Friday, June 30, 2006

more names

I was thinking along the s theme.. so Sasha for the long haired black and white, and Sampson for the darker tiger. This just leaves the short haired black and white.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

more on OT and then back to the kittens

Ok, I suppose I was ranting yesterday, so most of that needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

I can't imagine that anyone I was referring to reads this blog, so if you were wondering then the answer is NO! (unless you are one of those friends with a busy life then yes... but in a good way :D)

So anyway.. ignore the outburst. I guess I'm just sick of people on boards feeling that either no one can have an opinion, or that everyone has to have the group opinion (then what is the point of getting together to discuss things??) There are a few places that are pretty open about the whole thing, and I have learned so much from them.

Moving on. The kittens are OBNOXIOUS!! I have names for the twins, Sebastian and Samantha. So that leaves the dark tiger boy, and the two black and white females, the runt with short hair and the beefy long haired one. I was thinking how much piss and vinegar the little one has (short haired b&w) She is one determined little kitten. She's cute but full of it. So I was thinking of naming her PV.. or maybe Peevee.. pevey? peavey? Not a very girly name, though.

Sebastian has taken to rubbing himself around my ankles. He cries and cries. So I pick him up, and he cries and cries, so I put him down in front of food, and he cries and cries. That boy has no idea what he wants, but he wants to be with me when he is doing it. When I try to leave the room I have a trail of kitties following me now, with Sebastian right there at my feet. He got out of the kitten room and was so proud of himself till he saw Jack walking down the hall. He stopped in his tracks as if to say "WHAT THE HECK IS THAT!!" even though he's seen Jack before. Samantha has taken a turn for the antisocial. She's the teen in the black clothing with the spiky hair and the piercings that wants nothing to do with people (cause there are teens like that that do like people). I tried to put her back in the cage this morning, and she hissed and gave me the meanest look.. Guess I'll have to carry her around for a while.

Oh yes, one more personal thing. I have to take a road trip tomorrow. Somehow I agreed to go pick up my boss from Logan airport. It's about a 2 hour drive. I met him once (okay technically 3 times) then he promptly left for Europe. He rescued another dog while there, so now he needs some help getting home. arrrgh. I do not travel well, I travel worse in big cities, and what on earth am I supposed to talk about for the two hours!! *sigh* I guess the oddest part is the dog he rescued is a hunting dog, so he wanted me to find birds for him to train with. That just didn't sit well with me. But being honest with myself, I eat meat, and I feed it to my cats... so how much further different is that? (well, the horrible end as you are seeing a dog come running at you? But I'm sure it is short) He did ask me if I had a problem with it, and I said I was uncomfortable, and he tried to justify it - with the whole eating meat thing. You know what, when I think about that I'm uncomfortable with that too. But not so much as to not do it. (what a horribly worded sentence) I just hope they don't make me resign my membership from the animal welfare societies I belong to :)

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

OT - personal life

I guess I have come to the conclusion that I don't fit into life with "regular people". Or should I say, regular net people. I'm not allowed to have an OPINION (meaning something I say I believe, not something I say is fact) nor am I allowed to say I've read a lot about this, and this is what I have found and here is the info that led me to these conclusions.

Well maybe this isn't just on line life.. I mean I was fired from a previous job for having an opinion. (and I did not offer it, it was asked of me by the client)

I spent most of my life being teased and taunted by people so for the most part I don't have much use for "people" but I know that isn't healthy. Human beings need a social network. It's just so freakin hard when I come to the realization that in order to have a social network, I have to be less of who I am.

So do I cave? Do I sit around as a (oh I hate to say this, but you'll understand the reference immediately) blond? or do I continue to be who I am and wait till I finally find someone who doesn't have the baggage to be able to take an opinion?

Not to say I don't have ANY friends.. I have several, but they all have full lives at this point. I guess I'm just stressing over the fact that several BB I joined to find new contacts that are so uptight.. When I first got on line I made lots of friends in chat rooms, but over time we've all grown apart. Finding new online friends is hard. Yahoo chats are now just sex rooms - no matter where you go, and I can't seem to find anyplace else.

Oh well. Guess I just really needed to rant.
Thanks for listening (that is if you are still reading - if you gave up then I guess I didn't thank you in the first place :D)

kitten energy and mayhem!

