Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Monday, May 24, 2010

GFS Warning

Gratuitous Flerup Shot.. Sorry, can't help it, she's just so freaking adorable.
and here is a cute shot of Eli.. since he's usually not around during picture time, he isn't represented as much at this blog

Kittens at work

I had to run an errand today while at work, so I thought I'd bring the kittens in for a visit..
They started their day hiding..
I let them hang out in my boss' office so they get used to new people and new environments.  They aren't adjusting as fast as other kittens I've brought in.  Apparently she printed and scared them, so they are pretty much still where they were in this photo three hours ago.  Usually kittens are creating mayhem and knocking things over by this point.  Maybe next trip.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Fleurp & Ollie

I watched the movie "Bolt" the other day, and Fleurp was totally interested in Rhino
She stood up on her hind legs and was pawing at the parts of the screen she could get to.  I could see her trying to figure out how to get to him..
I finally couldn't stand it any longer and ran up to get my camera.. well of course she didn't paw at the screen any more (something DH totally disapproves of so I'd never actually encourage it) but she did sit for quite a while watching..
(click to see full sized version)

I was downstairs giving Ollie his treatment.  I must say it is going way better then I thought.  I guess because the holistic treatment is basically water that it tastes like water so it is just a bit of an annoyance, and he gets treats (and only he gets treats, which he finds quite befitting his status of being KING RULER OF ALL!!! {yes, three exclamation points})  If he wanders off during the 15 minutes we are waiting between doses all I have to do is shake the container of treats and he comes running. - of course so does everyone else in hopes they will become "worthy".  I feel a little bad because they are so hopeful, singing little songs - doing little dances,  but if I start giving treats to everyone during Ollie Time, I'm sure Ollie wouldn't stick around any more.
(I shall sit here, and she shall wait on me)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Strange dream

I often find myself dreaming of my own life.  Its weird, when I could do anything and go anywhere while sleeping, my mind chooses to putter around the house and hang out with the kitties..

Well last night was very odd, as I had a new kitty.  A little short haired gray w/white  tuxie.  I don't think I've ever fostered a kitten that looked like this.

In my dream I was putting around the house and turned around to discover this new kitten sitting on the floor looking at me like I was supposed to be proud of some accomplishment.  I don't remember if I called out to my hubby asking him why the kitten was out, or if he called out that the door to the foster room had been left open, but some sort of exchange to that effect went on.  The kitten didn't care.  He (and yes, I just knew it was a he) just sat there looking so proud and happy.

also somehow I knew I had a new kitty.

So odd.  Cause there is so no more room at the inn..

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Gratuitous cat shots

Sorry, I just love showing off the crew
Jack - Insert Cookie Here Please!!!
 Eli on the headboard.
 Shades of grey
Kit on her favorite spot - Daddy..
Muffin Belly.

And while I was uploading photos, Jack decided to present me with a ball.  He's so cute walking around the house meowing about his 'prey'

Week 6.5

Sorry they are late, I haven't been feeling well.

This would be Lillie the mom.  ( I went to the shelter during the week and told the foster coordinater the names and sexes of the kittens, she made a few changes in spelling and over-rode the girl's name)
This would be the girl.  Originally called Bastet, now called Shakira.  It was quite humorous tonight as she did not have time to have her photo taken.  She just wanted to play.

This is Marty.  Marty has turned out to be one outgoing little boy.  When I took him to work during the week, he was all out and about interacting with the staff.  The girl and Rupert were both freaked and tried to find a place to hide.

This is Rupert. He is still way too quiet for my tastes.  He is usually just waking up from a nap when I go in and visit, and will sit in the comfy spot he's picked out until I move him.  I'm sure he'd eventually move on his own, but I just don't have the patience to wait.  He is actually the heaviest of all the kittens, and does eat and play (see upcoming photos) but he's just so darn quiet.

The girl and Rupert playing.
Dinner Time
Bath time vs Play time - guess who won

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Home sick

I'm having another allergy attack.  Seems to happen every once in a while (and I so need to track it to find out what is happening now that I know this is going to be recurring) and I've been  having a really hard time since Saturday.  It starts with a sore throat, then moves from my sinsues to my nose, then into my chest so that breathing is very difficult.  I've been dragging myself through life but I finally decided to take a few days off of work and I slept in this morning.  I woke up for some breakfast to find myself covered in cats.  I fought my way out of bed, and when I finally made it back I saw this...

My kitties take such good care of me.

I need to update the foster's photos.  All three of them are now eating when I put down food which is so much fun to watch.

A former foster is famous

wow. that is a lot of "f"s.. lol  I got an email last night about one of my fosters from back in 2006 - Teddy.  He was adopted by a very nice woman who I met when I emailed her about an editorial she wrote.  Since the adoption I pet sit for them and met their other kitty Gypsy. 

So now Teddy has made it to the interwebs.  He is a weather kitty :) (and oh so handsome)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Week 5

Rupert is a little on the shy side...

Unfortunately the camera is a little slow.  Marty was playing with the toy to the right of him

The girls are eating

Rupert just sitting there.  He's still very quiet.  He does play, but he's more reserved then his siblings.  I weighed him though, and he's actually 3 or more ounces heavier then the other two.  Rupe is 1lb 6 ozs.  Marty is 1lb 3 oz and the girl is 1lb 2 oz.

New Camera

Looks like I might have finally hit upon a camera I actually like.
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