Thursday, July 29, 2010

All Eight

It is rare that I have all eight cats in one room.  It is rarer that they would sit all on the same side of the room and rarer still that they all line up for one shot.

So here is the one in a million shot:

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Photos of Oz

I realized I don't have really good photos of Oz posted.  I went through my photos and realized why, I don't seem to have good photos of Oz.  Will have to make sure I get some of those soon!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What is it with Skippy and the Rabbit??

He has just loved hanging out with her from day one..
I have to say I really like this camera.  I took this shot at 11pm with all the lights out.  Pretty impressive job if you ask me.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kittens at Work

Since the owner has been in town, there have been no field trips for the kittens.  Now that he's back in Europe, the kittens came in on Monday for a short trip.  I just kept them here for a couple of hours since they are still dealing with diarrhea, and I so did not want to clean that up.

They did really well - except Willow.  They all almost immediately came out of the carrier and started with the mayhem.  They didn't leave my desk area for a while, but once they realized they had a huge office to run around on they did.

Zander LOVED sitting on top of a small but powerful fan my boss has going into her office.  I tried to get a photo of it, but he kept getting distracted.  It was just so funny to see him standin in the wind.. One of my co-workers didn't think it was very safe, but the outer casing of the fan had small enough holes that his abominable sized feet weren't going through (heck even Willow's feet wouldn't have)

Willow was fearful to leave the safety of my desk.  When all of the other kitties wandered away she would sit there and cry and ask them to come back.  She tried wandering off to find them at the desk behind me but they weren't there and she was so sad.  I tried to give her comfort, but she wanted her siblings.  Towards the end of the stay several climbed into the window that is near my desk and Willow was happy to join them.
About the time I was thinking of rounding them up, another co-worker called over to me to let me know that she had forgotten that kittens were in the office (because by this time they had quieted down ) until she got a little lick on her ankle.. How cute right?? well even cuter, Angel apparently decided her shoe was a really nice place to take a nap.  I didn't even see the other three in the photo until after the photo was taken.
Seven kittens in a carrier.. what a site. Probably a bit too many kitties for one carrier, but it is a short ride home and they love each other very much.. although they probably could have done with just a smidge more surface area to look out the front.

Gratuitous Fleurp Shot

Lest you think that Fleurp is my favorite, let me tell you she is the one who prefers to have her photo taken.  When ever the camera is out, she's around posing.  But then again, she's around posing no matter what's going on..

a personal note

The post about Buffy's illness and how I willingly take on special case fosters.. I haven't been able to stop thinking about it.  I was trying to pat myself on the back for a life saved.  I don't think there is anything wrong with that, but I fear it came off as an "I RULE!!" type of post, and I so did not mean that.  I think anyone who fosters rules and we all deserve a nice pat on the back from time to time.  A lot of us feel we are doing it for selfish reasons, and maybe we are, but we are all still doing good no matter what our motivation.

So if anyone took that post as my being boastful, please don't.  I there aren't a lot of people in my every day life who don't think I'm wasting my time and resources (and to some extent my life) in rescue.  I was proud of what I accomplished, and I wanted to share.

and, since I'm waxing emotional.. I just read a list of traits of "dog people" and "cat people"

If you are a dog person, you may share or be drawn to characteristics common in dogs. Dogs tend to be:
  • Outgoing
  • Loving
  • Loyal
  • Structured
  • Personable
If you are a cat person, you may share or prefer some of the following characteristics that are common in cats:
  • Independence
  • Adaptability
  • Silly antics
  • Poise
  • Beauty 
I think this is just silly.  Who isn't drawn to loyalty? Or the outgoing, loving personal person.  (I admit structure is one of those divisive traits.  Some people NEED structure, some people prefer free living)  Just as the cat traits are also just as beloved by most people.  Adaptability, silliness, poise (how can those go together??) and beauty.  Very few people would say no, I don't like those traits in people.. (ok, maybe silliness.. but probably just as much that as independence)

Oh well.  Just another one of those odd things in life.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Well it has been a week since Buffy's incident, and we are now done the first two medicines (the doxy will continue for another week) and she is doing beautifully.  She's finally started to put on weight again  - up to 2lbs 2 oz.  Last night Zander was a little tired, and it took every ounce of strength not to let my paranoia get to me and rush him off to a vet too.  Must remember, tired is not lethargic.. This morning he was doing just fine.

