Thursday, October 31, 2002

Not the momma

One of the set of five kittens I'm rescuing, has a major case of URI.. so she has NO sense of smell..  and at this point I think she has no sense at all. Since she can't smell, she isn't eating on her own, actually, I just think she doesn't want to take what is offered to her.. so I have to force feed her. I bring her outside the kitten room and let her run while I prepare her food, and she starts routing around looking for something from the resident kitties.. which is pointless not only cause they aren't her mother, but because they aren't even girls.. :)

she just doesn't have a clue that she's routing around in the totally wrong place, and they just couldn't care less about her. :)

btw.. I have some new medicine for her.. so hopefully it will shed some light on her cluelessness..

Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Still sick

two weeks with URI.. Bugsy is blowing nose bubbles.. :(  He's so cute though.. Goldie decided she was NOT going to eat solid food this morning.. no sir-ree bob.. :) she's cute when she's obstinate.. the room was a mess again, but I suppose when you have 10 cats living in one room you kinda have to expect that. I'm going through so much litter and food.. and clavamox.. ugh.

Today was shelter day, and I didn't go cause I wasn't feeling all that well. I most definitely have to go on Thursday though as there is no way the food that I have will last me that long.

Pretty uneventful day so far as I have been a little under the weather, and they have all been pretty quiet.

Monday, October 28, 2002

Hungry hungry kittens

oh my freakin goodness.. those kittens of mine are a handful and a half and do NOT listen!! I got home tonight and brought in some mush (KMR, pumpkin, and kitten food) to supplement the kittens. They are supposed to be weaning on to solid foods.. they are currently all eating solid foods, but when I walked in there with a cup full of mush, they would have tackled me and held me down if a) they could and b) they thought it would do any good. They were HUNGRY and wanted their mush!! they got all up in my face No idea why.. my face has NEVER fed them.. but.. whatever. they were pushing each other out of the way, licking off the syringe as it was in someone else's mouth, and when I moved them to the ground so I could deal, they would scale up my leg and be right back in the fray. Goldie was the worst.. the give-mes didn't stop.. her belly was about to explode and she still wanted more. I so just want to chain that mom cat down so they can nurse..

bunny girl is also starting to annoy me. I still feel the need to put ointment in her eye, but she fights me at every move. I had to wash her foot cause she stepped in something and she fought me on that one too. I don't mind a little good-natured "I don't like this" but when they start saying to me "I don't think so" its annoying.

Saturday, October 26, 2002

Kittens are feeling better

well this morning bugsy looked a LOT better, in fact he looks almost fully recovered.. my little goldie locks though.. that's another story. I've named one of the kits.. she's a sandy colored (golden) tiger.. has a very tiger look about her too. She's the sick one.. wheezing and watery eyes.. and totally unresponsive to food in a bowl. has been since before she was sick. Even becoming a little clueless what to do when given to the lactating mom cat... so she's 100% hand fed at the moment. Last night I was out of KMR so I tried to make do with a powdered supplement I bought a while back.. but nooooooooooooooooooooo that wasn't good enough.. I tried to hold her and comfort her, but noooooooooooooooooo that wasn't good enough either.. I put her down on the floor.. noooooooooooooooooo that's not what I want either. I have to cut her a little slack as I know she's small and confused and sick.. so I've nicknamed her after the pickiest literary character I could think of. The little black kit is also not doing very well. almost looks like a sty on her eye. sigh.. I'm sick of sick kitties!!! the only one who's not obviously sick in even the littlest way is Izzy.. well and the bigger black kit..

I went to the shelter this morning to get some KMR.. and fed it to goldie.. and she's mellowed out quite a bit. Still quite independent though.. doesn't want to be where you put her, wants to be where she wants to be, even if that is one step over from where you put her. She jumped off my shoulder this morning.. (when you pick her up she clings to your shirt, climbs to your shoulder, once even tried to get up on my head) that was scary for me.. but she.. was fine.. :)

this evening I realized I left the clavamox out.. so they are all going to miss their evening doses.. I'll have to run back down to the shelter to get some more.. You know there were a few houses for sale next to the shelter.. I was seriously considered looking in to moving down there.. (its an hour ride) today I'm kinda sad I didn't.. (they have since sold)

Friday, October 25, 2002

Sick kittens

sigh.. seems everyone now is sick with URI except my own.. this is not good. Bugsy has a split lip, and now it looks like hes bleeding from the nose too.. I think he also has swollen glands.. Im seriously considering bringing him into the shelter to see if they can do anything for him..

