Tuesday, April 29, 2008

first week

Well things are pretty uneventful the first week. Just big o pile of kitten. they sleep and nurse.

I kept checking them for open eyes.. I knew I was rushing it, but I want to play with kittens worse than Kit does, so I kept checking. it was well past a week before we got anyone peeking - and surprisingly it was one of the girls from the second litter. The calico one is DETERMINED! she went from peeking to full eyes open in a day.. she's going to be a handful that one. at this point, a full 14 days since birth, only the girl from the first litter hasn't opened her eyes. No peeking, nothing. Will have to keep an eye on her! she doesn't seem to be in any distress.. just keeping the world at bay as long as possible I guess.

I feared for the second litter for a while. It seemed they didn't have squeekers.. They made absolutely no noise when I picked them up, but breath escaped their mouthes as if they were trying to meow. Well turns out that they weren't even trying to meow, they were HISSING!! what is with that?? thing is, not only haven't they stopped hissing at me when ever I pick them up, it is getting more annoyed sounding! I've never had this happen with loving mothers before, so I'm completely confused! I tried snuggling with them, and even had one licking my chest (now that is an odd sensation) but when I went to give it a kiss it hissed at me again.

So I slept in a shirt last night and then exercised in it this morning, and put that in the cage to help them get used to my scent.

I will say they are progressing physically very nicely. They are plump and rolly poly, and I'll be surprised if their walking isn't delayed because their bellies are so full :D several of them seem huge compaired to the others.. it is adorable.

Oh I can not wait till the walking stage.. (this is why i hate taking pregnant mothers.. I have to wait too darn long to get to the adorable stage!!)

Sunday, April 20, 2008


so not only did I not like the teepee from a personal, selfish, reason, turned out to be a bad idea anyway.

Went down yesterday to see Dovie's head and chest outside the teepee. I looked around for Lovie, wondering where she was. I thought she might have been under the couch, but that didn't seem that reasonable since I had walked in the room and she had not come out to see me. So I pulled Dovie out of the teepee, and turned out Lovie was in there too! all 10 cats and kittens in a structure barely big enough for one..

So I set about fixing up the cat cage for them. Surrounded it with pillow cases so it would seem cave like, put a sheet on the bottom for some soft padding, and put the kittens in. Lovie went right in and started nursing. Dovie didn't want to come out of the box (where I had put the kittens after pulling them out of the teepee making sure none were suffocated) and wanted me to give her back her kittens. I called to her, and she finally jumped out of the box and went in and started nursing kittens. I tried to give the right mom the right kittens - knowing full well it doesn't matter - and they laid back to back nursing.. it was so cute.. Dovie moved her head so it was resting on Lovie.

I watched TV for a few minutes to make sure everything was going to be ok, and when I left, Lovie had moved so that they were now bellied up to one another, so the kittens were all in the middle :D

Went down this morning, and caught this photo.. I didn't do anything.. this is how they were!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

You plan, kitties laugh

So I had a set of all black kitties - three boys and one girl. And I had a set of all girls, one black, two black & white and one calico. I had plans to distinguish the black girl kitties, but I figured I'd have time to implement it.. so I went about my day yesterday..

well wouldn't you know it, they combined litters!! I went into the kitten room this morning, and saw the two mom kitties laying next to one another, all cozy and happy with life. I went to look in the box, and one or the other or both of them had taken Dovie's litter and put it in the teepee with Lovie's litter..


I hate the kittens in that thing, I can't see them! Only way to make sure they are all ok is to take them all out and disturb them.. don't really want to do that twice a day.. *sigh*

The moms LOVE this arrangement though. Would think nursing 8 kittens would be a bit annoying, but they are so happy, and so thrilled with this, that I didn't have the heart to break them all up.

Besides, it really doesn't matter does it? the moms have got to be related, and the kittens were born two days apart from one another, and it isn't like we have champion blood lines going on here that we NEED to know who the mother is exactly..

c'est la vie

Friday, April 18, 2008

laughed so hard it hurt

I haven't seen anything this good on the web for a very very long time - with the exception of Sparta.. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qit3ALTelOo)

four more

Dovie gave birth last night / this morning. She seemed quite distressed last night, and so did Lovey... who ran around like a manic, and tried to bite us a couple of times.

Dovie gave birth under the couch. it wasn't pretty. Birth never is, but there was an excess of fluid and blood. The kits were mostly ok. they had extremely long cords, and one still had the placenta attached.