Spike... well he was dealing with some pretty horrid diarrhea.  He was getting baths daily all last week.  two days ago I decided that his excessive fur on his hiney was causing a problem, so I dug out my shaver and gave him a nice shave.  I must say it came out pretty good looking too considering how cheezy the razor is and how wiggly he was.  Since then he has not had any poop stick to him.  Not sure if the diarrhea has resolved or if it's just not getting stuck, but he's doing very well also.

Willow's eye is still giving me concern.  I've started applying eye ointment every day and it is looking better.It is such an odd thing since she has no other symptoms. Her good eye is fine, she's not sneezing, no discharge, nothing. 

Zander and Oz are of size, hitting 2lbs 8.5 oz at the same time.  DH can't believe they are the same weight, insisting that Z is larger, but it's just the fluff.  I'm not ready to let them go just yet.  It has been such a long time since I have had a room full of kitties that are ecstatic to see me, and climb up into my lap for attention constantly.. I think I'll be selfish and keep them a while longer.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Kitten Math

OK, I need this explained to me.

How do seven kittens - about two pounds a piece so 14 lbs of kittens - eating two 13 oz cans of food a day and half a bowl of dry food (so generously 5 oz) and a bowl of water (maybe 10-16 oz) turn the input of what.. two pounds? into five and half pounds of used litter???

They fill three boxes each and every day..

Non-me related kitty stories one good - one bad

Kitties Rescued by US Marine Soldiers in Afghanistan
This is a wonderful story and great photos.  I've heard many stories of dogs.. this is a nice one of kitties.

Then once again I was driving into work and pretty much the exact same spot I pulled a dead kitten off the road last year ... there was another dead kitten this one too mangled for me to even try.  Took me months to drive down that road after the first one.  Don't think I can drive down that road again.. at least it will be a freakingly long time. 

Monday, July 12, 2010

A few of my favorite photos.

This weekend was a plethora of great photos..
Group shot
Willow and Cordi
The June Fosters:
The July fosters:
More Group shots


From this...

To this...

I'm still a little concerned about her. This morning I put her in the kitten room while I worked out (I still have her isolated at night to ensure she is able to sleep and so I can monitor that she is eating at least for part of the day) and when I went in to feed everyone she was off by herself, her third eyelids were showing and she was shivering.  I put her back in the office (she spent all day yesterday in the kitten room) turned the heating pad on long enough to warm it up and I gave her a good dose of fluids.  DH came home and checked on her at lunch and she was doing just fine.  When I got home from work she was also perfectly fine, and when I brought her back down to the kitten room she was very much a "normal" kitten.. all be it a totally loving and totally into getting attention kitten.   She doesn't just have a happiness.. she is happiness.  From time to time she will spy me while she is playing and turn and RUN up to me and throw herself down on my chest and reach up to my face with her paws and purr on full volume.  I'm probably being paranoid watching her so closely and keeping her in the office overnight, but I'd rather be crazy then miss something.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Happy Happy Picture Time

I can't seem to find my new camera.. It's got to be around here somewhere.. so I took a couple of shots with the old one..

I brought her downstairs to the other kitties.  Her own brothers were very interested in to see her, sniffing her and wanting to engage her in play, but she isn't quite ready for that yet.  So I brought her back upstairs to hang out in the office for a while.  Gave her a nice pillow and my favorite kitten room towel to lay on, and she made herself at home.  She even... used the litterbox!!!
 yea yea yea.. invasion of privacy, but you have no idea... well if you have dealt with sick cats at all, maybe you do have an idea of how much of a relief that is. 

I called the vet and the bloodwork came back as clean.  They also said she is making her own red blood cells so if we can get her through the next 48 hours she should be ok.  Still critical at this point, but oh so adorable while doing it.

