Friday, February 28, 2003

Jack is Free!

Hubby let jack out of confinement.. he figured it was close enough, and he saw how much his howling was hurting me. :) he's running around exploring everything, with periodical stops to walk over me.. *giggle* Em is currently sitting on my leg, Muffin and Eli are hanging out, and ollie is being a general PITA.. I just want to grab jack and hug him.. but he's wired.. and he smells a bit like the musty room he was in..

*throws confetti around*


Thursday, February 27, 2003

Nothing gets between Jack and his treats

I had some treats downstairs with jack last night. Decided to leave the package down there with him.

Bad move.

I brought down some wet food for him.. he was torn between eating it and getting some attention from me. He was running back and forth. the static down in that room is horrid. I'm surprised I'm not electrocuting the poor thing...
who btw is down there howling at me..

Muffin was nice and clingy this morning. It was so cute. I put her up on the bathroom counter while I did my morning stuff. Two girls hanging out in the bathroom. She got bored quickly though and left, but a moment later wanted to come back and tried to jump up on the counter and couldn't make it.

Right now she's running around with her leg through her collar.. MUFFIN! come here let me fix that for you.. Silly kitty.. collars aren't for legs..

We went and got everyone their own toothbrush tonight. dental care starts tomorrow.. you can just feel the anticipation in the air.. NOT. this is not going to be fun... but it is necessary. Em has some pretty bad tarter built up.. and if you're going to do one, you might as well do them all. I'll let you know how it goes.

Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Jack is in isolation

Jack has now been confined for two days. He's breaking my heart sitting down there and crying and howling to get attention. The vet recommends he stay down there for a week while everyone else builds up their antibodies. I don't know if I can last that long. Every time I go down there he's dying for attention. totally hurts to leave.

Was able to get into the local clinic yesterday. Everyone is now protected. they will get their booster when they go back for their retest in five weeks. Do you have any idea how hard it is to transport four kitties to the vet? almost as painful as it was to transport five.. lol. I've decided I'm never going back to my old vet, in fact I'm going to write a nice little letter to the state vet association letting them know what happened. Technically I believe they are responsible for jack becoming positive for leukemia. I told them I was fostering kitties for the shelter. I assumed that he had been vaccinated for it. I suppose I should have been a bit more cautious in it, but they should have at least mentioned it.. which they didn't.

Muffin got herself locked out on the sun porch a little while ago. I heard her scraping at the door so I let her in. She followed me back to the chair and crawled up into my lap and got all purry and cuddly. She really is a very cute kitty. Not only in appearance, but also in attitude. Granted, she's got a stubborn streak a mile and a half wide.. but she just raises the bar for cuteness to almost unobtainable levels. and I can say this even after having fostered 100 kittens in the past year. I should thank linda for "convincing" me to keep her.

She just got up and ran away with my bottle cap. She loves those things.

Monday, February 24, 2003

Felv vaccines

apparently none of my kitties have been vaccinated against leukemia. The vet said we refused it because they don't go outside. Now.. this MIGHT be true for Ollie, but neither my hubby or I remember being asked for either Jack or the three pack we most recently adopted*. The vet can't get them in till Wednesday. They also recommend we isolate jack. which we did, and it is TOTALLY breaking my heart. I'm so incredibly pissed off at them that we are going to call the shelter clinic in the morning and see if they can get us in any earlier.

I can't imagine I would turn down such a vaccination knowing that I am fostering kittens.

Sunday, February 23, 2003

Missing Kodi

just went in the kitten room to look for a clipper for the kitties claws (I swear I own 6 of those things, and can never find one when I need one.. they must hide them)

I broke down in tears.

I miss him so much..

Life goes on

its been pretty subdued here. there have been the chases and the fights, but it all seems to be slightly more mellow. Maybe I'm just reading it that way..

There were a few highlights..

Muffin was cuddling with me, and washing her foot when there was a noise in the house. She immediately stopped to pay more attention to the noise. This left her little pink tongue hanging out .. quite far.. she looked like gene simons from kiss. Muffin has also learned to play fetch. yup. she runs after it, and then brings it back. there are usually a few pit stops along the way, but in the end the little pom pom ball I found in a craft section finds its way back to me. It was soooo cute.. till Eli got in the way and took the ball and ran off with it.. No idea where it went last night, but poof.. its back today. Also, I was sitting cross legged on the recliner (which is leather) cuddling eli.. Eli ran away, and I dropped one of my legs back toward the floor. It swiped the leather making a weird noise. Muffin who was sitting by the base of the chair heard the noise and it freaked her out so much she sprang upright, and jumped back. I didn't even see her move.. it was like some force picked her up and moved her about three feet away.

