Thursday, December 29, 2005

A Good Day

I have been a little tired lately, so today - my day off - I decided to take it easy, do a facial, take care of my nails, and take a nice nap. Well, I cozied into bed and caught up on some Tivo, and very shortly I had all six cats in the bed. this rarely happens. there is always someone on the floor or in the other room, but I had Tweedle on my shoulder, Eli on the pillow, Em by my side, Muffin between my legs, and Ollie and Jack on either side of my feet.

It made me smile.

Some people have a good day when they accomplish something major, me - I have a good day when I get to snuggle with my kitties. Different priorities I guess, and I don't care one little bit.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Ain't she sweet

Em's morning sugars on no insulin last night was over 300. She did have a third meal yesterday, so I'm not going to worry too much at this point. If she didn't have the meal I would have put her back on two units of insulin, but I'm going to wait and see what it is tonight right before her meal. If it is still over 300 then yes, insulin. If not we'll do a full curve tomorrow. Merry Christmas Em. (oh how she hates to bleed)

Meowy Christmas to all, and to all a good tuna breath!

Friday, December 23, 2005

Testing Emmy

So I had done previous testing on Em's blood sugars, and it seemed we stopped at 4 units of insulin because her starting sugars in the AM was 148. I also had to stop because I ran out of test strips. Well, the test strips showed up the other day, so I tested her this AM and her starting sugar was 44!!! argh. So much for doing a full curve. She was sooo grumpy when trying to get her to bleed, that I'm kinda glad it was so low, so I could give her a treat.

This is soooo bizarre! awesome but bizarre. She has been a diabetic for probably six years. I think we are just going to stop the insulin altogether and see what happens.

I just wish I could get blood from her a little easier. The way you do it if you can't use a vein (and I can't cause I have no help) is you find the small little vein that runs at the end of the ear. Sadly one of her ears is ripped due to a fight when she used to go outside. I have tried to get blood from that ear, cause I know blood still goes in it since it is still alive, but I can't get it. So we only have one option, and when stressed, the blood leaves the extremities. I've threatened to cut a nail too short before, and I never rule that option out, but I need the smallest amount now (I LOVE the free style flash glucometer) so I'm still poking her ear..

I'm just so perplexed. What caused the change? (update 2016 - cancer)

Thursday, December 22, 2005

cleaning smeanig

I have organized about half of the house, and sadly not even the important half (where the party is going to be tonight) and I had to take a small break, cause frankly, I hate to clean.

So I sit down at the computer and who should appear but Tweedle who wants to take a nap on my chest. She pushes me back and gets all comfy, and now she's sound a sleep and I still have a boat load of cleaning to do.

But how do you wake a sleeping kitten? She's just so cute when she wants to be with me.

Monday, December 19, 2005

bah humbug!

Tweedle made me take pictures of her to give to her daddy so he would have them at work, and while I was trying to take picture of her I got this. I also tried to take some of Sam and Char, and as usual, black kitties do not photograph well. Thank goodness for digital cameras.

Speaking of digital photos. I just found out that I can upload my photos to and have them printed at my local walmart. Okay, honestly, I knew about this for a while, but this is the first time I did it, and I must say I love it!! I sat in my comfy chair, picked the photos I wanted to print, uploaded them, cropped them, submitted my order - they even gave me 10 free prints!! I walked in, they gave me my prints, while all the other people were standing in line at the photo kiosks.. Yup.. I'll be doing this a lot more often now.. I hated trying to find media to load my pictures on to bring.. and I don't even feel guilty sending just one picture in. :)

Apparently, I didn't blog that Sam and Char were having major bouts of URI at the shelter.. so much so they retested them for FELV. They are negative but unadoptable looking as they did. So I brought them home for an extended period of time. (yea) I just now have to find someone in New England who wants to adopt a nice little black kitty or two. Sam and Char are now starting to play with one another which is nice... but it does mean that the room isn't as neat as it once was. Oh well. It took them a while to adjust to being back here, but last night the hubby got both of them on his lap and they both gave him their bellies to rub :) (yes, I am jealous!) Char seems to be totally secure now, with Sam figuring it out after a few minutes, but if you leave and come back it starts all over. *shrug*

I did go on Sunday to adopt Tucker the bunny. He was finally adopted out on Saturday. Yea for him, boo hoo for me. There was another bunny there who was cute (almost a torti or brindle coloring) and sorta friendly, but when I put him down in the cage he bit at the bars and dug at the floor. Not quite the bunny I want. *sigh* well one of these days I'll find the right bunny.

