Thursday, June 26, 2008

Welcome Back Bear

ugh! he's back (ok I don't mind at all)(well mostly)

I thought he was doing so well, and with my BG reading of 81, I thought they would want to take him and put him on the adoption floor.. no such luck.

He had a BG of 245 at the vet.. they were impressed, but I'm not. Although if he has stress issues, and releases glucose that would make sense. maybe I should keep him for two weeks and then ask them to do a fructosimine (man I wish I could spell) on him to show his BGs over the past two weeks..

I brought him home last night. I put the carrier down while I checked the answering machine, and my kitties investigated. Since there was no hissing involved, I thought I'd let him out for a little exploration. Well he slinked around for a bit, and waited till my back was turned and took off. could not find him ANYWHERE..

now if you remember, my husband's aunt's cat did this while staying at my house. I swear there is some invisible sign that is visible to visiting kitties that says "HIDE HERE!!"

Searched and searched and called out and searched some more.. no Bear. My own kitties followed me around and laughed at me. Finally I gave up and went to bed. I knew he had access to food (although it was my own cat's food) and litter (again, my own cat's litter box) so I figured nothing bad could happen..

At 1 am I heard some growling. It woke me up - as it always does - and I figured it might be the elusive Bear trying to get into bed.. but no Bear. I get up, and find Bear laying at the end of the hallway all sweet and innocent. I scoop him up and throw him in his room, where he proceeds to pound on the door for the next two hours!!

when picking up Bear, I visited with Huck, Bil and Zale. They were quite groggy. Lovey was very awake, and wanted OUT of her cage. The kits just wanted to crawl up on my lap and go to sleep.. talk about your guilt trips. I felt bad, but it needed to be done. Must say taking care of six kittens is WAY easier than 11! or even 10. Although they were quite frantic for food this morning.. don't know why, they got more than they usually do (I feed one large 13 oz can have for both 11 and 6) the kits were much more me orientated than they had been before. Previously they were too busy playing with one another.. this morning they were ALL over me.. made me giggle.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bye Bye Bear

I mentioned his good health to the shelter, and they want him back for a re-check. If things go like I think they are going to go, he'll be up for adoption before I can sneeze, and probably be adopted just as fast. This guy is amazing.. so loving.. so wanting attention.. so quick with a lick!

Unfortunately he's a little camera shy. So ignore the background of nightie.. that's just me.

I wouldn't mind keeping him, but there is no room at the Inn.. six is enough.

Monday, June 23, 2008


Bear was so active and so happy, that for the fun of it I thought I would test his blood sugars again. I got an 81. Yea for Bear! now I just need to finish out his meds and get him a recheck and I bet he'd be ready for adoption.

Ok maybe not that easy, but he's on the right road!

Yet another thing that bothers me

Boston Woman Might Adopt Miracle Cat

A cat in California was stuck up a tree for several days. It jumped out as they were trying to rescue it and fell six stories. It survived, then hid in a car engine. They got him out and brought him to a shelter, and now according to Inside Edition has gotten hundreds of calls to adopt him.

Now this is a plain ol black cat. The only thing special about him is that he was on TV.

and you know the hundreds of people who called in to adopt Lucky aren't going to adopt just any ol cat.. they want the celebr-cat.

How sad. Apparently there are hundreds of homes who could take a cat, and they won't. These cats just die because they weren't on tv..

ALMOST (can I emphasise that more??) makes me want to chuck kitties out windows..

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hey Mom, it's your Birthday!

So let me FINALLY come out of my shell, and POUND on the door and scream at you all night long..