Eli was playing with the doorway toy the other day. its a fur mouse hanging by an elastic type rope attached to the door frame. he'd grab it, and bring it to the floor. it would bounce out of his grasp, and he would jump up after it. for a while he looked and acted like a mexican jumping bean.

Jack has been acting jealous of Muffin. She is so in his face.. no matter what he's doing, she's there as if to say "anything you can do I can do better".. so if he's looking for some attention she's right there purring and looking cute. He usually just walks away.. giving up. I've had to make a point of spending time with him. I hope its just jealousy and not a prelude to depression and lethargy which are two warning signs of FIP and FIV.

Saturday, February 22, 2003

Missing Kodi

I woke up this morning and told myself to get up out of bed cause I had to go feed kodi. Then I remembered.
I really miss the way he smelled.
and his tummy
and his paws

Friday, February 21, 2003

Goodbye Kodi

took Kodi to the vets this afternoon. I held him the whole way down, he cuddled into me. He seemed to be doing quite a bit better this morning and ate quite a bit, although he had two large lumps in his stomach area, and his good eye was becoming quite bloody. The vet took one look at him and came to the conclusion that I came to yesterday. She said there were things that we could do for him, but even if they worked, chances are that it wouldn't work for long and he'd soon be suffering again. As much as I didn't want to let him go, I had to. She took him and put a catheter in his arm. She asked if I wanted to be with him when they put him down, and I said yes... then I said no.. but I knew I had to. Years ago I was there for a stray I took in Melody, and Id never forgive myself if I wasn't there for him. We talked about a few other things (later) and then the time came. She was very good about keeping the catheter out of my line of wasn't a pretty thing to see. I held and kissed his head, and patted his tummy (the best I could) while she injected him. a moment later he shuttered, and was gone. It was unbelievably hard to leave him there.

We talked about the tests that were run on the other kitties. since both FIP and leukemia are both highly contagious, we took the other cats in last Monday to be tested. Due to some break down in communications, we didn't get the results until this evening. Everyone in the household "tested positive for FIP"*. Muffin and Eli had the lowest "titre" count. Em had a moderate one. Jack and Ollie had a high count. the high count was around 1 to 500. Kodi's was in the thousands.

One tested positive for Leukemia - jack.

Unfortunately, FIP is very hard to diagnose. The only test they have counts the titres in the cats blood. titres from my understanding are basically antibodies to the disease... meaning they have been exposed. Simply because they have been exposed does not mean they will come down with the disease.
It doesn't even mean they will be a carrier. However both are possibilities. And sadly there is no sure way to know for sure.

Now. Jack also has the issue of leukemia. This too might just be a false positive due to the exposure. Its a very very slim possibility.

Right now everyone is healthy, and happy and that is what matters. The vet recommends we test them all again in six weeks to get a comparison level for their titres.
It wont give us a lot of information, but it might give us some.

Right now.. its cleaning and bleach time. Seems kinda silly since they already have it.. but ..

this also appears to have put an end to my fostering days. this too is very distressing.

Muffin is sitting on the cat tree being unbelievably cute.. and here comes Em. I think its time to get off line and spend some quality time with my kitties.

*update 2015 - they ran a corona virus titre test, which is NOT an FIP test, never was, never will be. It irritates me my vet didn't read into this more before she did what she did

An emotional day

muffin decided I needed to wake up this morning before the sun came up and pay attention to her. She became my hat, my scarf, my back masseuse.. she was quite insistent. It was sweet.

Kodi is taking that long trip to the vet today. He's been isolated for a couple of weeks now, and no one seems to be missing him. I don't think his loss will really be felt in the kitty population.. however I have a feeling that my emotions are reaching the cats. First muffin, now Emerald is sitting on my lap. She doesn't like to do that when I don't have a quilt over my lap.. (great big kitty, tiny little feet - and she needs her claws clipped)

I'm doing my best not to break down and sob all day, but its very hard. I need to go in there and feed kodi. Part of my brain has been trying to tell me that he needs a collar too, which seems like a bit of a waste since... well.. but I think I'm going to anyway. He had Em's old collar on for a while, and it looked so good on him. its got a safety latch on it, which em can easily undo when she scratches her neck... *reaches for tissue*

sigh.. this is going to be one very very difficult day

I was talking with Nancy at the shelter. She's the office manager. She was saying how its a difficult decision to come to - to put your pet to sleep. Actually, it was a pretty easy decision to come to. He's been beaten by this. It's destroying his quality of life, and in the end will make him very very miserable. I do not want that. But I will miss him terribly. I will miss the cat he would have become.

