Thursday, April 27, 2017

Fleurp is not a fan of the Pawpurazzi


Momma, when are you going to get more kittens so you stop taking pictures of me every day?

I seriously hope it is soon..

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

60480 days since I last had kittens

Okay, okay, that is minutes, not days, but it FEELS like days..

Truth be told it has only been 42 days since I last had kittens, and for the beginning of spring in Maine, that is not bad. Only problem is I've made friends with all kinds of people via social media who foster and they all have kittens.. and I don't.

Kitten fever.. it burns..

So let's see.. Robyn has kittens..

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Random Felines has kittens

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Orlando Kittens has kittens

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Stacey Hurt even has kittens

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and I have


Monday, April 24, 2017

April showers bring Orijen Cat Treats #ChewyInfluncer

A rainy day sounds like a good day to show you another product sent to us by through their influencer program. They send us items that sells for free, and we get to review them and share them with you. This time it is Orijen Cat Treats, I prefer the dog treats because they come in bigger bags, and with six cats, more is better, but I was running low on treats and this was offered and Fleurp was kinda insistent that we have treats in the house.

One thing I noticed right away was they redid the bag so it is now short and wide. They changed the way it opened as well, and it was super easy to pull the tab and open it up and it is resealable.

One good thing about this bag vs the size of the dog bag is that it is too small for Jack to get his face in it, I kinda prefer it when my cats aren't able to help themselves to treats - not that a bag he can't put his face in has ever stopped Jack in the past.

Fleurp wanted some too

The cat treats are smaller than the same treats for dogs. They are made out of the exact same thing, but they just make them smaller. I like that they have very limited ingredients for kitties that have food sensitivities, that they are only animal-based ingredients and biologically appropriate, that they source their ingredients local to them and they do everything in house in their own kitchens. They claim about 100 treats per bag, so these should last one kitty for quite some time..

I know my kitties were hoping that the windows might be open again as they were the other day when it was practically 80 degrees up here, but you know what they say.. April showers bring Fleurpy Flowers!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Former Foster Friday: Melia, Lily, Rose, and Max

I was on Facebook earlier this week when my page received a message of this kitty photo.

It is a beautiful kitty but I didn't recognize who sent it to me so I was a little confused as to why it was sent to me until Chrissy sent me another message letting me know that this was Elie that I fostered last year. The little kitten who was missing a foot.

Chrissy let me know that Elie was now Melia and was doing very well. She loves her older sister "Lexi" and even helped teach her how to play since Lexi was feral and never really understood play. This made so happy as when this group of fosters showed up they were so fearful they were completely unwilling to play too. Since I am in contact with Melia's sisters Rose and Lily (formerly Corrie) and their brother Max was adopted by a co-worker of my husband, I thought I would share photos of them too.

This is what they looked like then:

Now: Melia

I asked Chrissy about Melia's foot, and she said she is doing really well, only occasionally acting like it bothers her a bit and then recovering quickly. I was so happy to get the update, she totally made my day.

Then I bugged Julie about Lily (formerly Corrie) and Rose.

Lily is about three pounds heavier than her sister Rose. If you remember, Lily was the one who had a reaction to the sedation when they were neutered. She recovered quite a bit while she was still here but was still a bit unsteady on her feet when she went home with Julie and her husband. Over the next few weeks, she continued to improve to the point that she no longer has any symptoms. I was very fortunate that Julie allowed me to become friends with her on Facebook and so I get to see photos of them quite regularly. I was so worried about the both of them prior to the incident with their spay because they were quite reluctant to let go of their fearful nature, but they have blossomed into beautiful kitties.

I occasionally get a little bit of news on Max as my husband and Joe used to chat about him, but I haven't heard much in a while. Joe loves Max a lot and he is quite happy.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Gang, we have a mystery on our hands!

A while back Lisa from A Tonk's Tail posted she had bought a new duster and I mentioned that I loved it and she very generously sent me one. I charged it up, took a video of my cats reacting to it and left it out to do its work.

It comes with a pack of round cleaning cloths that attach to the bottom of it with velcro. it does a pretty good job of picking up the dust and debris.

So, momma, what's the mystery?? - Fleurp

Well, Fleurp, I'm glad you asked. See I set the duster down on the floor and left for the day and then the duster up and disappeared! I remember seeing it down by MirrorWorld..

It's no longer down here momma! - Jack

I know buddy, that is why I can't find it, it is not where I left it.

I bet you it is down here - Skippy

Is it under the couch?

It obviously never made it under the couch, it is such a slacker!
Can I have my toys back?

Momma, Skippy was right, it went down the hall - Muffin

I swear I looked under the bed three times. I'm starting to think that aliens show up and take things from our house for documenting the weird human (or maybe feline - they are aliens, they might be confused) habit of acquiring stuff. Then when you aren't paying attention they return it in a weird spot so you think you just misplaced it. I mean there are only two people living in my house, and the weirdest things go missing and then randomly show up a few weeks later.. 

Likely story mom.. you know you never really looked, don't you?

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Handsome Jack on the "Polar Bear Rug"

A friend and fan of the blog, Kerry A., saw how Jack and Fleurp loved the "Polar Bear Rug" that Rachel had sent us and offered to send us a second one (they sold out on the CatLady Box website - although as of right now it looks like they are back in stock)

Well, Jack was well pleased with his new found ability to lay on both rugs and not have to conserve space.

Have I mentioned lately how ridiculously handsome my boy is? Although I don't think Fleurp was pleased with this turn of events. In fact, I'm pretty sure she thought one of those were for her.

In fact, when they showed up, I had to actually separate the two of them because they were both absolutely sure that both rugs were for them - although that might have had a bit to do with the catnip toys that were involved..

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Nulo canned food vs Bunnies #chewyinfluencer

What contains no grains, carrageenan, meat by-products, corn, wheat, soy or artificial preservatives, colors or flavoring? BUNNIES! but do you know what I don't like to feed my cats? BUNNIES!

When offered some Nulo canned food as part of their influencer program this month, I thought I would give it a try. I have heard of Nulo before, and even spent a fair amount of time talking to the Nulo rep at the Global Pet Expo I went to earlier this year.

I will say while I'm not thrilled about a few things that Nulo does, such as there is fish, pumpkin, and tomato in every grain free pate food and that they make and promote dry food, there are a few things I am very impressed that Nulo was founded by people who wanted to make a difference in the obesity and diabetic epidemic that was working through the dog and cat populations. Nulo formulates their foods to be lower in carbs (although I REALLY wish their carb counts were listed right on their website and they didn't make you do the math to figure it out)

But all the nutrition in the world doesn't mean much if your kitty won't eat it.. so what did The Crew think of the food?

I chose the Beef & Lamb flavor because lamb is a traditional spring meal and it was the only other flavor besides poultry that wasn't seafood based. I don't mind giving my cats seafood despite having two that blocked with crystals because it isn't a main source in their diet and I believe in rotating proteins, but since there is whitefish in this as well, they are getting three forms of protein, none of which are in their usual fare.

The Crew was so interested in trying out this food that we had to open a decoy can and put it down in a far part of the house to get these photos.. Here is what the food looks like when it is taken out of the can.

but the question is.. do they want food or do they want bunnies??

Looks like the food is the winner. There would have been a few more faces around that plate if they weren't in the other room cleaning off the decoy plate. If you would like to try Nulo out, sells it for $40.52 per case of 24 cans with free shipping available if you spend $49

  *disclaimer - no bunnies were harmed in the making of this post*
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