really matter to me one way or the other.. work would be good, would help me financially for some of the home improvements we want to do, but if not, its just more kitty time for me... :D

Friday, April 25, 2003

Tobin has cancer.

Tobin has cancer.. it's benign.. but its something I have to keep an eye on. At least he's enjoying the extra attention.. which in its self is kinda weird.. cause he's never been a social bunny. I seriously considered getting him a girlfriend.. the shelter has a ton of bunnies.. but none were female and overly friendly.. I don't really want to take in another anti-social bunny. yup.. I'm a little selfish that way.. But it's quite an investment with no return .. so I didn't bring one home. There is a nice boy bunny there.. a couple in fact, but I don't think Tobin would appreciate a young stud in the house..

I got some drops for Eli.. Tresaderm. After the first dose, his ears were 90% better. He needs them twice a day for two weeks. He's not going to like this one little bit cause he hates the drops, and it doesn't help that they have to be kept cold. I'm going to miss the daily ear checks.. Cause I get him to cuddle up next to me, and usually when I clean his ears he starts purring.. but its probably just cause they feel so much better without the goop in them.

I'm thinking about setting up my webcam to keep an eye on charlie (my new name for midnight the pregnant cat) I'd like to be able to keep an eye on her while I'm in the rest of the house. *looks over past blog entries* I haven't told you much about her.. I took one look at her and said wow. your black as midnight aren't you.. and I could have sworn I heard her say yes.. When I looked at her paperwork, her name was midnight. She responds very well to verbal commands.. come here, go there.. roll over.. it's freaky. She also likes the name charlie. We joked we'll name the kidlets charlies angels.. :) I took her into the vet with me when I went in with Tobin. She took an x-ray.. and there are definitely five kittens in there, there might be six. Charlie only weighed 8 lbs 3 oz.. with six kittens? she must have been a tiny cat. The vet thinks some time in the next week.. I think it might be longer. Although I do hope it is sooner.. I'm getting kitten fever.. *grin*

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

New fosters

I have a new cat in the house.. a Siamese looking thing that is totally black and pregnant, and yes I'm totally freaked out by the prospect.. but I figure she knows what she is doing, and I have a friend who just went through that, so I'm covered. *crosses fingers* No idea how far along she is, nor how many kitties she's got.

Sunday I found a growth on my rabbit, Tobin. He's 10 years old, so its probably not good.. He's going in to the vet tomorrow. I also did an Easter egg hunt for the kitties.. it was kinda fun. I bought some cheep plastic Easter eggs, and I put nip in a few and some treats in the rest. The kitties weren't quite sure what to do with them.. they enjoyed the nip though. I have some cute pictures.. I'll post them later.

Saturday, April 19, 2003

Sally is up for adoption

Well sally is up for adoption! yea!! Wonder if she'll find a home today? probably not. But soon I'm sure.. she's a wonderful kitty.

Took Jack to the vet, even though he had pretty much stopped coughing. He had a smidge of a temp, and the vet hinted around that we could take an xray to see if there was anything going on, but that might be a bit over the top. I said it totally wasn't, so we sat around waiting for the xray.. which was fine. A bit of inflammation in the lungs, but with the hacking he was doing it isn't surprising. So he's on Baytril for the next 14 days, 1/2 a pill twice a day.. The first one wasn't the smoothest thing in the world to do, but we got through it okay. He was almost interested in eating it on his own (it is liver flavored.. finally a pill manufacture that gets it) but Ollie and Muffin were trying to horn in on his "treat" and it just wasn't good enough to fight for it. Will have to put it in a string bean next time.. lol

Muffin decided I needed to wake up this morning at 5am. She started by 'kneading' on my breast, then when I rolled over, it was my arm. When I hid that she came up and licked my nose. I threw her off, so she jumped up and licked my cheek. I threw her off again, and by that time the commotion got Eli's attention, so they started wrestling on the bed. I tossed them both off with one good shove from my foot, but then they were right back on the bed again. I gave up.. and got up. Silly kitties

Thursday, April 17, 2003

Sally is doing better and Jack is coughing.