Oh my goodness.. I so need to move the kittens downstairs.. really I do. They are sick and tired of staying in the cage all the time, so I let them out in my computer room. They climb the chairs, they surf the net, they taste the wires, they knock things to the ground.. arrgh

But I'd miss them so much if they were down there. Here I get to see them when I check in on the computer and when I give them time..

I should make it a point not to foster fluffy tiger kittens. I fall in love WAY too easily.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

one parasite is not the same as the other!!

Last Sunday I took the kits to the shelter and had a fecal done because their stools were so loose. The result - I was told - was round worm. So they went on dewormer. I did a double normal dose to start (it's safe according to the vet) and then was supposed to do it for three days. Well, it didn't make a bit of difference, so I kept doing it. Still no chance. after two days I put them back on Albon (which they had been on at least a week prior to the fecal). Saturday I took the kittens back in with another stool sample (on a plastic spoon since it was so loose and everyone laughed at me thinking I was going to feed it to someone)

The head medical tech / co-manager looked at it and immediately said it was coccidia. Since they had been on albon, and it was still wall to wall (she was amazed/stunned at how many there were) I asked if there was anything else I could give them since they had been on albon, and their gums were getting pale and this just wasn't working. She said yes there was but that the shelter didn't have it. The dr that the shelter works with (the one I used to work for and who is a JERK) has no experience with this particular drug so he said they couldn't have it. Since they order their meds through him, they have to keep their relationship a positive one. I offered to try to buy it elsewhere since it is a horse dewormer. Yup. A horse dewormer - Marquis Paste. She warned me it would be expensive, around $200 - $300. Which I don't mind if it is going to work. I suppose I would mind if it was $200 for a single dose, but it isn't. (not that $200 would stop me - would be worth it not to lose the kittens) But unfortunately, I couldn't find it anywhere local. I asked her a bit more about it, and apparently, the other local shelter uses it with good success. I asked if maybe I might be able to buy a few doses from them - which the manager thought was a good idea, so she called them up. They gave it to us. I gave it to the kittens yesterday, and it looks like it is the miracle that the other shelter said it was.

I'm pretty amazed at the turnaround! They dilute the paste quite a bit, but it still has the consistency of toothpaste. after 24 hours their stools look normal, and they are doing much better. They are on a supplement to help them regain their coloring.. but at this point, I would say not only are they out of the woods, they are out in the field hunting mice :D

Thursday, June 22, 2006


I took a stool sample to the shelter on Sunday. They were LOADED with roundworm, so they have been on meds for that. Most are doing better. The girl twin is still not 100% but is doing much better.

I have all of them purring now. They are still a little more skittish and wary than non-feral kittens would be at this point, but they have made HUGE strides. The boy twin SCREAMS to be held and patted..

I've noticed that they aren't 100% in using the litter box (understandable seeing how uncomfortable they must be) so at this point, there is nothing in their cage but a small piece of bedding. I feel horrible about it, but if I give them anything bigger they are just going to throw it in the litter box and poop on it. In a couple of days, I'm sure I can fix that... but right now they are all piled up on the small bed. Talk about your kitten pile :)

and on a side note; Happy Birthday to me :)

Sunday, June 18, 2006


I can sleep harder than you!

No you can't!

You can't see us, we are hiding!


Sleepy kittens

not good

The kittens are doing much better socially. Only getting hissed at when I do something really odd now.

However, the girl twin is not doing well at all. They all have loose stools, and I've been concerned about that enough to start them on albon. Most have responded nicely - although their stools are still a little loose.. but the girl twin is still very grumpy, sleeping way too much, and not all that interested in food. She ate a little chicken baby food but mostly ignored it on my finger. Everyone else is playing and being obnoxious, she's just sleeping on the top level out of the mayhem... oh wait.. it looks like she might be interested... hum..

Still think I'm going to KMR her tomorrow.. and take a stool sample in to the shelter to make sure there isn't anything else going on parasite-wise.. Maybe she just needs a little extra iron..

Monday, June 12, 2006

more activity

The kittens finished off their dinner mash from yesterday, and were interested in breakfast, and are playing, climbing the walls, and are now grooming. I'm glad.