Thursday, October 24, 2002

Scooter's eye update

well scooter's eye look WAY better (in fact she's right here really wanting to type too) still not 100%..probably 80% man she is SUCH a sweetheart.. and I had absolutely nothing to do with it.. *smile* totally up in my face though.. *wipes nose*

Last night, one of the kits - the boy, had an eye problem that really worried me. His right eye had quite a bit of blood in it - below the ... the.. frick.. I can't remember the parts of the eye.. the black spot.. what ever that is called. It was in the iris.. which is still quite blue :) I checked this morning though and he's fine. The sandy girl tiger kitten is quite congested though.. :( she's also the one that doesn't eat on her own.. maybe its cause she can't smell it.. maybe its cause she's not ready.. who knows. Someone is going outside the box.. in fact they are going to the bathroom BEHIND the box... *rolls eyes* I just cleaned the kitten room.. and I actually smell like kitten pee.. I NEEED a shower..

currently bugsy and four of the kittens are on the couch sleeping all cuddled up.. its very very cute.. I was feeding the kits this morning and 'lost' one.. she had made it up to the second level of the 'kitten' cage (ok.. so its a ferret cage, but it works REALLY well with kittens with out a mom) and couldn't get out.

oooh.. scooter is back.. purring up a storm. She wants to cuddle.. g2g

Monday, October 21, 2002


I stepped on izzy when I was exercising.. I felt her, so she didn't get all of my weight.. but I panicked something fierce.. but she got up and ran away with out limping. I caught her and felt her over and she didn't get pissy with me.. so that's good.. she's currently sleeping right next to me so I think all is forgiven. I took a shower afterwards, and brought melvin into the bathroom with me so the steam could help him a little. I got out of the shower to him purring up a storm. He got quite cuddly for a while there too.. very sweet... although I think they might be hungry :)

Melvin has Calci

I went in to feed the kittens this morning, and it looks like Melvin has Feline Calicivirus. He's got a classic case of it.. he's sniffling sneezing (coughing aching stuffy head... no.. wait.. that's a NyQuil commercial) ... and now he has a beautiful blister on his tongue. It's a beaut. I'd take a picture to share, but he's not very keen on people looking in his mouth.

I'm letting the four of them run around the house for a little while.. get some exercise, get their feet off that cold floor.. give mom a break.. that sort of thing. Set #6 would get horribly gooey-eyed if I left them in the kitten room too long.. so I'm sure this is doing them some good.. :)

Scooter's eye was completely shut when I went in this morning. I think she was keeping it closed though. After I added a little ointment she had it opened and it looked about as good as it did before.. or bad.. depending on how you like to word that phrase.

Sunday, October 20, 2002

Scooter's eye

On the 18th, Scooter's eye looked even worse so I sent a pic via email to the shelter, and the director wanted me to get her to the vet asap.. so I called them and went in that afternoon. She wasn't sure if it was a scratch on the eye or something else so I got some antibiotic ointment to put in there that scooter HATES.. don't know why.. I wouldn't think it would hurt. She didn't mind the Terramycin.. oh well.. I'll give it to her, and she'll eventually get better. The next morning though it looked way worse.. the eye was almost totally swollen shut.. but she doesn't care.. running around like a fool, loving a little puff ball I put in there for the kittens.. growling at anyone who comes near her when she has it and carries it around all over the place.

Melvin and Bugsy are looking better, but their noses are running and globbing (yes.. that is a totally made-up term) on their face.. Melvin is breathing much better which is a total relief. The mom now though is coughing up a storm.. sounds like she's coughing up a hair ball.. sigh..

the kittens are doing all too well.. we have two now that are obviously eating on their own... the second being the littlest one.. I think a couple more might.. cause last night when I went in to feed them no one was clamoring for food. this evening though was a completely different story.. cause I didn't put down any food this afternoon like I did yesterday. Yesterday morning they were so anxious to eat that one scratched my leg hard enough to make it bleed. Needless to say, I clipped their claws after that. They are doing wonderfully when it comes to the litter box.. I haven't had to change their bedding since I put it in there.. not only are they using their own, but the other that is in the room for the older ones.. We've had one - possibly two - accidents since.. one was #2 that someone hid in the corner.. the second was a wet spot in some spilled  litter in front of the box.. so even if it is pee, I don't think I can quite call it an accident..

the littlest one is able to get out of the box.. occasionally they'll still get back in and sleep on the heating pad. If I go in when they are hungry, they follow me around and if perchance I have to leave the room before I feed them, they'll follow me right out of the room, they have no fear when it comes to getting their dinner *smile*

Thursday, October 17, 2002

Big kitten day

Big kitten day today.. this morning was a bit uneventful.. the regular medication and feeding and what not.. I was feeling bad about them walking on the vinyl all day and their feet getting cold.. so I wanted to stop and get something to put on the floor.. which I did.. Went in there when I got home. and put the carpet pieces down.. and they were peed on.. by the kits.. also.. one went pee in the dry food bowl.. and one pooped on the carpet.. so now we have a litter box in the kitten box..