If you have an unaltered animal living with you right now, I hate you. Because someone didn't pony up and take the responsibility for their pet, this has happened. And sadly, I'm not alone in this pain. Every day multitudes of kittens are put to sleep because they got such a bad start to life.

Thursday, February 20, 2003

A new toy

I bought this really lame toy from walmart tonight.. its a wind up fish.. looks like its supposed to flop over, but it so doesn't. However, Ollie has laid claim to it. He's standing over it growling at anyone who comes near it. Which of course means muffin wants to play with it.. which means he's getting possessive.. its cute.

The appointment for Kodi has been made.

sigh.. Kodi didn't eat much at all this morning, and his tummy is quite hard. I spent some time massaging it.. but I don't know if it was of any help at all - except maybe to kod's spirits....

We have an appointment tomorrow morning at 9..

Wednesday, February 19, 2003


Kodi seems to have taken a turn for the worse. Yesterday I noticed you could feel his bones through his fur quite easily.. He also didn't seem to be eating as much. I made him up some kitty formula and fed that too him which he wasn't too happy about.. but I figured that was a good thing. That night he ate some more, but just wasn't himself. This morning more of the same. No kodi crying for attention.. he was slow to move from his spot to me. When I medicated his eyes he didn't fight me. The purr wasn't as loud. *whimper* I'm going to put him on antibiotics twice a day again.. he always seems to do better with two doses instead of one. If he doesn't improve quickly I fear the end will be soon.

update: I got some iams kitten food for him this afternoon.. it took him a little bit to get up the energy to eat it.. but he ate it. Hubby thinks he's just being lazy as opposed to being too sick to do things. I think it might be part of it, but not all of it. Hey.. as long as he's eating - even if it is with some coaxing..

Monday, February 17, 2003

Vet visit

we had a trip to the vets today. I LOVE the vets at the clinic.. however I HATE their facilities. They are small, cramped, and there is no where to sit down while you wait for the vet nor to hang your coat.. transporting five kitties and two people was a bit of a trip. we were going to all go in one car, but Emerald doesn't travel well. She HOWLS like your chopping off her foot with a nail file. I figured she's stress the other kitties out more, and thus stress her out even more.. so we took two cars. We all had some blood drawn. I went with Em out back because she has a heart condition that gets worse when she's stressed, and she gets stressed when she's away from me (documented).   She did really well. I asked about her blood glucose. They did a test for that and they said her sugars were good, which was a relief. Everyone else went in by themselves. I was worried about ollie, as he tends to be a bad mr nasty pants.. but the vet said he did really well. The kittens ended up squirming more, and thus took a little longer. They couldn't get to Muffin's jugular, so they took it from her leg. Eli jerked right after they put the needle in and thus he bled all over himself. They had to draw blood from Jack's leg as well. The vet said they all look healthy which is good. all in all a very successful trip.

I don't talk about Em very much. She came to us from a sister of a friend of my sister in law. she was ever so little when we got her.. she was a good kitty. She is now 12 years old. (can you say WOW). She does have a bit of a heart murmur. She was on a heart medication and some aspirin for a while, but being pilled twice a day was ruining her quality of life, and it was only going to increase her lifespan by a few years, so I figured Id rather have 5 years of quality life, instead of 10 years of never seeing her and having to drag her out from under the bed to pill her. not to mention the fact that the stress makes her heart murmur worse, so I figured removing the stress of the pilling was going to add a few years its self. A few years ago she started acting a little off. Peeing outside the box, limping a little. just generally looking very pathetic. We took her to the vets and found out she had diabetes. I was devastated. However being a diabetic cat is not really a bad thing. Twice a day she gets an injection of insulin when she eats. However, because of her personality quirks (hiding when people come over, not liking other animals, and stress making her unhealthy) it pretty much means I am stuck at home unable to travel while I have her. To me, this is not a bad thing. Im not the traveling type of person. However the strange thing about Em is now that we have more kittens (or maybe its just cause she's getting older) she's no longer hiding to save her life when someone comes into the house. in fact, she's coming right out to see them. Our friends came over with their new baby, and that kinda threw her for a loop. Not to mention the others.. was ever so sweet. pictures at

the picture of eli with the baby comes with the cutest story. the baby had just peed and leaked all over his mom's favorite pj's for him. she was cooing at him that he was a bad boy while she was changing him. Eli sauntered up, sat down next to him and reached out his paw to tap his head.. as if to tell him he was a bad boy. It was so sweet and cute that we were laughing like fools.

