Tuesday, October 30, 2007

making cat food

Oh how I hate making cat food.. let me count the ways.. *ugh*

but it is cheap and the best diet I can come up with for my cats.. so I do it.. but man I wish it would just make itself.

We decided to do eight packages of meat this time. each package is two batches, and we have been doing four packages which used to last us a month with Em eating canned (and the rest of them helping her) but now that we have six on only raw, six packages seemed to only last us a few weeks.

We made it on Sunday.. we'll have to wait and see how long this will last.

We ran out of food, and had to feed them some of Em's left overs on Sat night and Sun morning. Muffin decided she needed cuddle time after she ate dinner, and OMG cat food breath is gross!!!

I also got some chicken breast to add in. They don't seem to like the chucks of chicken thigh meat, so I thought I'd try the breast. They need to chew the meat to help clean off their teeth, and Eli's teeth are horrid! I'm afraid he's going to need a dental right quick. He's my skittish boy, so getting him to brush his teeth would not be kind - not that a dental would be kind to him either but it is a one day thing as opposed to every other day - and I'm sure in his mind way less tramatic. *crosses fingers that this works well and the next time I'm able to look at his teeth they are much better*

I still need to get the kitten in to be neutered and adopted. I don't know why I'm avoiding it..

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Final Foster Update

Well the last of the fosters (sorta) went back on the 11th. Right after I came home, packed, and headed off on vacation. We had someone who I know via the shelter come and house sit for the cats. Fred and George and Ginny were neutered on Friday, and went up for adoption that weekend. I haven't checked in on them, because I know they were probably gone the day they went up, and if perchance they weren't, they went in the week that followed.

I hope they are well.

Tilly is still at the house. She has wormed her way in, and as soon as we get her neutered she'll be a resident at casa de gato.

I haven't had the heart to get new fosters at this point. I'm kinda blue about Em right now (see previous post) and I'm still settling back into my life from said trip. I know all too soon I'll be missing the pitter patter of little kitten feet, but right now I think I was overloaded with the last set. I took them too soon, and dealing with Obbie (I can't believe the new owner is calling him fluffy.. *rolls eyes*) I'm drained..

Soon. WAY too soon if I know me :D

October is almost over

Isn't it? This is usually my favorite time of year.. I love all the colorful leaves (Yes I'm in New England) and the sweater weather that comes with it.

But this year has been all screwed up. See we went on a trip. DH was sent to AZ for work, and I went along. Funny thing is we went to San Diego first to go to the zoo.. got out of there just in time apparently. So I had the stress of dealing with going, then the stress of going, then the stress of getting back and adjusting back into the time zone..

and now all I can do is miss Em.

The new kitten which I guess we are going to call Tilly, is a comfort.. she's really sweet and freakin adorable, but there are times I just need to have almost 20lbs of cat climb up on me and do the head flippy thing and purr.. and I always knew there would be a time when I would miss having my skin licked off.. and it is now.

There are times I am almost useless for missing her. Which is so odd since it feels like a life time ago that she was put down.. I easily slipped out of the day to day routine of Em.. the testing, the feeding, the injecting.. but the ache is still there. Guess it has been ever since I knew with out a doubt the end was near..

I know Christmas will be hard..


Saturday, October 6, 2007

Second Session with Animal Communicator

I said I'd post this, and I haven't really wanted to face it again. This second reading was much more vague than the first. Because I got some distinct readings the first time, I still do believe in Animal Communication, I just have to accept that English is no the first language of cats and that they don't think like I do. According to this second reading, they just don't care as much as I think they should - well except Muffin.

I wanted to know how the cats were dealing with Em's passing, how they thought about adding an additional kitten into the mix, and if they had anything else to say.

Ollie - is a sweetie, loves me a lot, not happy that Emmy passed, but feels closer to me and is taking Em's attention now that she's gone. Um.. ok. I guess. Said he didn't want a new kitten in the house, and didn't like the fostering, thought it was disruptive but I've had fosters continually now for years.. ???

Jack - Food not as good I added hearts and gizzards to that batch, and I've gotten the impression before that they don't like it Thought things are better since Em passed since she was acting strangely before she died. and that was uncomfortable. The A/C said he was sweet. has hairballs/was sick to his stomach.

Muffin - anti-kitten! well duh! but I didn't say this to the AC Everything else is ok.

Eli - wants to play more with toys. Might be ok to have a kitten. Wants to play, and just makes muffin MAD! when he tries. doesn't like Tweedle, but no particular reason why. Healthy but bored wants more adventure in his life is this why he's sleeping in the toy basket lately?

Tweedle - would like litterboxes cleaned more often I constantly mention that to DH - his job since I'm allergic to the dust would like more attention, would like to cuddle more, misses Em and thinks things just aren't the same.

