Monday, August 30, 2004

birthday suit dash

Last night, at midnight, there was a huge cat fight in the house. I dashed out of bed and ran to the noise, giving not one thought to the fact I was naked. I assessed the fact that the fight was coming from the kitten room. Whitney and the new mom cat (that we are calling Joan) were having a row. I THINK that Whitney ticked Joan off somehow and that Joan was the instigator. They were running circles around the room. I cornered Joan, Whitney crawled in behind the treadmill that is in the room. Joan went after her again, and somehow I separated them. Joan sat under the table, Whitney behind the treadmill. This is the point that I realized I was naked, and blind, cause I didn't grab my glasses either. There are no blinds on the windows, so if I had turned the light on, I would have flashed the entire neighborhood. I called out to my husband to help. He came in. I moved around and found that Joan was calm enough to be taken and put into the cage. This is when my hubby realized the kittens were missing. He panicked and wanted to find them NOW. I told him they were fine, but he wasn't willing to hear that, so again, naked blind and in the dark, I'm now searching for kittens. Tweedle was hiding on one side of the room, the other four were behind the couch. Not willing to leave them exposed to whatever Whitney had done, again naked blind and in the dark, I'm throwing kittens into the cage with mom. At this point, I stopped and told him to keep an eye on Whitney, and left to get some glasses and some clothes. I threw Whitney into her cage. She slunk to the back. We sat and watched them for a bit. Whitney started slinking to the front of her cage, and Joan saw her, and again screamed at her. A toe-curling scream. it scared the kittens. I blocked the view totally and gave it a few more minutes, and things seemed to settle down, and I went to bed. I brought Whitney into work for a quick double check before bringing her back to the shelter. Although this morning I found she had escaped from her cage, and Joan totally didn't care, so it might have just been the full moon.

Mia and Prince Charming went to the shelter on Saturday. The shelter was deader than a door nail.. three adoptions total. I had the perfect client come in to adopt a cat but she could only take one.. so sadly they spent the night. It broke my heart. I found out this morning that they were adopted by a family nearby with no other pets, and K said it was a really good adoption. The woman went into the shelter today because she forgot something, and K told her that I worked at the clinic, and I'd love an update. She mentioned it, cause when I talked to her after finding out about the adoption, I asked if it would be horribly rude to ask her to come to Mann for their care.. :) I so miss them. I hope they are having a wonderful time and are bonding to their new family and don't miss me too much!

*sends out kitten kisses to Mia and PC*

Lastly, we had a woman come into the clinic with some four week old kittens that were anemic because of fleas. One was so much so, that the kitten was almost unresponsive. It totally broke my heart and I just wanted to steal them from her. We treated the fleas and gave her some A/D and hopefully they'll pull out of it soon. *sends more kitten kisses out to the kittens*

sometimes I really hate people!

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Update and cute picts

Well it looks like Mia and Tubby will be heading back to the shelter this weekend to be adopted. The people who were going to are dragging their feet big time, and frankly, it's not fair to the kittens, nor to me, nor to my own kittens, nor to the shelter. I called the other family who was interested to let them know, and since I'm not working this weekend, I'll go down and find them a good home.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

hi.. I'm Connie and I have 8 cats

Just trying it on for size.. Mia and Tubby are sitting in my lap purring away.. they are sooo cute and they love me sooo much.. - but alas, muffin hates them, and frankly, 5 is pushing it sometimes..

I say eight cause of the kitten in the food bowl that my hubby has fallen in love with.. hopefully, he won't stay with us, cause frankly, that will be one heck of a lot of work!

Yes yes.. I need more pictures.. I also need to name the new ones too.. don't I? how about Ennie Meenie Miney and Moe. nope.. that's only four.. darn

Sunday, August 22, 2004

And now there are 14

Whitney, Mia's mom, is back in the fold because she came down with a cold. Tubby is currently trying to catch the cursor on my screen, so this will be a difficult post to create :D

Anyway. Mia and Tubby are still here.777777777777+ (really.. see). They will be going soon. I will miss them terribly, but Muffin will be uber glad to see them go. She is beyond jealous of them. She'll often sit between me and them and hiss at them. I have forgotten the havoc that the pitter patter of little feet can create. My five all have fairly good manners now.. unlike these two. the other night they were playing at 3 AM and knocked over the baby gate, creating a ruckus. But oh they are so cute doing it. Tubby is now just sitting next to my monitor purring away.

I went to feed them yesterday. Since they are still kittens they need kitten food - and I didn't want them bugging Muffin by eating with her, so I went into the bathroom to feed them wet food. All five of mine were sitting by the door asking for theirs. lol.

The new five are doing rather well. The little girl's eye is much better. The runt is getting the hang of feeding himself. They are going through quite a bit of food and thus quite a bit of litter. I think I've reached my limit on names, though, cause they are STILL nameless. I feel bad. I'm pretty sure I have two girls, three boys and of course the mom.

speaking of which.. I really need to get in there and feed them.

Friday, August 13, 2004

What is it with kittens and food bowls?

oh the guilt!

I have to go out for a little bit, so I didn't have a chance to medicate the kittens, so they have been stuck inside the cage now all day. I went in to throw them some food, and they haven't stopped crying since. hey.. let us out!! hey! hey! out!! OUT!!

Four-weeks-old and already they know how to lay on a guilt trip!

Still no takers on Mia and Prince Charming. *sigh* Hopefully soon. Although, I am totally enjoying having them here!

