Wednesday, December 31, 2008

testing the theory

Fleurp would very much like to try out the theory I have that kittens can not over eat.

This morning all of the kitties were screaming for food.. I have no idea why. I feel the older ones can wait us out, but Fleurp being so young, I got up and gave her some food.

Ollie was in a particularly foul mood, so I figured I'd give Fleur a large can of food and let Ollie eat the rest of it.. well later when I went to check on how she had done, she had eaten every last drop of food. Wasn't a speck or a crumb. It was like I put down an empty plate. *rolls eyes* I guess she was hungry.

So Ollie got a piece of chicken.. and he's still really grumpy

Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas Kitties

Buttercup and Wes went back to the shelter on the 27th. Apparently there had been quite a bit of interest in them - as they were featured as pet of the week in the local paper - so I'm sure they are not still there now. I'm glad they got a home for the new year. Wes's adult teeth were starting to come in..

Fleurp had a LOT of fun at Christmas. She loves playing with wrapping and bows. She's been clear since a few days after starting the antibiotic. Today is day #10, so we'll stop it and see what happens.. Part of me hopes I'm so very wrong and the puss / congestion doesn't come back.. but the other part hates to be wrong.. :)

Ollie spent the holidays in a major grump. It's just so sad. I don't know what to do to bring him out of it. I've tried putting him on RR, but he hates it, and I think it is making him grumpier... but I'm still trying. He's back to chewing on the insulation again too. Going to have to make a point to hide all of that and cover up what we can't hide.

Jack - well Jack was peeing in the tub again, so he's back on antibiotics. I found him some of the new color changing litter.. as soon as he's done this next round I'll get him to pee in it and see what's up..

Muffin - I don't know what's up with Muff. I swear she's being haunted. She has been tearing through the house as if she's being chased, but there is no one there. She acted a little off too which is so unlike her.. no one specific symptom I could pinpoint, just.. off.. but she's seems to be back to her ol self.

Eli - Eli is just Eli.. this boy never changes.

Twee - Poor Twee wants more attention than can be given her. She's rather quite annoying about it too. Walks right up to your face and SCREAMS at you.. like that is endearing. I was hoping one of the kittens could give her the attention she wants, but alas, no.

Kit - nothing new to report on Kit either. She's fluffing up nice for winter.. but she's still so small.. it is funny to see this tiny kitty with a huge fluffy mane.

Happiness - she seemed to be better, so I stopped the antibiotic a few days after she stopped weezing, but she was weezing again this morning, so back on it she goes.. Joy - well Joy is SLOWLY coming around. She sits at the front of the cage now, and if I don't look at her, she stays there. I've tried tempting her with treats, but unless I put them right in front of her nose (which by that time is usually in the back of of the cage) she won't even sniff at them. I usually can get her to walk to the front of the cage if I've let her taste that what I have is good.. oh well.. one step at a time.

Benny.. Benny is still at the shelter. *sigh* poor thing. She's in a condo in the lobby, so there is more to look at and more room for her to move around, but with out some serious advertisment on their part, I fear she wont find a home.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I feel like the kitty whisperer

It is Festivus at work (our little gathering with food and not working) and I was asked to bring kittens. I wanted to bring Happiness and Joy, but Happy is still pretty sick, and I didn't want to stress her out, so I brought Wes and Fleurp.

Well they have the whole office to run around in and Weslee is at my feet playing with my ankles and hands, and Fleurp is on my chair with me..

so many places to investigate, so many things to play with and chew on and attack.. and they are here with me.


Monday, December 22, 2008


Just a couple of photos to show you how oddly she sits in the cage..


Well Jack was back in the bathroom crying, and there was urine in the bathtub. *sigh* but yet pretty standard with Jack. Last time he had issues, he had issues twice.. So I'm putting him back on anti-biotics, and I'll get his urine tested after this round is done.

I'm also thinking of investing in some PH strips..

my poor boy..