Sally is eating more and more.. doing well. I'm thinking I'll bring her back this weekend. *crosses fingers that nothing else goes wrong*

Jack was sleeping on the top of my chair a little while ago. Woke himself up coughing. Wasn't a hair ball type cough. I got concerned and knelt on the chair to look at him. He was just coughing, so I patted him and tried to keep him calm. he didn't want me to do that, so he got up and went into the kitchen. Still concerned I got up and followed him. His coughing caught everyone else's attention, and we were all huddled around jack. (except Em who was sleeping in the other room). Jack walked off again coughing. He stopped coughing and looked at me. I went over and told him it was okay to cough anything up if he needed to, or if he just wanted to cough that was fine. Ollie walked up to him and head bumped him, and started acting protective.. even to the extent of swiping at Eli. Jack walked off and started coughing again. I didn't want to continue to bug him, so I went back into the living room. He seems to have stopped now, but this really has been one strange thing. Jack doesn't usually cough. Its usually muffin that does. Although we did have day of kitty beauty this morning, so maybe in the combing, or the teeth brushing, or the eating of the treats so that no one else could get them, something wasn't as it should have been. *reminds self not to get paranoid*

and yes.. this is kitty soap opera.. kitty light? as the kitty turns? Another kitty? *giggle*

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

We have poop.

and we have poop! she ate a half a bowl of food. I refilled it, and she ate some more, turned her nose up at the reheated friskies, actually drank some water - something she hasn't done since I started giving her fluids. I patted her tummy and told her she was a good kitty, then left. She wants some more attention cause she's sitting by the door crying, my kitties don't quite know what to make of it.

Emmy came down with a bit of URI herself. No matter how careful I am, it can't be careful enough obviously. Fortunately she is doing much better. Caught it early enough I guess.

It has been a lazy day for me. I took a two hour nap this afternoon. The kitties seem to have fallen suit. They are all just lounging around. Muffin has been following me around, but when ever she gets to the room I'm in she flomps on the ground. its kinda cute.

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Sally ate.

Well.. sally actually ate this morning.

We went down to see her last night, and she was still refusing me. Hubby pulled a few pieces of dry food out of the bowl and offered it to her and she ate. Confirmed everything I believed that she really needs someone else right now.. She didn't eat much.. a couple of mouthfuls.. but she went over to the bowl almost acted surprised there was a whole bowl of that food in the room :)

This morning I got a call from Denise. Saying the only thing she could think of that they could do for her is give her fluids. I reminded her that I am giving her fluids. She recommended I call the vet anyway. I don't think the vet can do much for her, but I think she'll take more kindly to someone else forcing food down her throat.. so I got very frustrated.

I went down to see sally. She was her usual pathetic self. I opened up a can of Friskies, and that she was interested in. Or more correctly say she's interested in the jelly. That goop is pure nectar of the kitty gods.. I swear. I got her to eat maybe a quarter of the can. Hey.. its a start. I replaced the old dry food with new dry food, and she had a few nibbles.. then went off to wash herself. Since I hadn't pilled her yet this morning, I grabbed her and pilled her, then threw a few more bites of food into her. the first two she took okay, but the last two she was trying to rip my arm off. Gonna try and heat the food up this afternoon.. Didn't work a few days ago, but who knows.. it might work now.

I have to say this whole experience has left me very frustrated. I know there isn't much that can be done for URI.. and if she were just sitting here miserable that would be one thing, but this whole not eating thing.. its scary. She hasn't had a decent bowel movement in a week.

Sunday, April 13, 2003

Feline acne

Btw.. I found one of the best cures or remedies for feline acne. Tea tree oil facial wash from the body shop. It doesn't say its safe for pets, but a) since she's not washing under her chin well anyway and b) I washed her chin off afterwards with a safe soap, I would be fine, and she has been.

That black debris on her chin all but disappeared after the first washing. It came back slightly, so I washed it again, and its totally gone. Washing alone just wasn't cutting it, but with the tea tree facial wash, it pretty much jumped off her chin. it was amazing!!