OMG Bear was a total PITA last night.. he finally decided he wants out of his room - he must be feeling better - so he was pounding on the door and meowing. Fortunately his meow isn't that loud, and I FINALLY wised up and stuck a shirt in the door to make it tighter so it wouldn't bang against the frame. But twice in the night I got up and opened the door to see what his issue was. The first time he poked his head out then very cautiously walked down the hall. Ended up in the bathroom where we feed our cats. He was walking low to the ground, so he was still a little unsure of himself. He ran into my cats, started hissing, so I put him back. an hour later he started pounding again, so I opened up the door and this time he went very quickly in the other direction. I didn't want him to go into the room where I keep my rabbit, so I shut that door on him. He went and explored the back bathroom, then went back to the original bathroom. My cats hissed first this time, but he didn't slack off in that department, and after my last experience with Dovey I was a little reluctant to let them 'work it out' so I grabbed him and put him back, and in another hour he was pounding again - which is when I stuck the shirt in the door. He kept at it for a while, but it wasn't enough to really get to me. I had also gone in to visit him, and he was all up in my lap, licking me, and head butting me. OMG I could easily fall in love with this cat..

Speaking of Dovey, she went back to the shelter today. I felt so bad, but it needed to be done. Friday I took the kittens in to work... no wait, let me digress a little further. Kit has wanted to play with kittens since the last set went back, but I really didn't want to let the kittens out in the house, so I put her in the kitten room. Lovey didn't care but Dovey went off the deep end. Actually attacked Kit. Fortunately I was very quick to break them up, but she was quite upset for a while afterwards.

So I took the kittens to work on Friday, giving Lovey and Dovey some time alone. The kittens were very reluctant out and about, and overly concerned. Fern was fine and quite the little show off, but the rest would have rather gone home. So sad. they are going to have such a hard time with adoption.. *shrug* they'll get over it.

When I brought them home, Dovey once again went off the deep end. Growling and hissing and spitting at the kits. I tried to corral her to try to calm her down, but my attempts only sent her further off into la la land. I was actually afraid of her. I finally got her, and locked her up in the cage. I called the shelter to see if I could bring her in, and they said I could, but I then thought a little better of it and thought I'd let her calm down a bit. After an hour or so she was eating treats out of my hand, but overly concerned and growling when I showed her a kitten of either her litter or Lovey's. I took all of the kits weights and emailed the shelter asking to bring some of them back, and told them how Dovey was done being a mom. They told me to bring her back right away, and I have Huckleberry, Bilberry and Azalea scheduled for surgery on Wednesday. I am not a fan of doing this, splitting up groups, but I am getting horribly overwhelmed with them all and Bear.

Dovey did not take well to the shelter. I was able to capture her pretty easily but not with out some torbi-tude. When I got there, she was shedding up the wazoo, and her eyes were as big as saucers. I gave her some food and tried to comfort her, but then again she was never my biggest fan.

I checked up on Licorice while I was there. He's still there. very mellow boy. However he's either got a food allergy or ear mites pretty badly. His ears were a MESS and he was tearing them up as well as the back of his head. I know that it is hard with so many cats, but you'd think they'd take a short amount of time and touch each one each day or two.. Yes, I'm ranting, I just feel bad for him.

ok so I feel bad for all of them, but some adjust to shelter life better than others. It is a crying shame there aren't homes for all of them.

what really got me thought was a pair of kittens they had in the manager's office. OMG they were so full of personality that I was drawn to them before I even knew they were there! So brighht eyed and social. the one (they were both black and white) that I saw first had six toes on each back foot. The other bit is that he had one foot all bandaged up, and the other was bent inward at a 45 degree angle. The other had both front feet bandaged up. I will admit they looked a little pathetic, but I didn't feel sorry for either one of them. They were just so happy and wanted attention. I wanted so badly to take them home, but I'm stretched pretty thinly at this point that I didn't think it was fair to anyone. but I so totally want!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

for compairison

I thought it would be fun to get photos for compairison from the kits, my kids and Bear.. in case you can't see the weights, Apple is 2lbs 2 oz, Ollie is 10lbs, Bear is 15.




Fern and Apple - I just liked this photo

more progress

I got Bear belly last night. Sent DH in to spend time with him too, and he got Bear belly too. he then hopped down, scratched around in his box, and laid down to go pee.. such an odd little boy.. although I bet he'd LOVE our litter boxes..

