Friday, September 30, 2005

the good, the bad (or maybe just not so good) and the miserable

Jack is home. He hates the little "band aid" they put on his foot where his catheter was. *sigh* I was such a bad mom for not paying better attention to him.

The new mom kitty finally started eating. Shredded turkey and cheese did it. It's barely eating, but it's eating. The baby girl is eating too. For the moment her name is Marie.. or Isabel. She needs something cute and sweet. She prances around in the most adorable way. The boy is named Leo. Hubby came up with it. it very much fits. He's a brute. 1lb 8 oz. his sister is 1' 4 oz. The black set is over 2 lbs now.. man that snuck up on me.

I'm still down in the dumps over this whole thing with Jack, and what not. He's fine, but I just want to cry. I want to call out sick from work tomorrow, but someone has to pay for his $300 bill. Caught the dr trying to gouge me again. Boy, that irritates me. Second time he's charged me for a full blood profile and didn't do one. He also charged me for three units of hospitalization. They weren't full days, and he was only there two nights, so that makes absolutely no sense. I just want to throw rotten eggs at his truck.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

my bit of humor for the day - see previous post first

Okay, so I'm sitting here at the computer feeling pretty low, miserable and useless. I hear banging in the kitchen. My house is the cats home, so they are pretty free to do what they want, but the hubby and I prefer that they don't get on the counters for safety and sanitation reasons. I left an empty can of beans on the counter this morning, and while sitting here at the computer I hear banging as if one of the brood has jumped up on the counter and is licking the can. I yell from my chair to get down. This usually is followed by cats jumping down and scurrying away. I only hear more banging. So I get up from my chair and go into the kitchen to catch whoever is doing it.

I should pause here to give you a little background. Muffin is usually the one jumping on the counters. Twee will do it cause she sees Muffin doing it and thinks it must be okay (yes, she's a little slow) Emmy is old and arthritic. She also doesn't like to share litter boxes, so we are attempting to give her her own litter box by putting it in a box with a magnetic cat door. She thus has a magnetic "key" on her collar.

Well, I walk into the kitchen to find poor Emmy up on the counter - and yes she does know better - with a can attached to her collar and she's so confused as to how to get it off that she was afraid to jump down. I just giggled softly, walked up, took the can off her and walked away. She jumped down from counter, to lower counter, to chair, to floor, and I'm assuming hid. She's so amusing since I started her on cosequin and herbs. She's like a new kitty. 15 and getting in trouble. How awesome is that?

PS I recently read Jaz's comment about the $125 adoption fee and wanted to hug her. She can adopt one of my kitties anytime! Unfortunately, most people don't see what a good deal it is. When the adoption fee was right around the same price as spaying, and you get everything else included it was easy. Convincing some people that it is better to get all that stuff done BEFORE you take a kitty home and fall in love with it and have to suffer through any problems, that's hard. It's obnoxious how some people are about "shelter animals". They want them for free. Saying it's better they get 'any home' than be killed. I'm sorry, that attitude just makes me want to smack you. My answer to that.. go.. get a free pet.. and gamble that it is healthy. If you care so little about the animal that you aren't willing to invest money in it, then we don't really want you to have one anyway..
*jumps off soap box and goes and hugs Emmy.

I need to be a stay at home fur mom

When it rains, it pours.. *ponders if I have blogged that before*

The little black kittens are still fighting off the calcivirus. The mom stopped eating after her brief meal on Saturday, and it looks like her milk has dried up. The new boy is doing well. Big, strong, robust, eating on his own. the girl, however, has no clue what food is and is suffering for it. I've been force feeding her, and causing her pale little tongue to turn pink again, but it doesn't last. I can only do it 2 or 3 times a day due to work. *sigh*

And now Jack is back in the hospital. He was doing the pee pee dance and looking uncomfortable. Please do not let him be blocked, please do not let him be blocked, please do not let him be blocked.. please.

That and work is getting nasty again. We finally have someone to enforce the rules, so the sales staff who never had to follow any are getting annoyed. The office staff is thrilled cause we have always been following the rules, and have been yelled at thoroughly by customers who dealt with sales staff that didn't. I soooo need a new job. Preferably one with subsidized health care for the fur kids.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

newest addiction

Kitten Wars If you go, don't say I didn't warn you. oh wait.. I haven't warned you yet. Don't go. its addictive. there.. consider yourself warned.

adoption day

Well, I went. Hubby had projects to do around the house, so off I went. It was hard. Ginny wanted me to hold her. Caroline was hanging out in the back of the cage looking a little freaked, and Freya was very nervous. Ginny was the first to go. I wasn't thrilled with the look of the family. I tried to tell them she was a biter, but they didn't care. Went to a house with two boys, I wanted her to go with boys.. I hope she's happy.