Happy is not so Happy

Poor thing is absolutely miserable. Can't seem to shake this cold. She is completely blocked on her left nostril, and her right is getting pretty darn close. Even the nasal drops I'm using don't help her. she's eating, but not enough to sustain her, so I'm forced to keep force feeding her. I don't mind, but it would be nice to not have to. Joy is doing fine, not a hint of illness.

Three things really freak me out about Happiness. first, she's always laying down. I rarely see her do anything else, and usually if she is, it is because I've just handled her. Second, she's usually laying in the litter box. I put a box in the cage for them to lay in, but she prefers the litter box. third, when she is in the box, she's usually propped her head up.. it's really bizarre, and sometimes she looks quite dead. Really, the dead kitten game is old, please stop it, and get healthy!!

Both Butter and Wes had liquid stool, so I tried to get them to eat some Kefir, but it was no go. I tried mixing it into their food, and they each had a few bites, but then it was covered up under everythingn they could use to cover it with, including an old towel, and the shreds from the paper shredder - and lets not forget to mention the paper shredder itself. *rolls eyes* but.. we had a nice formed stool in the litter box this morning, so I'm going with it wasn't a complete waste.

Fleurp is also doing better. She's not breathing as hard, and her ears are missing that o'de puss not to mention the puss itself. So antibiotics are helping.. but will it return when the course is done??

Friday, December 19, 2008

*head bang desk*

I swear one of these days I'm going to stop fostering. I love the challenge of taking care of neo-natal kittens, of sick kittens and kitties, I love watching them learn and grow, and teaching them about the world..

but the down side of dealing with the shelter sometimes really just causes me to go off the deep end.

It's mostly me. most reasonable people wouldn't have an issue with this (yes, I'm calling myself unreasonable - but hey at least I know it) but I care.. (ok I care too much)

I got a call yesterday about Benny. She's been vomiting. ooh.. big surprise. She was bored at my house and hyper grooming. she was brought over to the adoption center and stuck in a small little cage.. so I'm sure she was bored. while I was never officially asked, it very much sounded like they wanted me to take her back. I can't, as the room she was in is being used, and frankly she needs more than I can give her. Find her another foster home where she can interact with the people.. this is what she needs (short of finding her a home) Not to mention, if you are concerned about her blood sugars, YOU TEST HER!! um.. you have all the equiptment, and it isn't that hard.. I showed you how.. *sigh* I'm ranting. yes.. I know. I know testing is a new skill set, and I know it is intimidating for people who arent used to it..


then I tried to talk to them about Fleurp too. She's got puss in her ears and it has got to be running down the back of her throat because she swallows hard / makes vomiting motions sometimes. Her breathing is very hard. I don't believe it is a simple uri because she's active, eating, and shows no outward sign of illness (other than the heavy nasal breathing) I believe she's got a growth or something in her nasal passage or sinus cavety, and it is creating puss, and it is coming out her ears. Antibiotics helped the first time, and I believe they'll help her again this time (which is what they wanted me to do) but I do not believe it will remove the underlying cause of her issue. Once her round of antibiotics are done, it will come back. I want to be proactive. I want them to take her to someone who can look up her nose or in her ear and find out what is causing the puss.. but.. $$ is always an issue with a public (heck even a private) shelter, and antibiotics are cheap. specialists are expensive.

so all this stress (and the stress of dealing with sick kittens) caused me to have a pretty horrid dream last night (warning, it is horrid, so if you want to stop reading now that's ok) I had a large fish tank, and I bought three inch gold fish. I put them in the tank, keeping two out in a separate area. One of the two I kept separate wasn't doing well - a black and white fish - so I put it in the tank with the others. Soon afterwards the fish all started to die. the little black and white fish died near the pole for the water filtration system. I looked again, and the fish turned into a little black and white kitten (that looked like Happiness) with it's paws wrapped around the pole. I looked again, and the fish all turned into kittens. the one remaining fish/kitten was ok, but I was freaking out, and woke up before I did anything with it. I feared Happy had died over night, but she was ok. I guess I was just stressed that I wasn't getting my way with the shelter - which I need to learn to relax about. These kitties are not going to die because we do things the way the shelter wants and not the way I want. It really is ok.. *big deep breath* but I want them my way!!! rant rant rant

It helps to rant here.. sometiems I know I want the moon and it isn't available. and until I see that I'm asking for the moon.. I can't be that objective. I'll probably end up asking for the moon eventually, but I don't need to be there now.