We are going to have a Kitten Friday at work tomorrow. I can't begin to fathom the trouble they are going to get into!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Break through!!!

This morning I went to pill Bear, and then cuddled him a bit. I told him that I was sorry for all he was going through, and that I wanted him to feel comfortable here. I also apologized for what I was going to do tonight, which was pill him, trim his nails, test his blood sugars and give him some rescue remedy.

When I went to pill him tonight I moved the chair, and instead of having to tip the chair over and physically remove him from it, he actually came out!! on his own!!!

This is HUGE!!!

I gave him some more antibiotics, a bit of RR, and a pill to help stimulate his appetite. I forgot to test his blood sugars, I'll try to do that tomorrow.

And then just now he sat at the door and cried out. I opened the door and he looked around, but then saw Muffin and hissed and went back into the office and sat under the desk. I tried offering him treats, but he wasn't into it.

I'm so freakingly impressed!! This really is huge for me... well and for him! now if only we could get him to stop hissing at the kids, we'd have a nice happy house hold. I'd love to bring him to bed with me for some good cuddling.

Since I pulled out the nail trimmer, I decided it was time to do the kittens too - since someone caught me on the neck last night. They don't mind getting their nails trimmed, but they really hate being locked up in the cage.

They much prefer to be free! only problem is they need to be in a cage to find a new home in a couple of weeks. I'm sure they'll be better when they are at the shelter..

Monday, June 16, 2008


I think I see a smudge of progress with bear. He kinda ate some of the food I gave him last night (FF Salmon) and when I went back into his room to get something, he was out and about, and just hunkered down. I got to pat him.

I had to pull him out this morning to give him his pill. I shoved it in his food yesterday.. but since he isn't eating all of it, I need to make sure he's getting it for certain once in a while. I gave him some of Emerald's Innova Evo canned food, and he seemed to like that. He's a really big kitty, he should be eating a LOT more than he is. I'm starting to get very concerned.

I remembered this morning I have some feliway dispensers in the kitten room, I'll bring one out and see if that helps him.

The hiding I can deal with, the avoiding I can deal with. It is his being so nervous he shakes that breaks my heart.


Ok, here's another rant from me.

I was reading a newsletter from another local shelter in my general area. It like my own shelter is what is known in the industry as "open admission" shelters.

This newsletter had several articles referring to it's open admission status because quite often they are asked if they are a "no kill" shelter.

People who are not into rescue (ok, and some that are) are all into "no kill" shelters because they think they are better. No risk of little fluffy being killed right??

Well.. ok, that is some what true.. but not completely.

Lets get into the facts about shelters.

Shelters are there to HELP the pet over population that is absolutely a result of ignorant humans. Because of the general belief that pets can fend for themselves, or that pets should have litters, or that brother and sisters won't mate, or their "absolutely positively always indoor pet" couldn't possibly escape (you have no idea what a pet in heat is like) there are now billions of homeless pets in this country alone. no, that isn't a typo. Billions. Thousands are being put to sleep each and every day in this country. and then there are the thousands that die with out ever seeing a human. It is shameful.

so what is John or Jane Doe supposed to do when they have a little fluffy they can't take care of? Well first of all they shouldn't have taken in a pet if they couldn't care for it. Unlike children, there is no government welfare to help families out to take care of pets. Since pets (in the eyes of the law) are property, if you can't afford one, you shouldn't get one. Period. It is harsh of me to say, and I know if I weren't in a place financially to have a pet I would be devastated. (but then again I know about my local shelter's fostering program, so I'd probably be a part of that regardless)

Anyway.. I'm digressing. This fluffy has to go somewhere.. doesn't it? What are your options?? well you could list it in the paper or on craigslist to try to find a home for it. You can try to pawn it off on family and friends. You could try to find a "no kill' shelter for it. You could find somewhere and just set it free and hope it finds a home, or you can take it to an 'open admission' shelter.. yes.. they have dubiously earned the rep of "kill shelter" due to no kill shelters.

