Saturday, May 31, 2008

where did the kitten get steroids??

Well it has been six weeks. So today was the day they got their first deworming. It is always amusing to see the reactions of kittens to the deworming meds. Some just took it, some reacted, and some reacted violently. Just too funny.

Since so many of them look so much a like I decided to put them in the cage and pull one out at a time. One of the boys felt a little big, so I decided to weigh them to see. Most of the kittens weighed out at 1lb 5oz.. but one of the boys is up to 1lb 12 oz!! I asked him where he got the steroids, and he just looked at me like "So what are steroids?? and how do I get them?" it was just a cute look.

Lovie reacted badly to the deworming as well. Kinda hurt when she clipped me with her back paw, but she didn't break skin. Dovey has resigned herself to getting meds. I peeked at her teeth, and things seem to be progressing and are bright pink instead of red. She's also missing the small teeth between her lower canines. I am kinda hoping that she's realized that the meds are helping.

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Well we have all but the boys named at this point. Ivy (calico), Apple (smaller B&W), Azlea (Larger B&W), Fern(tabby), Peony (Soft black), and Dandelion (the solid black girl).

One of the boys has a smokey undercoat on his chest, he's also obnoxiously friendly. I think he's different from the other two, but it is so hard to tell. :)

Dovey's trip to the vet was eventful. They think she has stomatitis, and a urinary tract infection. So she needs to be on pred and baytril. *rolls eyes* this is going to be fun. It was suggested I isolate her and give her a small plate of food.. HA HA HA.. when i walk into the room she hisses at me and hides under the couch.. This morning was interesting, because she sat just out of reach.. I fed the kittens, and then gave her a plate of food. so maybe that would work. Bring in a smaller plate of food for her, feed the kits, then give her the food.. HOPEFULLY that will work. I mean I can grab her and pill her, but I would like to have some modicum of trust with her. Stomatitis is not a bad diagnosis, but a chronic one. Don't know who is going to want to adopt that (other than a shelter worker) *sigh* Means she's probably going to be in the system for a while :( Hopefully I'm wrong, but I really shouldn't worry about that until we get there. One step at a time.

Monday, May 26, 2008


Dovey's bad teeth (she's going to the vet on Wednesday)

I just love this pict, no idea who it is.

I'm thinking I'm going to name them all after plants. Started with Fern. The little soft one I love I'm going to call Peoney, the little round headed B&W I'm going to call Apple. and the calico is going to be Ivy

When I fed them this morning they were all clamouring at my feet, chewing on my ankles, playing with my pant legs, it was so cute.. :)

it is really sweet, but nine kittens is just too much. I can't get to know them, I'm sure some of them are being left out on the attention department.. If I were unemployeed it would be ok, I could spend several hours a day, but I can't.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

medical issues and a new addition

Well after a week of medicating Dovey, her mouth still looks pretty nasty, so I took her into the shelter this morning to be felv/fiv combo tested. Thankfully she came back negative for both, but that doesn't explain why her gums are all inflamed and why the antibiotic didn't help.

I decided to stop giving it, because it is abosolutely ruining her quality of life. Every time I walk into the kitten room she hisses and hides. Its quite sad.

While I was at the shelter, one of the staff members asked what I had for fosters. Reason being she had an only kitten who was being a pain. Pooping on the bath mats, and suffering from only kitten syndrome. so I said I would take her.

so she showed up.. and immediately started eating the food off the floor, so I put her in front of a bowl of wet food, and she chowed down. the kittens interest her, but the moms kinda scare her. they on the other hand are fine and quite interested in her, which is nice. I was a little fearful they would be unaccepting of the new one.

So I'm sitting down here in the kitten room for a while. Annoying thing is I just cleaned up down here, and some how misplaced the remote for the tv (and heaven forbid I actually get up and touch the TV) so I'm stuck watching what ever channel came up. appears to be TNT, and is some movie I'm sure I've seen ages and ages ago, but I don't recognize it. DH is out mowing the lawn making a lot of noise. Fortunately the kitties really just don't care.

Ok.. I'm seriously in need of some names..

kittens at work

I brought the kittens to work on Friday. Was quite an intesting event. Most of them went into a corner and hid there, hissing and being quite scared. the calico was outgoing wanted to visit though. The fluffy black one who loves me was loving on me, along with one of the black triplets.

Finally got them all out and about, and I took four to my desk while my boss kept four on hers. they all just found a quite corner and took a nap.

