Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Poking around blogger

Well..I'm having the worst time getting my archives to work. I want them to be monthly.. but when I changed it, it only changed the archive page, not the actual archives themselves, so when you click on a month it can't find it unless perchance the week one started on the first... so.. I guess I'll have to go back to weekly. I'm making this post basically to see if by posting it will repost all the archives.. lol

While poking around, I found the title bar.. Pretty cool. Not sure how often I'll use it.. but I've always wanted one.

Now.. kitten-y stuff. Not a whole heck of a lot to report.. they are cute, and healthy, and are just biding their time till they go back to be adopted...

Yesterday I fed the Muppets two large cans and two regular size cans of cat food. one large in the AM, the two small around 6, then another large one at around 9. This morning when I went to feed them, they had dried out wet food left over.. so it is good to know that their stomachs actually do have limits.. lol. Peanut aka Pepe is getting obnoxiously affectionate.. was walking circles around my head the other day, and my hubby's last night.. Kermit was cuddled up in my lap.. Gonzo - who btw is 90% legs - is an absolute laugh riot.. and also loves to cuddle. It's so fun going in there.

The orphans.. Not quite sure what to make of them. They always seem so mellow when I go in there, but looking around I see the remains of their play time.. Like the box of tissues pushed off the shelf, and scattered all over the floor... or the roll of paper towels pushed off the desk and thoroughly and totally killed.. right down to the cardboard tube. Nanoo's peanut sized ear things were much less noticeable today.. I had to search for them. once I found them though they didn't seem to be any smaller.. which I thought was very weird.. but hey.. I can't know everything.

Jack woke me up last night.. he wanted to cuddle. Hasn't done that in a very long time, so I just woke up and cuddled him. I found a mat under his front leg.. that's the third or fourth one.. the others were all in his groin, though. Hopefully, he'll be like Ollie and be able to get them out himself.. Ollie had small mats for about a year.. after he was about 6-9 months old, but he hasn't had any since. I'm assuming he's getting them out on his own.

I'm going to be doing a blood glucose curve on Em this weekend.. Hopefully, it will go well, and we won't need to increase her insulin.. somehow I doubt it though.*shrug* you never know.

Monday, July 28, 2003

Lumps, bumps and scabs

Well, this is strange.. I went down to take care of the orphans, and Nanoo has peanut sized bumps at the base of her ears.. my first thought is lymph nodes, but I would think if they were, that the ones under her chin would be swollen too. Wasabi has two small scab-like marks on either side of her neck, under her ears.. but actually on her neck. I'm hoping very much that someone just got a little too rough with her, and that it's not ringworm. *crosses fingers that it's not ringworm*

The muppets are doing wonderfully. Did I mention that I'm thinking about renaming peanut to Pepe? (the prawn from the last muppet movie) It would fit into the muppet theme better.. and it really does fit him personality wise.. he is such an on the go kitty.. doesn't like to sit still for anything.. even when he's eating, he's going from dish to dish. We were cuddling the other day.. his version of cuddling which is to walk circles around my neck.. (I was lounging on the couch)

Although I really hate not being able to adopt any more kittens, I'm kinda glad.. cause I doubt I'd be able to give up Peanut. I pray that whoever adopts him keeps me in the loop about his health - for a while anyway..

Thursday, July 24, 2003

The talk

I worked up the courage to talk to the boss man today.. had to stay late by half an hour to do it.. and he was amazed that someone would call the shelter.. he couldn't believe it. He thought maybe they asked, but I countered with well if they were going to ask, they would have done it when I first started fostering again, which he agreed with, and I reminded him that the shelter said that someone called them and expressed concern.

He has no problem with me fostering, as long as they are in a separate room, and they don't eat out of the same bowls.. He's going to call the shelter to tell them that, and he's going to find out who called.. cause while I have my suspicions, I really don't know for certain.

So it looks like I'll be able to continue to foster..


Life with kitties

Its my morning off from work, so I slept in. When I finally woke up, I was surrounded by kitties - except Em - who all seemed to say to me, so you've finally quit your job hun? good. now pat me.

I went downstairs to feed the orphans.. somehow they had turned the heater on in the room and it was sweltering.. those silly kittens. I have yet to feed the muppets this morning, as I want them to learn they have dry food in the room.. every time I go in there they tell me they haven't eaten in weeks.. those bunch of liers.

