Thursday, May 31, 2012

Kit Tie

I found a place where you can make a tie out of any photo and I thought how cool is that! and wouldn't it be a riot to make one for my husband out of a picture of Kit.. the kitty who LOVES him..

So what do you think.. Baby, teenager or adult Kit?
The teenager one just makes me laugh.  It was the first one I did, so that might have something to do with it.. The baby one has nice colors (with the green on it) and the adult Kit one is a bit more sedate, the blue is nice (from the jeans of the person she is sitting on)

I'm so torn.. and no, he so does not need one of each.  heck he doesn't even really need one, but I can't resist.  (and when making the jpgs of the screen shots I realized that Kit Tie typed as a file name is kittie.jpg)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Eye Check update

Well they are back at home.  Took a while because the clinic Dr apparently had to do emergency bladder surgery.  Kinda a bummer on my end because I didn't bring lunch with me to work because I figured I'd run out at lunch time and pick them up if they had to stay this morning (which they did) or if they could have come right home with me I could have packed up lunch then.  I should remember that "shelter time" is so very different from "working in the real world" time.. (not that there is anything wrong with that - unless you happen to be on and need to stay in "working in the real world" time)

Turns out that it is a puncture wound.  Could be something that happened prior to his coming to the house to stay, or it could have been the result of his rubbing his eye with his paw (that has claws) with the application of terramycin because apparently that stings.

He is now on a plain old tri-optic ointment and he has a recheck in a week. Hopefully it will heal right up with out a scar.

Fleurp will tell him that if it does scar, that it's no big deal.

I'm famous again! :)

he he he, I just love it when I stumble upon my images on other websites!  This time it is the BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday - Cats! post..

only problem is, this isn't a wordless post, so I can't link up.  Wonder if I can use one of my older ones. (I updated the link, hopefully this works)

Eye Check

Schuster seems to have something on his eyeball (his right) and so he is going to go see the vet this morning. 


This morning I was waking up slowly.  My husband has to get up hours before me so he was in the bathroom brushing his teeth when he came out carrying a Skippy (chest to chest) and he told me that apparently Skippy does not understand the concept of getting ready for work.. at which point Skippy rubbed his head on my husband's neck.

It was so sweet it hurt..

Since Skippy likes to snuggle, I suggested that he snuggle with him for a few minutes and maybe he'd leave on his own, but my husband was done long before Skippy was, so I suggested we try giving him to me and maybe I could snuggle him for a while.

The morning politics of waking Momma up is kind of terse, so Skippy tends to stay out of it.. (I have a regular rotation of kitties who sit on me each morning)  but I was able to get him and he sat on me and drooled for quite some time..


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How the after becomes the before again

My what a big belly you have..
Yup, Simon loves his baths.  Schuster not so much, it takes a lot out of him and he tends to get a little lethargic after getting one.  I've limited the actual "baths" as much as I can for that reason, but when you have kittens who think that food goes in through the whiskers and that it needs to be stepped on to hold it down then go off and wrestle one another, baths are kind of necessary.  There is only so much a wet cloth will do.

I have finally moved them into the kitten room and they have graduated out of the large tote into the kitten cage.  Simon would like everyone to know that he does NOT need to be locked up, he knows full well to get back into the cage when he has to 'go'... although why the litter box is in baby jail he can't quite figure out and occasionally he has tried to go through the bars instead of finding the door.

Schewie... well he hasn't quite made that leap.  Not that we have had an accident yet, because I usually will find Shew shortly after Simon has used the box and put him back in the cage.  He quite often will go right for the box..

Last night was quite adorable.  I had let them out for walking practice and apparently Simon is starting to graduate into object play.  He's not quite there.  He bats at it and watches it move away, and he goes off and does something else.  After an hour or so I couldn't find either one of them and when I looked and found them in the corner Schewie was curled up on a facecloth that had fallen into a corner and Simon was curled up around him.. I so wished I had a camera on me.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

A few last photos..

