Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Gratuitous Skippy Shot

Bonus photo:

what the grrrrr did you do to me!!

Well Ollie is home.  and man is he grumpy.  He took a moment to realize he was home, then he jumped out of the carrier fairly easily, but walking in a straight line was a bit of an issue for him.  He growled at everyone he came in contact with, and even eventually me.  He looks horrid, almost looks like they took off a leg all together if he's walking and you are behind him.  Guess that is the curse of being a long haired kitty.  I eventually decided that he deserved not to feel harassed (even if no one was harassing him) so I put him back in the carrier and put that in the office and closed the door.  In about an hour I'll let him out into that room with some food and a nice bed, and I'll go check on him in another hour or so.

Grumpy ol man doing well

Well I just got a call from my vet.  He's doing well, waking up out of surgery.  I can go get him at 2.

I don't think I'm going to relax until he's back home though.. maybe not even until his stitches come out..

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

First to the vet

Ok, so he really didn't go to the vet, but it was a cute title.  He went to the shelter. He was so quiet this morning, bordering on lethargic, so I brought him in to be looked at by the staff.  They said they see this all the time, and that the vet would probably take an xray and not do anything but recommend rest... so they sent me home with him.

might be broken, might not.. we don't know.  But kittens heal quickly, so unless he stops eating I'm not going to worry (yea right, I'm going to worry.. but I'll deal)

Ollie is going to the vet tomorrow.. like I don't have enough worry in my life right now..

Monday, September 28, 2009

limping kitten

Well this evening I went in to feed the kittens and Lulu, and all four kitties were by the door waiting for me.  I went in and sat near the feeding station to feed them, when I realized First appeared to be standing funny.  I picked him up and looked him over and he seemed fine, but he seemed reluctant to put all four feet on my lap, so I put him down on the ground, and he immediately held up his right front foot.  I picked him up again for a closer look at that foot, and it does not appear to be swollen, nor is it overly hot nor cold, and he didn't cry out when I felt for broken bones.

I realized I fed them in a hurry this morning and might not have seen them.  DH who fed them last night said First was hiding behind the couch - which is totally unlike him as he has always been a social butterfly and DH really wouldn't have noticed that.  So there is a good chance he could have hurt himself sometime on Sunday.

I feel bad that a) he hurt himself and that b) I might not have known for over 24 hours.

Eating solid foods

Third was the first to eat solid foods.  Kinda freaked me out when I saw him sidle up to mom and start noshing on her food.  Second has also decided that solid food is good.  First has yet to figure it out, but that's ok... no major rush.

These kittens still have little use for me.  I cuddle them and coo over them, but they want down, and hiss at me often when I come in to visit.  I know I'm not spending a lot of time with them which probably isn't good, but I'll try to change that once Skippy has been settled (notice I did not say returned - not to say I'm not not returning him) and they are all eating solid foods.

I'm not sure why names are not coming.  Maybe they like their designations.. but it doesn't seem very dignified..

As for Skippy.. I HATE both options I have. I so want to keep him, but I so  know that would not be a good idea.  I know he should be returned, but I so very much hate that idea as well.  Not only for the crap shoot of a home he might get, but because then I wouldn't have him.  But he drools.. I hate drool.. *sob*  My plan was to keep him a few days after the medication was finished.. but now I'm thinking I'll keep him till Sunday.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Ollie update

Well the growth is back, it is in the same place, and the doctor think it is the same thing - which he now believes to be cancer.  He's going for surgery on Wednesday.

Rationally I'm fine, emotionally I'm a mess

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Skippy Update

Man, I can't believe it has been since the 8th since I posted about him.

Ok, as I mentioned he spent the one night night with us. I moved him back into the bathroom the next morning, but shortly there after DH said Skippy should spend the night with us again.. so I ended up moving him over to the bedroom full time. There is another bathroom off the bedroom where I keep his litter box and feed him, so I am able to lock him away while we spend quality time with our own cats. Sometimes we sleep with Skippy, sometimes we sleep with the crew.. I end up feeling guilty no matter which option I choose because both are able to give me the biggest guilt trips..

Skip did worse this time with his cold. Last time it cleared up with in the week, but three days later he became congested again.. Now he's been on medication two weeks before it cleared up. I've decided I'm going to keep him on meds for a week after it clears - which was Sunday. He still HATES to be pilled, but if I do a football hold, and use something yummy to wash it all down with I can do it reasonably quickly (and I must be quick, because he starts trying to spit the pill out the second I put it in) He's not eating as much as I'd like him to, but currently I have less than ideal food. Even Lulu doesn't much approve (although my own cats are MORE than happy to help take care of any left overs..) I'm hoping there is something better at the shelter tomorrow.. or I'm going to have to go buy something for them. I wish I could feed him the raw that we feed our own cats, but I do not want to spoil him on it. I know it is best for him, but I can't know what his new owners are willing to feed, so I have to keep him open to the foods most likely to be fed. I know he loves it, because one day when he hadn't eaten for a while and I was getting really nervous, we offered him some, and he chowed down on it!!