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Be careful what you wish for

WE HAVE POOP!! lol.. the orphans have started pooping up a storm.. guess all that eating has caught up with them. The litter box was full after one day. They also found a box of tissues I had in there.. there was tissues all over the room, not to mention a huge pile shoved under the radiator. *rolls eyes* so I cleaned up a little.. they had also found a roll of paper towels and destroyed that, and shoved most of the towels outside the second door in the room.. (there are boxes on the other side of it) yea.. they are acting like normal kittens.

The muppets are getting uber cuddly. Gonzo takes after his mother so much.. it's uncanny. He so smart.. and talented.

I gave them a felt mouse tonight.. Kermit took a turn at playing with it.. as did MP and Peanut.. but Fozzie decided that mouse was hers, darn it.. and death to anyone who would try to get it from her.. :) it was cute. Peanut still isn't much into standing still, but if you rub his cheeks just right he'll tilt his head to the side and just enjoy it.. Man, I wish I could keep him.. Oh well. *prays whoever adopts him keeps in touch*

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Life with Jack.

Hubby is cooking us dinner.. I'm cleaning up my email.. Jack is sitting on the arm of the chair waiting for his "share" of dinner.

He's going to be very disappointed..

Peanut is two pounds now!

well, my muppets are of size now.. but peanut is only 2lbs (OMG he's two freakin pounds!! I remember being excited about 2 oz!!), so he's got half a pound to go.. although the way they are eating, it will be fast.. too fast for me.. but alas, all great things must come to an end..

I'm hoping my idea of building a second entrance into a kitten room will fly with the shelter. It won't happen anytime soon, but hopefully, within a year, I could be back fostering.. I will need to sit down and talk to them about it.. I think I am going to talk to the boss vet about what happened as well. Unfortunately, it won't be for a bit, as he just lost his own cat to cancer.. She died on the table as they were about to explore a mass on her. She was 17 years old.... so he's been a bit grumpy - trying not to show his emotions.. It's strange.. but I really do "get him".. everyone else working there, except maybe J has complained about him at one time or another. And while his actions are often odd, and confusing if you don't understand, I just do to some extent. (should I be scared? lol)

Anyway having the kittens and a full-time job has been hard on me, and I am looking forward to not having to tend to them all the time, but boy am I going to miss this. Despite the time and the pain and agony of the illnesses and deaths, fostering has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. I got to see Edgar again today.. He's gotten so big.. he's still purring up a storm. He still recognizes me too.. :) they do that for four or five months afterwards - at least in my experience.



the orphans are doing well.. up to 6 three ounce cans a day, plus half a bowl of dry food. Nanoo is still quite shy, but at least she isn't hissing at me when I go to pick her up.. she's going to need a home where the owners can give her LOTS of attention for a couple of weeks. Wasabi is still painfully thing, along with Friddle.. but they eat until their little bellys stick out.. its so cute. So hopefully with some time, and some Nutrical, they'll fill out. Wasabi weighed 1.5lbs the other day, and was up to 1.7ish.. so I'll probably have these guys longer than the muppets.. Im not bringing them back till at least the 9th, since that is the first saturday I can be there for the adoptions.. Charlie went back to the shelter, and it freaked her out.. I feel bad for her, but that's one more step closer to being adopted.. so I don't feel that bad. Sometimes ya got to do, what ya gotta do..

Sunday, July 20, 2003


so.. do you think I should do nothing about being "turned in" or do you think I should go to the boss man and inform him of what happened.. Most people think I should go to the person who 'turned me in' but since the shelter wouldn't verify it, I would feel uncomfortable confronting her, and I can't imagine a single thing she could say that wouldn't make me even angrier than I already am.

btw.. the boss man is a bit of a control freak.. likes to have a finger in everything that is going on..

Vet vists

the orphans went to a different vet on Saturday. I felt uncomfortable taking them back to the place I work cause they don't get the attention they need when I bring them in cause they don't have an appointment. (well that and what just happened) so the hubby brought them down. The vet he talked to agreed with me that something wasn't quite right, but she didn't find anything wrong either. She did give them some advantage for the fleas - and thank goodness they are flea free now.. she also dewormed them.. and they have been steadily improving ever since. I actually put down three cans of food for them this evening. they didn't eat it all, but I'm sure they will by the morning. I cleaned their ears out again, which they hated. but I'm sure this will be the last time.