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

kittens for sale.. sweet sweet kittens for sale

Oh my goodness, Mia and Tubby are so sweet!! I picked up some new kittens and a mom on Monday night (five four week old kittens) and they are sneezing up a storm and had ear mites, so I moved mia and Tubby out of the room so I could bring them out of the cage to clean them up and medicate them. the kittens were NOT happy about having their ears cleaned. after I was done they all screamed like I had ripped their legs off. Goodness, four-week-old kittens are cute. and the mom is an absolute sweetheart! but painfully thin. I'm feeding her three times a day.

but back to the twosome. I put them in the bathroom while I had the kittens out so they wouldn't sneeze on them. I let the room settle after returning them to the cage, and I just opened the bathroom door and the kitten room door and told them to go back into their room, and they just trotted across the hall to their room.

they are SUCH good kitties!! I posted a notice about them at work. Hopefully, someone there will offer to adopt them. I so want them to come back to the clinic. Tuesday a very good client of ours is coming in. she recently lost one of her kitties. I'm holding out hope that she might be ready for a new one. If they aren't adopted by then, I'll bring them to the shelter. This one is going to be hard. very hard. you sure you don't want some really cute, sweet, people orientated, smart kitties?? :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Major disappointment

The people who were going to adopt Mia and Prince Charming backed out. Their dog is not neutered, and they think it is too much of a hassle to find their old vet who said it wasn't a good idea to neuter it. So they are going to disappoint their kids (and me) and try to find a free kitten on the side of the road. This time of year those kittens aren't in the best of health. *sigh* I so want to adopt them myself.. but I won't. Maybe I'll make up a nice sign using their picture in the basket and put it up at work.

Thursday, August 5, 2004

Yes, I over react

This morning I went in to feed the kittens, and Mia wasn't eating. This isn't unusual, but I assumed with her ovaries not pushing on her stomach, she'd be more willing to eat, but she wasn't. she was just looking up at me wanting attention. Her coat was a little ratty, so I checked her tummy and her incision had a hard spot at the bottom of it. I decided not to worry and went off to work. I checked on her at lunch, though, and she still looked off, so I brought her in. The doctor that did her surgery was there and gave her the once over. he thought she might have a fever, but she didn't. In fact, she even put on weight. So she must be eating.

Yes, I over react, but better to over do it, then under do it.

Wednesday, August 4, 2004

Things that make you go wow.

I brought the kittens in today. Mia seemed to have gotten to the 2.5 mark. She was two pounds seven ounces, so she was just shy of the mark, but they did her anyway. Princess Emmy and Ariel weren't thrilled in the least to be there. They kept hissing at everyone. Surprisingly they had fleas too. No idea where they came from, as I have been trying to keep an eye out for it. Guess I figured since I didn't see them after the first few weeks, then I was safe. oh well. The kits don't have ear mites they have yeast.. which would explain why mom's ears were fine.

The oddity of the afternoon though was Mia. She had cystic ovaries. They were enlarged to the size of a grape. They are normally the size of a tiny baby pea. I'm assuming this would explain why she wasn't eating as much, as they were probably pressing into her tummy. She should start gaining weight now :D. Dr. said there isn't anything to worry about, now that they are removed, but if she hadn't been turned into the shelter and spayed so young, there is a chance they might have ruptured and been a very bad thing. (we spay for the shelter at 2.5 lbs - about 2- 3 months. Most spays are done between 4-6 months)

Tuesday, August 3, 2004


Well, the little tiger kitten went into work with me today and we got someone from the shelter to continue fostering it. I miss being able to care for orphan kitties, but it's so hard to get up every 3 hours and expect to function rationally during the work day.. something I did not accomplish today.

I weighed Mia this morning, and she looks to be 2.5 lbs, so in they all go tomorrow for neutering, then we'll contact the shelter about bringing them back. I kinda hope whoever adopts Princess Emmy takes the mom, Whitney, too. she really likes her.


so hard to not become emotionally attached. I brought them home knowing that the little black one would probably die, but he seemed to have some spirit in him after the last feeding. But sometime in the night he gave up the fight and died. He was so cute when I was cleaning him up, looked like a little ol man. Guess he just couldn't do it.

I was worried about the other one for a bit. He normally fights the feeding tube, but he took it no problem. After I took it out he started to wake up a bit and was even trying to walk around.

man I'm tired

Monday, August 2, 2004

Close call

I walked into the back bathroom totally expecting the little black one to be dead and was quite shocked when I found him totally overheated. He had crawled into the back corner of the box where it was the warmest, and apparently could not get himself out. He was panting heavily and his tongue was bright pink. Almost a bubblegum pink. A quick bath in some cold water and some lukewarm food seemed to have set him straight. I put him in the lukewarm corner. He flomped around, finding the warmest spot again, then before I was finished with the other, he had flomped back into the middle again.

Two more feedings to go. Hopefully, someone else can take them tomorrow.

What, am I stupid??

Well, I think I can officially be called an idiot. Why you ask? I brought home two more very ill kittens. One of the shelter's foster moms has been coming in with her cat and three kittens. The cat was very very ill and was unable to care for her kittens. One of them died last night, and the foster mother was unwilling to tube feed them every three hours, so they gave them to me. So what did I do? I took them. A little solid black and a black tiger. The little solid black kitty does not seem to want to live anymore. I have to stimulate him a lot to get any sort of response. its heartbreaking. Right now they are in my bathroom on a blanket on a heating pad with the shower going. They are gasping for every breath. *sigh* I'm an idiot.
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