Friday, December 16, 2005

keyboard hairballs

I got some canned air to clean out the DVD player that can't seem to recognize when there is a DVD in it.. and I thought I'd blow my keyboard as well.. WOH.. you should have SEEN the fur that came out of it. There is still a bunch more in there that I can't get out.. I'm thinking of taking the keyboard apart to clean it right.

Sam and Char are back.. Over in the craft room again. They were really sick when I went and saw them yesterday, today they look pretty darn good. They were all scared of me again.. *sigh* Poor things. The woman at the shelter told me there was a woman who was looking to adopt them, and was going to let them outside. Can you say IDIOT! I'm sorry, but two little scared kittens would NOT do well outside at all.. or maybe they would, but they wouldn't ever come home, that is for sure. I mean they barely come to the food when I put it down now.

On a personal note.. I'm FINALLY getting to some of the boxes down stairs. I have determined I need to purchase yet another piece of furniture. A nice big hutch and buffet to store the kitchen stuff that I don't want to get rid of but that I don't use all the time. I also need a place to store some craft stuff, but that I have still in a box. There is actually a nice buffet at work that someone sold the hutch to, so I might be able to get that for a song.. Hopefully.

 I broke a nail while cleaning *boo* but I did find some interesting things. *yea* Sadly a lot of it is going to the trash or good will *boo* but I'm going to see if my girlfriend needs any of it before it goes *yea*

I am pretty sure I'm going to get a rabbit this Sunday. Going to take the hubby down and cuddle some. Not sure why I'm taking him since he really couldn't care less.. Not a big bunny fan.. I hope that getting him right before the holiday and our big Christmas open house (on Thursday Taz, in case you haven't gotten your invite yet) isn't a bad idea..

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Okay then

My co-worker decided she really wasn't ready for a kitten (did I blog that I was pushing Sam on her pretty bad?) so now I REALLY want her. I'm pushing it off as much as I can, but I've pretty much determined that if she is still there I'm taking her. Then I saw an image that looked like her at site

it seems to be saying, yes, go get her.

Then there is Jack. Since Sam went back, he's been a total PITA. I don't think he misses her.. I think though he's annoyed that I'm going to bring home "another one" and is grumpy. I made an announcement last night, that if anyone wanted me to adopt her, to come lay on my chest. Em did, but she would no matter what. Muffin did too. NO ONE else came near me all night. I think their vote is no.. but I miss her terribly.

I think if she's been adopted I'm going to ask to call them to check up on her. The shelter does that in general.. I don't think they'll mind if I do it (as long as it is done right obviously)

I'm also pretty sure I'm going to adopt Tucker the bunny too. Going to talk to them about him as well.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Jack's trip to "Nana's"

My mother and father invited us over for dinner on Sunday.. We went but I wasn't trusting Jack home alone, since he now thinks if he knocks things off counters he'll get treats, so he came with us. I put the jingle bells back on him, and off we went. He was a little freaked out on the car ride over, but not bad. He was a good boy while visiting, although he spent most of the day behind her couches. The ride home was much more fun though. For some reason it seemed like he liked looking at all the brightly lit houses. It was like riding around with a little kid. Of course the gas station held just as much fascination for him as the holiday lights, but it was still fun to pretend he was enjoying the holiday... specially with his bells on.

I was thinking that maybe he had learned his lesson. I gave him the "cold shoulder" treatment for 24 hours, then the trip to Nana's, but I just found him up on the counter again. I'd scream at him more to stay off, but he doesn't care, and it just freaks Em right out.

Sam is currently up for adoption. No, I have run right out and adopted her. One of the women at work was thinking slightly toward a cat (she has a dog and a bird) I'm going to go talk to her about Sam, and hopefully I can get her to do it.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Sam and Santa

I went to the shelter open house today... it was interesting. I had told myself all week if Sam was still available for adoption she was coming home with me. I went and looked at the kittens and she wasn't there.. which was a good thing. But then I went into the back treatment room.. and low and behold, there she was. She and Char had apparently gotten very sick again. So much so that they scared the staff enough to get a second FELV/FIV test. (which was negative)

Sam looked perfect, but Char still looked like his eyes hurt.