I'm going to bring Charlie back to the shelter tomorrow. She is determined to get out of the kitten room, every time I open the door she tries to make a break for it. I've been able to keep her distracted enough not to get away, until yesterday.. she's gotten out twice now. She doesn't get far, but it's enough... so back she goes. The Muppets are big enough to do with out her.. Besides, I want them to start bonding with people more.. so it's all good. (even though I am a major advocate of keeping the kittens with the mom as long as possible). They are getting so long.. no necessarily big, but long. I really should weigh them, but I don't want to... if I don't know how big they are, I can't bring them back.. I'm thinking another week or two will probably put them over the top.. Hopefully, it will be a weekend Im not working. I wonder if the shelter will want to do a further exam on peanut, where he's deformed. I would love to know what's wrong with him.. outwardly you'd never know.. but I can feel something when I pick him up.. his chest / stomach area.. hubby doesn't notice.. but I do. I hope who ever adopts him keeps in touch with me.. that one is special.

Thursday, July 17, 2003

That which starts off my journey to learn more about FIP

well.. I got a phone call from the shelter. Remember how I said that kim was surprised to hear I was fostering? Well, she took it upon her self to call the shelter and tell them that it was a bad idea. The shelter called another vet to get their opinion, and while they didn't think the risk was more than minimal, they thought there was a risk, so the shelter has decided that I shouldn't foster.

which.. btw.. is fine. If I am putting kittens at risk, I do NOT want to foster..

but aren't I pissed beyond description at the way kim went about it?

but.. my research on the matter, has told me that the kittens aren't at risk...
Check out this and you come back here and tell me what you think... heck.. feel free to do your own research on FIP, and if you find anything from the year 2000 and on, I'd love to read it.

Tuesday, July 15, 2003


I was down playing with the kittens last night, when I realized they had fleas.. yes.. the dreaded flea. oh how I hate them. I emailed the shelter asking them to send some supplies over, including something for the fleas, something for the mites, something for the coccidia, and something to deworm the muppets cause they hadn't been dewormed. Well, my message fell into a computer that wasn't going to be accessed till later in the day, so I had to run over to the shelter on my lunch break. I felt like I was shopping.. I left there with quite a bit of drugs.

I went to deworm the Muppets first.. they took it rather well I must say.. although the promise of food afterwards I'm sure had a lot to do with it. I know they aren't starving, cause there is always dry food left over, but if you listen to them, they'd tell you they suffer from hunger so. While they are still on the small side, they are getting so big.. :(

The orphans got a bit more done to them.. and I have to tell you it was NOT easy.. but it was way easier than I thought it was going to be. First, it was a cc of albon, then a cleaning of the ears - and MAN were they dirty.. despite being cleaned the other day. then the medicating of the ears, then a dunk in the bucket, a good scrubbing with flea shampoo.. then the sitting and waiting while the fleas either die or jump off and land on your face.. then the rinse.. oh how not fun is the rinse.. let me tell you! then the drying.. the picking off of fleas.. the searching for any that might be still alive.. took me almost two hours to do seven kittens. I do have to say though that despite the initial bad start, Nanoo took it really well. She is starting to remind me of my first kitty, Tigger.. he too was mostly feral, hated to be picked up in the beginning.. you could appease him by rubbing his chin.. *sigh* I miss that kitty.

I took Emerald to the vets today for a B/G curve.. (blood glucose). Sadly her glucose was quite high. We talked about increasing her insulin.. we talked about a different diet (which we are going to try) and we also talked about doing another curve at home before increasing her insulin since stress can cause high readings.. and she was totally stressed out all day. It was so funny once I got her home, though.. she went right to the food bowl and sat down.. as if to say, okay.. I had to go through all of that, now give me something good to eat.

which is EXACTLY what Muffin said to me yesterday after I took her out on a little ride to "Nana"'s house. I had to go fix something on my parent's computer, and I wanted to see how well Muffin traveled.. so I took her along. While I wouldn't say she travels badly, I wouldn't say she takes it all that well either. Not like Jack. He loves to travel.. mostly cause he likes to be with us I think.. but that's fine by me :D

I was thinking Muffin wouldn't forgive me very quickly for inflicting the trip on her, but within a few moments (okay well after dinner) she was her same ol self.. until this morning when I caught her up on the table she KNOWS she's not supposed to be on.. splayed out trying to take up as much room as possible. I yelled at her to get down, she refused.. I yelled again.. no reaction.. I actually had to walk up to her and boink her on the nose for her to move.. talk about your stubborn kitties.. Guess we won't be taking her out anytime soon.