My four eventually found their way onto my lap, which was really sweet, only problem is I have a two kitten lap, so if they tried to readjust, one of them would fall almost fall off. I had to keep catching kittens.

I have some great photos, unfortunately my camera once again went off the deep end. I just got it back after having to send it in to be worked on, so I am NOT happy. I don't know how to get the photos off the camera with out the usb cable working through the camera. I guess I would need a card reader... *sigh* Guess it is back to the old one again..

they came back from their trip, got used to being at home again, and became quite outgoing little kittens. its amazing what a trip out then a return to a secure environment will do!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

three out of five steps isn't bad :)

there are quite a few steps involved in using a litter box.

you have to acknowledge that you have to go
you have to walk over to the box
you have to get in the box
you have to produce what ever it was that sent you over to the box
you have to finish producing it.


well one of the kittens came over to the boxes (step one and two) that I was scooping out last night.. she sat down in front of them, looking at the ground like she was expecting something to happen. I finished scooping out the box, and she was still looking at the ground.. so I put her in the box (missed step three) and she started digging, and then you could see her visibly tense up(step four). well after a moment, she was done, but uncomfortable.. she was trying to figure out what was going on, and so was I.. so I picked her up, and saw a rather large poopie still sticking out rather prouncely from her anus.. meaning she pushed it out, but didn't get the concept of squeezing it off.. (missed step five)

Of course I'm on the wrong side of the room from the paper towels.. so I have no idea how to help her. I wasn't going to pick it off. I tried to help, and felt absolutely useless.. after a moment it fell off.. which was a good thing. I was about to get up and get a towel.. but she saved me the trip.

We have several eating out of the bowls now. I'm going to have to get more bowls here soon. Most of the kittens are now interacting with me, climbing up on my lap, being cute. Work is lucky I come in at all.. :)

speaking of which.. it is kitten field trip on Friday.. they'll come in with me for a little bit. Kittens need to get out of the house while they are young to help round out their socialization.. Never had eight kittens here at once.. should be interesting!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Dovey and the kits

I think the new medicine is helping Dovie. I went in Friday morning and told the staff what her issues were, and I got some new liquid anitbiotics. Because I can inject it into her mouth in a place that isn't as inflammed, it is easier to give to her, and she's not as scared of me. But she's still leary of me, and quickly runs and hides when I'm around or moving. Fortunately she's very into protecting the kittens, so she is quick to come back and be with them.

Amusingly enough I had one of the black and white girls on my lap the other night, and the kitten didn't want anything to do with me, so she kept crying out. Dovie came over and looked up from the ground matching the kitten's meow with her own grunt/cry. she was bothered, but not distressed...

I've never had kittens that were so reluctant to be with humans. Its very bizarre.

Several of the kittens are ready to eat solid foods, but they just don't get the concept. One was chewing on the bowl the food was in instead of the food. Quite agressively too. I offered the kits some wet food on my fingers. That went well.. only problem though is now they are licking and biting me even when I haven't been touching food. Although last night the smaller of the two black and white kittens was eating wet food out of a food bowl all on her own.

what ever issue dovie had earlier - the goopie eye and the nasal discharge - escaped from the kitten room. Tweedle was blowing snot bubbles and had mucus in her eye, and Jack had a goopy eye as well.

I saw a few kittens at the shelter yesterday I wanted to kitten-nap and take home. One was a five week old kit that was a part of a group that was smaller than my kits. They were fluffy, but all bones. another was an orphan that was a fluffy tiger kitten, five weeks old maybe, but had the lightest blue eyes I'd seen on a kitten. He was stunningly pretty. I keep wanting to add to my household.. but I do honestly know better. Six is enough..

The shelter

I love my local shelter. Please remember that when reading this post. Because I love my local shelter, it irritates me when I feel like I'm hitting my head against a wall when it comes to helping them out and getting things done not only for the staff but the animals.

We had the 6th annual kitten shower yesterday. It was a nice time, but once again (like last year) 75% of the donations and sales came from the staff and volunteers. we had a few girl scout troops stop by with some impressive donations - one group of five brownies brought in over 500 lbs of supplies! - however the total amount of donations was just over 1000

Why such a disappointing year? a lot of people were tryingn to blame it on the grand opening of a huge new store about 45 minutes away. Thinking the draw was that big.