I got them cleaned up, and trimmed up, and put them in a box. Lovie was quite amusing, running around as if trying to show her sister what to do. she went into the box, and hovered over the kits, then left.. Dovie finally got in the box with the kits and laid down. Fortunately kits know what to, and found nipples to nurse on. The hormones released really do make the moms want to hang out with kits :)

Dovie is much more impressed with kittens now. No longer growling, and is visiting both sets of kittens regularly. :)

So she also gave birth to four kittens. One solid black, two black and white, and one calico. And surprisingly enough, all four are girls! I'll have to line them all up and get a photo, it will be cute.

the last pair of moms I had were so loving and so sweet.. and so are these two. Only thing Lovie likes than nursing is being cuddled. and Dovie is wanting of attention as well. Dovie has a watery eye, so I am going to have to watch that.

so, now I have kittens.. :) and 16 cats in the house.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ha Ha.. Just kidding!!

I went down this morning to make sure the foster moms (man they need names) had food and water, and to see if they had babies. Two fat bellies met me at the door with out a care in the world. I was sad, and usually in the AM I just throw down food and water and off I go, but for some reason I sat down with them - maybe hoping that if I rub some belly I'd get kittens. Well a few moments after I sat down I heard a squeek. A very faint squeek. Well the moms don't have very strong cries, so I thought it might have been one of them complaining at my choice of food (it happens) but then I realized that both of them were looking at me and were not moving their mouthes... so either I had a vantriliquist kitty, or ...


Ok, one kitten.

The solid black mom gave birth in the little teepee hut. One little boy kitten shoved on the side of the pad inside, kinda cold, a little unresponsive, didn't know what to do when I put it next to mom, mom didn't know what to do either. So I took him upstairs and got a very warm damp cloth, wrapped him in a dry one, then wrapped the wet one around him while I took my microwave teddy bear (has rice in it so it heats up) and put him in the microwave (and yes it looks horrible watching a teddy go round in circles in my microwave) but I let the kit snuggle up to him (once he was out of the microwave) and he liked that a lot. I went back down stairs with a heating pad and the bear.

all this activity caught the attention of Kit. Kit LOVES to play with kittens, and has been very mad at me since I sent the last batch of kittens away, and has been very eagar for me to let her play with this batch. She doesn't get that they are still "baking" and even once they are born, they aren't going to be very playful. But I let her sniff the little boy, and she was almost instantly beside herself! oh how she wanted him.. but not knowing what she'd do, and not knowing how mom would take to a strange smell on her kit, and not really having a lot of time I had to take him away. She followed me around and tried to get into the kitten room with me when I went back down.

I put mom and the kit and the bear in the cage.. more room, less suffocating places. She snuggled up to the bear as well, so I removed it, and she snuggled up to her kit. She had very VERY strong obvious contractions.. so I massaged her tummy some more, and put a small bowl of water in the cage with her, and locked her in. Why? cause her sister was growling at the kittens. She so doesn't get that she's about to have a brood of her own! I went upstairs and finished my morning routine, and then went back down to check on them. There were now three kittens. Mom was doing a great job of taking care of them, but in giving birth she knocked over the water. Not wantingn to leave them in damp bedding, I took the kits out, changed out the bedding, and went off to work (leaving the cage open this time.

Well I went home for lunch, and found no kitties in the cage. Mom had moved them back to the little teepee. Mom came right out for attention and approval. I removed the kittens to see how many we had (four) she was very concerned about them not being in the teepee, and tried to sit on them. I finally determined we had only four kittens, all alive, and what looks to be one girl and four boys, all totally black! Two are smaller (the girl and one of the boys) but not drastically so..

so all in all, today is a success.

Tax Day kitties.. should I call them EZ, 1040, W9 and 1099? :D

Friday, April 11, 2008

The wench tricked me

Why is it I always call pregnant cats hussies and wenches?? :)

I still need to come up with names for these two.

The black one very much acted like she was in labor last night. Her kittens were very active, she spent a lot of time laying on her side, and she even went in the cage (where I set up some towels) like she was looking for a good place to give birth..

but as of this morning.. nothing!


she is much friendlier though. Her sister is an absolute clown. She begs for attention, rolls all over her sister to get it either from her or me.. the black one is very ... reserved isn't a good word.. proper would be a better word. regal might fit too. she seems to very much stand on ceramony..

I can't wait to see these kittens! I hope I get some cuties out of it. Rumor has it the dad is a solid black kitty, so chances are they'll all be black or tortie.. guess we'll see!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

They are still hungry!!

How on earth are they going to be birthin babies if they are eating breakfast!?!?!