Lets go through these options. posting to find a home. Well, who is going to come and get your fluffy? well maybe you'll luck out and you'll find a nice person who lives in a nice home who has lots of resources to take care of your pet. But honestly, they probably have either gotten their pets from a breeder, or the shelter, or they know people who know people.. there aren't a lot of nice people looking on craigslist or on the paper. There is a better chance that it is a home just like the one it is leaving. Someone who can't afford the adoption fee from a shelter and wants a 'free' pet because they honestly can't afford it. well now the pet is back in the same situation, and there is a darn good chance that if it becomes sick or injured, the owners are going to be tossing it out or listing it on craigslist (that pet section is just so sad some days). now.. those are the good options. There is a darn good chance that the person who is coming to get your pet is going to lie to you, and lie big. Either they are a reseller to labs, or for other not so scrupulous options. Don't think it happens? get your head out of the sand. Where do you think they get animals for 'animal testing'? you think they go through the hassle of breeding them for this? They buy them from people who go out and get 'free' pets. Talk about pure profit for these people. And all it takes is a little lie. It is completely heart breaking.

So.. you try to pawn them off on friends and family. Doesn't that make you the popular one??

Ok, so that isn't sounding as good. No Kill shelters are always touted as the best place to take pets. and in theory no kill shelters are a good place. However, because they are not 'open admission' shelters, they simply stop accepting animals when they don't have room. so good luck finding a no kill shelter who can actually take an animal. Now say you do find one who can. How do you know they really are an honest to goodness shelter and not a woman hoarding pets?? What kind of conditions are the pets in? do they get lavished attention or set to languish in an over crowded room and fed what ever food is available? lets say you luck out, and you find an honest to goodness no kill shelter who cares about the animals, and lavishes attention on them, and will keep them till they find a home. Sound great doesn't it? well where are these pets kept. It is a rare shelter that keeps pets in a home like environment. Chances are they are in a cage of some sort. Can you imagine spending months if not years in a small cage? is that REALLY in fluffy's best interest?? Maybe fluffy gets lucky, it is a good facility, they socialize often, etc, but as I've said, that is rare.

So you think if you set it free somewhere it will survive just fine? doubt it. When I moved into an apartment as a newly wed, I saw a small little kitten on the stoop. I listened to my DH tell me not to feed it or pay attention to it cause it would never leave. I wish I hadn't.. because several months later I ran into that kitten again as a young adult. thin, matted, and smelling of the local dumpster, the kitty was on its last leg. I brought it in and tried to nurse it back to health, but again I was ignorant. The kitty had felv, and was dying. She just got worse and worse, and eventually I had to have her put down. The bite out of my budget for a kitty that wasn't even mine was devastating, but I could not let that kitten suffer any more. So many pets die on the streets either from disease, from starvation, at the hands of bigger predator animals or being hit by cars, or killed for the amusement of some sick and twisted human. Unless you specifically hand over the care of your pet to a specific individual, you risk your pet being a homeless statistic.

So then that leaves "open admission" shelters. Your generic county shelter/pound. Now I will admit, there are a LOT of badly run pounds. I won't even dignify calling them a shelter. They take pets in, hold them for any required by law length of time, then put the animals down. But even that is a fate better than being left to die on the street, or being put into a testing facility. Heck, even being in a home that won't treat a simple illness is (to me) a worse fate. So many times I see people posting on line looking for info on their pet's health saying "I can't afford a vet". Um.. a pet isn't a toaster. It can not wait for you to have money to go to the vet. Just like children they need to go to a Dr when they are sick. it can not wait, and to do so is to cause pain and suffering to the pet and in many communities is it actually against the law. So even in the worst possible scenario of bringing a pet to an open admission shelter and it being put down, often that is the preferable solution to possible options for the pet. Sounds mean? sounds cruel? Well I'm not going to disagree. I want perfect homes for each and every fluffy out there, but there aren't. I'm a realist. I know that the options for a lot of pets are horrid. I know I wouldn't want to live my life out in a cage.