When I stopped in the shelter I asked about Meira.  Apparently she has finally found her forever home and went home on the 21st!  YAY Meira!
Here are a few photos of their time at work making a mess being socialized
A few through the web cam
and a few from my last visit to the shelter to see them.
They were happy to see me, but they are happy to see anyone who will give them some attention, and I'm OK with that no I'm not really.  They went up for adoption yesterday and I'm sure they are in their new homes now.  I hope they are doing well, and I so hope their new owners stop by and say hi.

While I was givin lovins to them, I saw a few other kitties in the back waiting to be processed.  These are kitties who either just came in and haven't been tested or evaluated or there is something going on with them (sickness, bit someone, etc) I fell in love with everyone back there.  First there was this big boy (I believe his name was Rico) who was making air biscuits just under the Pie's cage..
This vocal boy (above) was a riot.  I LOVE the fact that it looks like he dipped his nose in paint..
This sweet kitty (below) came in with kittens (not sure if they came pre surrender or post)
The incredibly heartbreaking realization is that these are also her kittens
They apparently came from a hoarding type situation and no one stopped her from breeding.  What kills me, what makes me have to stop and take a breath before I get angry is these older kittens are so sick that the kitty on the left lost it's eyes.  Both were ruptured and needed to be removed.The rest of the kittens in the cage had eyes in various states of swollen gunk filled mess.

It breaks my heart that I can not save them all.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Silly Cherry

Whatcha doin?
although this would make a great slide!!
(although she didn't actually slide down it)

I haz disco feva

Thursday, May 24, 2012

well that was fast..

*grumble grumble grumble*

So I brought the "Pies" in to work with me this morning.  I generally bring them on a Friday because I only work till 1, but I was hoping to take Friday off and since I had to run home to feed Simon and Shoe I figured they could come with me for a while.  I weighed them this morning and they were over the 2lb mark coming up on the 2.25 mark.  I figured I'd email the shelter and they would most likely be schedualed to come in next week..

I figured wrong.

I got a quick email back that the clinic was free and they could do them this afternoon or tomorrow morning..

wait.. what! bring them in NOW??

but have I told you how much I LOVE it when they get up on my lap and PURRR at me?? how fun it is to watch them pretend to be Mexican Jumping Beans and how I just love it when Apple comes over and sits on me all by herself..


Well they have to go back.. and better to do it quickly and get it over with

*sad face* oh Connie, get over it.  It isn't like Muffin wasn't planning a huge revolt at the fact you were spending way more time with kittens then with her (I can tell because it starts out with her sitting ON my face instead of my chest when it comes to lovin on Muffin time) and it isn't like you don't have kittens, and it isn't like you could keep them.. 

*sheepish face*  yea.. well.. I'm gonna miss them.. I always miss the lap kitties way longer then those that don't sit on my lap..


I have a few days of cute picts schedualed for them so you'll keep seeing them the rest of this week, then there is the fun "I visited the office" stories..

Another Internet Sensation - kitten style

Have you heard of Moses the Cat at  (don't you so love that url?)  Found at only a few days old in Knoxville, TN..

My local news cat Togus told me about it.. :)

Pumpkin tail

I have come to the realization that Pumpkin has got a tail that is about an inch or more longer then it "should be".  I noticed it the other day when it wrapped around his body and tickled his belly button.. I tried to get a measure of how long it was..
my pinky is on his bum... to me at least it has three additional rings on the end.  I feel that most kitten tails would end about where it starts to curve at the end..

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

An Award

awww.. lookie, I was picked as one of the Top 107 Pet Blogs!!

I have to say I'm in some very good company here and am honored :)

ugh.. boys..

So the boys were at work all day with me yesterday.  I gave them a litter box and they peed in it several times.  I offered them food and they ate it (and created a great big mess) and as soon as I put them in the carrier to take them home they pooped up a storm.. *rolls eyes*

so I dug out a large tote to put them in last night.  Set them up with a nice towel to sleep on, a litter box to pee in and a shallow bowl with some food to eat.  I had to clean them up from their time in the carrier and I pumped them full of formula and they ignored the food and complained loudly that walking practice didn't happen... and being in the tub waiting for a bath didn't count lady!!!