Caroline went next to a nice couple who live right behind where I work. They were trying to decide between Freya and her. Freya had a couple who were interested in her but had to run home to get paperwork. I told them Freya possibly had a home, so they took caroline. Honestly, I think it was the right choice for everyone involved anyway. Caroline took to the man. I was happy with that one.

Freya.. poor Freya. The couple who went home decided not to come back. She almost went home with me at that point, but with the adoption fee up to $125 (for kittens under 6 months of age, $85 for older) But I kept my eye out. There was a young couple who seemed to have the right attitude - researched cats online, was happy when ones they came to look at were adopted - but she didn't seem to want to make a connection with her. So I hugged her some more and convinced myself NOT to run out the door with her. Finally, an older couple came in. They looked around the cat rooms trying to make a connection. Then they came out to the lobby where the kittens were and were looking. I brought Freya over and gave her to the lady. Freya is a shoulder sitter - which is fun, but she can't work her charm if the couple couldn't see her. But somehow the magic happened. The couple had just lost an older cat, and weren't sure they were ready for a new one, but came to look anyway. They have a dog at home - a papillon. They go to a vet I would much prefer they didn't, but I can't tell them why. - well okay, I can tell you.. cause he is too quick to jump to an FIP diagnosis when there is no proof of it. You can't diagnose FIP. You can only assume it is when everything else is ruled out. He gives up way WAY too easily. I don't like him. He runs an emergency clinic in the area, and from the stories I have heard, and my experiences with it, I wouldn't touch it with a ten-foot pole.

Anyway.. back to the nice lady. She made the decision that Freya had taken to her, and we went to the counter to do the paperwork. She snuggled with me as they filled out the paperwork, then after she wrote out the check, Freya got up from me, walked across the counter, and snuggled in with her new mom. It was PERFECT. Still made me want to cry cause I wanted her, but I don't think I could have made a better adoption... well ok, maybe with a different vet, and my own feelings on dogs color that situation, but I was happy with it.

And yes, I do miss her.

But I got to take home MORE kittens. I have a mom - who sadly to say is pretty unremarkable. Tan tiger. short haired, sweet but pretty homely. but her kittens.. woh. I could be in some trouble.

Friday, September 23, 2005

the girls are gone

I brought them back to the shelter today. They go up for adoption tomorrow. I am a little choked up about it. Caroline was ready for the new adventure, Freya even was to an extent, but Ginny didn't want me to go.

I'm trying to decide if I have the backbone to go tomorrow to be there for it.

I changed the set up in the cage for the black kittens, now they have two levels. Not sure they know how to get up to where the food and bedding is, but I know they know how to climb the bars, so I'm not too worried.

The shelter is still packed with cats. It's so disheartening. That and the fact that they just raised their adoption fee to $125! It is still a deal, but it was so much easier to convince people when it was only $75. Seriously, though, when you add up all that they do, adopting a pet from a shelter is still a very good deal, and you are supporting a worthwhile cause. Without them, these poor kittens would be out on the streets living in dumpsters getting into goodness knows what, and coming down with all kinds of health issues.


I miss Freya already

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The big snip

Well Freya, Ginny and Caroline went in to be neutered today. They came out of it very well, although are still a little unsteady on their feet. I gave them some food, which they nibbled at. They were wanting to jump up on things, but were having a hard time with that. I should go cuddle them for a while. Not sure if they really want it though.

I am SO going to miss them!! (um.. I'm pretty sure I say that just about every time)

Saturday, September 17, 2005

The amazing Freya

Last night I brought Freya into the house to continue to snuggle with her for a while.. BIG MISTAKE. Now all she wants to do is be in the ho use. She's helping me type this.. so forgive the typos. She sitting on my lap licking my fingers and wondering why on earth I'm making clicky noises. Just purring away.. all happy and content.

I was trying to post a comment on a friend's blog about her ca78t 56
\t=-------------- cat

cat suffering with FELV. I wanted to be positive and supportive, not amusing and typo ridden. it took me 10 minutes. As much as I love this kitten, I can't keep her. I already have 3 overly clingy cats, and there is only so much of me to go around.opl bnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

But I have got to tell you, there is little I find as precious as a kitten (or cat) that wants attention - although it does loose a little of its shine when you are sound asleep and comfy and little paws come and find your bladder, and your liver, and all of your tender bits.

LOL.. she found the delete key. I was saying she was back, and how she needs to find a home that will appreciate her persistence - cause honestly, not everyone will. I should so microchip her with my name and address.. ;)

one thing she loves to do is paw at your face.. almost as if patting.. and occasionally she uses both as if to bring your face closer.

Yes.. I'm in love... and no... seriously.. I can't keep her. Muffin wouldn't let me.

Friday, September 16, 2005

interesting reading

if you can understand it.