However, a lot of 'open admission' shelters have evolved and do amazing incredible work with the minuscule funds they get. Life saving treatment, behavior modification, training, fostering, socialization. A lot of "open admission" shelters have adoption rates that rival 'no kill' shelters. The staff care (probably too much at times) and work very hard to find the right pets for the right people so they stay in their new homes. They screen adopters to make sure they are aware of the responsibility of owning a pet, and can deal with emergencies as well as every day care.

to me "no kill" shelters have their place and are a great resource. But deep down my heart is with the 'open admission' shelters. They have to take each and every pet that comes in. They have to see the very worst of humanity. The cat who was put in a carrier then sent it down to the local incinerator. The batch of kittens in a box thrown in the river. the dog dragged behind a car. just to mention a few. And they keep going back. they keep trying to save the next one that walks in the door.

I've often been told I should go to work at the shelter. I wish I could. I wish my soul was that strong. It is not. I'd be constantly have to be held back from hauling off and hitting someone. I'd constantly be crying over the one that was brought in that was too far gone to be saved. I watch Animal Cop shows on Animal Planet and am constantly amazed these people not only don't just haul off and hit people, they don't even berate them for being idiots. I don't have that kind of restraint (can you tell from this post?? :D)

I hope everyone who takes a minute to read this to send a letter of thanks to their local shelter for all they do for the homeless animals of the community. Even those that have a high euthanasia rate are keeping these pets from dying horrible deaths on the street. better yet, write a nice letter of thanks to your local letter to the editor.. let the community know how much shelters do for us, and the pets that can't speak for themselves..

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Bear is taking a long time to adjust

Well poor Bear is still very uncomfortable at the house. I had to pull him out from behind the computer desk again. so I pushed the desk in such a way that he can't get himself back there, so tonight he was shoved inside the recliner. I feel so bad. He's so nervous he shakes. what's worse is he has quite a few mats, so I'm trying to relieve him of that, and he's not liking that either. He's not to bad to pill, but have I mentioned his size yet?

This cat laying down is as long as an average cat carrier. not stretched out, simply laying down. His head is almost twice the size of Jack's head. he is maine coon to the EXTREME. His fangs are quite impressive. He's really a big ol sweet heart of a cat - or maybe he's just too nervous to act out, but when I pill him he just lets me. although I certainly would NOt want to get my fingers caught in that mouth - OUCH!

I thought a feild trip might help him out. so we have brought him out into the new sun room. He slinked under the table, then realized all of my kitties were looking at him, so he looked out at them.

He seems interested in the other kitties, but he also started to visibly shake again. I can only imagine what these past few weeks have been like for him. He was in a home, and then started feeling ill, so he was disposessed of his home, sent to a shelter, back and forth to the vets, then a bath, then this.. it is apparently all just too much for him. He's now currently hiding out behind my chair.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

the count is now 18

So my six, the two moms, their eight babies, the one orphan, and now I've got another foster at the house.

Yes, I swear the word "sucker" is on my forhead, but only animal rescue workers can see it :)

Five yr old, long haired 20lb (I'm guessing) black kitty. Declawed. Has a urinary infection, and high blood sugars.

so he's here on antibiotics and DM food to see what happens. He's had a rough couple of days apparently. He took his bath from the shelter very well and he drove to the house just fine as well. As soon as we let him out from the carrier, he tried to shove himself under the kick plate of my computer desk. It is barely big enough to fit a kitten.. not the big huge male that he is..

The kits downstairs are progressing nicely. Two pounds four ounces.. so it is just a matter of time before they are ready to go. The question is, do I send them all back and keep Fern, or do I keep them all and wait for fern to catch up with them. she is pretty much half their size at this point.. she's going to be a really small kitty just like Kit.. might take FOREVER.. which wouldn't be fair to the rest of them. Hopefully she'll have a growth spurt soon, and catch right up and I won't have to worry about it.

Monday, June 9, 2008

behold the power of steak!