I am SO glad Weslee is not my cat

this kitten is freakin insane!! no.. really. Mentally unbalanced.. *rolls eyes*

She's cute as all get out, and she loves people.. she just really REALLY loves eating ankles and toes. She is not gentle in the least, and has no idea why I'm screaming in pain when she attacks me. I trimmed her nails this morning - which in and of itself was a job. She does not like to be restrained. But several firm NO!s and I got through it. this will help a bit. but I've got her for a few more days while Butter finishes up her antibiotics.

Buttercup has stopped blowing snot bubbles which is good. Her eye is still weeping a little and she's a little on the thin side. She so needs a home.. hopefully once we get her well there will be one waiting for her, as several people inquired about her while I was going to get her from the adoption center.

As cute as Wes is, I'll be glad to see her go back. and I'll say it again, who ever adopts them (because they are bonded they are required to go together) will adopt because Wes is so beautiful, but will end up loving Butter more..

Happiness is holding her own

Well color my face red. Last night I had a little scare with my own kitties, so I needed to call them all in one place to count them and make sure they were all ok. I took out a bag of dry food (which I have been using as treats but have refrained from giving out since Jack started having urinary issues)

I thought it might not be a bad idea to introduce dry food to the kittens so they have a little extra something to snack on. I absolutely believe that wet food is better for them and will help Happiness get over her URI faster, but honestly eating anything is better than eating nothing. Besides, since they will be adopted out to the general public who chances are will feed dry food, they needed to recognize it as food.

Well I shouldn't have worried. I put the bowl in the cage and Happiness IMEDIATELY started noming on it. She filled her tummy right up. *shrug* Guess sometimes you just need junk food.. :)

She made some improvements when I was force feeding her, but when she started to eat on her own, I thought she was on the mend. Well she hasn't made any additional improvements, and spends most of the day just laying on her side looking pathetic and sick. So last night (after she ate the dry) and again this morning I filled up her tummy.

Joy is still VERY skittish. She doesn't much like change. If I'm holding her she's ok. If she's in the cage she's mostly ok - I still frighten her sometimes just walking by. but she hates being picked up, and she hates being put back. I even put her on the table to see how she'd do in front of me instead of in my arms. She was ok being on the table, but FREAKED when I went to pat her - and I had just taken my fingers off her a second before. She is going to take a lot of work to bring around. However she does seem to like Weslee. If I didn't think it would take an hour to recapture her and return her to the cage I'd let them play together.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happiness ate!!

I'm watching Happiness and Joy on my webcam while at work. I must admit, it frightens me to do so. What if I see something happen? I mean Happy is sick, what if I believe she died while I'm watching?? I can just imagine trying to run home.. oh the horror..

but I watch anyway.. cause for the most part (ok never) they don't die, and I like knowing what is going on.

Happy has been pretty miserable since I got her home. no energy, all fur and bones. She's too weak to even hiss at me. She tenses up a bit when I go to pick her up, but she's mostly in the "what ever" stage - which is never good - so she's been pretty easy. I've been filling her belly up by forcing A/D in her mouth twice a day till her belly blows up.. she takes it pretty well. Even got her purring afterwards as I gave her a little kitten massage (I'm a big fan of kitten stimulation for sick kitties)

Joy is not sick, and is eating well and getting quite robust. She's comfortable enough in her surroundings that now she wants to play. I gave her a mouse, but she likes a more interactive toy - aka her sister. It's heartbreaking to watch Joy pounce on Happiness knowing how miserable Happy is, but then again I keep thinking that maybe the exercise and stimulation will do her good.