Granted, that was a huge draw for a lot of people, but that was not the issue. the issue was that they didn't tell people about it.

they put out a post card, and a few flyers around town.. but that was pretty much all the advertising I saw. *shrug*

I have to give a little leeway here, because a lot of the staff this year is new. We have a new program coordinator, a new volunteer coordinator, and a new ... shoot.. I forgot her title.. and I'm sure this was foisted upon them. And sadly too many of the long time volunteers have been backing away from helping out because of the history of their suggestions not being listened to, and what help they do give seems to not be appreciated. I know I have to back away from time to time because I get overwhelmed with the huge wall they have built around their "policies and proceedures" that can not be tamered with.

Hopefully we can get some better lines of communications going this year, next year we'll advertise the living crap out of this event.

another issue of the day was when one of these new staff memebers stood on the far sid of the room I was in and made a very condesending pronouncement. It was rude, and completely unnecessary. I've been with the shelter for a freakingly long time (I think its been 15 years) and knew what I was doing, and what was going on.

What is even more annoying is that this woman then tried to blame the pronouncement on another staff member - one who has been there even longer than I have. She's a sweet woman who is probably my mother's age. but because she's quirky and just a little different she's often the one blamed or accused, or shunned or put off or put apon. I hate that she isn't treated well. She is the only reason I'm actually still with the shelter. I remember my first day going in to volunteer. At the time there was no formal program, and the volunteer coordinator at the time was very judemental and dismissive. When I walked in the door I had no idea where to go and what to do, and felt ignored. I was about to leave and never go back when my friend called out to me and gave me a job to do and befriended me. While she is a little quirky, she's friendly, and the shelter needs more of that! everywhere needs more than that.

Fortunately things are much better. That VC is gone, so is the manager at the time who wasn't much better. I still wish for more improvement, but I have to remember that they are an organization dependant on donations, and while their budget is quite impressive, they do have a very impressive list of expenses when it comes to the animals.

I just wish ... well I suppose it doesn't really matter what I wish. They are of great help to the abandoned companion animals of the communities, and do great things with in the constraints that they have. and most of the changes I want cost money. I must remember to appreciate them for what they are with in their limitations, and while I don't think it is wrong to wish for more, I have to remember that more does not come easily.. and it's hard. I want to make a good thing better, and I can't.

Please, neuter your pets, and donate to your local shelter!

Thursday, May 15, 2008


I'm over run with kittens!! they have ALL escaped, none of them are going back in the cage, and they were ALL piled up against the door this morning.. so I need to clean the kitten room, but with 10 cats running around it, it isn't going to be easy!


Ok, who's brilliant idea was it to take two pregnant cats??

Dovie is scared of me and is hissing at me now. I'm kinda concerned about her. I need to spend some time with her, but I'm not exactly sure when that is going to happen. should probably get someone to look at those teeth too! those can not be comfortable..

One of the kits used the litter box I put in the cage.. so that is progressing nicely. however I forgot the stage where little paws go into EVERYTHING.. they are all litter coated.. *sigh* looks like baths might be in their futures!

Hopefully the kits will get braver, and stop looking at me like I'm the enemy. They are starting to play, so when I become a big kitty gym, I'm sure they'll get over that unease real fast :)

Monday, May 12, 2008


Saturday I went and got meds for Dovie. she's congested and has a goopy eye. got doxy and tri-optic ointment. She was NOT thrilled to get either on Sat. (which reminds me I NEED to clip her nails!) well some time after that someone vomited.

Gave her more meds on Sunday.. more vomit.. I'm seeing a trend.

I weighed her. 6lbs 10 oz. she isn't losing.. but her coat seemed off, and she seemed skittish, and frankly she drank WAY too much water. she drank 1/4 off the dish before I interupted her. got to 1/3 before I interupted her again, and it was 1/2 gone by the time I went up for the night last night. If she has vomited again I'm going to let the shelter know she needs to see a vet.. cause this water drinking seriously concerns me.

Kittens are starting with teeth buds. only one of the little boys is interested in escaping, but he has no idea how to get back in. someone is pooping on their own, and I'll need to find a small litter box to put in the cage with them..

I've vowed not to rush these kittens. I'm going to let them figure out how to get out of the nest, how to eat, etc.. but it's hard, they are so boring in the cage all the time!!

Friday, May 9, 2008

we have official escapees!

Went down last night to feed the kittens and the little calico and one of the black boys had escaped the cage! so cute!!