I did a google search for minimum requirements for sodium and the first link was minimum requirements for kittens. So I did a relevant search for similar topics and this came up (2016 update -sadly, the link is now invalid)

I so wish I understood what it was they were referring to, but the lack of it turns black kittens reddish.. which is what I have now. My little black ones eat SO much that I think they are older than they look. and the reddish tinge to their black coats is probably what is described in that article.

You should see them. The short haired one, Yoda, is so full of purr she doesn't know what to do with herself.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

If you think a group of three kitties make a mess...

You should see what two groups of three kitties do. I'm trying to keep them separated because of the unknown status of the youngsters.. being so young, they couldn't felv/fiv test them... that and they were so hissy that they scared the staff.. but that is a different story. The youngsters are doing well. They did come down with a bit of a Calicivirus infection. It causes the eyes to inflame and blisters on the tongue. Sam, the long haired girl, got it worse.. I only noticed it cause it was starting to form blisters on her lips. I did notice the eyes, but I had tri-opt ointment for it... although it wasn't helping. I went and got some terramycin and they gave me some oral meds as well. The terramycin is amazing, their eyes are SO much better that you can barely tell by looking at them that they have a problem. Yoda (short haired girl) showed no signs at all. They boy only some eye issues. Problem is, though, Sam HATES the medication. I so wish I could convey the look she gives me every time I give it to her. Somewhere between disgust, horror, and surprise. She also reacts pretty violently... I'm lucky she hasn't actually scratched me yet.. but not for lack of trying. This, of course, sets back the progress I have made with her to not be frightened so much. I'm working with her and them, but I think they are going to have to go for another car ride soon and get some more people to help. *yes.. here I am to thrust kittens upon you.. here.. take this one*

To help her overcome the shyness, I have taken to hand feeding her.. Really the only way to do it is to scoop it out with my fingers and offer it to her. This poses many problems.. first of all being now I'm covered in cat food... and it is all stuck in my nails.. and she's not a delicate eater, so it's all over my pants too (cause I'm sitting cross-legged on the floor with her in my lap) and also because she isn't a delicate eater, more often than not she ends up trying to eat one of my fingers. Not a huge deal, but those little teeth are SHARP! not enough to penetrate the skin, but enough that I so totally know it.

The elders are doing well. Ginny is still sneezing snot (or puss?? I'm still concerned she might have a nasal polyp) Caroline is obsessed .. no.. I mean OBSESSED with covering up everything.. food (while her sisters are eating it) and poop (while her sisters are producing it) mostly. Tonight she tried to use me to cover up her food. Freya is an absolutely WONDERFUL cat (Taz, you sure you don't want five??) she is friendly and outgoing and loves to sit on your lap and purr and be where you are. My hubby hung a clock in the kitten room tonight, and she jumped up on his feet as if to ask if she could help.

Freya, Unknowingly named after the goddess of love and war.. how fitting

Monday, September 5, 2005

the brothers grimm - the movie

I have to write about this movie here. I went to go see it tonight, and while I didn't like it all that much, it had one scene in it that appalled me. To demonstrate the squeamishness of one of the french guards, they had a cute little kitten wandering around the dungeon. The kitten was by his foot and he noticed it. Instead of just screaming like a little girl, they had him scream like a little girl, kick the kitten (hold on - it gets worse) and the kitten flew into a torture device that ground it up, and threw bits of kitten everywhere, including the face of the french dude in charge, who then (yes.. even worse!) took the bit, and ate it.. and enjoyed it. It so colored my view of the rest of the movie I almost got up and walked out. I would have if I thought it would have made an ounce of difference.. but I knew it wouldn't. So all I can do is tell you it's a mediocre movie, with this scene. You make up your own mind.

Friday, September 2, 2005

More kittens for the not crazy person.

I went to the shelter this past weekend to get more food, and "thrust upon me' were more kittens..

They were loaded with fleas and obviously had no human contact in their short four week lives, as they were major hissers and spitters. It was so funny to watch veteran foster parents shy away from such things, as they were too small to even wrap their mouths around your little finger. But we are trained to be wary of hissing and unhappy cats. In just a few days, I have all but one turned completely around and purring and loving attention. I have two girls - one with shorter hair - and one boy. The longer haired girl, the one not purring yet, seems to have something going on with her urinary tract. The other girl had it too, but it is gone.. so I'm thinking of putting her on clavamox.

Caroline Freya and Ginny are doing well. I put them on doxy for the sneezing, and it was causing Freya to vomit. Except for eye issues with Caroline, I think they are ready to go back (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO) I don't have a weekend off in a while, so I won't be able to be there for their adoptions, so I'm going to have to write up little bios on them.. like Ginny is wicked cuddly, as long as she gets to chew on you, and Freya loves to cuddle but easily gets jealous.(you should see her growl at the kittens) and the mess poor caroline has been through and how she still trusts me. I go in their room, and they all jump up on me, get comfy and start purring... How on earth am I supposed to give that up?
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