Monday, June 1, 2020

Photo Day

The shelter has asked for photos of the kitties in quarantine so that they can network them at the shelter.. so I thought I would take my nice camera out for a spin and give it a shot.

Ash (Bowie) did pretty well, the camera didn't frighten him at all. Abigail (Crema) was not a fan. She has shown over and over that it takes quite a while for her to get used to new experiences enough to even investigate it.

Ash currently lets me pet him. If he is eating or is eating treats I can easily pet him. If I walk up to him, most of the time I can get my fingers in under his ear/chin area and am able to give him scritches. Occasionally, he gets a little worked up by it and I stop. 

Abigail will let me get my hand near her while she eats. I can pet Ash while he eats and she sits right next to him eating, but if she feels my hand near her, or if I touch her, she reacts immediately like I have touched her with a flaming hot poker and she is off and I get hissed at. She will sniff my hand if I walk up and offer it about 90% of the time now instead of hissing at me on sight, and I have gotten her to take treats from my hand. Most of the time she thinks if she just noses it I will drop the treat because that is what I did originally to get her to come towards me, but now we are working on making her work for them and she's not always on board with that. I will sometimes feed a smaller dinner and delay breakfast so she is very hungry in the morning to hopefully make her more motivated to work with me, but with minimal success. She is absolutely a challenge.

I was able to pet her a few weeks after she originally showed up here, and she loved it, but when she realized what was going on she got mad at herself for giving in to the luxury of it all and took many steps backward. I KNOW that if she could just get past the fear she would make someone a great snuggly kitty, but I don't know if she can get past that fear any time soon. She is going to need a home where the people are okay with a project, or maybe a barn. I just hope something comes up soon, because as much as I love these guys I am jonsin for some wee baby kittens and kitten huffing and doing regular photo shoots again..
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