Saturday, July 29, 2006

I am officially a "super hero"

Why? you ask? What is my super power? The ability to hear distressed kittens from across the house.

Te first time it happened was when my last foster mom gave birth. Out of a sound sleep, I awoke and immediately went downstairs.

Today, the smallest mew emanated from the bathroom.. One of the kittens had left the carrier and was stuck behind it.

Now.. to design my costume..


Wednesday, July 26, 2006

MORE kittens

Yes, I'm a sap. The shelter is overwhelmed, and I saw these guys and couldn't resist.
Turns out they are even more special since two of them don't have tails!! One boy and one girl have tails, and one boy and one girl don't. This will make identification easy :)

On a side note, this morning we looked out on the deck and saw Tweedle. Somehow she had gotten out. We have no idea. The only thing we can think of is that she squeezed out of the cat room we have set up for them outside and was outside all night. Scares me to think that as she isn't the brightest cat on the face of the planet. If she hadn't thought to sit on the deck, we might not have noticed she was missing till later tonight, when all kinds of nasty could have happened to her!! Her picked up paranoia (from Eli) made it hard to get her inside, but she finally made it. She ran around the house for a while like she didn't recognize it. But she is home and she's safe..

Em is still losing weight and is going to the vet tomorrow for xrays. I'll keep you updated.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

More kittens

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"HEY!" purred Suzie Q

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"you say I have fans? let me strike a pose"

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"and they like Sebastian too? oh all right"

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"Hey Suzie, where'd ya go?" Sebastian

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"She went this way!" Sara

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"Enough with the photos already!!!" Suzie Q

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"I have things to do!!"

Monday, July 10, 2006

Okay then

Popular title line I see :)

Back to Em. Frustrating how this is the KITTEN blog, and all I can do is talk about the oldest "kitten" in the house ;)

So I contemplated the next steps I should take with her. The blood test I was sure wasn't going to show what it needed to show. It shows an average of the BG's for two weeks. Previously I have thought that I might be overdosing her on insulin. But I test her every couple of days and her starting BGs are pretty good. Well, I started testing her every time before giving a shot. one PS (pre-shot) was in the 90s. The next was over 300. So yes.. I was still overdosing her. I was going to cut it from 1.5 units BID (twice a day) to 1 unit BID. Well her next PS was so low that I decided to do .5 instead. Well, tonight her PS was 171. Yup. .5 SEEMS to be the magic number.

In case you don't know.. Rebound happens when you over does insulin. there is a major release of stored glucose to help combat the excess insulin. This keeps her BG from going too low and keeps her from dying. However what seemed to be happening was I was overdosing her, then the next shot helped get rid of the excess, then I was testing.

Amazing that she went over 5 years without ANY testing of her sugars.. now I apparently can't go 12 hours without testing.

Hopefully, this will be the cause of the weight loss and she'll start plumping back up (but I am not holding my breath)

As for the kittens, they are so amazingly LOUD when it comes to purring now. They like to sit on your shoulders and purr in stereo. They are up to two pounds now. Amazingly Suzie Q (the runt) is only 2 oz behind the others. She looks like she's 1/2 a pound behind them. She also eats till I swear she is going to explode. Makes her tummy almost twice the size of her head!

Friday, July 7, 2006

Sara's Trip to the Store, and Em's Trip to the Vet

So I had to go out and get Emmy food (She's the only one left on commercial food) so I thought I would bring Sara with me. She is the only foster still easily freaked out. She wasn't bad during the trip. Even got her to purr. At the pet food store, I introduced her to a dog, and two kids. She hissed at the dog, she was fine with the kids. She cuddled with me the whole ride home (I know I know.. she should have been in a carrier!)

I'm trying to decide what type of home she'll be happiest in. Adult only? Or maybe a nice busy household to keep her interacting with other beings so they are no longer scary. Whenever I pick her up, she's fine, she just doesn't like being picked up. Who knows. Just would have to insist she never go out (probably not a good idea for any of them - my feelings on the matter aside) because she's so freaked by stuff she hasn't seen for an hour or two, she'd probably never make it home.

As you may or may not be aware, my Em has had me concerned since Jan. Her weight loss was getting even more pronounced, and I couldn't wait for Dr. B to open anymore, so I made an appointment with Dr. Ken at another vet hospital. He said he didn't feel anything odd in her stomach area, but could feel her thyroid, so he recommend a thyroid test. I was sure it was either a mass in her stomach or her thyroid. Well her thyroid tests just came back and she's fine (possibly a little on the low side). PUCK! She's losing weight, she's constantly hungry, there IS something wrong. Next round of tests includes a test to see where her sugar levels are on a constant basis for the past two weeks (I can't spell the name of the test) and x-rays of her to see if there is anything out of the norm. If her blood sugars are out of control, it would explain the weight loss.. but I monitor them regularly (not excessively though) and I can't fathom those are out of control. So now we are back to a mass of some sort in her.

I can't face that.

I can't face any of this!!

Em is thrilled, cause it means she keeps getting food - her all-time favorite activity. You should see her RUN down the hall when I break out the treats (which she doesn't get that often because they make her sugars run a little high.)

I forgot how hard having a sick cat is on the soul. I don't know how I'm going to handle this.
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