My own crew misses me.  I'm going to go sit in the basement for a while, watch some TV and hand out some treats..

day two

sorry about that.  Buffy was so weak she couldn't stand most of the day and so she was laying in front of my computer while I was typing.  She started flailing, and crying out as if she wanted something but I couldn't understand what.  She then started panting, and so I rushed her into the bathroom and wet her down a little and put her on the cold floor.  I could only think that she was unable to process the oxegyn she was taking in because of her low blood count (see more  in post).  I called the shelter, and they ok'd her going to the eclinic for a night in oxygen, which did her a WORLD of good.  She's standing up, being loving, talking, eating, and almost back to her old self (two differences, she's more needy of attention and she's not eating as much as she used to, but maybe she had a big breakfast, so who knows.)

so where was I??

ah yes, the ride to work.  So Buffy was weak and not walking and barely standing.  She was laying in the carrier dealing with the ride into work (I was going to bring her in and watch her for a few hours and decide from there what I was going to do)   Well she started meowing, and trying to get out of the cage, she then stopped and was very quiet.  I  freaked.  I pulled over to the side of the road, and she was responding, so not knowing what happened I drove to work.  At work I realized she had gone pee.

I cuddled her on my lap, and she was content to sit there, until she again started to try to get off my lap, and meowing. I put her on the blanket she peed on, and she became quiet.  She pooped.  She was so exhausted, so weak and so flat out, that I decided she had to go back to the shelter.  Since someone vomited the night before, I couldn't help but wonder if she wasn't hypoglycemic.  I was going to take her home since I have a glucometer somewhere, but I knew the shelter had one at one point, so I figured I'd save time and just bring her there.  Well they didn't have it any more, and the staff really couldn't help me, so they sent me to the local vet who fortunately could see her right away.

They did a bg and she was fine - if not a bit on the high side - so they ran a CBC and her PVC was 13%.  Normal being ~ 30%   So we have an answer - sort of, she is anemic.  But why?  Her stool sample showed round worms and coccidia.. might these be the cause or might it be something else? The shelter agreed to pay to have her blood work sent out to see if something else is brewing.  I brought her home and watched her.  She was calm most of the night until ... well the crisis moment.

I was able to get half a can of food into her knowing how important nutrition is.. She got plenty of subq fluids, and three different medications - albon for the coccidia, (she got the strongid the night before for the rounds) Doxy for any possible infection causing a problem and Pet-Tinic to get some iron in her to help her make more red blood cells.  She took her meds like a real trooper.  But she would not sleep.  her eyes were always wide open, almost as if she were having trouble seeing.  She kept pulling my hand close to her and wanted me near her.  If I held her paw, she curled her claws around my finger. Just about broke my heart.  When the thought dawned on me that she wasn't getting enough oxygen, I called, and got the ok, and off to the eclinic we went.

I wasn't  horribly impressed, we were the only ones there and still we had to wait in the lobby.  the tech that took her vitals was nice enough, but a smidge on the rude side.  The best way to describe it (and I'm not saying this is exactly the case, but it was how it felt) was she was full of her power.  She was in charge, and I best not forget that.  *sigh*  but then again it might just be because I was stressed and exhausted (being as it was now 10pm)

the dr finally came in, he was very nice.  Did another exam on her, listened to me, and was able to calm me down.  There was talk of a blood transfusion - which would be major money ($500-700) and for an unowned kitten with an unknown issue, it seemed rash to go down that road.  But I was just rash enough to ask about it (hence the quote on the price) and he told me that at her condition she could have one, but at this point it wasn't critical - also what I didn't mention that she calmed right down on the ride there.  was no longer panting, was able to sit up, and wasn't as wobbly.  He still thought the oxygen was a good idea, and so we left her which totally broke my heart, but it made my body uber happy because it was very tired and really wanted some sleep.

Woke up this morning and called in because they hadn't called me.  No info, they'll call right back.  The woman who answered the phone was a tad snotty saying something to the effect that she might not be going home.  A) she had to because we weren't authorized to do much more then the oxygen and B) you really shouldn't say things like that.  Made me worry even more, thinking I'd be going to pick up a half dead kitten.