We had steak yesterday, and we had a few left over pieces, so I took them to the kitten room to give the moms a treat.

It was SO FUNNY!! the kittens really didn't understand, but they wanted to investigate. Lovely got a small piece, then went to get the bigger piece, but there were kittens all around it, so she very subtly stuck her nose in there, and slowly pulled it away from them.

Dovey.. I almost fell down from laughing. She grabbed her piece, and tried to find a quite place to eat it.. but in one 12x12ish room with nine kittens there really is no place that they can't get to, so she just sat on the floor holding the steak in her mouth and growled. She kept looking left and right as if trying to decide where would be a good place, and growled when anything moved in the room - which again with nine kittens was pretty much constantly. I finally left her sitting there growling.. I felt a little bad, but I knew if I tried to intervine, there would be no good solution. If I pulled the kittens away, she'd want to save them, and if I tried to rescue her to a safe place she'd just run.. I'm sure she got to eat her steak though..

Friday, June 6, 2008

Kitten's first nail trim

Kitten nails are horrid. They are like little needles.. and when they hit about five weeks of age, they realize they can use them to climb things. For a while now I knew I needed to get them trimmed, but they were doing so well and not hurting me that I wasn't worried about it. Well over the past couple of days I've walked out of the kitten room bleeding, so last night I went down with nail trimmers.

Usually kittens freak at being held down and having something done to them. They get through the first paw ok, but then start squirming and making the second paw very difficult. I have to say though, this crew wasn't bad at all. There were a few that were squirmy.. but I was able to get through it rather quickly.

But once again I put them all in the cage to ensure everyone got done. Well caging does not go over well. Dovey came over to try to comfort kittens.. I got knicked a few times by kittens reaching through the bars to remind me they were locked up.

This morning I went to feed them, and I left with all the blood I went in with.. it was so nice!

A few of the kits have liquid stool. I am going to have to do something about it.not sure what the issue is, as they all used to have firm stool, and half of them still do. I wonder if the half that have issues are nursing on Dovey, and are getting the antibiotics and pred.. *shrug* not sure. Will need to talk to the staff and see what they recommend.

Can you feel the love

The down side to six cats, is when most of them miss you during the night and ALL vie for your attention in the morning.

It doesn't happen often, and truely I actually love it when it happens, but it can be a bit overwhelming when you get five cats all wanting to be patted and you only have two hands..

This morning Jack showed up.. Jack often just wants to sit near me and doesn't really want to be patted or cuddled. Sometimes he does.. like the other morning when he woke me up by sticking his nose in my face and when that didn't get me to respond to him, he actually bit my arm (a gentle love bite, but still) But this morning, he was fine just being close.

Then Muffin showed up. She took prime real estate, by firmly commanding the spot created by my shoulder and hip (I was laying on my side) Tweedle showed up, cautiously walking closer and closer (Muffin has issue with the air Tweedle seems to disturb) I distracted Muff and started patting Twee.. Then Eli showed up.. I was starting to feel a bit overwhemled, but seemed to manage, until Ollie showed up. Fortunately Ollie took over and started grooming Twee (I'm so glad someone does.. it used to be Em's job) But Eli shoved his head in there wanting grooming too.. which of course resulted in Twee's leaving, then Eli left, then Muffin left, so I started patting Jack which made him leave, and then Ollie left. So I was kitty-less.. But moments later Kit showed up - sans collar. She has leared to take off her break away collar.. smart little thing - and started prancing around wanting attention. When I wasn't quite as quick to give it to her, she left, found another mouse, and came back and we played fetch for a few minutes. I talked sternly to her this morning about keeping her collar on, and when I finally got up and started making my breakfast, she started playing with her collar, so I put it back on her. If it is off again tonight, I'm not sure what I'll do. I might start by taking the bell off and see if that helps (why do they put bells on decoritive collars??) and if that doesn't work I'll have to get her a non breakaway one like Muffin has. Muffin's collar is so loose though that if it gets caught on anything it will immediately come off.