Sunday, February 16, 2003

Kodi is hanging in there

well things are pretty much status quo over here.. Kodi is getting more vocal when he gets lonely. It's getting harder and harder to visit him as I am doing laundry all the freakin time.. so now I'm trying to change into the clothes I wore in last time to see him (cause he is contagious (update 20015- no, he wasn't but I was told he was), and I wouldn't want to bring the germs out to the others) so now I feel I have to change to go in and see him.. Its just hard. Which of course means I spend more time in there when I go in to visit.. which sometimes is a good thing, some times he just wants me to get off of his couch so he can sleep. Last night we took a nap together.. it was SOOO sweet. I'm thinking I need to talk to the shelter about finding him a new home. *sigh* I am so going to miss him.

Everyone else is doing really well. Eli is starting to act like ollie a little too much *rolls eyes* The fun story of the day today is the bath. My hubby decided to take a bath (he's sick and didn't want to stand up for a shower) They were absolutely enthralled.. Kept standing up and putting their paws on the side of the tub to see what he was doing. at one point he had three kitties standing there looking at him. The first kitty I owned, Tig,  used to like to get up on the tub and stand on my knees when I took a bath. He didn't like water much, but I guess he figured if I was there, he was going to be too. Which is a little odd as he wasn't what you would call a people kitty. I miss him. He used to sleep in the small of my back (under the covers) and if you were quick enough to hold him and rub his chin, he'd sit there for hours.. he also loved to chase sticks.. small victories were turning into bigger ones when he disappeared. We had to let him be an outdoor kitty, as he spent most of his life outside before we found him at the shelter. One day he didn't come home. He was still quite healthy, and quite young. He just picked the wrong fight apparently.

An indoor kitty is a happy kitty. they do NOT need to go outside.. trust me on this one. (well unless of course they have spent most of their life outside.. then they climb your curtains and howl at you till you let them out)

Thursday, February 13, 2003

How do they do that??

I colored my hair today. I do that on occasion for something to do and cause I love the way my hair feels afterwards (VERY conditioned and silky) I always dye it the exact same color it is.. maybe a shade brighter, but being red, it often fades to the exact same shade (aka when it grows out you can not tell)

anyway. I knew with muffin and eli that I wouldn't be able to do it in peace unless I shut the door. So I did. Put all the color in my hair, put my hair in a shower cap, cleaned up the mess, searched for any spills, found one, cleaned it up, and went out into the living room to await my time.

When it was almost up, I went back into the bathroom, and opened up the shower curtain and found four kitty paw prints in red hair dye. I panicked.. not only cause hair dye on kitties isn't a good idea, but also cause I KNEW there would be little red kitty prints on the bed, on the carpet and on the sofa... So I ran out to find Eli. I KNEW it was Eli cause he loves playing in the bathtub. (yup.. he's a silly kitty) Found him right away, and the underside of his front paw was all red. Not a good look.. started to get dark enough to look bloody. I took him into the bathroom and washed it till I felt he was safe. Used a TON of kitty shampoo... then I noticed his back foot was dirty too. *rolls eyes*. Eli wasn't very happy with getting his feet washed. they were still a little red when I was done. I couldn't help but think of the brady bunch.. lol

and just cause I know your curious. I think my hair came out nicely..
this time I used a shade called "Feisty Pumpkin"

kitty widget

awwww this is adorable

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Update on Kodi

well kodi was a bit wobbly yesterday.. (not walking right implies neurological damage and a sign that they are suffering)
today he was active, and lively, and begging at the door.
his left eye (the good one) is starting to look bloodshot, which isn't a good sign, but who knows.
If I can get him well, he will have a chance. abet a slim chance.. but if there is one shot in a thousand that he can live a longer life, Im going to do everything I can... even if that means spoon feeding him meat baby food. He's eating kitten kibble.. which is good.. gives him the nutrients he needs... granted its not a lot, but since all he's doing all day is sleeping, Im sure he doesn't need a great deal. Bowel movements are pretty regular, so Im still thinking he's on the good side of this.. 60% maybe.. na.. maybe closer to 70%..