Sunday, July 13, 2003

Remembering Kodi

My friend Rachel has a foster kitten right now that looks like Kodi. I almost cried holding her. I could just hear her thoughts (cause the new kitten is a girl, she also has double paws) wondering why some crazy red headed chick was getting all emotional just cuddling her..

not Kodi.

Friday, July 11, 2003

Vet issues.

I brought in the seven today.. and wouldn't you know it they started pooping up a storm.. and they ate everything Dr. S gave them. *rolls eyes* now don't I look silly. but I can deal with that.. as long as they are fine.

Dr. Kim was surprised I was fostering because of the state of my own kitties (FIP titres* and Jack being Felv positive) . I told her I had talked it over with the shelter, and that I was being careful, and she didn't let it drop, mentioning stuff could be brought in on the clothes. Yes, Kim.. I KNOW that... I also know they are only positive for exposure, and could very well be perfectly fine, and they have been since we found out about it. both FIP and Felv impact the immune system, so I'm sure that she's worried about that.. but I can't live my life for what ifs... if I did that I would never ever do anything.. ever. I take precautions.. I visit with the kittens either at the beginning of my day so I immediately leave the house afterwards, or at the end of my day so afterwards I'm changing my clothes, washing my hands, and then playing with my kitties. I care very much about them, and will be absolutely lost if / when I lose them (cause chances are I will outlive them unless of course something happens to me first)


*mentally pictures water rolling off a duck's back*

anyway. I also brought in a stool sample from the first set.. someone has coccidia. I don't know who. I'm assuming Peanut, since he's the one who would be most susceptible to something like that. I'm going to try to spend some time with them tomorrow and see who has the runny stools.

why can't this every go smoothly? *sigh* after I get these guys adopted I think I'll take some time off and bleach the living daylights out of my house.. *wonders how long coccidia can live outside of a host*

oooh.. lookie here a nice picture of some coccidia..

well in my research, it says "Several references in veterinary literature suggest that almost every cat will become infected by coccidia at some point in their life" hum.. interesting.. another site said that most fight it off themselves. good to know. no idea how long it can survive without a host though.. doesn't tell me that. (I've since learned a couple of days in a dry environment, weeks in a damp one)

Em is in major need of a bath. she's quite oily.. poor thing doesn't groom herself very well.. well if you were her age, and all you had was your tongue, you probably wouldn't either.. :)

Thursday, July 10, 2003

Fun with Post-its

Tim mentioned in the comment that his friend recently lost a kitty named Wasabi.. which is interesting, because Mikitu came from the clinic where I work and was from a cat that recently died. Here's hoping that this set has a nice long full lives.

I'm 90% sure I'm bringing them into the clinic tomorrow. They don't eat much at all. Today they had maybe half a bowl of dry food, and half a can of wet food (small) and when I put more food down they were totally uninterested. One or two bites maybe I did get some nutrical for them, and wasabi was interested in that - which is good because he is the skinniest.. you can feel every bone in his spine... but the reason I'm going to bring them into the clinic is that there is been very little poop (which isn't strange in and of its self since they aren't eating much) and their bellies feel like balloons. I don't know if they are constipated, or if they are just really suffering from worms (although if they were I would think they would be eating like horses) I'm probably over reacting.. but better to over react then under. I figure a vet can take one feel and know what's going on.. better than me sitting around wondering.

We had fun with post-its tonight. I went down to check on them, and started playing with them with my pen. One of them picked it up and carried it off, so I searched my pockets and found a small pack of small post-its. I took one and plunked it on wasabi's head.. he didn't know what to make of it for a moment, then got it off and chewed it up dead. :) I then put one on Allie and she totally freaked out.. ran around till it fell off. I put one on sushi's side, and she took it off. it got Triddle's attention though, and he killed it right and good.. :)

I'll get some more pictures for you this weekend.

Muffin is currently licking my ankle.. she's such a silly kitty.

I'm thinking I need to get some dewormers for the first set of kitties.. now they eat like horses.. and still very much on the thin side.

Wednesday, July 9, 2003

We have names

the new ones have names..

