Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Well I made a big fat mistake last night. My poor rabbit Bri has been stuck in her cage and I wanted to let her out and get her some exercise. Well I put her in with the babies.. Mom was fine with her till one of the babies started harrassing Bri, and she ran away.. Well mom didn't like all the running and went and attacked Bri. Have you ever tried to separate two warring bunnies? Kinda scary! I finally got Bri cornered under a box, and got her out of there. There was Bri fur in the pen, so I tried to examine her, but she was not having any of that. So I put her back in her cage with some treats and let her rest. I'll keep an eye on her.

The babies are doing very well. Eating me out of house and home if I'd let them. Mom has crusty ears.. Don't know if the shelter is going to want to do anything about it or not. She also feels quite hot to me, but I've never had a lactating rabbit before.

Teddy my previous foster who came for a visit is having some issues. He had a urinary issue before he came, and was on antibiotics. I gave him the remainder of his doses, but then he was in and out of the litterbox a couple of times this morning. I told his mom who is coming for him tonight. I'll miss them!

My little Spud is a laugh riot. He's running but it is like he doesn't have a rudder.. just running and running, but no idea where. I put mom's food on the floor to see if he'd be interested in food. It is a little early, but some of them eat sooner than others.. and he saw mom eating, and went for a nibble or two.. so it won't be long now. I'm going to try to get a video of him running, it is just too cute.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

warning - gross content included

Last night I went down to clean up the foster room. I'm having company for Thanksgiving, and they need a room to stay in. Previous foster Teddy and his new sister Gypsy - who you have met before - are coming for the holiday.

Well when I was cleaning, I realized I was going to have a serious problem putting the fosters in my office. The little boy no longer wants to sit in the box. He's out 'splorin! and there is no stopping him. and because he's small enough he could get in crevices and get stuck and cause major problems. So we are going to keep them where they are, and put the house guests either in the office or in the rabbit room.

Well while cleaning, Patience decided she needed to use the litter box. Because she has had such soft stool recently, I was curious about the consistancy of what was to come. Seemed nice and firm, with a little mucus on it.. so I wasn't worried. Went to cover it up and scoop it out when I realized the mucus moved. it was COVERED in Tapeworm segments.. ewww!! Usually when there are tapes, you get segments in where they sleep, but I hadn't seen any evidence prior to the live segments..

So off I went to the shelter..

And while I was there I was almost given a dozen bunnies.. they had babies that need fostering. Talk about CUTE!! I so love baby bunnies.. They need a lot of socalization, so they are probably better off where they are, and I'm about to be overwhelmed with house guests and family for the holiday.. but I so want them!! :)

back to the gross factor.

I cleaned up the rabbit room. I knew I had a problem with the hay that I had stored in there. The rabbit had taken to sitting on it when she was out of her cage, and I had seen pellets in it. Saw the kitten squatting on it too. But stupidly I just ignored it all for so long. Well no longer. Started picking up the hay, and I was almost overcome with fumes of stale urine.. the floor was a mess! Fortunately it hadn't penetrated, and after some liberal dousing with white vinegar (miracle cleaner of urine) and harty elbow greese, the floor looks mostly normal. Not perfect, but way way better than I could hope to expect. Unfortunately I can't say the same for the baseboards.. those she has chewed all up. but that is a much more minor repair..

Fortunately Bri has calmed down a little. She jumps up to me and lets me pat her now.. Unfortunately Kit likes her too, and when ever Bri isn't in her cage, either Kit or Twee or Jack is in her cage :) its just too cute.

Monday, November 19, 2007

the cuteness of kittens..

Ok, I'll admit it. I've been doing this for more years than I care to count, and I'm still bowled over by how cute kittens can be.

This morning I went down to feed Patience, and her kitten wasn't in the box. So I called out to him, and heard a tiny squeek. I looked around, no kitten. Called again, got another squeek.. Kept looking.. no kitten. another call, another squeek, and a nose.. He had wedged himself behind the electic register heater that I had on very low. The room they are in is heated with one register, but the other side of the room is underground, and in the winter it gets cold.. so I turn it on from time to time. Guess he liked the heat.

It was just so cute.. grabbed him up, gave him tons of kisses, and left him in the box.

I'm sure he was out of it before I was even out of the room :)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

A general apology to my cats

Yesterday was a tough day for my crew.. Vet time. Rounding them all up was no fun. Fitting six carriers in a truck was no fun, hauling them down to the vet which is about 45 mintues away was no fun, listening to them whine all the way down was no fun, carrying them into the vet was no fun, putting up with their anti-social behaviour and their foul language was no fun. Dealing with Kit vomit was very much no fun.

Getting clean bills of health for everyone was nice. Eli needs a dental. Ollie got blood work. His colestrol is a little high but nothing worrysome. Everyone else is good. So that was good..

Then packing them all back up was no fun. Paying the almost $400 bill was no fun. packing them all back into the truck was no fun, at least the whining wasn't as obnoxious.. but yet there was still whining.. no fun.. then getting them all back in the house.. no fun. Listening to them all swear afterwards.. no fun..

But they made it through.. Got treats.. and then slept the rest of the day.. and we don't have to do that again for another year.

But then.. then what do I do? I go and clean everyone's ears today! We've had a run of really cruddy ears lately, so I got some ivermecton and everyone got an ear cleaning and a treatment.. Not sure that mites are really our problem, but I wanted to rule that out first. Now everyone is mad at me. of course as I type that Kit crawls into my lap.. and of course as I type that I realize she has poop stuck to her fur.. nice..

I'm sorry kitties.. but sometimes mommy has to do what mommy has to do..

I shall always be the alpha kitty.