When I finally left for work this morning, Jack was giving me sad eyes.. I told him not to worry, it was Friday - a short day for me - and I'd be home soon and we could take a nap together. Of course I'm sure when I get home he'll have forgotten all about it and will ignore me till supper time.

Made cat food again last night. I am seriously considering buying it from someone, but I need to find a company that makes a food that I'd be willing to feed (I don't want a lot of fillers) and that won't cost me an arm and a leg to get shipped to me. It's just hard for me to consider plunking down $90 for 20lbs of food.. when we make 40lbs at a time and it costs maybe $50.. ok maybe a smidge more with the supplements..

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


a really cute video
A second video

This just made me cry

Diana Bardsley wiped tears from her eyes as she recalled taking food off her plate to feed her beloved spaniel Hunter and two Siamese cats.

now this (and several others cited in the article) restores my faith in humanity.. and makes me want to help..

Only problem is, I'm only one person.. I do what I can, where I can.. Throwing starfish in the ocean.. one at a time..

Please.. donate to food banks and shelters..

It is Hug Your Cat Day!

Man, I've got some work to do.. 17 cats at the house to hug..

Monday, June 2, 2008

photos of the kids

Kit was being obnoxiously cute the other day, and I filled up my camera with photos of her. Ended up deleting one so I ocould get a shot of Eli in the new sun room. I have a photo of him as a kitten in the last sun room we put in the last house. Not quite sure where the original one is, but I'll find it and share itMine.. all mine!!
Acting Innocent
Glamour shot
I can be up here... really!! Daddy said so!
I'm just too cute to yell at

oh the cuteness!!

I decided to name the boys Blueberry, Huckleberry and Bilberry - all three names for practically the same fruit.. and it works with the plant theme I have going on there :)

I rarely name with themes.. I did it with the Muppet crew a couple of years ago - but those names totally fit the personalities of the kits. Kermit was the peace maker, Miss Piggy was all about her, Gonzo was a laugh riot, and Fozzy was fuzzy and liked to be cuddled.. (ok so then there was Peanut, but I never believed he'd live)

The kits are such a re-affermation of life. It is amazing sometimes. I mean I have nine kittens... five of which look exactly alike from more than three feet away, but they are all so individual and unique. Ok granted, they are kittens, so they like to play, climb and eat.. again, all looking the same from three feet away, but you sit down with them, and you are immediatly struck with how Dandelion loves to get up and lick you.. how Blueberry just wants the back of his head patted. How Bilberry just will let you hold him belly side up and just hangs out totally trusting. How Azeala is so reserved and sits back, and how Apple is on fast foward ALL THE TIME! that girl has no idea what she is doing half the time, she's just on GO!!

They recently started getting up on the window seat. These little kits LOVE sun beams.. they just drink it in and totally enjoy the warmth. Up there I have stored the carriers. One of them I took the door off of, incase the moms wanted to hide in it to give birth. well the kits are now sleeping in it.

They are eating a large 13 oz can of food twice per day. They have access to dry food, which I don't know if the kits realize is food or not. Lovey and Dovey partake of it. I have a lot of 3 oz cans as well (for some reason the shelter likes to save those for fosters.. I think they are just a pain, cause I have to feed so many) and I opened up 8 of those, all the same flavor - Nutro Kitten. They weren't that thrilled with it, so by dinner time there was quite a bit left, so I opened up a couple of canned of something fishy, and put a small amount of it on each of the left over plates, and they were clean come morning :) We are still going through a LOT of water, but I'm not getting the huge pee piles that I used to, so I think Dovey's UTI is doing better.

Last night I was trying to medicate Dovey and give the kits attention, when I remembered once again how easy it is to give back kittens. Granted, there is usually one or two that worm their way into your heart and beg not to leave, but when you have nine little kittens biting your toes and scaling your leg, and you know they have at least another month with you, you are so ready for them to find new homes!! Heck with four I'm often ready for them to go before they are ready to go back.. I can't imagine I'm going to have any hair left in my head come the end of June :)
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