I went out shopping most of the afternoon. when I got home Eli and Muffin were very happy to see me. I love how they miss me. BTW.. have I ever mentioned that when ever I come home, Jack is sitting in the kitchen waiting for me? I LOVE that. Other thing that really gets me is Eli is starting to come when I call him. Which is pretty surprising cause I'm usually calling him to give him a pill.. which surprisingly he's swallowing with out any coercion from me

I bought a hanging from the door jam toy. It was a big hit (walmart $1.99) It too is a big hit. However muffin got herself caught up in it, around her neck, then around her leg twice. I heard ollie getting pissy, I figured it was because he wanted the toy. I looked and muff seemed to be walking away with it. something didn't seem right though, so I investigated, and found her all wrapped up. She wasn't upset at all, just a little confused why the mouse was following her. Muffin also decided that my spaghetti sauce was something she needed to have. Now she has a totally white muzzle.. ok.. before she did.. now she's got a little tomato sauce stain on her nose..

Man she is freaking adorable..

more photos I need to move to display

New Kitty Photos..

The first one is of eli on the top of the cat tree thingie.
then a few of ollie being a baaaad kitty (third time I will put that
thing together now)
then a couple of muffin in a bag
then eli playing with the new toy

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Kodi has FIP

vet just called.. ok.. not quite an hour ago..
Kodi has FIP.. he has absolutely no immune system, and there for absolutely no chance.

all the kitties will need to go in to be tested.
Gonna have to make the hubby make these arrangements..

Will probably put kodi down sooner than later. He was eating the other day, but today just wasn't into it.
probably when the hubby gets home..


happy valentines day to me hun?


well I had the hubby call the vet today.. Couldn't wait any longer.. and what is the answer you might ask? well they need to run the tests again.

say what?

yup.. I won't know till the end of the week.

HELLO! this is my life on hold people.. this is not good..
but then again, I get to keep kodi a bit longer.. as long as he seems happy.. well as happy as one can be with a completely stuffed up nose, and inflamed eyes..

*prays that everything is ok*

Saturday, February 8, 2003

Small bit of hope

I have a small bit of hope today..  although kodi stopped eating.. he can't smell anything. I forced some more food into him, and smushed a little baby food on his nose. He ate that off, then proceeded to eat a bit more off the spoon which was good. His eye looked totally covered with blood this morning (inside, not external bleeding) this evening there seemed to be clear patches..

*crosses fingers, says prayers but realizes it all could be for naught*

Cats are weird

ollie decided that at 5:55 AM he NEEDED to be patted. He woke me up, and wouldn't let me stop patting him. He kept putting his head under my hands. at 10 past I decided to turn the tv on which woke the hubby, and he was going to get up and go in the other room, which ticked ollie off, so he no longer wanted to be patted.

what is with that cat anyway?

then of course it was play time, he and eli were running around the house like fools. which again is quite strange cause Ollie has never liked eli.. but now they seem to be best buddies.

I have yet to check on kodi today.. I'm a little frightened to do so.. am probably going to call the vet today too about his eye...

Friday, February 7, 2003

Kodi is in isolation

Went in to give Kodi his antibiotics today, and his eye is quite red. he's also quite hungry but not interested in eating. Every time I look at him I start crying again. The poor thing. All he wants right now is for someone to pat his tummy and croon at him. and all I can do is cry at him.

I don't know exactly what is going to happen from here on out, I wrote to the shelter about what happened, and they haven't written or called me about it. Personally I think they should pay for the testing for my kitties since they gave me the green light to adopt kodi.. Im sure the testing will start next week after we get the results back, cause if kod is positive for other diseases, we'll have to test for those as well. arrgh.. packing up five cats.. not going to be fun in the least.


I do NOT like saying that.

If we get him healthy, is there anyone out there who doesn't have a cat now who is willing to take on the responsibility of a leukemia positive kitty who is unbelievably sweet and who LOVES to have his belly rubbed, so much so I have called him a belly slut.


Thursday, February 6, 2003

Kodi is sick.

*takes deep breath*

I took Kodi to the vet today. He's in pretty rough shape. One of his eyes is discolored and he's still running a fever. The vet gave me some more doxi for him and some eye ointment. She also took a ton of blood from him to run tests.

