Sunday, July 25, 2004

Catching up

It has been a bit, now hasn't it?? my apologies. I was feeling like I was getting annoying talking about how cute the kittens were. :) Yeah, that's it.

The family came over and saw the kittens. They spent the time playing with Prince Charming, but in the end, they decided they wanted Mia. I'm trying to convince them they need to take both of them... I think its working. I sent them a really cute picture of the two of them and hopefully, that will work some extra magic. They have two girls, a four yr old and a six yr old, and a dog. The kitten needs a friend for some protection. The four yr old was actually better at handling the kittens than her sister. Mia, Princess Emmy, and Ariel were a little frightened of them, but PC was having a ball to have someone to play with.

In general, the kittens are eating well, and growing nicely. They have ear mites, and I'm having the worst time getting rid of them. Ariel HATES having her ears cleaned.. it's a total battle. Oh well.. pretty soon it won't be my fight anymore. I wish the shelter would spring for Acarexx.. it's a one-time treatment for mites.. works well, but it is expensive.

It was "day of beauty" here for my own kitties. Okay, if you talk to them and they'll call it day of torture. Especially Ollie. He HATES it. no.. that is an understatement.. but I digress.  I clip claws, brush teeth, and comb fur.  No one really likes it. Muffin thinks the combing is a big game and tries to eat the comb. Ollie.. I needed to break out the muzzle for him. He did really well till the combing. I actually hit the quick when cutting one of his back nails, and he didn't care... ok, so he cared, but it was just his usual growl. I got so much fur off him during the combing, though, it wasn't funny. It was about the size of Mia and PC combined. His poor tail is a little ratty, but it needed to be done. I need to make sure I do this more often... that way it won't be so nasty next time.

Monday, July 12, 2004

clean clean clean, scrub scrub scrub

We are having company tomorrow to see the kittens (see previous post) so I wanted to clean up the kitten room nice and pretty.. so I shoved everyone in the cage (which they haven't been in since like week one) and cleaned the floor. I had to wash it three times, and there is still a cleaner residue on the floor :( but it's as clean as I'm going to get it, and of course the kittens have walked through their dinner and the water and then the litter, so I don't want to let them out!! I feel bad, but in the morning they'll be clean again, and I'll let them out.

I have to admit, they have been some very clean kittens in general. There were a few poop smears on the floor from time to time, and a lot of food footprints, but on the whole, I can't complain. I've had some really messy messy kittens before.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

unexpected phone call

I just got a call from a guy my husband works with. His daughter's birthday is today, and she wants a kitten. I suggested he come see mine.. they are coming on Tuesday!!

New favorite toys

Mia's new favorite toy is the broom I use to sweep the litter off the floor. It is a riot cause the bristles alone are twice her size, but she still spends all of the time that I am sweeping attacking it. It makes it rather difficult to sweep, but then again so does all the laughing I'm doing watching her do it.

Prince Charming's new favorite toy is me.. silly boy. but I have to love him for it.

Ariel jumped on the couch while I was fending off Mia from chewing my finger off, and I reached over to pat her.. she let out the loudest purr.. it was so sweet.

Princess Emmy had fun eating and wrestling with her siblings, then got her ears cleaned, which she did not like, then she proceeded to fall asleep. She most of all spends the most time sleeping. I have to wonder about her, but she does eat, and she does play.. she's probably just a quieter kitty.

These little kittens sucker you with cuteness, So you take them home
Then they take your house and make you buy them kitty toys and sand

Rick Cowling

Thursday, July 8, 2004

Can you say jealous?

Yesterday I was in the kitten room and I was having a good quality cuddle with Princess Emmy. I wanted to go into the other room to watch a movie, so I brought PE with me. She was still in a snuggly mood, so I wasn't concerned. We laid on the couch together, and she just snuggled up near my neck and went to sleep.

A few minutes later, Jack appeared. He saw PM on my chest and jumped up on the couch to have a closer look. I kept a hand free to stop any issues, but let him do what it was he wanted to do. He leaned in closer and got a good sniff of her. He then backed off and let out a very long loud hiss. I called his name and he looked at me, then sniffed her again. He hissed again, backing off a bit. He looked at me with utter jealousy in his eyes. Those of you who think cats don't have emotion should have seen it. He was so hurt. I told him that if he had been in a cuddly mood I wouldn't have had to get Princess Emmy. He sulked away.

Ever since then he has been by my side, begging for attention. It's wicked sweet.

Wednesday, July 7, 2004

How many posts about cuteness can you stand??

I was just in with the kittens cleaning, and once again I was overwhelmed with how amazingly cute they are. yeah yeah yeah.. I'm sure you are thinking I'm bias.. well.. after 150 kittens or so, you can trust me when I say these guys are special. The last set was nice and all, but these guys rank right up there with Jenna. For those of you who don't remember, Jenna was a little grey kitten I had a while ago that was beautiful and she knew it.. she spent almost all of her time posing. It was a riot. Well, these guys are beautiful, and funny, and sweet, and playful, and once again, horribly people orientated. Whoever adopts Mia better be able to devote a ton of time to her, or get a second kitten. I was giving them their shots this afternoon, and she's sitting on my lap hugging my arm, and nipping me asking that I give her attention. Even after I injected her, she still wanted me to cuddle her.

The distemper shots went really well. Princess Emmy seems to be a little sleepy, but then again she often has a reserved manner, so it might just be that. I went all the way through prince charming's skin and out the other side.. he didn't care.

Mom is still not eating as I think she should be. She seems a little on the thin side, so I dewormed her for the last time and force fed some food into her. If she doesn't plump up, I might bring her in for another check up. There is nothing obviously wrong with her - save her horribly waxy ears - but it just bothers me. it's odd. very hard to explain. I should probably just let it go as long as she's eating, and the kittens are doing well.

Sunday, July 4, 2004

By jove I think she's got it!

For a while now, all of the kittens, except Mia, have been eating solid food. Mia tended not to care about eating at all. While everyone else was mowing down, she'd go off and play. A week or so ago I forced some food into her mouth, and she liked it, but she couldn't make the leap from the food in her mouth was the same in the plate. Tonight I forced some food in her mouth and she LOVED it. She licked my fingers for more. I put the plate in front of her, and she started eating out of the plate. Looks like she might have figured it out :)

Mom still isn't eating all that well. She likes to lick the juices off the canned food, but that's about it. She is eating.. but she's getting thin. I think she just doesn't like what I'm feeding her, and I'm not quite sure what to do about it.
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