(update: since making this post I've come to find out tea tree oil is very toxic to cats.  Muffin was fine, but I would highly recommend you not use it.. and if you do or have, wash it VERY well)

update on Sally

Sally is still not eating on her own. Yesterday she looked much worse than she had, I was starting to really worry, but today she looks better. Yesterday I force fed her about 8 tablespoons of food total.. three in one sitting, four or five in the second. I had a bit of steak, and she ate the first piece, but not the second. this morning the other piece was gone. I put down some fresh food and water, and she had three or four pieces of food, then gave up. I forced about 7 tablespoons of food in her this morning.. *crosses fingers this stimulates her to getting healthier to eat on her own*

Friday, April 11, 2003

Sally still isn't feeling well

Sally is still here and still not feeling well. She had her second round of fluids today. The room was a little bit chilled, so were the fluids, so after I got them all in she was actually shivering. I cuddled her for a while as I waited for the heater to warm up the room. She seems to be absorbing this round a bit better, but she's still totally not interested in food.. not even meat baby food, which is usually the equivalent of death by chocolate to kitties. I'm going to have to call the vet tomorrow. She left a message on my machine.. they lost the blood work.. so she'll probably have to go back in, which could be interesting since I have a baby shower tomorrow.. Looks like Emerald is coming down with URI as well. This concerns me. Will just have to keep a good eye on her.

So anyway.. since sally didn't eat the baby food, I didn't want it to go to waste, so I brought it upstairs It was uncontaminated.. I quietly put it next to my chair with a spoon. A few minutes later when muffin and Eli were wrestling in the kitchen, I grabbed jack and offered it to him, with a warning that if he made too much noise muff and Eli would find out. So we sat there for a few moments.. jack happily licking away at his all time favorite food. Muffin chased Eli into the living room.. He was about to jump up on my ottoman, when he saw what was going on.. he stopped dead in his tracks. Muffin jumped up behind him, but also saw what was going on and also stopped dead. For almost two full seconds (a VERY long time.. trust me) they just sat there, standing upright on their back feet, muffin almost hugging Eli.. looking like two kids who had just run into a wall. It was the FUNNIEST thing they have done in a while. They them jumped up in my lap, and Eli started licking the cover I was holding next to the jar, and Muffin barged in on the spoon that jack was licking. Eventually Eli got in on the spoon, and all I could see were kitty heads and tongues.. the only way I knew the spoon was empty was when they would pull back a bit. I was laughing so hard. They made quick work of the jar.. and off they went.. but Eli left me a little foot print on my leg.. You know when you cross your legs and then you uncross them there is a mark.. well it was like that. it was so cute..

They are now in the kitchen where I tossed the empty jar and cover.. they are determined to get every last molecule out of that jar.. and if anyone can do it.. muffin can. That cat has one very long tongue.

Muffin lounging around

Eli making it difficult for me to do my taxes

Thursday, April 10, 2003

Good bye Mew

I'm sorry to report that my little mew was put to sleep this afternoon. She was majorly deformed on the inside, her stomach was up in her chest cavity, making it hard for food to get out, and for her lungs to grow. She was having a harder and harder time breathing and we knew it was for the best.

Larry, Moe and Curly are back at the shelter awaiting their neutering then will go up for adoption (probably this weekend)

Mom aka Sally, has been feeling warm, and acting depressed, so I took her in. She has a temp of 108, so the shelter recommended I take her to the vet. I left the terror triplets there, and off Mew and I went.. The vet got a temp of 105 (but she didn't wait till the thermometer was done so it could be higher) so she has come home with me and on doxycycline and sub q fluids.. till she feels better or I get even worse news and hear she's got something that can't be treated..

I talked to this vet about Mew.. how she was still throwing up.. and how she was acting. The vet got concerned, listened to her heart and lungs, and said she was having a hard time breathing. The other vet said her lungs sounded clear, so it was something that was obviously getting worse (since monday) They took an xray and found her stomach was up in her chest cavity. A friend of mine who fosters recently told me about a kitten she had who had a similar problem, and when she did, I pretty much assumed this was what was going on with mew. Didn't hurt any less to hear it though.

Afterwards I went back to the shelter to let them know what was going on, and to leave them info on the boys (since they didn't even take their names in the rush to get mom to the vet) I went to visit the boys and I let them out of their cage. Larry and Curly went right to the bunny cage next to theirs and started sniffing and watching the two rabbits in it. Moe decided he wanted to explore the room. I have to say they were acting incredibly well. They were easy to catch when I decided to put them away, and they weren't trying to escape.. I think I can't call them the terror triplets any more :) Part of me wants to go to the shelter this weekend if they are going up for adoption, the other part doesn't.. cause I know people are going to ask about them, and the history, and I don't think new owners would need to know about mew, but I don't think I couldn't tell them.. if you know what I mean.