Well this morning the food was shoved in the sides of the shallow bowl.  Schuster (aka Shoe-ie or Shoey rhymes with Stewie)) (and yes, I had to google how to spell Schuster yesterday) was curled up sleeping all innocent like.  His brother on the other hand...


Simon was sleeping, looking from a great distance and if you squinted a little, looking innocent.. he was covered in litter, food, and a few other unmentionables (apparently he likes baths) there was litter about the box, the side of the litter box was all dirty (I have no idea if it is food or other unmentionables) and well... he was in the litter box.

I can just see him with his untied shoes hanging on to a toy sail boat and grubby knees with his hair sticking up in the air.  This boy is the quintessential "boy" that you picture in your mind when you think snips and snails and puppy dog tails.. 

and I woke him up, and he was HUNGRY!!!!!!  waaah!!  and he did not want to sit in the bath tub and wait for me to feed his brother and he most certainly did not want to wait in the bath tub while I protected myself from his mayhem... being in the bath tub is not walking practice, it is not being fed, it is not play, it is not fun!! waaah!!  So I put the top of the carrier in there with him and he shut up while he explored that.  He is a spelunker that one..

The bath went well.  yup, he enjoys those.. and the moment I tried to get the litter clinging to his.. um.. tushie.. he threw his leg up in the air (which kittens tend to do when you try to make them pee) and unfortunately he was using that for support at the time, so he ended up rolling around in the water - and oh boy he thought that was fun..   *rolls eyes*

he's a pain, but man he makes me laugh..

and the kitteny-goodness continues

let you not forget, I have even more kitteny-goodness in my home.. The trio of southern kittens has turned around very nicely.

Apple is still hesitant and tentative in new situations.  She doesn't like anyone on her head but she is accepting of the kisses I give her there.

What kills me, what absolutely slays me dead and keeps me from doing anything of any real significance most nights is the fact that they are lap kittens.  I go in, they scream for food, I put food down.  They eat enough to slake their hunger (think supermodel meals) and then come right up to me, climb in my lap and start the motors running.. Three little kittens staring up at me purring happy purrs.. *sigh*

For a while there I thought Apple would NEED to go home with one of her siblings, because she seemed to do things only after one of them did it, but recently she has started being the first one up on my lap, and taking more 'chances'..

I would like to keep them for a few more weeks, but they are getting close to weight and over the worst of the trauma to their socialization that I think they might be moving on next week.. :(

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

solid food

is a very very VERY very very messy go..

someone needs to tell Simon that food goes into the mouth, not through the paw..

(and while it is a go, it isn't realistic at this point for them to self sustain on it.. not even remotely.  most of it ended up under the plate, smooshed into the bedding and on themselves.. )


We have litter box usage!!  Urine at this point, but apparently at least one of them has control enough over his faculties now.  Hopefully they both actually do (there were two rather large dark splotches) and this is the end of the mess.

There wasn't a diarrhea explosion - at least I don't think so.  I believe they were confined to a carrier, had to go, and had no where to get away from it so they ended up in it..

oh please let them be trained, oh please let them be trained (actually it isn't a matter of training, it is a matter of them recognizing their bladders are full and need to go, which as it seems is where we are)

So now.. on to the canned food!  I'm waiting till they ask for food, I figure they'll be good and hungry then (normally I'd be giving them their afternoon snack right about now)

On to pictures.  Gray's eyes look SOOOOO much better now then they do in these shots from Sunday.  I also adore the 'patches' on his 'knees'  Maybe Schuster would be a good name for him.  I'm just so reluctant because I have no idea how to spell it (oh the horrors of being spelling impaired - heck even my spell check wanted to spell it Schumpeter)
Simon climbed in all by himself. Hung out for a few moments then climbed out the other side.. Apparently you put a basket near a kitten and you'll have a kitten in a basket before you know it!
It was work getting past that big belly
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