:) Nanoo is the skittish one.. (mikitu is also skittish, but not as bad) but she's gotten to the point where she's now playing and eating in the room with us - as opposed to the sitting in the corner or under the desk that she used to. but she still hisses when I go to pick her up. still is ok with being held.. just doesn't like the being picked up part. Triddle and Friddle are the two orange ones, they are the friendliest. Wasabi is the smallest skinniest one.. sushi hangs out with wasabi. I actually had their names reversed originally, but the skinny one definitely is more of a wasabi kind of kitty :D Allie is the orange and gray tiger.. she's a cutie. they are 1.5 -1.8 lbs. so it looks like they will be here for at least three weeks.. depending. Hopefully, they will start eating soon. they eat so little.. the set of 10 I just had would eat two huge cans of food in one feeding and they had two feedings a day. these guys barely eat one small can. I'm starting to consider getting some supplement for them... something high in calories.. either nutrical or a/d..

Saturday, July 5, 2003

A new game

The kitties decided to play "king of Connie" this morning.. It started with Jack, moved to Muffin, then Eli decided to get in the game.. *rolls eyes* I don't mind being slept on when I'm sleeping, but they don't just do that, they want attention, and for me to wake up.. so here I am awake, and they are all off doing whatever it is kitties do..

The newbies are still quite skittish. Will have to make a point to spend a lot of time with them today.

Peanut had a black bowel movement the other day.. he was eating and acting fine, but that worried me. Black is indicative of blood in the stool. Last night it was brown. so I'm not going to worry, just keep a good eye on him. I picked him up and he went straight for my shoulder. I decided to leave the kitten room with him on there to see what he would do, and he was fine till we entered the other kitten room where my hubby was. then he started getting concerned... it was so cute. - I can't keep any more kittens, I can't keep any more kittens, I can't keep any more kittens....

I saw another foster mom in the clinic on Wednesday. Her kitten has a collapsed lung. We talked about fostering, and she started out with one kitty, and now has 10.

Thursday, July 3, 2003

What have I done?

Yup.. I'm insane.. I've said it before, and I'm sure I'll say it again.

There is one in the bunch that is hand shy.. she's okay once you pick her up, but she gets so frightened when you come at her. She's the gray one in the box. I've got to come up with seven more names.. hum.. seven? sleepy sneezy, dopey, doc.. nah.. those wouldn't work. Oh well.. guess we are going to have to come up with something else. They were also throwing up.. I saw two do it. Hopefully, it was the food they got at the shelter. It had to have been fish. I don't do fish.. cause it makes the kittens smell, it makes the room smell, it makes the poop smell. Fish for kittens is right out. I do not want another kitten that throws up.. Mew was more than enough thank you.. and that did not end well at all. They should only be here a couple of weeks. The staff said six weeks, but looking at my six-week-old kittens, they have to be older.. probably more like seven. and feeling their ribs like I did, they could probably even be eight.

the .. hum.. what am I going to call the different sets.. lol. The Muppets have found the joys of playing with jingly balls and fuzzy mice. I tied a ball to a piece of string, and that kept them going till I was pooped. The TV is making a big difference. they are much more outgoing. Still not into being cuddled.. *sigh* but that's okay. I don't think I'll ever get another set as cuddly as Gimmie and her gang..

Tuesday, July 1, 2003

The Joy of Balls

The kittens have discovered the joy of balls. It's so cute. I tied a piece of string to one of them so I can move it around, and it is the BEST thing.. :) Miss Piggy also likes to play a rousing game of "give me five" if you put your hand out to her palm up, and wiggle your fingers, she'll slap your palm with her paw, many many times... its quite cute.

I clipped the kittens claws today. It went over about how I expected it too. Peanut hated sitting still. Fozzie wasn't too keen on me picking her up, but once I did was okay. I held her a bit yesterday and patted her, she almost fell asleep in my arms. :) yea.. they are getting uber cute and I like them.

I talked to the vet today about doing a tear duct flush on Eli. She said that it was probably scabbed over, and it wouldn't be much of a success. sigh. I've decided that I'm going to make a point of washing his face a couple of times a day and see what that does, cause last night I found a scratch on his face.. if the tears overflow badly, then it almost seems as if his eyelids swell a little. I was cleaning them with my finger, but I'm going to use a face cloth with warm water twice a day.. need it or not.. let's see how his face looks then. If it's still bad I'll bring him in. If perchance his tear ducts are just blocked, the longer I wait, the greater the chance that his natural defenses are going to turn it into scar tissue.. well that does seem logical.. to me..
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