Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Can you stand another food post?

Yesterday I picked up some more drumsticks for Meira.  When I went to feed her last night I put the drumstick on a separate plate from the raw food, because in the past she has preferred the ground up food.  Last night, she was all over that drumstick!!
OMG MOM!!  that thing is our size.. should we worry?
Miriam goes in for a closer look
So you eat.. off a plate?? not suckle?? hum???
Petra is eating, and so is Squirrel but not nearly as much as she does.  they are still getting a bulk of their calories by nursing.  This morning I gave her another two legs and some raw and a can (I wanted to see what will happen with the reintroduction of canned food at this point) and she was ALL OVER the canned and ignored everything else.  When I checked in on them on the webcam a while ago the legs were still there.  Then I saw this..
Petra and Moose and the drumstick
Not sure if they dragged it over there off the plate, or if Meira did.. They were nosing it, probably licking it, pondering what to do with it then wandered off.  Meira came up and is eating it as I type.  She actually seems to be showing her kittens how to eat it.. either that or she's not that hungry and is just chewing it because she's bored and they are watching.  I won't be surprised if I go home and find a bone on the floor.

good thing I have a whole bottle of disinfectant..

Update: Meira walked away from the bone and a small dark kitten is chewing on the bone, I THINK it is Miriam..


  1. It is amazing to see such tiny kittens next to a "huge" drumstick. How do you decide what meat to feed? Do you ever feed commercially prepared raw?

    I tried feeding raw to our gang, but Tucker vomited it so often that I went back to canned.

  2. I feed a commercially prepared raw. I would like to feed Feline's Pride, but shipping is prohibitive with seven cats eating it regularly and feeding it to fosters randomly. I could get them to airfreight it up here, but then I have to travel an hour to pick it up and then have a freezer big enough.. Then I fed Oma's for a while which wasn't bad, but I had a bad incident with it and the company's reply to my inquiries were less then interested in my problems, so I won't ever feed that again. I'm currently feeding Bravo. I'm looking again for another brand just to have a variety and I'm loathed to make it again (I made it for a while from catinfo.org and occasionally do it still). I tried Natures Variety a while ago (in the pucks) and the crew were not interested in that at all. Some cats seem to love it.

    As to what meat to feed.. well it started with chicken because that was what they originally ate in a can. That and the recipe from catinfo.org was based on chicken. They ate beef from a can, so I brought beef chunks home for them to gnaw on.. I read some people fed Cornish Game hens to their cats whole, so I tried that. It made me cry to cut up the chicken (I'm a non-cuteavore..) and the cats left most of it, so I didn't do that again (except for Meira)

    I guess I'll try anything for them.. some of them really loved the lamb..

    You can still get them over to raw food (most of the time) if you just go really slowly. Start with just a few pieces of ground meat with the regular food until that is well accepted then increase. It is OK that ground meat isn't balanced because you are feeding so little of it, and then once you are feeding more it is only for a short time..

    should this be a post all on it's own?? :)

  3. Love that second picture....how cute!!!

  4. Just adorable!!!
    ....and you're right, your comment was very informative!
    ; ) Glogirly & Katie

  5. Anonymous8:10 PM

    I wish my cats would eat raw meat!

  6. This is very interesting. I have never fed raw to my cats but I do think about it. Deb

  7. No crying over the kittehs food, now, you soft hearted non-cuteavore, you! Plenty of other choices and that leg was down to the bone!

  8. They are all adorable tiny fur balls.It is really happy to see when your furry babies eat well.Petra may choose canned food, who knows?Kitties have different choices.My feline brother Diamond loves boiled boneless fish and rice plus dry food while my cat daughters Lulu and Cinnamon like diced chicken meat or beef.Girls also eat mice sometimes.In the second photo, looks like they are really shouting!Miriam is curious and brave to taste for the first time.Oh my god, they are so precious.Love all mom and babies.


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