So this morning I filled Happiness up, and put her back in the cage.. she immediately hunkered down for a nap. Joy immediately pounced on her. I asked her to play nice, but all morning Joy pounced all over Happy. Happy just took it.

around 2 pm, I was watching at work, and I was watching Joy pounce on her more, and Happy got up and walked toward the food bowl. The phone rang, and I answered it giving my spiel, and in the middle of it Happy took a bite. took every fiber of my being to not scream in delight. I finished the call and then jumped up and down.. I'm so very glad she's eating. She ate for quite a long time too..


and to get even better, Weslee was FULL OF IT this morning. She was so mellow while Butter wasn't feeling well, but now that Butter is out and getting attention, Wes is full of vim and vigor again.. the office was not designed to contain Wes. It can handle some rambunctious kittens, but Wes is ... well she's "Crazy Girl" :) Hopefully Buttercup will mend up right quick and they can go back up for adoption (and find a home this time, cause they so deserve it!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Just when you think you are at the end of your rope

Last night was NOT fun. I had so very much on my todo list, and none of it was fun..

then Buttercup wouldn't come out from under the chair, she didn't want to be medicated, she didn't want to eat, etc *sigh* Weslee is all depressed that her mom is all depressed.. hopefully I can get them fixed up right quick.

Happiness eats for me when I force feed her, which is good. Joy doesn't so much, but she's healthy and eating on her own, so I can understand that. I just wanted to try to bond with her, and providing food is a quick way to do that. I got both Happy and Joy purring, but Joy still is quite fearful of me

Fleurp is a pip, but she's breathing harder and harder, and she's got puss in her ear again.I hope we can get the shelter to take care of this before I officially adopt her (aaak! that is the first time I said that. I am insane to think I should even try to have seven cats!)

so last night was overwhelming, I kept beating myself up for taking on so much. Even with the little I have to do for Christmas, it is still a lot. and Butter was non responsive to me - if not mad at me for causing her seizure (not that I did mind you) Wes was grumpy, Happy and Joy were hissing at me.. well this morning Butter ate for me, came out and used the litter box.. Happiness ate really well for me, and she's playing (I have the web cam set up to watch them)

*happy sigh* sometimes you do get the silver lining..

Monday, December 15, 2008

scared silly

well it has been a fun couple of days.. *rolls eyes* I'm up in New England, and we have been covered in ice for the past few days, which results in no power. I hate no power. I tried to be brave and strong, but I just couldn't do it. Thankfully it came on yesterday..

So Jack has been doing pretty good. I will need to get him rechecked in a short while.. just to make sure.

The new fosters, I've named Happiness (the black one) and Joy. Happy has become quite sick, and is now skin and bones. I force fed her yesterday and again this morning. She actually purred. I think I might have brought her around just by filling her tummy. Joy - who I thought would be turned first - is convinced I'm killing her sister and still doesn't much like me.. *shrug*

Weslee and Buttercup are back at the house. Butter came down with a URI at PetSmart, and was blowing snot bubbles. so once the power came back on I brought her home and set them up in the office with the kittens (I figured the kittens were already sick) this morning I pilled her as I did yesterday, and she started to balk at having been pilled. I tried to distract her with some food, and she went to have a sniff (or a bite?) and she fell over on to the food, then fell off the chair she was sitting in. Her legs went all stiff. She seemed to want to control herself, but couldn't. I tried scruffing her to help her calm down a little. Once she started getting a handle on herself, she REALLY freaked out and caught my thumb with her claw. I let her go and she ran off under the chair.

It was so bizarre. Some part of my brain stayed in complete control while this was all going on. I remember thinking, why is she falling off the chair?? then it was, she's freaking out, must keep her calm...

when it was all done, the adrenaline running through my body was friggen incredible. I was shaking, my stomach was doing flips.. I wanted to go see Butter and see how she was doing, but I was afraid to move for fear that I'd fall over..

fortunately we both calmed down and she's seems to be ok, and I seem to be ok, but I have to tell you, I'm friggen starving. I ate my lunch two hours early.. this does not bode well for later in the day - but I'm just hoping I'll be getting Butter later in the day so I'll be distracted..