So no one called me back.  I waited, I watched tv, I got dressed, I brushed my teeth, and I said frig this, I'm just going to get her.  But I called first, and again they wanted me to wait while they did... I have no idea.  I explained she was not able to spend any more time there, and I was coming and they could talk to me when I got there.  I almost cried the whole way up thinking she was as bad off as she was the night before.

well when I got there, the woman checked me out.  Eclinics are all about the payment.  I get it, but they aren't very subtle about it. (which in thinking about it I get that too, but I'm going to pay darn it, you don't need to be pushy.. [cause they know me from Adam right?])  then some one went to get her.  Brought her out in the carrier I brought, and she was sitting upright and looking very perky.  She said that she was doing very well, was telling the staff all her stories and making biscuits up the wazoo.  They lost the towel I brought in with her, but c'est la vie.

She was quiet on the way out to the car.  Quite on the ride home, but once she got home, oh man.  She started dancing, prancing, talking, rubbing, even had a few bites of food on her own.  took her meds like a champ, and is currently napping in front of my laptop having a little kitty dream.  I know that sleep is vital for her, but seeing her laid out like that is a bit hard to take.  When she is awake, she is quite needy of reassurance of some kind or another.  Patting her is not good enough, I must be looking at her.  She even climbed up on my shoulder and tried to get into my ear..

(must not wake her.. must not wake her)

I want to go into the other room and get the camera that has the photo from yesterday of her in my carrier.. but you'll have to settle for these few webcam shots off my laptop.
I'm so glad I don't have any photos or video of how bad she got, as that would be hard for anyone to watch.  She acted as if she were coming out of sedation .. it is not pretty to watch, and can be heart breaking.

I'm glad that so far she is doing well.  Seems the last few fosters I've had that got sick got sick so fast they died.  I couldn't help but think she was going this route, and when I had called for her to go to the eclinic, I was asked if euthanasia was what I was thinking. I needed a save.  Yes, I know I'm saving all the healthy ones too, but it just doesn't feel the same.  Fostering often feels selfish to me.  I bring home adorable kittens and I play with them until they are big enough, and I turn them in for new little ones.  This.. this was saving a life.

Lets just hope it stays saved!

(this post while sad does provide information of what can happen while fostering and possible reasons and outcomes for people who might be facing this situation.  while we all want to believe no kittens die, they all go on to live happy healthy adorable lives (which I'm sure is why a lot of people allow their pets to breed) I'm here to tell you, show you, living proof that is not the case.  While this case does seem to have a happy ending, she is not yet out of the woods, and so many others have failed to make it.  It isn't that I'm not a good foster parent that sometimes kittens die.  It is that I am willing to take on the cases that others are not.  It takes a lot to say "I'll tend to that kitten that might die" and I fault no one for not doing it.  Every single foster family is important. For every home that takes the easy fosters, it is another opening to help the needy.  Please, do not let this or any other tale of woe turn you off fostering.  There are so many that need you!)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

why has no one told me my life is a soap opera??

I remember being rather young, and watching a daily soap.  I was old enough to pick up on the "cues" that the soaps give me so when  a woman said to her husband "I am so happy I have everything" I knew she was going to die.  This was pre internet, pre spoilers, etc, and sure enough, she flew off on a plane that crashed.

So when I said what are the chances that something bad could go wrong, why didn't you smack me?

Last night I gave the kittens a good dose of dewormer because the shelter saw round worms in the sample I brought in from Zander.    I watched them for a bit, and they were fine and I was tired so I went to bed.  When my husband got home several hours later, I sent him down to check on them, and they were doing just fine.

This morning though, Buffy was out flat.  She looked up at me, but then put her head back down.  I dished out the food and she didn't move.  I looked her over and realized her back end was covered in poop, so I got a towel and prepared to bring her upstairs for a bath.  Walking back over to her, I saw two poop smudges, like she had been trying to clean herself off.  I wisked her upstairs, and ran a bath.  I put her in, and she did not react.  Didn't care that she was in the bath.  She was responsive to me, but not to the water.  I did a good rinsing, and got her as clean as I could, then put her in the "sick kitten carrier" (an old carrier big enough for one kitten - you'll see it when I post her picture tomorrow) and made my breakfast and ran down to the shelter.

She was blowing snot bubbles, so the staff concentrated on that.  I tried to explain this wasn't URI, but I hadn't really seen the green snot she was blowing. I tried to explain how unresponsive she was and that was what I was concerned about, so they took her temp (99.3 - which is generally a little on the low side) and since she didn't have a fever, they sent me on my way with some antibiotics.

