Sunday, December 30, 2007

Merry Christmas Spud

I wish I had brought the camera, but last friday I bought Spud into work. We were having a little party (we all brought food and sat around drinking champagne) so I figured I'd bring the entertainment.. and boy did he provide.

Gus - a boston - was there. He comes in on a regular basis. He has grown up with cats, and has a cat visiting his house now, but for some reason he's not too thrilled with kittens. The last time I brought a young kitten in while he was there he lunged at it too. Poor Spud. He was in his cage, and Gus became a pointer. Shoved his nose in the carrier air hole and didn't move for 10 minutes, and when he did it was to shove his nose in another air hole. Fortunately his mother came and got him after a few hours, and spud had free roam of the office. He was sooo good. Hung out with us, didn't have a single accident. Played fiercely. there were lots of laughs.

My boss asked that he come back soon, so I brought him last friday too. Once again he didn't disappoint. It is so funny to watch him run around. His back legs are not coordinated with his front legs, so he often out runs his front legs and ends up turning and not meaning to, so he runs into things. I think the outings are doing him good. He doesn't seem as intent on biting any more. Not that he doesn't.. but it isn't ALL that he does now.

He's 2lbs 3oz, so probably another week with me. my Boss invited him back, so probably next friday (I have short days, so I don't feel the need to bring a litterbox) and then he'll go for adoption.

This past week he seems to have grown quite a bit. I'll have to go get some photos to share..

The bunnies went back the weekend before Christmas. Foster coordinator wanted me to take the back after the weekend, but they were putting quite a strain on the household now that they were getting so big. One even escaped, so I said I really couldn't. there were eight, there only seems to be six up on the website, so I guess two went home.. yea! :)

Monday, December 10, 2007

Patience is at the Vet

Not sure if I mentioned she was getting weird scabs showing up and disappearing, but leaving behind a patch of missing fur. very bizarre, that it all happens with in a day or two. Brought to shelter last night to show them, and they kept her and brought her to the vet today.. probably won't know what it is, but they'll probably want to do a culture for ringworm - which I won't get back for a couple of days.

bunnies are growing like weeds.. they need to get back to the shelter soon too..

Made cat food over the weekend.. 40lbs of it again. Just posting to keep track of how long it is lasting :)

~*warning - rant*~
I visit a couple of different message boards on line. One having nothing to do with animal rescue had a post about rescuing feral cats.. The woman was so very proud she helped to rescue a cat with FIV and mange, and how they had it spayed and are trying to find it a home.

Now this is noble and all, and if there weren't THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of healthy friendly cats who don't have homes in this country - many of which are being put down simply because there aren't enough funds (it cost money to spay this cat and treat it for mange) or space for them to wait out new homes - not to mention not enough new homes for them all. (I have six, I've done my part thank you)

I just wanted to shout "WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!!!" but I know it wouldn't be well received - and I'm pretty sure it isn't going to be well received on this board either, but it's mine and I can say what I want :)

I want to rescue them all, but I know it isn't fesable, nor wise to even try. Already neutered, or in a home that loves the cat, that's one thing, but to try to save this stray just hurts... because I know all the wonderful healthy cats out there... (ok not personally, but I know some of them personally)


Wednesday, December 5, 2007

a few photos

Mom, Stop bothering me! (Eli)

Kit chewing on the tree

My trying to explain to Kit not to chew on the tree

Kit sitting under the tree nicely - pretending she understood about chewing on the tree


my foster kitten "Spud"

Some videos
Bunnies eating

Spud playing

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