Thursday, September 26, 2019

Remember Me Thursday - Stolen from Random Felines (with permission)

Every year, unwanted pets die in shelters due to lack of space. People need to be reminded of this on a daily basis, but Remember Me Thursday gathers together the public, bloggers and celebrities to shine a light on this problem on this special day once a year in the hopes to catch even more attention. While we hear reports that more and more animals are being adopted and this means less lives lost in shelters around the country and the world, there is still a huge problem. It isn't just adoption that will solve it - there needs to be more focus on spay/neuter, TNR and education. How do we keep those animals OUT of shelters? How do we work to reduce the population in the first place??

As a blogger and kitten foster, I have said more than once that while I love having kittens in my house, I would love to be put out of business. I doubt I am the only foster that will tell you this either. While we see a lot of joy, we also see a lot of heartbreak.

What can you do? Help us spread the word. Talk about adopt don't shop. Find a local rescue and volunteer your time. Seek out your local low cost spay/neuter clinic and ask for flyers you can keep in your car to give to people (yes - I do this). Find out if your area has a pet food bank and donate - but also keep the information in your phone in case you talk to someone that needs help.

Remember - a lot of surrendered pets are very loved. With a little education and support, those animals could stay with their families and stay out of shelters.

Stolen with Permission from Random Felines because it is a totally awesome post

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Searching #CaseyandCabana

Casey, what are you doing?

Searching.. Cabana.. come help.. 

Okay, Casey, with two of us looking we'll find it right quick! 

It is not in here! -Cabana

OOoh, I think I founds it!! -Casey

I did, I did, I founds it..

It is one of those furevah homes the lady keeps talking about.. when do we move in?? - Casey
Um, Casey, it is not big enough for the both of us.. - Cabana

Ha ha ha.. just kidding.. the princess must be in another castle.. - Casey


I cannot believe these two are still here. What do I need to do, offer a reward to the person who connects us up with someone who wants to adopt two very adorable loving kittens who just needs someone to respect that weird noises make them want to hide?? How much is it going to take? Please don't tell me I need to start pitching kittens off the roof* to find them homes..

*whenever there is a happy ending to a tragic story about a kitty you usually get 100+ people wanting to adopt.. but when you simply say you have kitties needing homes you get crickets so I have often joked with a heavy dose of black humor that I am going to start pitching kittens off of the roof.  No, I am not going to pitch a kitten off a roof.. well.. maybe off the roof of the "home" in this post - do you think it would help? 🙀

Monday, September 23, 2019

An update on Hedy

I know many of you have been wondering what is going on with Hedy. I talked on FB how she was up for adoption for a while after she left us. She went back early to be neutered to see if removing the hormones from her system would help with her weight loss and diarrhea, and it did.

The woman who runs the rescue was very much wanting to keep her but she has enough on her plate right now so one more kitty wasn't really in the cards. It turns out one of my loyal readers reached out to the rescue and ended up making Hedy part of her household, and I could not be more thrilled.

From Marianne:
We were adopted by Hedy on August 27, 2019! I know Hedy has a lot of fans out there so I’m writing to let you know what she’s been up to. She settled in easily, and loves exploring the house in great detail; eating and drinking quite a lot for such a small cat; loves her cat toys, especially her flirt pole, and loves to sit on the windowsill of an open window. I know she was a great Mom from following “Tales from The Foster Kittens,” and that she is a great face buffer. I was messaging Connie earlier today that Hedy rarely seems to stop moving, and doesn’t like to sit still for long. I can get a quick face buff if I lean down where she is walking or playing, but sitting still on a lap is just not her thing yet. When she wants to sleep, she favors a spot behind the sofa that no one can reach. She is exceptionally alert to every new sound in the house. She’s just as talkative as you might have seen from Connie’s videos! She will talk to you nonstop if you keep talking back to her!

