Sunday, October 31, 2010

Kittens meet meat

Well we have been battling diarrhea here, and after several stool tests we have determined there is no reason for it (no parasites, etc) so I decided to introduce the kittens to raw food to see if that would help things.  Raw meat signifgantly reduces the amount and smell of the stool of every cat who eats it.  My own cats have stools that are dry, small and do not smell.  So I brought a plate down.  Juno got it rather quickly and enjoyed it. The kittens were very unsure what it was, and they weren't having anything to do with it (which is odd, usually kittens are all over meat)

So I did the most disgusting thing, I took small pieces of the raw and force fed each one of them.  Kif got the first taste, and it took three "tastes" before he started eating it on his own. Maxie also took several tastes before she was interested, but she did not remain interested for long - there was playing to do after all.  The others would eat it, but they just weren't all that interested in it.  I got them to take bites on their own, but then they wandered off.  I wasn't going to push it, as I knew it was Kif that had diarrhea the worst, and he was the one I was most interested seeing what would happen.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Basket Kittens

Well, at this point I still don't have names for these two.  One is fluffy and soft and super outgoing.  The other is a little rougher in the coat, and is much more shy and insecure.  The smallest things send her hiding and waiting for it to pass. The fluffy one seems to have a rounder face, so for the most part I can tell them apart before touching them, and by the attitude and stance if they are farther away.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Intoducing... Kif

I was very unsure what to call the boy.  He seems very sensitive and sweet, and does seem to channel my own Twee, who is just a little clueless and doesn't have a mean bone in her body.  I thought about calling him Trenton, in honor of the road trip I just took (see plea for TastyKakes) but it didn't seem to fit him. Kipper came into my head, and then Kif popped in.  Kif is the side kick to Zap Brannigan on Futurama, who just goes along with things.   It really seemed to fit him.

So, meet Kif.
just had a bath

Futurama Kif

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kitty love

Kit sitting on her daddy

Skippy trying to look serious


 Speaking of Fleurp.  Went to the vet on Thursday for her follow up "been off pred for over a week how is her RBC?" and she had a great follow up.  her RBC was 48 (she was a little dehydrated, it should have been ~45) So, two paws up for her, and no more vaccines per my vet.

Twee and Fleurp being book ends (like Ollie's photo on canvas?)

Mom... stop with the flashy thing!

Where are the cookies!?!?!

"MOM!!!" screams Jack, "stop with the flashy thing and give us treats!!!!"
Eli is in the "where's the cookies" shot.  He's not all that into me right now because I trimmed his nails and cleaned his teeth and face.


Naming is never easy.  I don't much like naming in groups.  I've done it a couple of times, but for the most part I like giving individual kitties individual names.  So, you have met "Maru"

 Now, meet Maxie.  She is the most outgoing of the group, and the most ... entitled?  The world is her oyster, and she's going to enjoy every little bit of it
yes, sitting on siblings heads

chewing on mom's foot


Kittens get a new litter box

and I thought new litter was a big deal...

Color me confused

*warning, soap box rant about pet food*

Ok, so I'm reading the November issue of LHJ, and on page 174, there is a red box in the "Health Buzz" column called "Pet Food Warning" letting you know that serving your cat or dog kibble could make you sick because of salmonella on the food.  The precautions? using a scoop, washing your hands, disinfecting any kitchen surface food has come in contact with.


If you hear about salmonella in raw food, they immediately recall it and vilify raw once again as something that will kill your pet..(ok, I'll admit it, I couldn't find a website saying raw food will kill your cat at the moment, but I saw them over and over when I started on raw food a few years ago for my kitties dealing with diabetes and those with urinary crystals)  (well there is this, but it is yahoo answers after all )



I'd like to say something pithy about this, but honestly don't understand it.

Just reminds me too much of the argument against raw milk.  Now I don't drink it, but I have been hearing more and more about how the FDA is totally against it.  I totally get wanting milk pasteurized, I do.  But if someone wants raw milk, with some minimal regulation to ensure it is fresh, they so should be able to buy it, and not have the FDA raid stores guns drawn.  Yes, both have a slightly higher risk then the convention, but both can be perfectly safe, and should be a viable option.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Completely and utterly off topic

So I took a jaunt down to NJ (I'm in ME) this past weekend to see a car.  Ended up buying a completely different car, but that's a story for another blog. :)

But while I was there we stopped at a store and I bought a slew of TastyKake products.  Now I'm sad I didn't buy more.  There were some on the TastyKake website, but not the pies.  Ebay has them, but gosh the prices there are insane.

if there is anyone out there reading this, who lives near an area that sells TastyKakes,  who wouldn't mind doing a little shopping a little packing and a little shipping, I know a man and a woman who would greatly appreciate it (aka me and DH)

I'm not even going to justify this post with a kitten pict.  My apologies for the blatant groveling.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I know I've said this recently

But I absolutely adore Maru!
His blog is a riot, and his owner is so adorable.

I've been toying with the idea of naming the little girl tabby kitten Maru.  Not sure it feels right because she's a girl.  I've tried using google translation to come up with some version of Maru that would work a little better for her (from what I've read Maru means round, so it absolutely would work, but the original Maru is male)

Here are some photos of her, what do you think?

Monday, October 25, 2010

Fresh Litter

I forget how novel and new every little thing can be to a kitten sometimes.

I put fresh litter in one of the boxes last night.  Usually I just top a box off, but I bought a new brand of litter and I was curious how well it worked, so I dumped one box into another and refilled.  Well this was *the* *best* *thing* *ever*  The little softer of the two black kittens got in there and attacked it, and pounced on it and was in there for a good 10+ minutes before even beginning to dig as if to use the box.  Then, once she decided she should use the box, she had to dig around and dig around and perch and then dig some more.  It was downright amusing.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Skippy!! stop honing in on my posts



So should I start a new category?  Gratuitous Kitten Shot?

Input and Output

more milestones are being reached.  I got one of the solid black kitties to eat canned food.  I was all excited until I turned around and several of them were digging into the dry.. *sigh*  hey, I can only do my best to encourage them to the better food options.  Juno is uber picky with canned food and is eating a full 3.5 lb bag of food a week, and kittens learn from example.  Hopefully we can get the kittens to set a good example for one another and get them more into canned food.

They also have started using the litter box for pooping!!  :) small victories hun?  I even caught one of the kittens in the "big kitty box" and when scooping it I've found several kitten sized pee piles, so I know it wasn't a one time event.


 Well this isn't good.  Muffin has a swollen lip again.  The other week she had a scratch on her chin and swelling.  I put her on an antibiotic and it healed up nicely.  Its been over a week, and BOOM, this morning her poor lower lip was swollen.  I intended to watch it for a few days, but this evening it was  worse then it was in this photo.
swollen lip

close up

Muff has a tendency towards this when something is irritating her, generally fleas these days but it has happened when she was younger with plastic food bowls - which she doesn't have access to any more.  We have had fleas in the house recently, but I haven't seen any in a while, nor have I seen any on her, but I know how sneaky they can be so I gave her some advantage just to be safe.  I hope it is smaller in the morning a) because I can't imagine how uncomfortable that is for her and b) I do not want to put her on steroids.. (Muffin already weighs almost 15 lbs)

I also got this photo this morning. I was wondering, would you consider this a "mooning"?
but Mom, our tushies are our best side!!
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