But since she wasn't "available" I felt I couldn't adopt her.

But I so wanted to. Was going to bring her home and name her Veronica.. (maybe)


Tucker the bunny is still at the shelter too. No idea why. He's an amazing rabbit. He's a lop though.. I've never been a fan of lops. I can't have a bunny.. (I so miss mine though) there is no place for him here, and I am allergic to rabbits.. (I so want him though)

So anyway.. back to the subject line.. When it died down a little, I brought Sam out from the back and had her picture taken with Santa. Sadly it's one of those instant pictures and not digital, so I can't share with you.. but she did so well. She's so good with crowds and dogs.. But the camera (and kids) freak her right out.


Jack for sale

Oh my goodness.. Jack is spoiled beyond repair I fear.

He woke me up this morning traipsing all over my body. I was laying on my side, so I rolled a bit toward my back to give him a place to lay. He snuggled up on my chest and began to nuzzle my neck. As a kitten, he used to nurse on my ear, so I redirected him, thinking he wanted a little security. Nope.. He wanted my neck.. Just call him Dracujack. He nuzzled his very cold little nose into my neck, then BIT IT! arrrgh

Oh wait. it gets better.

So I'm up now, and figure I'll get online for a bit. Twee comes to visit, as does Muffin, so I know where there are when all of a sudden I hear a CRASH! Oh great. Last time I heard something like this one of my darling fur children (looks at Muffin) was trying to wash our dishes for us (with her tongue). I hear another smash, so I get up, survey the kittens in the room and make note it wasn't them in case accusations have to occur, but what do my wondering eyes doth appear, one gray little kitty with a broken treat jar! I have had this jar for almost 15 years. It was nothing special, to begin with.. just some boxed gift from an inexpensive gift I got once. It was a milk glass mason jar... with very low-quality glass. I decorated it by glueing on a cat I had cut out from a piece of cloth and had been using that as my treat jar, figuring they were safe. (NEVER underestimate the desire of Jack to get treats)

Yesterday while baking, I ran across several packages of moist treats. Now in this house, one must be very careful when doling out moist treats as they tend to excite my cats like nothing else. I don't even think a fresh-killed mouse would be better. Well I took four or five packages and filled up the jar yesterday.

Jack apparently was scoping out the joint (looking for his Christmas presents?) and I'm guessing he could smell them, so he did the only thing his little paw without an opposable thumb would allow him to do. He pushed it off the counter and smashed it into a million bits.

This, of course, delights the other furkids, who so want the treats, but there is smashed glass everywhere.. Most of them get the idea I don't want them around, but I had to lock Em up (speaking of which, I should probably let her out)

I thought about saving the treats, cause frankly the cats really don't have a clue that they will not get them now that Jack was bad, but I couldn't be certain that there wasn't glass bits in it, so out it all went.

That's it.. No more moist treats in my house.

Friday, December 9, 2005

Hi, My name is "No, No, Bad Kitty" What's yours?

Or another title for this post would be a kitty stocking full of coal!

Tuesday we went out Christmas shopping, and I found a cute mug that has kitty treats in it. I was going to use the mug and share the treats on Christmas day.. We got home late Tuesday, so we just unloaded the car and left all the gifts in the bags in the living room floor.

This morning we find the mug out of the bag, and one lone treat left.

Ya know its adorable, but its frustrating.

Also found a lone whisker on a plate on the counter too.

Tuesday, December 6, 2005


Em has now gone through her 10 test strips that came with her glucometer.. so it is time to buy some more.. I priced them online, 26$ for 50 of them. Not bad.. I just stopped into walmart to see how much they were there.. they were 48$ .. can we say GACK! (my new exclamation word for the week) Man supplies are expensive..

yes.. she's worth it.

And yes, she just told me she was worth it too. Came 'running' up to me whimpering for attention.