Stools aren't perfect, but I couldn't expect them to be. Hopefully, they'll continue to firm up and I can move them downstairs soon.

Sunday, June 11, 2006


I have kittens finally. They are a little on the feral side.

I'm getting concerned about them though. They eat, but not much. And currently they are sleeping all the time, and they have very loose stools. *sigh* They got a force feeding of kmr A/D and pumpkin around 6, and they have been sleeping ever since.

Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Jack vs the Bladder

So the other night I was half asleep trying to convince my bladder that it wasn't full, and I could go back to sleep and not get out of bed when along comes Jack.. He was in the "OH Mommy, I LOVE YOU" mode. rolling around, snuggling in, acting uber cute.. shoving his face up against mine, pushing into me, in other words, there was no way on earth I was going to get up, he was just TOO CUTE.. but of course my bladder had its own opinion on the matter.. Fortunately Jack gave up before my bladder did.. and I didn't have to throw him off.

But what is it with cats and full bladders anyway?? Em used to be the QUEEN of finding a full bladder with her tiny feet. I swear they know how uncomfortable you are and just want to see which is more important.. your comfort or theirs.

I also had a nice bonding moment with Bri (the rabbit). I have been feeling like a bad bunny mum since I couldn't find ANYTHING (besides food) that she liked. Well she's molting now.. and she HATES it when I try to help her, so I went in search of unused cat brushes, and found one she likes. She came hopping up to me tonight to be brushed :)

The rain is driving the cats nuts again. (wait.. how can I tell.. they are usually nuts!?!?) I have no idea why this is.. they don't go out.. so why on earth do they care?? ***20 minutes later*** it wasn't the rain.. it was the bag of treats I brought home.. they found it, and chewed it open. I just went into the kitchen to find four of them sitting in the chairs around the counter, and a fifth one up on the counter fighting his way into the bag..

Em is doing very well. She has NO idea how much stress she puts me through. She just goes about her day being her same ol self, vomiting when ever she pleases, peeing on the floor.. has no distress about it at all. Me on the other hand.. that is a completely different story. I think I'm stressing for the both of us. I need to relax. She gave me a nice surprise the other day.. she found her way up on to one of the cat trees. Yup.. I said UP.. first level only, and it was kinda sorta in line with the arm of the couch, but she's not done that before.. so she is expanding her horizons.. :)

I had an idea what to do with her "when the time comes" Before I worked at the vet clinic, I was fine with letting them deal with the bodies.. but now that I have a better idea of what goes on, I just couldn't stomach that. Which is silly.. since a private and a public cremation are exactly the same, just that one you get the ashes back. I know I have the option of burying her myself, but I don't see us living in this house forever (although my husband does) and would hate the idea of moving and leaving her here. I don't want her cremated and having the ashes in the house.. so I was kind of torn as to what to do. I came up with the idea of making a memorial stone with her ashes. Not an urn, or a decoration.. but a stone of some sort.. This way I can put that out by my favorite tree, and no one but me (and those close to me) will know what it is, and I won't be faced with all sorts of awkward questions. They do make cat shaped urns for just such a thing, but could you imagine.. I'd end up with a cat army out there after a while. Hopefully when the time comes I can find someone to help me, cause I just can't see me doing this myself.

Sunday, June 4, 2006

what to do

It's 5 am, and Em has just hurled yet another hairball. Seems this is happening every couple of days now. Fortunately, there isn't much food in there, which is beyond odd, since I'm feeding her every 6 hours or so. She couldn't have eaten more than a couple of hours ago, and no food came up.

I think I've been in denial that there was something wrong. She was putting weight back on, and doing better, but DH told me recently that she is getting about one large can of food a day (the 11 oz kind of large) and she's still not putting on any more weight.

she seems stable at 12 lbs 8 oz.. but with that much food, she should be a linebacker!!

Her sugars aren't overly stable.. but they are okay..

I know she should probably be seen by someone, but her current vet isn't available at the moment, and I don't really want to see someone new.. I was hoping to be able to wait till he opened up his own clinic sometime this summer.. but I'm starting to think that isn't fair to her. (who is currently at my side wanting food)
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