Growing like a weed

Well my little foster kitten is getting so big! He now jumps right out of the box all by himself, and often. I saw him do it for the first time last night, and he seemed surprised by it. I left him out of the box to see what would happen.. well this morning he was in it. Jumped right out when he saw me. I put him back, and i had barely stood upright when he jumped out again :D Just too cute!

Then.. he started POUNCING!! lol. Can barely walk, and he's trying to pounce.. oh this one is going to be trouble! I guess I need to pick out a name for him hun?

Mom is eating up a storm now that she's been dewormed.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

103.5 then 102.5

Well last night Kit's temp was 103.5. Which was up from the morning temp. I gave her fluids, which she hated, and let her go. She came back about an hour later and jumped up on DH and sat there for the rest of the night (save me daddy!!)

Took her temp this AM, she fought it hard.. which is good. She was running and playing and acting adorable. 102.5 still seems on the high side to me, but it could be her normal. I'll take it again tonight to see where we stand, but it seems we are out of the woods.

Last night she walked by me, and I mentioned out loud that she has a very long tail (it seems to be longer than her body). Just then Eli was walking by, so he stopped and sniffed at her tail. It was just a cute moment I thought I'd share.

Patience has loose stool. Gave her meds this morning, she was completely unimpressed. she's also been sneezing. The baby now sounds a little congested. He's been holding steady at 13.5 oz for a couple of days now.. so I'm starting to get concerned. I'll watch them and see what happens, and if need be I'll go to the shelter and get some antibiotics for them both.

Monday, November 12, 2007


Fever was 103 this morning. So more clavamox, more fluids, more dirty looks from her. I hate doing it, but she looks at me like I am the meanest thing on the face of the plannet.

I did however wake up to Muffin wanting my attention, then Jack laying on me for about an hour, then Twee.

Ollie spent the entire night with us. I'm starting to worry about that boy's dramatic personality change.. from grumpy loner gus to must be with family dude.. Guess when you are the oldest cat in the house you feel the need to take care of the people?? hopefully it is just that and not a medical issue.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Kit has a fever of 104.3

Not too happy about that one Jim.. *sigh*

I knew something was wrong. I try to not worry so much, cause I'm often worrying for nothing.. but she has been sleeping so much.

Last night she played fetch with us, and was her spunky ol self, so I figured I was just being paranoid and forgot that she slept for three days.

Today we were laying around watching TV, and realized she had been sleeping all morning and most of the afternoon... so I thought I'd take her temp just to assure me that things were fine.

Well she let me take her temp, which is the first sign that I'm sure kitties have a temp. Called the shelter for some suggestions. they confirmed my first instinct of giving clavamox, so I did. They also suggested fluids, which I went out and got for her and I'll give her right after dinner.

Came home to this.. how freakingly cute hun?

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Yea Kit!

Came through her sugery like a trooper. Slept all night. Was a little leary of me last night, but I'm sure she's already forgiven me.

Just a little video from the night before.. it is a little dark, but you get the point :D

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

the more people I meet...

I swear.. I hate "people". I was just browsing craigslist.org, and someone wants to rehome their beautiful flame point cat because their three year old wont stop chasing it.

Um.. HELLO! teach your child MANNERS!! put up gates so the cat has a room or two to escape to.. maybe like the master bedroom - oh wait.. you apparently spoil this child so much that you let it have the master bedroom..

Things like this just make me want to vomit.. preferably all over the people.

I can only hope there truely is more to this story and there is a valid reason why they don't control the child, and/or provide escape routes for the cats on the off chance the child gets out of hand..

Kit is being snipped

Well Kit is at the vets being spayed.

Yes, I'm very nervous..

yes, I know she'll be fine, but that isn't stopping me..

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

well then

My website hosting company is being wonky.. Half the time I can't publish.. so I guess I'm going to have to find a new one.

So when you find this site with out updates.. chances are it is because I simply can't get through.

Monday, November 5, 2007

New fosters

I went to adopt Kit yesterday, and was given new fosters. Mom and one baby. Both are black and white. Mom is really sweet and has lots of patience with me, so I named her Patience. The baby.. its a boy. We'll see what comes of him.

well it is official

The kitten is now a member of the family. I adopted her on Sunday. Her official name is going to be "Kit N. Kaboodle" we'll call her kit or kitten..

she was rather sleepy yesterday. I was getting very concerned - yes I'm paranoid. later on in the evening we had some play time, so I felt better, but then she curled right back up and went to sleep. We are still dealing with fleas, so I sprayed her with some frontline (which she hated and thought I was evil for applying to her) so hopefully that will be the end of that. I have dewormer and her last distemper to give her, but I'm going to wait a day or so. Also have to get her neutered but I think that can wait a bit.

We have a bit of discord in the house, and I can't seem to figure it out. I know Tweedle is looking for someone to cuddle up to since Em's death and no one really wants to. Its so sad. She keeps trying with Muffin, and Muff only wants to cuddle with me (weither I like it or not) She tries with Ollie too. Sometimes Ollie is ok with it, sometimes not. *sigh* I was hoping Kit and she would get along, but they seem to be avoiding each other.

Gave Jack a bath yesterday. His fur is so fine he can't clean the flea dirt off himself very well. The water that ran off him was black. I feel horrid. I really need to do something about these fleas. I kept putting it off thinking that once it got cold they would just go away - which is what usually happens if I have fleas this late in the year, but they are still hanging on. I'm not really seeing fleas, just the dirt. and just on Jack and Kit. Muff is clean, so is Eli. Ollie had a speck or two on him from time to time, but he is always getting into things, so I am never sure if it is flea dirt or just dirt. Twee sometimes does, most time doesn't.. but I really need to get off my duff and just treat everyone and be done with this. Problem is my vet doesn't sell the larger sizes of advantage, and I hate the idea of spending $10 a cat to treat, when if i could find the larger size it would be about $10 to treat everyone.
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