Sunday, February 27, 2005

Well, I blew it

The shelter got in a four-month-old baby flemish giant rabbit. Ever since I had Tobin, and realized that he was antisocial, I have wanted a larger rabbit, one that would interact with me. And there he was. He was beautiful. He nipped at my arm when I picked him up, but it was just a gentle nip. I didn't spend a whole heck of a lot of time with him, so we weren't horribly bonded. I am not quite in a place to provide a great rabbit home. I have a great home, don't get me wrong, and he would have been loved greatly, but it wouldn't have been ideal. I hemmed and hawed about it, and today came to the decision I was going to spend time with him on Monday and if he was social, I was going to take him home. Well, someone else adopted him today. Yay for them, and yay for the bunny finding a good home, but booo for me for not having him. It is probably for the best, flemish rabbits can get up to 20 lbs, which is actually bigger than Emmy, my eldest and fatest cat at 16.5 lbs.


I miss having a bunny around.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Fun with helium

I bought a helium balloon at the grocery store today. They were selling them for a quarter to raise money for the United Way, and I've always loved balloons. When I got it home, Tweedle was fascinated by it. She followed me around the house till I let her have the string. She grabbed on to it with both paws, all wide-eyed and cute. She soon let go of it trying to bite it, and was all sad when she couldn't. Eli could, and I joked at Tweedle telling her if she were a bigger kitty she could get it. She just stared up at the balloon. I tied an extra piece of ribbon on the end of the string and she was in heaven. She played with it for over 20 minutes. It was so cute. Jack even got into the act. Too bad the balloon is going to be deflated in the morning.

I had the strangest experience tonight, which is why I'm up blogging at 3 am. I was sound asleep in the middle of some ordinary mundane dream when I heard what sounded like someone cooing over Tweedle. Well, there is only me and the hubby in the house, and he was snoring. I was wide awake, and I could still hear it, but not as clearly. I sat up and shh'ed my hubby, and listed more. It was gone. I thought that maybe my Yahoo messenger had come on and someone was being silly. I made motion to get up out of bed and realized Emmy and Tweedle were curled up in my legs. Now this is going to be the real bizarre part. I had a thought that I heard Emmy cooing at Tweedle. Tweedle loves Em and often is cuddled up to her. I gave them kisses and came to the computer, which was off. Very strange.

Thinking about computers and Tweedle, she's going to need her own web page here. Now that she's officially part of the family its only fair. (see dots across top of page for web pages on the other five)

Tuesday, February 8, 2005

A clean bill of health

The kids got a clean bill of health today. Emmy's murmur is a I/II instead of the II/III it has been, which is good. Twee is still a little congested sounding, but I'm just going to keep an eye on that. Jack's feet look good where he ripped off his two claws. Ok, so they looked like ripped off claws, but they don't seem infected. Ollie has a flat lypoma on his chest. (a fatty lump) I couldn't feel it, but I'm not going to worry about it. He's not one to let me rub his belly/chest anyway. We decided against doing a rabies vaccine on Emmy. She's 14 and the doctor said if she hasn't developed an immunity to it by now, she isn't going to. We waited on the distemper vaccines too. Going to do those every other year. Eli and Muffin were "unremarkable". I appreciate there is nothing wrong with them, but he so needs to come up with another choice of words :D

I asked the dr about a possiblity of getting a job with him when he opens up his clinic. He said it will probably be a while, and I told him that it wasn't a problem. He said he would put me on his list of people to call. I would LOVE to work for him. He is the kind of guy who knows how to be a boss... so opposite of other bosses Ive had in the past. So I'm looking at a year and a half without a job.... I can live with that :) Maybe I'll find something part time. Something fun. Who knows. Maybe my ebay business will pick up, maybe I'll start a traveling cat spa. Maybe I'll just go take a nap w/ the kids and tell them that the horror they just went through was for their own good :D

Monday, February 7, 2005


I did a BG on Emmy just now, and it is 138!!! I've never seen it that low. Normal is in the 100 range. In the past, she's been in the 400's. Since I started her on herbs, she has been in the low 200's. I've been really lax on her herbs so I was concerned, especially since her skin is very flakey. I so need to add some fat to her diet, but she is so overweight I'm not sure if that is a good thing. We have a dr visit tomorrow with the gang, so I'll talk to the doctor then.

Tuesday, February 1, 2005

he he he

I was sewing curtains yesterday and Tweedle had never heard the machine before. She jumped up on the desk and watched me for a bit. When I put my hand near the needle to guide the fabric through, she reached out and swatted me several times. I wish I could read their minds sometimes. I am curious if she was trying to save me or kill the machine.
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