We are keeping her separate from our beloved 6-year-ikd rescue dog, Theia, who has been in environments with cats before (a dog daycare, where the resident cats walked around freely) and is very enthusiastic about playing with her dog friends, but needs to learn to be calmer around the cat. Hedy is unafraid of the dog… she would walk right up to Theia, and Theia is anxious to play too, but we are working with Theia to be calmer around Hedy. We are working on having Theia be able to see Hedy from a distance (we’re down to only 4 feet!) while staying calm and flat on the floor in a “down”, “relax” (on one hip) position. So we’re almost there, but I will still keep Hedy separate from Theia if we aren’t around to supervise, at least until I am sure that Hedy has suitable “escape hatches” (up or under) in every room. Quite reasonably, Hedy’s extra alertness may be due to Theia’s occasional moaning to be allowed in to play with us. We are a family that has always, always had cats (multiple cats, actually) and Theia is our first dog. Once we had Theia, were not sure we could even have a cat, but Hedy’s exposure to Kristin’s two dogs convinced us this could work. Hedy is the perfect cat, and we are so thrilled she has joined our family!

She loves to sit on this toy; takes most of her after dinner baths sitting right here! It looks like she's locked up in a castle with a moat....

Thank you, Marianne. Know that a lot of people love your girl and are so glad she landed the good life.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Looking for a home for Casey and Cabana #caseyandcabana

Homeless kittens have a harder time in the fall. For so many different reasons but finding a home this time of year is quite difficult because most families who were looking for kittens found them this spring or summer. Adoptions just are naturally slower this time of year as people settle back into routines from the summer and get mentally prepared for the holidays to come.

But that doesn't mean they are impossible to find. But finding a home for a pair of kittens that have a few requirements... well that is a bit harder.. so if you happen to know anyone who is looking for kittens, could you please share these two with them.

Casey and Cabana are a lovely set of kittens. I am not going to sugar coat things though. They started off life as feral and while they are quite social now, Cabana still has a few rules he is keeping hold of in order to feel safe.

Casey was the first one out of the group, of four under-socialized kittens, to realize that humans were awesome. As such she is very friendly and outgoing. She is first to investigate things, first to climb up on to your lap and first to ask for a belly rub. Cabana, Casey's brother, was the last to figure it out. He now realizes that human beings are pretty good, but he still harbors some ingrain reactions when we move too quickly as he tends to get hissed off.  He wants to be the one to initiate contact. He would rather come to you than have you track him down and try to pick him up. Once he touches you, it is an invitation for you to touch him and often you will be blessed with a wonderful belly rub.

Casey and Cabana have really bonded over the time I have had them. Cabana more so than Casey. She is his social bridge to let him know that things are okay. If she is doing something it is safe for him to.

Cabana needs someone who can respect he needs a little structure in his life. He thrives on routine. If he knows what is going to happen he can get used to it and thus it is no big deal. He now loves watching me scoop the boxes and my moving about the room has him following me where it initially had him running and hiding.

They will sleep with you, they will eat out of your hand, they will probably eat off of your plate if you let them, they love baby food and playing with wand toys and ping pong balls and sky raisins and Cabana even ate a cricket. They are an amazing pair of kittens that simply are not the right fit for every household but if you have a little bit of patience and can wait to be invited to pat the kitty, these kitties will bring you so much joy and love.

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Safe Journeys to #Cabanaandthegang

The kittens are doing well and it is time for them to move on. They went for their health exams the other day - and as you can see Capa was not thrilled by the whole experience. She was actually a little stressed so her temp was a little higher than it should be so she got to hang out in the cool sink to see if we could bring it down so she could be cleared for adoption.

The other exams went better than I was expecting. Every single day I become more and more impressed with the progress they are making. With all of my experience and the ones I couldn't turn, I was so sure that Cabana could not be brought to be a house cat, but I think that having his sister be that bridge to human affection was the key. Why she was so willing to love me when everyone else was not willing to give me the benefit of the doubt I have no idea, but I am very thankful she was because it was the opening that they needed. - well that and the baby food..

Capa was the first to be adopted and she is now gone.. I miss her little fuzzy butt and hope she is happy in her new home. Since she became a lap kitten, I have no doubt with minimal adjustment she will be just fine.

Saying goodbye as I'm dropping her off.
I love how the light hit her eyes

Cape also has a home waiting for her this weekend and Casey and Cabana will be scooped up in no time I'm sure.

I'm not afraid to admit I wouldn't mind watching them grow into beautiful kitties, which I am sure they will do, but that is not what I signed up for.. It doesn't help that right now my own kitties are having some issues so I've been a little stressed with that. Having this group willing to climb up on my lap and even up into my next for a little kitten therapy was so wonderful and so rewarding.. Watching them bloom and blossom has been a great joy.

That will do woman, that will do - Cabana

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