I have seen them get out before, but that was when I was playing with them. this time they did it cause they thought "hey, lets go explorin!"

The soft little black girl (dovey's girl) I swear is made of rubber!! I just pick her up and she's all limp and just a big fluff ball (ok a little fluff ball)

Dovey's eye is getting goopy again, and she seems to be getting congested, I should so do something about this.. don't want the kits to get it!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Lovey's little girl

Lovey's boys.

Dovey's little black girl. She's sooo very soft..

Dovey's calico/tortie kitten. she's such a determined little girl!

Dovey's two black & white girls.

random kittens in the cage having fun

New toy in the house

I was out shopping, and saw this and thought Ollie would love it. I saw the decoration on it of peacock feathers, and remembered I had a package of them at home, so I bought it..

Jack REALLY wanted it

I gave it to them, and it was a huge hit!

we also had turkeys in the yard the other day.. one large tom and two hens

the kitties were enthralled!!

we intrupt your daily kitten fun

for a post on dogs..

my co-worker brings his boston to work, and he's outside barking at people, and it reminded me of something that happened with family recently.

The Christmas before last, our cousins decided to get a dog. They emailed me and asked me about dogs (I guess being in the rescue field, they assumed I'd be a dog person too) they said they wanted a chow puppy.

I tried. I emailed them and said don't get a puppy.. puppies are a LOT of work, get a rescue, get a rescue that has had time with people so you'll KNOW the personality, invest the time in the dog before you pick one out so you know what your getting.. and if you get a puppy, get to know the owners, get to know the puppy, invest your time in the dog before you get the dog (see a pattern here?)

Well did they listen to one single word I said? no. They wanted a chow puppy under the tree for Christmas (don't get me started) and that is what they did.

I told them and told them they needed to get that dog into obedience classes. I think they went to some, but these people both work full time (she works odd swing shift hours to boot) and have a young son. So this dog is pretty much untrained, as are the owners (the owners need the training to relate to the dog just as much if not more than the dog needs it to relate to the people) and is unsocial, over protective and aggressive (a chow? aggressive? really??) and the people who come into his life, come into his home and know nothing about dogs.

As a result, the dog has bit a few people. Most recently my DH's sister. pretty badly on the hand.

Now, is this the dogs fault, yes, but only about 1% his fault. He's a dog, he's being a dog, and doing dog things. 95% the owners fault, and about 4% the bite-ie (aka the person who was bit) The owners of the dog should have had the dog in training, and should be able to control the dog and make him feel comfortable in his home so he doesn't feel he has to protect it. The bite-ie should have known not to give an aggressive and agitated dog her palm down hand.. *shrug*

annoying thing is, most of my DH's family that has dogs all say the same thing, "If I knew then what I know now, I probably wouldn't have this dog"

Wasn't like I didn't tell them.

Wasn't like someone didn't tell them.

But these types of owners - who get dogs because they are cute, or because they want something from the dog (like security) - but don't want to invest any time or energy or effort in training the dog, really irritate me. (and frankly the people who sell these type of people dogs irritate me even more! cause they do know better, and they don't care, they just want the all mighty $$)

cause you end up with "bad dogs" - although what you really have are bad owners.. Even though I really like my cousins..

sitting up

well we hit a new milestone this morning. I went down and instead of just a mass of kitten pile, there was a mass of kitten pile with heads :D They were all sitting up, looking around, and there were random attempts to bop one another on the head. The little calico girl put both arms up in the air (as in a I give up kind of gesture) and promptly fell backwards.. I almost called into work on account of excessive cuteness!

Will have to get the camera out now that they aren't one big mass of black blob..

and I'm going to have to start coming up with names!! arrgh

Btw, the little girl who refused to open her eyes finally has. But every time I look at her she looks overly concerned and like she isn't liking what she's seeing. Bet she would have kept them closed for longer if she could have :)

Sunday, May 4, 2008

no major updates

the shirts seemed to work... they didn't hiss at me so much, but I took them out and after a couple days they started hissing again. so bizarre!

they are still just a general kitten pile. No personalities sticking out, they don't want to do much other than hanging out in the big kitten pile.

The kitten with teh unopen eyes, are sorta open. still very behind though. but nothing appears to be wrong, so I'm not going to stress about it.

I suppose I should take picts and share, but there hasn't been much change

FYI - although I thought it was rule #1

humorous pictures
see more crazy cat pics
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