I went out shopping and just got home a few minutes ago. There was a message on my machine. I called, and found out that he tested positive for Lukemia. She still wants to run the tests for feline infectious peritonitis.. which if he has that is BAD

oh man.. what have I done?

We are going to have to test all my kitties for lukemia, but we are going to wait till the other tests come back to see where we stand on all the other issues. If its just lukemia, and we can get this URI under control, he could live a long normal life.. or it could wreak some major havoc with him..

We just don't know.

sigh.. One cold night, and one suggestion from a staff member at the shelter, and now this..

*prays* Please don't let anyone else be infected..

(update 2015 - I now know there were no 'tests' for FIP, I do have to say this whole thing was a complete and utter mess from start to finish and sadly it disrespects Kodi's life so I am not going to get into it any more than I have.  Kodi, I still miss you)

Wednesday, February 5, 2003

Is there a kitten tooth faerie?

Why hasn't the kitten tooth faerie visited me??
I have had four kittens recently loose all their teeth and get their adult teeth in and not once has she come ..

then again, I haven't ever actually found a tooth either.. I could probably reach into muffin's mouth and pull out that loose one, if I weren't so afraid she'd bite my finger off in the process.. *grin*

Maybe the kitten tooth faerie doesn't come if you don't have kitten teeth? Or maybe she comes and leaves the kittens treats and they eat them all up before I wake up?

*sigh* I so don't want muffin to grow up.. she's so darn cute this size, and fits in my lap here, while Im surfing just perfectly.. She'd probably fall asleep If I didn't keep waking her up with all my snuggling.. I got her a neon pink collar from the shelter yesterday.. the hubby likes it, but I think its a little too bright.. not a nice princess pink to match her nose.. oh well maybe when she gets older and her neck isn't going to get any bigger I'll find a nice pretty pink frufru collar for her..

You know.. some days I truely am the "crazy cat lady"

not that that is a bad thing..

Tuesday, February 4, 2003

and his name is Eli

found a new name for melvin/moe. I was driving and I drove past El's clam shack.. I read the sign as eli.. Came home, called to the kitty and he looked at me.. a few moments later I did it again, and he looked again..

so I'm thinking Eli it is..

started brushing kitty teeth around here. Em's are pretty bad. I feel bad, I didn't realize they were that bad. They don't seem to bother her though. I'm thinking when I make an appointment for her, I'll scheduled a cleaning and get some of the hardened plaque off..

Monday, February 3, 2003

Still sick

I asked the yahoo group what they recommend for an unrelenting case of URI. I didn't get much new. A new antibiotic recommendation (which is quite expensive) and a reminder that URI is a virus and there isn't much you can do.. (the antibiotics are to make sure secondary infections don't occur) Someone recommended (that their vet recommended to them) Cloratabs from Wal*mart.. I got some, split them up, fed them to kodi and dweezle and now kodi isn't weezing.. *yea!*

Dweezle (or is it moe) was playing with the new stick to the window toy, and he kept grabbing the fur part and trying to run off with it. It would always snap back and slam against the window.. until the last time when he actually got the fur off the toy. I'm not too pleased that it came off. He was none too happy that I took his prize away from him either.. lol.

They all enjoyed a good couple of hours out in the sun room today. I have a three season room, and when its above freezing and the sun is out, it gets quite warm in there.. was in the 70's today. I went and got kodi from the bedroom and put him out there.. he immediately turned around and ran in the house... although less than a minute later he was back out there enjoying the sun. I'm not doin nuffin unless its my idea!! lol. Kod also had a plugged nose this morning. I unplugged it and nice gobs of green goo came out.. *sigh* I so hope this new medication helps that..

Sunday, February 2, 2003

Sick kitties

Ok.. I've had it. Kodi has been sick way too freakin long. Not to mention Moe.. (or mojo jojo, or dweezle) at least moe is acting like he's not sick.. well of course except when he sneezes. This afternoon his nose was all plugged up. I just poked at Kodi, and his nose was plugged too, along with the runny eye thing. My vet said to get them off the antibiotics, but they aren't getting better.. I need to call their old vet and get some more antibiotics.. and if they wont give them to me I'll have to talk to the shelter. I do not want to take them back in for another vet visit (my vet wont give me any with out another visit, even though they were just there. I'm not too pleased with that)

the toys I got them yesterday are still a big hit. so that's three I can highly recommend. Bubble nip, the mouse that squeaks when its moved, and the piece of fur attached to an elastic that's on a pole that you can attach to a window.

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