We are stopping at 4 units of insulin for now.. her sugars were 148 this morning. (that and I'm out of strips) I need to do a full curve to see how low she gets during the day. *checks schedule and has NO idea when I am going to be able to do that*

It's kinda amusing to be me this holiday season.. I keep getting asked questions like what do you want for Christmas. The only things I really want are the basement to be remodeled, and stuff for the cats. I found a really cool cat condo thingie at Petco today. Usually I don't look at cat furniture there as it is way too expensive (like the cute kitty jail, which was two small stories, with bars in the windows of the top story for 80$) But they had a four or five foot round condo thingie (like the cheap sauna tube ones they have at walmart, only much bigger) for only 170$. yes yes... 170 is a bit of money, but I would have expected them to charge 270$ for it.

I have bought all of my cat trees on ebay. You can find some great deals on there. *which is where I am headed to get test strips and to see if they have the cardboard cat scratcher refills that I saw at Petco but they wanted way too much for them*

Monday, December 5, 2005

read first post first..

BG for tonight was 118!! yea Em!

Jack celebrates the season

As of Saturday

Sam and Char were still both at the shelter. Char's eyes were totally disgusting. That boy needs to learn to deal with stress.

I've made a decree that if Sam is still there on Saturday the 10th, I'm adopting her. No one knows this but you and me, shhhhh don't tell the hubby.

We put up the Christmas tree on Saturday night. Last year we found a prelit fake tree on sale for so cheap we couldn't pass it up. We have had 15 real trees now, and the needles and the trees that die before Christmas are getting a little old. The tree is amazing.. looks really good, and it very well lit. So much so we put on half the ornaments we usually do because we decorated with the lights on and it looked fuller faster. Ollie, who has seen 7 trees, and who absolutely LOVES them seemed confused by the fact that it didn't smell right, and there was no water to sneak out of the base. Emmy who has seen 15 of them didn't care at all.

Speaking of Emmy. She seemed more hungry than usual lately (which is saying something) so I weighed her. She's down to 15 lbs. I started worrying about thyroid, and got scared that I would have to do even MORE pills (she is on herbs for her diabetes and cosequin for her joints) Well for the fun of it I took a BG reading, and it was 58!! I gave her another snack (cause it should be around 100 and has typically been around 300) and took a reading at 8 when we gave her dinner. The reading then was 294. (okay, so I over snacked her) I took another reading this morning before breakfast and it was 158!!!!! can you say WOW!! We've cut back on her insulin, and I'm going to take another reading tonight. Yes yes yes, just one reading isn't the best idea, but when you know it is typically double what it is, you know you are on the right track. She HATES bleeding for me, thank goodness for the freestyle flash!! oh I highly recommend that glucometer for cat testing.. it requires so little blood, that I can get readings with out really having to traumatized my kitty who hates to bleed. If these amazing readings keep up, I can probably take her off insulin, which would be great because they stopped making the stuff she is on, and I don't want to go through the agony of getting her regulated on something else..

On the home front, I had a bad thing happen to me over the weekend. We went to see Harry Potter on friday at a theatre that also serves food. I had a turkey burger, which I get all the time (in fact I had one the night before when I went to see "Walk the Line") and the first bite into it I bit down on a piece of bone and cracked my tooth. can we say OUCH!! (Id bold and increase the font on that, but I think you get the picture) Anyway, I had to suffer all weekend eating on only one side of my mouth. Saturday morning I was grumpy and in a bit of pain, when Jack walked up me, and put his nose to the side of my face right where my tooth was broken, then he laid his head right there. I don't care why he did it. I LOVED it (again with the bold and the font) I was able to get to the dentist today and he fixed me right up.. but boy do I hate novocane.

Saturday, December 3, 2005

the 12 days of a cat's christmas

On the twelfth day of Christmas
my human gave to me:
Twelve bags of catnip,
Eleven tartar Pounce treats,
Ten ornaments hanging,
Nine wads of Kleenex,
Eight peacock feathers,
Seven stolen Q-tips,
Six feathered balls,
Four munchy house plants,
Three running faucets,
Two fuzzy mousies,
And a hamster in a plastic ball!!

Friday, December 2, 2005

I actually cried

I brought Sam and Char back to the shelter today. It was soooo hard to do. When I left the shelter I actually cried.

This fostering is getting harder and harder. Too bad it's even harder to stop. When I was in there they had a small little kitten that I almost took. Somehow I stood by my stance of not taking any for a few more weeks.(don't ask me how on earth I did that)

I hope they find wonderfully perfect for them homes.
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