Wednesday, April 9, 2003


mew is not well. she was diagnosed with coccidia..

What are coccidia?
Coccidia are small protozoans (one-celled organisms) that multiply in the intestinal tracts of dogs and cats, most commonly in kittens and puppies less than six months of age, in adult animals whose immune system is suppressed or in animals who are stressed in other ways (e.g., change in ownership, other disease present).

Coccidia causes diarrhea. I haven't read of a single instance where it causes constipation, which Mew has... which is probably why she is so absolutely miserable. Going to try a few things today to help her along with that

she was able to keep food down for 48 hours.. Monday afternoon (after the trip to the vets) she was all happiness and acted like she had finally taken a turn for the better (its always my luck that the minute I involve a professional the problem goes away).

I had forgotten to take in a stool sample, so I took that Tuesday morning. Got the call she has coccidia, and went down for meds for that. 1cc the first dose, which she took like a trooper, then .5 cc each additional. Tuesday she threw up a couple of times, Wednesday morning (this morning) she threw up four times in my presence, then once after I left. I just got back from feeding them.. she was quite active till I fed her. then the teaspoon of food I fed her sat in her stomach wrong and for about 10-15 minutes she made pathetic about to throw up noises. part of me wanted her to throw up and get it over with, the other half wanted her to keep it down. she eventually threw up. she was starving again, so this time I fed her a teaspoon of food, but kept interrupting her. when she had most of the teaspoon eaten up, she again started making the pathetic throwing up noises.

However.. it looks like she might have actually gained an ounce.. so at least there is that.

I also gave back the dry food. the boys really need it, and since she's throwing up twice a day now anyway, I figured it couldn't hurt if she ate it.

Tuesday, April 8, 2003

Still vomiting

*sob* mew threw up again.. after two full days of not throwing up.. she threw up.. and on me.. she had been making the motions.. so I kept putting her on the tablecloth I have in there, and she would stop making the motions and come cuddle up to me. She seemed miserable. She was also wheezing, so I decided to put her back on the clavamox. Well the liquid hitting the back of the throat, and poof. Most of it did get on the table cloth, but it was via my hand. (good thing Im washable) I am heading down to the vet today to bring the stool sample I forgot to bring yesterday... I'm going to bring her other byproduct as well.. see if that helps.

This is most definitely not good.

Monday, April 7, 2003

A vet visit

well out trip to the vet was.. okay. She took a look at mew, said yup.. her eyes are two different sizes.. talked about FIP, and FIV.. took blood for FIV... dewormed her, and said if she isn't throwing up any more to keep doing what I was doing.. (which was taking the dry food away from her). We got home, she ate breakfast (didn't want to risk her throwing up on the way down) then she attacked one of her brothers, and was very unhappy when he attacked her back, so she ran to me for protection.. lol

Vet says she's like to see her in three weeks, or if something else happens to warrant it.. so.. things are looking up.

Sunday, April 6, 2003

Kibble seems to have been the problem

well it looks like the kibble was the problem *knocks on wood* Mew did not throw up this evening. She was even the first (ok the second) one out of the cage when I opened it.. she's usually last and then waits a few moments more. She came out, and ate. Gobbled down food like there was no tomorrow. I interrupted her once.. she sat on me for a while. Climbed up to my shoulder again.. made noises that I thought were precursors to hurling, but when I took her down she didn't, and went to eat some more.

*does happy dance*

she's still going to the vet in the AM. That eye thing has me worried, and the fact that she can't eat kibble and that her tummy is quite full and distended.. .. but at least she was able to keep the moistened moist food down.. (although she's probably throwing up right about now knowing my luck!)

The URI seems to be clearing up nicely. There is almost no sneezing any more. Mew still sounds a bit congested.. but that could just be her for all we know. Will know more tomorrow.

Taking away the dry food

well the only way to keep mew from eating dry food was to remove it. I don't think the boys will mind all that much, and even if they do get hungry, it wont do them any harm to be with out food for a while.

I am 98% positive mew went poop while I was blogging earlier. So I saved it and am going to bring it to the vet.. they like such presents (lol).