She talked to the kitten, who was a typical kitten, no specific answers about us or staying. said she liked things the way they were with her siblings..

I had her talk to Em at that point. She said Em was very relieved and very happy in spirit. So happy that if she had known earlier that she would have been so happy she would have wanted to go earlier. I asked if I waited too long - and the answer was it doesn't matter any more. I asked if she watches us. The answer was vague.. doesn't know specifics, like if we are doing the laundry, but does know about our emotions. but there was no other comments. Not sure how I feel about this... as they are answers that anyone would want to hear, and nothing specific to either Em or myself or anyone else.. which kinda hurt more than anything else.

again, I'm still for A/C.. just don't think I'll be doing it again any time soon

Thursday, October 4, 2007

The kids

Well this has been an interesting few weeks. Did I mention that Tilly is still at the house? Well Dh has decided she's going to stay... and I totally do not object. She is the freakingly cutest thing on four paws. She looks up at you with those "puss in boots" eyes from Shrek. She carries things around in her mouth and brings them to you to play with her with.. Coming up with an appropriate name hasn't been easy. She never did seem to like Tilly.. so we'll see.

However this has spured problems with the resident cats. Muffin is very edgy.. hisses all the time at everyone. Her acne is acting up too. She had a few bumps on her chin, that seemed to swell up, so I put her on some clavamox. Tweedle has taken to annoying her for the sport of it too - so now Muff has to put up with Eli and Twee.. and she doesn't much like the kitten either, so she's just not all that happy. I'm trying some of Ollie's happy pills on her hopefully that will mellow her out.

Tweedle got into a scuffle lately too - had a scratch on her chin. Ollie has been looking a little ragged too... Nothing specific yet.. just a feeling. Jack has been sending me stronger feelings though. again, nothing specific outside of his bad ears, just the feeling that he's not doing well. I think when I get back from our trip I'll take them in for a once over and blood work for Jack and Ollie.

We've also got massive fleas.. ok that isn't true.. we have about 10 fleas, but I can't seem to get rid of them. it is annoying.

well then

I posted a few days ago about Obbie and Nox, but the post disappeared.

I took them in on Friday the 28th, and they were deamed well enough to be adopted, so I left them there.

Saturday I showed up for their adoption, and they had put them in the room with the cats. Cute and all, but I wasn't thrilled with it. *shrug*

there wasn't much activity around that day. however there was a mom with two daughters looking at Obbie and Nox around noon time. The daughers were thrilled with them.. mostly cause they were the only socialized kittens up for adoption. What was funny was in talking to the mom I found out that the two sister's personalities mirrored Obbie and Nox's and the right sister found the right kitten.. meaning the more outgoing girl loved the more outgoing cat..

She mentioned her husband hated the idea of "buying" a cat. I explained the adoption fees were dramatically less than the outlay of cash for a "free" kitten. That they were tested ($40) vaccinated (~$60) vet checked ($30) and altered ($60-90) and all that for $85.. or two for $150 She called her husband, and that was that. So they were adopted together and right quick.

I wonder if she is starting to regret it now.. :)

what was amusing is that the girls actually wore Obbie out. Toward the end he was just hanging out in her arms exhausted.

(personally annoying - they are going to name them whiskers and - get this - fluffy. Um.. they have the shortest sparsest hair I've ever seen!! lol oh well. As long as they are loved, that is all that I can ask for!)

Fred/George/Ginny are still at the house - absolutely refusing to put on weight. in fact Ginny lost a couple of ounces the other day. I'm sure it is just cause I weighed her before feeding her this time. Come on kids.. EAT!! Fred's eye is much better.. so once they are ready, they'll be ready. I have to wonder if they will be.


well, I haven't used this blog as a platform before (feel free to correct me if I am wrong)

On another board I frequent, I ran across a post about a woman seeing an injured cat in a busy area (aka not outside someone's home) and how she had seen it several days in a row and felt compelled to help it, and was asking for advice about catching it.

Well OMG.. I just wanted to slap people.. some said that the cat was fine, that she should not capture it but leave it where it is because it would be PTS if she brought it anywhere, some said that the cat was probably owned, and she should check around to make sure it wasn't a beloved pet before trying to do anything to it (Um, it has been injured for days - even if it is owned, it is NOT a beloved pet by any stretch of the imagination) Some tried to convince her the cat was fine, despite the OP saying the cat was obviously injured.

Look, I love cats. Now I'm sure there are people out there more cat crazy than I am, but I'm sure there aren't that many.

however, having had my hand in rescue, I know you can't save them all, and a lot of the time the most humane thing to do is to capture and PTS. If you can capture, rescue, fix, and find a great home for it - all the better, but there are thousands of wonderfully friendly cats in shelters that don't need to be fixed, and they need homes too.

I hate it when people who have no idea of the severity of the problem making comments about how wrong people are to try to help.

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