I don't know if we'll ever know why it happened (unless it happens again) but I'm thinking she's got a temp to go with that URI, and maybe it got so high that it caused a problem. I mentioned that to the shelter tech so hopefully they'll take her temp and see what's going on there.. I'll go get her tonight

Happiness and Joy are set up on my web cam. and they have been sleeping all morning - which is good if not uneventful.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

how to scare a kitten

I don't know how many of you remember when I scared the living daylights out of Kodi 5 years ago. I was cleaning the house, and found a headband with kitty ears on it. I put it on and forgot all about it. I went to give Kodi some love, and he FREAKED out. I tried to comfort him, it only freaked him out more. took me a moment to realize it was the ears.. I took them off and things were right with the world again.

Well this morning I put on a spritz of perfume. I haven't been wearing it lately since it is a spring/summer scent. Well I spritzed, turned around, saw Fleurp, and she wanted to be picked up. She was thrilled I was picking her up till I got her to my chest... where she flipped out. I thought I had hurt her some how. She sat at my ankles asking for attention, so I picked her back up trying to be very gentle. Well she freaked out again, and I realized it must have been that I didn't smell like me.

Must say, it is kinda heart warming to know she wants ME.. and freaks out when she realizes I don't smell like me..

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Well, it looks like I haven't blogged about Jack.

Last week my DH was out of town, and I didn't want to feed them raw (he puts it in a ziplock bag and it is messy and I just couldn't face it) so I gave my crew two meals of dry (I know I know, but I was tired and I figured two meals wouldn't kill them)

Well shortly there after Jack became clingy and wanting attention. I just thought he was getting older and his personality was changing again. Mostly because I wanted him to be clingy..

Well this weekend he peed in the tub. *sigh* I didn't want to face a urinary issue.. so I gave him treats of watered down canned food, hoping to flush him out and "fix" things. Yes, I know, I'm an idiot.. this is not the right thing to do.. etc. Well Monday he peed in the tub again, so I brought him to the vet on Tuesday.

He has blood in his urine, and crystals.. and of course they recommend Hills..

So we compromised.. I'm cutting out the treats of dry food, and I'm giving him a few cans of Royal Canin urinary food to help fix the PH of his urine (it was 8.9) along with antibiotics. I'll get his urine retested in a few weeks and see if this "fixes" things.

oh the guilt of not giving treats to the boy who's whole life seems to revolve around getting treats.

*head desk*

I won't admit it. I won't.. but notice that the label for this post is no longer just "foster"

new fosters

Yes, I thought the year was over too.. but alas, there were two more who needed a little extra help. And a little extra help is truely what they need. They are quite fearful and not quite ready to accept that the world is going to intrude into theirs..

I'm thinking of naming them Happiness and Joy. we'll see. They are both female.

Decorating the tree

oh the joy :)

Several years ago I couldn't face dragging out the boxes of boxes of ornaments. It is such work to unpack everything and hang them up for just a few short weeks. So that year I said "what do you think of decorating the tree with cat toys?"

My DH who is up for anything I propose, said sure, why not.. and thus our new tradition began. I have to say, as much as I love a nicely decorated tree with pretty ornaments and sentimental ones, I LOVE the ease and joy that comes from decorating the tree with cat toys. It reminds me of decorating the tree when I was a kid. We didn't have fussy ornaments then.. mostly stuff that my sister and I made in school in years past. If they didn't survive the year it was no big loss.

also, this way we get to include our "kids" and not feel the need to banish them while we are decorating, and be harsh with them when they explore the tree. to me, it brings back the joy of Christmas..

Monday, December 8, 2008

two more?

ok, apparently the 2008 fostering season isn't over. Which is kinda interesting, because my foster room is an ice box now despite having a heater on in there..

I just got a request to take two 4-5 wk old kittens who are feral. They are a riot, so I probably will.

but what about Fluerp. I still can't face giving her back..

Thursday, December 4, 2008

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