Thursday, April 29, 2004

More news on the home front

Ok.. so my kitties want to give me a heart attack to see what would happen if I had one. First Muffin the other day, and today it was Emmy. I have put her on the herbs for her diabetes, and I had been wanting to get her in to the clinic for a glucose curve to see what her sugars are. As you long time readers know Emmy has had a hard time getting her sugars under control. A good BG (blood glucose) is 60 to 120ish. Hers have always been in the +300's.

So anyway.. this morning she was laying on the bed, almost unresponsive to my calling her. The first couple of times she looked at me but didn't pick up her head then she even stopped opening her eyes to look at me. I picked her up and cradled her, something she hates, and she just let me... which freaked me out even more. Well after a moment she started "perking" up and started complaining - she hated it when I put her in the carrier... but alas, off we went. They were swamped at work, so I didn't get the first BG reading till about an hour later. and didn't I almost fall down when they said her BG was 140!!! They then did another one around 11:30, and her BG was 205. It should go down instead of up.. and the reason it went up was because she was so amazingly stressed by being there with all the chaos... even so 205 was an amazing result.. I want to hand out party hats and have have a winding of a party. Now granted, her sugars are still high, but with a bit more insulin, and a few more weeks of herbs, hopefully we'll get it back to a normal level.

I can only assume that someone kept Emmy up late last night, and she was just sleeping this morning. It was very unusual for her.. but she was her same ol self once I got her home. I'm going to bring Eli back in to see the holistic vet for more laser treatment on his eyes.. they have gotten bad again.. and he's not liking my cleaning off his face when they goop up. A few weeks of that and he should be back to himself.

The kittens are growing like weeds. They are kinda cute. I love the way they prance and dive through the tunnel I got for them. They really aren't "stand out" kittens though. They also still aren't very people friendly. Well, most people would think they are.. except Tanya.. who still hisses at you when you reach out to pat or pick her up.. but I know what real overly friendly kittens are like. Maybe I'll be lucky with the next batch.

We have our old house under contract. This makes me feel more comfortable about spending money, so in the next month or so we will put up the wall to the kitten room downstairs. I can't wait. Its going to be a kitten palace :) Need to buy flooring, a door, and lumber for a wall... and a window seat, and some shelving.. maybe a nice post for the kittens to climb.. can't wait - did I say that already?

Friday, April 23, 2004

Muffin is going to give me a heart attack

so.. I'm standing here huddled over my dial up and my laptop trying to get my email, and I hear a noise behind me. Muffin is on the chair, with her head through the rungs, which are about an inch narrower than her head. She is then rolling around on the chair trying to get my attention - she knows I can't resist her belly. Well, she almost rolled off the edge with her head still in the back of the chair. Didn't I panic! and I can't seem to keep her from doing it either. although just right now she seems to find getting on the forbidden counter bit more interesting. Silly kitten

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

more sad news

last week Tobin - one of my little orange fosters that included Ennui and Anika - came in because he wasn't his happy go horrid self. (apparently he was a major spitfire) He had a fever of 104. They admitted him and did tests on him, and after a few days in the hospital, they came to the decision that he was too ill to continue to live, so they put him down. The "fip test" came back with high titers. For any of you who know anything about FIP, or know anything about my opinion of this "test" you'll know I'm not a big fan of it. But he had stopped eating and was in very poor health.. I do not condone the decision to euthanize him, I do understand it.

Needless to say I'm not in a good place emotionally right now. I'm still in major transition on the house front, work is still not what it should be, and now this. Not to mention the little kitten I currently have that won't not hiss at me when I go to pick her up. Her sister and brother trust me, but she's not a big fan of being picked up. She doesn't have much of a problem with being held.. just the big scary hand coming at her isn't her favorite thing in life. *big sigh* Oh well.

The shelter is having a Kitten Shower on May 8th. You are all invited to attend, but I know most of you can't. Feel free to send them money *big cheezy grin* Tell them you heard about it here..

Thursday, April 15, 2004


Well, the kittens are slowly coming out of their shell. The littler female is still a little hissy.. she also has a bit of a hernia on her belly.. something very easily fixable when they spay her. Doesn't seem to be bothering her at all, so I'm not going to worry about it. The little boy is a laugh riot. He was actually starting to play the other day. They are still eating kitten mush.. kmr mixed with kitten food.. but they are eating well and using their litterbox - to the point of throwing the litter out of the cage on to my nice hardwood floors.. lol. I don't care.. it sweeps up.

Bit of disturbing news however.. two days ago little Tobin came into the clinic because he wasn't his horrible self. He was lethargic. Turned out he had a fever of 104.. went up to 105 the next day, came down to 104, but its still not good. The doctors are thinking FIP. The research I did tells me it couldn't have possibly come from my house.. especially since my own kitties have much lower titers now .. not to mention he has been out of my house since October, but I still feel horrible about it. That is two known deaths from FIP of kittens that were in my house. How many have left and haven't had anything?? wonder what the infection rate for FIP is in the "wild". (I just typed that last FIP as RIP.. freaked me right out)

They still haven't specifically determined FIP (like that is an easy thing to do - NOT!). but it is looking like that. I'm so depressed about it. He's such a good boy. There still isn't a cure, and really isn't even a treatment for it. I've continued to research and found people who are trying. I mentioned that to the doctor who is treating Toby, but she seemed very dismissive of the items they are trying. I hate that. If it is FIP, there is NO treatment.. why not try the newer suggestions.. *sigh* oh well.

g2g - I'm in a computer class at the moment and the class has caught up to me so the teacher is teaching again.. toodles

Saturday, April 10, 2004


I don't remember the last time I actually had kittens. After the last two unfortunate occurrences with fosters, it just seems so long ago, but now.. I have kittens. I told Rachel at the shelter I was ready yesterday, and there weren't any to be had, and I stopped over at around 3pm this afternoon and there still were no kittens... but before I left someone stopped by and dropped three little black 6-week old kittens.. they are so adorable.. and a little scared at everything going on around them.. will need to spend some time socializing them, and getting them used to having their pictures taken.. lol

One boy, two girls.. the boy has some white on his chest and white just before his ears start, its really cute. the girls are smokey colored with some spare white strands.. they are so precious.. just hiding out in the litter box.. silly kittens.. litter is for going pee!!

I actually can't wait to get home and cuddle them.. This is what fostering is all about!

Monday, April 5, 2004

And the move progresses

So on Friday afternoon, we packed up the kitties and brought them to the new house. I put all the carriers in the kitchen in the AM, then after we signed, I came home and packed them up. at one point I had a choice between grabbing Muffin or Ollie. I grabbed Muffin, which was the wrong choice.. Ollie ran downstairs and hid in the basement. I was afraid I was going to have to leave him behind.. but after a few moments of ignoring him he peeked around the corner and I nabbed him.

I brought them over and put them in the back bathroom.. after we set up the bed I let them out into the bedroom they had a lot of fun exploring. they were a bit nervous.. but on the whole, not too bad. After we had all the major appliances over and a majority of the boxes, we let them out into most of the rest of the house.. they are having a blast running down the long hall. I haven't let them into the back bedrooms or downstairs yet.. and I won't until this house is cleared out... which hopefully will be in a few days - MAN we have a lot of stuff. The only problem at this point is Ollie keeps wanting to get into the garage..

So far they have been really good. We've been anal about keeping the 1 litter box clean, and we haven't had a single accident. Hopefully, we'll all be completely settled in soon.
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