I bought some brewers yeast and some lecithin for my own kitties. They say yeast is a good over all health benefit.. basically some vitamins. It came in tablet form.. and it was all that Wal-Mart had and was on clearance to boot. Surprisingly no one really likes it but Eli. He loves 'em. No one else could quite figure out what to do with them. they smelled interesting, and were put in the mouth, but then they were spit out and played with till it got close to Eli, who ate them. Come on you sillies.. they are just like crunchy kitty treats!! oh well. Will probably pulverize some and sprinkle it on their food every once in a while.

The lecithin is for Em. It is supposed to help with her dandruff. However it only came in gel cap form. Easily enough punctured, and squeezed out on a finger.. unfortunately she doesn't seem to like it. I don't think she hates it.. I think it doesn't do anything for her. I put some on her upper lip, and she licked it off just fine. Will have to squeeze that out on to her food too.

Mew seems to be feeling better.

Well, I didn't call the shelter yesterday. Mew tossed her cookies, then ate, then proceeded to play with her brothers, something she's not really inclined to do. I figured she was feeling better. I let them run around a bit, then put them back in the cage. That evening, I noticed mom's nipples didn't look like they had been sucked on, and she was acting uber friendly and kept sticking her but up in the air.. Yup. she's in heat, and her milk has dried up. *sigh*

Every time Mew throws up there is dry food in it. I can't help but wonder if that is the issue. Not quite sure how to keep her from eating them, and providing for her brothers. Only think I can think of is to put the food bowl on a higher level so she can't get to it, but I'm still searching for something that will do that, and won't allow the bowl to be tipped over.

although last night I made a discovery that will probably negate any others.. Mew's pupils are two different sizes. Still are this morning too. (had to wait and see cause I've been 'fooled' by kittens before.. one of them eye changed color overnight from blue to green. then the next day changed back, I SWEAR!.. and another one had an enlarged pupil, but the next day was fine. I called the shelter and I was asked to bring her into the vets Monday morning 8 am. I don't usually wake up till 8:30..

I'm thinking a bowl obstruction myself. (hence, the larger dry pellets causing a problem, but not the wet food.. ) I haven't seen her go poop, but I've rubbed her belly and she doesn't seem to mind it at all. She has gone pee several times. Sigh. Anybody want a defective kitty? She is ultra adorable.. likes to sit on your shoulder.. but hates to be reclined. She'll let you hold her upright.. But the minute her head goes back further than 90 degrees she starts to panic.

Saturday, April 5, 2003

Somethings wrong with Mew

Last night mew still didn't seem right. Was mewing in that croaked type of mew, but this time it seemed almost 'wet'. I'm going to call the shelter this morning. *waits patiently for it to open* She hadn't thrown up all afternoon, I thought that was a good sign, but she wasn't doing well at all. very lethargic, totally not caring about stuff around her. Very cute still mind you.. but just sitting there. It reminded me a lot of kodi. She would occasionally toddle after her mom, but mom - who being stuck in a cage with them all afternoon - just walked off. Understandable, wanting a little alone time. She started to make throw up noises, so I picked her up and brought her back to the table cloth I have the cage on. I didn't quite make it, but fortunately it was thick enough that it just sort of hung out of her mouth. Curly knew the throw up noises and came looking for her. Proceeded to eat it right out of her mouth.. man these kittens are obsessed. After about an hour of running around time, I them medicate everyone (with clavamox for the URI) and put them back in the cage. Moe was the last one to be caught. He was standing by the door, and I called to him to come over, and I reached my hand out. He started walking toward my hand. When he got up to it he slapped it, then did a bounce back.. (a hunting type reflex) It was so cute.. it was like he was giving me 'five'.

Once I got them all in the cage, Mew just sat there while her brothers clamored to get out to run around a bit more. she walked over to the far side of the cage near the litter box, sat there for a while, still crying, then threw up.. in the litter... which of course curly wanted to eat... She does get agitated before she throws up.. mewing, and seeming uncomfortable. But then she does and she's totally fine, hungry and thirsty.. I wouldn't worry about it if she were even close to the same size as her brothers. but since she's a half or even a third of their size, I think she's just not able to get all that she needs out of the food.

Thursday, April 3, 2003

A 'money cat'

MommyTig asked: What is a 'money cat' I see the pic, but can you educate me a little more?