We also have one eating regular wet food. Not enough to not ask for the slop I've been feeding them, but its a good start.. I think there might be more than one, but its so hard to tell cause they don't sit still very long.. even if there is food involved.

Scooter's eye now looks absolutely horrible.. the lid is all swollen and the inner lid looks like it is stuck half way closed. Bugsy isn't breathing as hard, but still looks just as bad, but LOVED to have his tummy rubbed.. Melvin still is wheezing badly.. I talked to the shelter and they said it just has to run its course and to continue on the Clavamox. Izzy got a bit of nutrical on her head.. its a high calorie supplement for kittens.. its a bit thicker than molasses.. its right on her 'third eye'.. she's looking quite Indian tonight.. and having a fun time running around like a fool. She still doesn't like cats older than her though.. although she was in the kitten box last night playing and washing the kits.. it was beyond adorable..

I've still got one that can't get out of the box.. I hope the litter box helps her. although if she's out.. how will she get back in??

awww.. they are awake and in the box *crosses fingers they know what its for*

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Changing up the kitten room

I felt the need to rearrange the kitten room this morning.. I think this layout works the best. This is like the fifth layout.. the couch has always been in front of the heater before, but now that it's getting cold I needed to redo it. The kitties weren't too happy about the move, but I think they like the layout better. Unfortunately, when moving the computer table the tv fell off and broke it. Not bad, but I don't know exactly how bad.. the table top punched down and now the screw is exposed.. but sadly the tv still works.. lol (this tv is from 1980 and only has 36 channels, and the kittens threw up on the remote the other week and that doesn't work either)

The kittens have started licking me when begging for food.. I'm so frustrated.. if they can lick me, why oh why can't they lick food out of a bowl.. but noooo.. we're too young for that woman.. *rolls eyes*.. but hey.. they do recognize the syringe I feed them with. I called to the last one to feed it and she kinda blew me off till I showed her the syringe, and she ran.. it was all too darn cute.

Bugsy is still not feeling well. eyes watering the works.. Melvin is having a hard time breathing.. sneezing watery eyes.. Izzy's eye is watering.. and now I think a few of the kittens are too.. sigh.. I so need to warm up that room..

I downloaded a bunch of pictures from the digcam.. I need to update my foster website soon..maybe tomorrow after I do my homework? who knows

Tuesday, October 15, 2002

A kitten dies

I have just had my second kitten fatality.. she just couldn't survive.. I am much more a wreak about this one than the last.. but I do know they both had a pretty good life up until they died.. well except this one who couldn't breath.. but at least she couldn't breath being held and loved..

The first official post

I've been wanting to set this up for a while, but I've been a little too overwhelmed with the needs of my kittens to deal with it.. but at the moment I am forced to sit down and be still for an extended time due to the fact that one of my three-week-old kittens is quite ill with pneumonia.. it's absolutely heartbreaking to even look at her, let alone try to give her any medicine.. but it needs to be done if she's to survive.. so I will do what I need to do.. as I always do. I have another blog where I talk about my life, but I felt it was being overwhelmed with kitten stories, so.. tada! aren't you impressed? I doubt anyone will ever read this including me.. but I love telling stories about my kittens.. thus the creation.

I am currently on my eighth and ninth set of fosters. The eighth are four 6-8 wk old kittens. they were quite frisky and active when I got them, but two of them currently have a URI (upper respiratory infection). Bugsy got quite ill with a bad case of diarrhea and URI.. the back end is cleared up, but his eyes are watering badly, it looks so much like he's crying. He gave it to Melvin, and Izzy has a slight touch of it too. Only Scooter is fine at the moment..

I also have a set of three-week-old kittens. They are a LOT of work.. Two are currently ill, one - the one on my lap, is gasping with every breath, and is quite weak. and cold.. we are wrapped up in a towel and a blanket.. hopefully, this is helping.. She's also on Clavamox.. but since she has a hard time breathing and is doing so through her mouth its quite hard to get the meds in her.. not to mention they do NOT like the taste of it.. *sends good thoughts her way*

sadly not many good stories to post at this point, but there are many to come.. like the story of how scooter got his name.. and the time bugsy got lost in the room.. well he wasn't lost, but we could not find him..

ugh.. I'm being drooled on.. *blows kisses at little sick kitty*
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