On the ride into work (I was going to bring her with me to watch) she c

she's in crisis.. more later

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Vet Visit

I really believe that taking my cats to the vet is much more stressful for me then then.  Yes, they have no idea what is going on, they get shoved into a carrier, then put into a car that is going really fast and that has got to be stressful, then they end up at a place that smells funny and someone pokes then and opens their mouth and all that jazz, but then they go home and get treats.  No stressing about it before they go, no worrying about them afterward to make sure the stress of it isn't going to cause problems..

So it was the annual trek to the vet.  Annual rabies shots for those who get vaccines (none for Ollie) and distemper for those who needed it (I do every three years save for the first booster the year after the kitten shots) Other then Twee having some tarter on her teeth (oh crap, what are we going to do about that since she has such horrid [deathly] reactions to anesthesia) and Muffin having a little conjuntivitis, everyone was very healthy.  Almost everyone did well with the trip down. There was the usual cacoffiny of mews, but poor Kit started drooling half way down.  I had her in my lap, and I did what I could to keep her dry.  On the way home we put her in the back where she couldn't see anything, and she did much better on the way home.

The main reason I went in the heat of summer was that Jack is still licking himself bald.  It started when he was having problems with his urine a while back, and it grew back but only peach fuzz... (I have no idea if that means that is all that will ever grow back or if he's still licking) but recently I noticed a second bald spot above his belly button... so I needed to make sure he wasn't having urinary tract discomfort.  Of course he had nothing in his bladder to test, so it was recommended that he spend the night - and that of course stressed me out all the more... if I could just explain it to them, I'd be so much better.

They were able to pull urine in the AM, and I was told it was "beautiful" and nothing was needed.  Dr thinks it is stress over Skippy joining the house, but I doubt that.  I think it has more to do with Jack just not getting the attention he is used to because of Ollie and the fostering. I am going to have to be much more careful about making sure Jack feels loved and special.  Hopefully that will put an end to the spraying.  He did it the other night.  It is so rare and random.. I was half asleep and had gone to the bathroom to go pee.. well he walked towards the corner of the bathroom, turned and sprayed before I even realized what he was doing.. I heard the urine running down the wall.  Hopefully I can put an end to this and the Brazilian job he's got going on..

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Decided to name the pretty short haired boy kitty Angel, and the short haired girl Willow.  I know Willow isn't in the Angel series, but she was on the Buffy series, and the names all fit on that one too. :)  I'm normally not a fan of canned names, prefering to let the kittens name themselves, but these do seem to work out nicely.  I was watching Willow run around last night, and she looked very much like a willow.  So sleek and thin and flowing.. very elegant..

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Meet the newbies

The fluffies.  The gray is the girl, we named her Cordillia.  The black and white is the boy, we named him Spike.  (yes, I'm watching the Angel TV show on NetFlix right now)
The short haired kittens.  They don't yet have names.  Sadly the one you think would be the girl is actually the boy.  He is so beautiful, I almost want to give him a girl name anyway.  He'll probably end up being Angel.
I let them meet the other fosters on Friday.  It was touchy from the start since Zander really wasn't interested in new kitties... but once he realized he could play with them, he was much more interested.  I took a really long eight minute video.  I didn't want to overwhelm the blog so I uploaded it to YouTube. It is absolutely adorable..

Unfortunately though they are an absolute mess.  They were COVERED in flea dirt.  I didn't see it as heavily on the short haired kittens, but much more so on the fluffies.  So they got a bath today.  ALL of them were so bad they dripped red.  It was absolutely disgusting, and while I was lucky enough there were no live fleas, there was an extremely strong odor of cigarette smoke.  Poor babies had a very rough start of life.
This is the water from JUST Spike.  Truth be told, he wasn't even finished being rinsed off at this point either.  Figured it would be better to drain the water and rinse him under the running water. Each of them still smell pretty strongly and had some remaining visible flea dirt, so they'll be getting at least one more bath in the next day or two.

How do you get a Skippy to eat his greens?

You give them to the rabbit!!
HEY!  That's MINE!!
Bri says she'll share
Ollie thinks Skippy is Loony!!
GFS (Gratuitous Fleurp Shot)
 Jack & Muffin
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