He is a little escape artist now that he's feeling better. Keeping him in that room while there are other kitties to play with is a chore. I've let him run around a couple of times - mostly to help him work off some kitten energy but also because he likes it so. He often will go visit Bri (the rabbit). The other day he was so funny, he ran up to her, patted her gently on the head, then ran inside her cage and stalked her from in there while she was on the outside. I couldn't help but wonder what on earth was going through his mind :) Yesterday I was home alone because DH had an overnight for work, and he escaped. He ran around for a while, but I lost track of him. When I went to round him up, I couldn't find him anywhere. Finally I gave up and figured I'd check again in 20 minutes, so I went to bed and sat down for a bit. I was all comfy in bed before I realized Skippy was sitting there waiting for me. We spent the next hour cuddling before my cats got all too vocal that dinner hadn't been served yet (I had shut the door when I realized we were alone) He still LOVES to cuddle, loves to curl up in my neck and purr..

I so want.. but honestly seven cats is probably one or two too many - especially now that Ollie most likely needs surgery again.. They fit, they make a nice little happy pack, but they are a financial responsiblity, and I think it would be reckless of me to keep him.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kitten Videos

I suggest you screw your head down, put on anti-explosive head gear, and be prepared for the onslaught of cuteness.

If your head explodes, you can not say I did not warn you!!

First, they were sleepy

Then, they were waking up

Then I was trying to get video of "Third" walking around. I haven't quite decided if he has a bad gait because he's only 4 weeks old, or if because he's missing a couple of neurons from his mom being injected while pregnant. He also seems to have a constant case of the hiccups.. which is pretty obvious in one of the videos..

Monday, September 21, 2009


I have avoided posting this, because I was hoping it wasn't real. I found a lump on Ollie on Friday. It was still there this weekend. I have an appointment for him this coming Friday to have it looked at..

poor thing.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Happy 3wk Birthday

There were just so many cute photos that I had to put them all in a slide show.


well apparently I can't host my own blog and use blogger functionality. How frustrating (and why is there no spell check on this new dashboard??)

I want a cute blog.. not this bland plain thing, but I can't seem to get it right.
*this* is what I WANT the blog to look like (although the kitty image is a little big)

Ok that isn't true, I want a really cute adorable blog, not a plain blog with just one image at the top, but I like the functionality of the gadgets on the side. I suppose I could do a cname entry in my host and point to the blogger website, but I do really like the idea of hosting everything myself.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

the cuteness continues

Ok, Lula is unique.. I admit it.

Last night she moved her kittens again. I told you yesterday she gave her kittens a toy... well when she moved her kittens she moved the toy!! :)

What a good little mom she is!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sharing the cuteness

Two very adorable things happened recently.

First Skippy. He's not doing well at all. I realized his URI was coming back, so I got more medication for him, and by the time I got it home, he was in full blown congestion. Stopped eating, rasped when he was breathing, just generally being pathetic. DH couldn't stand listening to him complain about being alone in the bathroom so we brought him into the bedroom for the night. He curled up under my chin and stayed there all night long. Now normally my cats curl up with me, but as soon as I start to wiggle to get comfortable they move on. Not Skip. Every time I tried moving to get comfortable, he snuggled deeper into my neck. Woke up several times in the night, and in the morning realized he hadn't moved. Didn't use his box, didn't finish his dinner, nothing. He did not want to wake up and start the day, was very much a teen fighting not to go to school. Once he realized I was getting up, he decided it was play time, and once again he went from stop to go. :) I swear that boy only has those two modes.. He wasn't into his breakfast at all, so I left him locked in the bathroom (figured there was less to distract him in there) with the heater on. I so need to find the perfect home for him. He so deserves someone who will give him all the love he craves after all the misery he's been through so far in his short little life.

Then I went down to deal with Lula and her kids. She was all "Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi!" and getting around her to check on the kittens wasn't easy. She's such an attention hog. When I finally got to the kittens, I realized Lula had given them a kitten toy to play with. It is a small little pastel colored cloth ball designed for kittens. It was just too cute! I mean they barely recognize that they own their own feet.

Lula also created quite a stir yesterday when she decided to break out of the kitten room (did I mention she is an attention hog?) because we were in the room outside of the kitten room ignorning her cries for attention. We have a window into that room, and there was a screen in the window. She busted right through the screen, startling the crew that was down there with us. She was so proud of herself for getting to us, and only wanted us to worship her :)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Skippy went for a walk, and picts

Well I have been feeling that we haven't been paying enough attention to Skippy, so I thought I'd give him a treat and see how he liked going outside for a walk. I got out the harness and tried to put it on him. He didn't much like it until I explained that it was going to be fun, and we'd get to go out, and then he settled right down and he let me put it on. I took him outside, and he was generally ok. He did freak out once, but then he settled right down. He enjoyed rolling around in the grass and acted pretty much like it was cat nip :)

He also found the fun in sprinting. And MAN is he fast!! So basically he had two modes, laying down or lighting fast running. I was a little concerned as the harness hasn't had that much testing, and I didn't want him to break out of it (cause I'd never catch him if he decided to sprint down the street) so we came in. We spent our half hour (MANDATORY!!) cuddling and then he started exploring the bedroom again and being silly. He's currently hugging DH's foot.

The newbies are growing like weeds. I swear they have tripled in size since their birth. Their eyes are slowly opening, and they are starting to test out their legs..

love the tongue

Here are the orphans the morning of their adoption. Their new home says they are doing beautifully, adjusting nicely and dealing with their older cat very well. They also apparently haven't stopped laughing since they brought the kittens home.
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