On the other hand, they were both right out and wanting attention when I went down to give them breakfast, so that is a good thing.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Kitten Watch 08

Those darn hussies are so selfish, and won't give up their kittens!

I can't say I blame them, and in all honesty I do not want them giving birth before they are ready as I have already had one set of premature kittens and it was NOT a pretty site.

They are getting used to me more, and are more willing to come out and visit when I go down there, especially if food is involved..

Maybe I'll have kittens tonight. The tortie's tummy was quite taught last time I touched it, and I thought I felt a contraction - but it could be simple wishful thinking..

Saturday, April 5, 2008


hiding behind my computer desk - please ignore the dust

Being brave

highly food motivated

likes the juice in the can

still no babies :(

well, I can't complain too hard.. want them to come out when they are ready, not sooner..

We got them downstairs, they were originally set up in my office as my kitten room was an absolute mess from Licorice. The office wasn't an ideal place for them to give birth, as they were hanging out behind my credenza and next to my computer.

They are very nervous about new noises. they don't mind cuddling and being patted, but are very nervous when you walk toward them. They don't adventure out much either - well at this point. Meaning if you get near them and pat them, that is great, but they aren't going to ask for it.

Last night I snuck down stairs, and saw the black one sitting on the couch. I very cautiously approached her, and she jumped down from the couch. I thought she was going to hide, but she put her tail up in the air, and I could easily pick her up... which is a good thing. We'll see how things progress. I think once they get their babies out in the open, they'll be a little less inclined to hide - as it will be a lot of work. but then again, they might just keep their babies under the couch so I never get to see them :)

Kit is VERY excited that there is activity in the kitten room again. She doesn't understand that the kittens are still baking in the oven - not to mention it will be weeks before they are even close to being able to play with her :)

Thursday, April 3, 2008


see more crazy cat pics

there will be kittens!

I went to the shelter yesterday for the "cat forum" and was roped in (yea, it was hard.. really) to taking two pregnant cats. One solid black (at least I think so, she hasn't been all that generous with the sticking around) and one tortie. They are both quite nervous and have taking to hiding when I enter the room. The tortie will come out for patting, but her sister wants NOTHING to do with me for now. they are both quite round. The tortie isn't all that hard yet.. but then sometimes they don't.

I need to get them into the basement kitten room, but Licorice trashed it, and I just don't have the gumption to clean it. They are currently in my office hiding behind my computer desk or in the recliner. I HOPE I have a week before they give birth.. i hope they aren't doing it right now on my computer..

The cat forum was once again a .. well joke and sham are very strong words. Let me start by sharing that they started the meeting pointing out the highlights of last years forum (I didn't go to it, but I did go to the 05 and 06 ones and they were very similar) and how they didn't do anything listed.

I should have given up at that point. they care, I know they do, but change is difficult.

there was also talk of the kitten shower. I bowed out of that too - same reason. it is sad really. they won't advertise really, they don't want to spend the money on it, but they wonder how to drive up adoptions and donations.. doing events came up, but they don't want to take that on either. They won't invest in a full time volunteer coordinator, they leave so much untapped. Yes, it takes money but it does take money to make money..

I really need to remember to stay out of the administrative parts of the shelter. as much as I think I'd like to step in, and help out - maybe even get on the board one day - I just don't think I can be one lone voice in a tide of 'established proceedures'

so.. let the politics fade, and let the cuteness start as soon as possible - well at least once I get them into the basement ;)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Boots goes home

Tuesday I had an eye exam. I had heard from Boot's mom that she would be back on the first, but she wasn't sure when she'd be able to get him, if she be in town soon enough to get him on the first, or if she'd come on wednesday etc.

well eye exams put me out for the whole day, so I was asleep for most of the day. I had let Boots have the run of the house. He came and sat on the bed with me and cuddled for a good long while, putting his head on my chest, and hugging me from time to time, it was really sweet.

DH came home said his aunt was in town (she's about an hour away) and she wanted to come get him. He offered to bring him home. Which was very sweet of him. But at that point Boots was being so cute I didn't want to let him go.

but go he did. was vocal the whole way home, and spent the rest of the evening cuddling up to his uncle and to DH.. which was funny since it was his aunt that wanted him home so much and missed him.

she also over reacted to his healing scabs. was going to rush him right to the vet, despite how well he was doing. oh well, no stopping that I guess. Hopefully the vet will have a light bulb moment and be supportive of the food change and the assumption of food allergies on my point. Boots was getting steriod shots for his flair ups.. but apparently it wasn't even considered that it could be a food allergy.

so, for the moment, it is just the 8 of us again :D
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