I posted in yahoo that the mom was a money cat. I was asked there if it was a typo, so I went to google to find some info on the term Money Cat. I've come to the conclusion that it must be a regional thing because after 20 pages of google searches, I came up with only three references of it, and two were from New England (not sure where the third was from) For some reason calico cats are called money cats around here. Its when they are white in base, and have orange and black spots.. here is a little money cat story.

Went down to feed the kittens tonight. Mew was doing worse. She only took a nibble of food then started mewing at me.. but in a harsh pathetic way.. well as harsh as a half pound cat can muster.. more of a croak really. she then started blowing snot bubbles.. poor thing can't breath. I tried to help her out with a warm wash cloth, but she was not very pleased with that, and for a half pound kitten she's kind determined. I put her down in the middle of the floor, and she just sat there for a while... with her brothers running around like.. well terrors.. she tottled off to the far side of the room and proceeded to throw up. Which of course was promptly eaten by larry (Ive named them larry moe and curly) She immediately felt better and started chasing after her brothers. She couldn't keep up, but they would eventually work their way back around the room and she'd go after them again. :)

The boys found the trash bin in the room too. Moe decided to throw himself away.. it was quite adorable. it was the new big cat toy.. in, out, on, over, in, out, in, over, in.. and with the introduction of the belled ball and the trash can, oh they were in heaven.. :)

I reintroduced the food, and Mew decided she was hungry. That made me feel a lot better about her condition. I kept interrupting her eating though.. letting her stomach have a chance to tell the brain how full it was. *crosses fingers* she hadn't thrown up by the time I left. Hopefully she'll keep some of it down. Poor thing.

Kitties can be gross

ok. the kittens did the GROSSEST thing this morning.
the little one, she eats too fast, so then she throws it up. Well she did that.. and then ate it back up again. now I know what your thinking.. but it gets worse. She then threw it back up again, and one of her brothers decided that it was absolutely yummy and ate it all up and even got protective of it.
ok.. say it with me.. EEEEWWW.

I cleaned up the cage while they ran around the room. I had it all nice and neat, and so I medicated them and stuck them back in the cage. Mom immediately had to go poop. One of the boys decided he had to go as well and was trying to get in the box. Did I mention its a very small box. Somehow he got out with out getting any on him. I don't know how. Everyone else decided they had to go too.. so after a few minutes I decided to let them out so I could clean the box yet again. Mew decided she wanted to play.. it was absolutely adorable. The boys were quite rough with her. but she loved it. I ended up catching them all and putting them back in the cage with the left over food. Mew decided she wanted to eat yet again VERY big appetite, tiny little stomach.. so after a few bites I took her back out of the cage. She crawled up my shirt and sat on my shoulder. She is ultra cute.. :) So cute she's almost evil.. *grin*

I usually have a brood of kittens waiting for me when I come out of the room. they aren't all that happy that I "go away"

Wednesday, April 2, 2003



First kittens of 2003

Well.. the fosters are in the house. There are four kitties and a mom. One is a little black and white girl kitty and the other three are male orange tigers with white bibs and paws. The girl is so much smaller than her brothers, and someone (I'm assuming it was her cause she did it again once at home) threw up on the way home. So they aren't quite picture worth right now.

The mom is a money cat. I'm assuming dad was a manx, because the girl kitty has half a tail, one of the marmalade trio has 3/4ths of a tail, and one of the other has a very skinny one. We've got case of URI.. so we are treating with clavamox. Not fun with the dropper they give with the medicine.. and my syringes are all missing the print hash marks, so I'm going to have to pick a new one up when I go back. One of the boys does NOT like it at all.. its not a good tasting medicine by any stretch of the imagination, but he reacted quite badly to it.

and now the fun part.. names.. *ugh* otis otis otis and runt girl? lol.

Tuesday, April 1, 2003

Hanging with Jack

Not feeling very well today. Ended up taking a very long nap this afternoon.. Woke up to jack sitting on my chest purring. I finally got up out of bed and got on line for a while. I sit in a big comfy chair with my legs curlled up to the side of me. Jack came and sat on my hip/lap, and laid on my arm and purred. It was so cute, and so sweet.. I love him.

Got a call from the shelter this afternoon. There are kittens to be had. So this shall once again be the foster kitten blog :)

More tomorrow once they make it home.. hopefully I'll be feeling well enough to post a few pictures.
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